Obama On Extending Tax Cuts - Live Webcast

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In a few minutes - and only a few minutes late - our leader will opine on the topic du jour. While Reid's voice shuddered risk-takers, and Boehner's was perfectly pitched to get the algos juices flowing - we wonder what effect Obama's dulcet tones will have on a now-happy equity market, and if the second-term president is once again merely a catalyst to sell.


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I lost count of how many times he said "We need to do this...rrright nnnow".

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for some reason, i was hearing right meow

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Haha the same woman has fucked it up three times already.  The best part is her profile summary: 

Wife,Mother,Grandma. 60 and love-it! Tired of Gov. insulting my intelligence!

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How long can this madness go on for?


Quinvarius's picture

Until DOW 20k.  Maybe longer.  There is nothing but hyperinflation helper on the menu for the next ten years.

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That is really the only question that interests me. We all know that the only demand being created in this economy is being created by Fed/State borrowing and Fed printing. This will continue because the consensus is that the U.S. is the only game in town so bond buyers/holders are tolerating it. At some point an alternative to the incredibly over-rated, overvalued UST will appear and then look out below. But what is that alternative and when will it appear? Does one even exist? Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat wondering if Bernanke actually has it right. Fuck that would piss me off.

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The Charlatan in Chief! All bow in abeyance!

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I doubt they come to a deal until after the 1st of the year.  They want to avoid People Selling the Market off because of the Capital Gaines Tax.  They will raise it retro activly after you did not Sell to capture the Gain before the Tax Increase.

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They already have a deal.  I promise you this is all theater while GS buys up the market.  Here are the details:  Debt limit will be raised.  No Tax raises.  Obamaphone programs will be cut.  Overall spending will rise.

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"Obamaphone programs will be cut"


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Obamacare already puts a 3% tax on capital gains, forst of the year, but they will go for more.

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Amerikan politicians have no idea how to solve anything. Blame the inbred fucks. Sorry state of affairs.

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How anyone actually believes any of these assholes holds some 'magical cure' to complete bankruptcy I'll never ever understand. 


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Egan Jones in 3-2-1.

CCC+ ,one notch above Greece.

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Mittens to here http://www.solameregroup.com/    run by his kid and which owns a voting machine company

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Shit I missed it, was the TOTUS is good form?

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Hey dont worry! Santa Claus is coming to town! YAY!

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Massive SPX buy support returns, causing short covering spikes.

Substantial USD selling returns too - which supports stocks.


SheepDog-One's picture

Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely go short then.

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Look at the CONFIRMATION from the market....

OMFG...this is it.  I'm f'ing saved.

+200 DOW would be pure validation for 401(k) Joe.

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Why you want to be in Congress:

SPY 140.5 Nov 30 puts:

Reid/Boner buy.  Reid speaks.  Puts +40%

SPY 140.5 Nov 30 calls:

Reid/ Boner buy.  Boner speaks.  Calls +300%





Yen Cross's picture

We have just under 200 point swing on DOW, over absolutely nothing! Just scared shitless under performing fund managers chasing yield, to save their worthless asses.

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Chase! Chase! I need somebody to sell this shit to.

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Solve the fiscal cliff and give every American a 250k check from buffets bank account tax free. A one time My 250k deal. And start over. Then get the hell out of the middle east. Stop baby sitting those morons. Give them a choice, an implant liquidation chip for free cooking oil or a fresh baked bread helmet. And drone any water baby inbreed leader who even thinks about taking the oil.

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Ooooh. The Carney says: "Nobody in their right mind would want the debt battle again." Jackass has not figured out that soon nobody will want our toilet paper either.

uno's picture

with text - voice technology, can't the teleprompter deliver the message without O there lipsynching.  O could stay in the choom wagon.

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Let's see how analysts call this....tinsel on the tree, SELL.  No tinsel, BUY

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end Obama's tax cuts for the wealthiest among us (rofl)

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OBAMA: Do I look like a mother fucking role model? to a kid looking up to me, LIFE AINT NOTHING BUT BITCHES AND MONEY.....(repeat if necessary for emphasis).

Chaos_Theory's picture

Just finished reading CNN's take...funny how the official state-run media play this:

1.  They still toss out the Obama proposals as a "measured approach" and even more la-la-land, as a "solution" to this nation's chronic deficits AND debt (luckily for them Americants don't know dem math good) ------not sayin' the GOP offer anything that would help either

2.  Quotes from "ordinary Americans" demanding their taxes stay the same, but someone else pay more

Combine the two sentiments?  We're f-cked.  Yea yea yea, bankers in jail, end MIC/forever war, end the FED and all the other stuff too.  But still, when people think all this theatre will do diddly to the debt, much less the deficits, and have no shame in demanding they pay not a nickle more but the "rich" carry the tab for healthcare, funding .gov...not much reason to see any solution other than Mad Max as inevitable. I just hope it happens when I'm young enough to enjoy it with a proper mohawk and not a comb-over!

And my wife still doesn't believe in my monthly purchases of ammo, preparedness foods and water storage/filtration thanks to the state-run media memes. 

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You could always trade that nag off for a sweet 4a plate carrier vest and a FLIR weapon sight.

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Note to Federal Marshalls and certain patriots in the U.S. military: Throw the Golfer-in-Chief in the slammer... http://tinyurl.com/cd5cyjo/

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Send in the T-Mobile girl to kick some serious ass.  Remember when she was wearing those pink, frilly dresses and acting like a ditz; now she's a badass biker who can walk through brick walls.