According To Google Trends, What Is More Popular Than "Ammo"? "Bulk Ammo"

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While "Fiscal Cliff" may be having its 15-minutes of fame - a la "Honey Boo Boo" or "Sneezing Panda" - there is one thing that has consistently been more and more searched in the last eight years. According to Google Trends, internet users are skipping just plain old simple "ammo" as a search query, and in a tried and true American tradition, confirm that size matters. The size of the ammo order that is, as can be confirmed by the following chart showing queries for "bulk ammo". What goes without saying, are the wavelike periodicities of the quantized jumps higher in popularity at select times over the past decade: they just happen to aggregate around a very specific event taking place each November every 4 years. At this rate by November 2016 we are going to need a bulkier chart...



(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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I haven't bought anything as small as a box of 20 in over three years.

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Every American needs to be aware of the threat levels on the homeland security advisory system [1]Exploding firearm sales indicates an increased risk of domestic terrorism, and Americans need to be on red alert for suspicious activity. We're going to do a quick recap of each official security level, and what it means for you and your family. I strongly advise everybody here to make a note of these security levels, and be aware of the implications.

Threat Levels [2]

  • Red (Severe) - Severe Risk of Terror Attacks
  • Orange (High) - High Risk of Terror Attacks
  • Yellow (Elevated) - Significant Risk of Terror Attacks
  • Blue (Guarded) - General Risk of Terror Attacks
  • Green (Low) - Low Risk of Terror Attacks


[1] Home Land Security System - 

[2] Threat Levels -

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Can you help us with the color codes for "troll threat levels"?...

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If MDB is posting, then the government troll threat is very high.

Chupacabra-322's picture

 The Fatherland- Socialist/Nazi German

 The Motherland - Communist Russia

      The Homeland? – An Unspeakable Fascist Bastard crossbreed of the two above!

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I wonder what the juxtaposition of search terms "fiscal cliff" vs "benghazi" is in the last month?


Remember BENGHAZI!!!

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"bulk ammo" + Benghazi gets 10,800 results

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Apparently the Terrorist Bankers feel threatened by our waking up to their demon worship and goat torturing parties

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When reading some posts, sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is actually a troll, or is trying hard to play the part of a troll as a joke.

SubjectivObject's picture

But the joke's ooooold.  And a tip-off being that artificial intelligence tends to get frozen in time.

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Finally, a trend I can believe in.

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Poe's Law renders both useless.

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Why concern yourself with trivialities. All you need know is, "Duck and Cover."

Gummint said so.

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Gee ... I did not realise there were any levels below orange.

stant's picture

look out for waco 2, they are just itchin to drone sombody. hellfire missles bitchez

lolmao500's picture

Wacos happen every single day when cops kill dogs, kill grandmothers, etc... violates basic constitutional rights and get no consequences.

JohnnyBriefcase's picture

That really rustles my jimmies.

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Cops have dogs and grandmothers too.  When things get bad enough there will be consequences.

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MDB Awesome!  Do you do stand up too?  Where's your next appearance?

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But always a risk

even if green

  • Red (Severe) - Severe Risk of Terror Attacks
  • Orange (High) - High Risk of Terror Attacks
  • Yellow (Elevated) - Significant Risk of Terror Attacks
  • Blue (Guarded) - General Risk of Terror Attacks
  • Green (Low) - Low Risk of Terror Attacks

Is that what you are saying?

Ah yes, the neverending war on terror.



CH1's picture

Ah yes, the neverending war on terror.

Well, yeah! The military industrial complex must be fed... and sheep never pay up unless they're scared.

samsara's picture

The military industrial complex must be FED

There,  Fixed it for ya

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But New York democrats ran on women's rights, diversity, subsidizing unions, and sensible gun laws.

Bad Attitude's picture

How did these New York democrats define sensible gun laws? In my experience Democrats define "sensible guns laws" to mean only the criminals, the politically connected, and the rich have guns.

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The threat levels are not from the public, its the agencies......................and BTW, the House passed an Immigration Reform Bill yesterday,on the way to the Senate.

No that means the Mexican gvt gets its way, and big o also, No Border w/ Mehico..............I just wish Amelicans could have the same rights there, as they get here.

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Red(severe)- She has been around the block a few times and the risk of disease is severe.

Orange(High)- There is a good chance if you get her high you can get a blow job.

Yellow (Elevated)- Blood pressure after taking the little blue pill.

Blue (Guarded)- Remain guarded when sneaking out in the morning after picking up a fat lady at closing time.

Green (low) - There is a low probability that MDB will be getting laid tonight. 

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You forgot another threat level:

  • Brown - bullshit
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Financial terrorist attacks are ongoing by Goldman Sachs and the FED. No body gives a damn about terroism except when guys like Cheney and the Saudis get together. Let me know when the NWO are up to something otherwise buzz off MDB.

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it was aliens.

I mean it was Libertarians.

Fuck it - they're in cahoots!

libert-aliens - MeelionDollerBogus


The following Million Dollar Bonus Alert is FIRE ENGINE CODE RED, MOTHERFUCKERS ! 

Jesus. The Google IPO didn't kill this zombie bastard after all.

Resurrected as a Homeland Security web bot. 

Where's the large can of Raid when you need it ? 

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Wish we could pull a chart from '94................would look almost identical.

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That was before the age of teh Googlez.

Gopher time!

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They come in just single boxes of 20?  

LOOSE 30/50 CAL Cans FTW!!

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Spoken like an IPSC or IDPA shooter.  :)

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Lee Classic Cast

Lee thigh master

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I only get those Dillon catalogs for the articles.

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What comes after Bulk?

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The price discovery moment when you realize that "bulk" (ammo) is going to set you back some serious coin.

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Yea but Copper Jacketed Lead is a precious metal.  So it retains its value.

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Yes. It. Does.

Fortunately, ammo places still accept fiat and pixels.

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If you are on a budget, buy primers.  You can always get brass and bullets.  It usually isn't to difficult to get powder.  Primers, sometimes can be a problem to obtain.

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primers and a bullet mold. Become good friends with the local tire store so that he saves all the tire weights in 5 gallon buckets for you to later melt and cast into your caliber of choice. Become familar with your outdoor firing areas (BLM areas are popular) and go there in the early morning or dusk once per weekend and collect the brass many of the people leave behind because they were too lazy to police their brass. Learn how to handload and if you can afford it buy a dillon progressive reloader such as a 550. Buy powder monthly as part of your shopping trip. Make sure you buy a good battery operated digital scale to weigh your re-loads to make sure they are not to light or to heavy.