According To Google Trends, What Is More Popular Than "Ammo"? "Bulk Ammo"

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While "Fiscal Cliff" may be having its 15-minutes of fame - a la "Honey Boo Boo" or "Sneezing Panda" - there is one thing that has consistently been more and more searched in the last eight years. According to Google Trends, internet users are skipping just plain old simple "ammo" as a search query, and in a tried and true American tradition, confirm that size matters. The size of the ammo order that is, as can be confirmed by the following chart showing queries for "bulk ammo". What goes without saying, are the wavelike periodicities of the quantized jumps higher in popularity at select times over the past decade: they just happen to aggregate around a very specific event taking place each November every 4 years. At this rate by November 2016 we are going to need a bulkier chart...



(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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Karlus's picture

And the Generals are not going to let the army operate here. No way. They dont love these Socialists.

The cities will starve when the trucks bringing their foods stop. Ms. Obamaphone and most of her urban dwelling friends will stink up the place for awhile with their corpses, but not much else.

The useless eaters will be the ones that dont expect it.

Chump's picture

I don't get it.  People think that rural areas will actually be overrun by people fleeing the cities??  Right, right, right.  After they make the 30 mile trek to my door without any kind of supplies, no weapons, no protection from the elements, all of a sudden I'm dooooomed!  Scary molotov cocktails!  Dey're comin' for my stash!

I'm far more worried about tick bites than urban zombies.  Those fuckers are done before they even start walking.

Lednbrass's picture

If it came to that the urban zombie hordes would likely encounter organized resistance very quickly- and in that instance I'll put my money on 50 rednecks with scoped deer rifles against 1000 city types any day of the week.

PUD's picture

Exactly. I have cashes here and there but I'll be damned if I will hole up with them advertising my presence to the have nots. By invisible I mean just that...unobserved, non threatening, out of sight, giving the appearance of having on the fringe. until a tooth flares up and I die like the rest with a brain infection for lack of medical care. This is a pointless exercise really. You will wish yourself dead than to live in that kind of world

Karlus's picture

Go google 1800's. You dont need iPads to get by and be happy.

Founding fathers didnt have a buncha fancy shit, but they did create a country.

Curl up and die when the lights go out, bra

Mark Noonan's picture

Not necessarily - this wouldn't be the first civilizational collapse, after all.  Suppose ObamaCare or, say, a comet gets us - ok, massive die-off in the popuation.  Remember, ancient Rome went from a population of a million to as little as 40,000; London may have been entirely abandoned for a time.  This will be a gigantic step backwards as the survivors will, initially, be mostly concerned with how to get the basics - and not just food; but clothing, housing, etc.  This will tend to keep the survivors busy:  too busy to pine away for their now-silent I-pad.  Additionally, people will tend to be healthier - people are mistaken about the health of the human population in the past because of idiotic statements like "people only lived to be 45 200 years ago" - no, the average life-span was 45 years old, meaning that half the population died before that age, half after...and the reason it was so low was because such a large number died in infancy.  Once you got past childhood, you could expect to live to 70-80 years old unless there was a famine or a plague...famine we won't be able to do much about (most famines are deadly when there is lack of transport to bring food from one area to another...but that is one of the things we'll greatly lack); plague there may be, but we're also many centuries past the Black Death and all of us are much more resistant to disease than our forefathers were. 

You'd be living a life from dawn until dusk - unless you could not only work out electricity but also a means of manufacturing lightbulbs (I suppose if you had a natural gas deposit nearby you could use that...but even that takes a lot of secondary equipment which has to be manufactured).  You'd be living a life of much more strenuous physical labor - which means you wouldn't have the leisure to sit around eating nachos and dying of a heart attack at 60.  You may have to fight from time to time to defend your locality from interlopers, but the size of armies which can be raised and supported will be even war wouldn't be that devastating.  You would also have the corporate knoweldge of what was, before - and over time your community could work on hydroelectric power or, if coal is nearby, steam.  Probably within a century you could build yourself back to a technological level recognizable to people right now (maybe not entirely there because part of our technological ability is only possible because we have a great deal of surplus wealth - or, at least, had such until recently - you won't have that for a long time). 

Freddie's picture

London had the plague pits whihc is near Shoreditch and the East End.  It has since been gentrified thanks to FIAT money.  This is where all the bodies were dumped from the plague.  I wonder if the warmer climates of the USA will have outbreaks of cholera and other disease when things fall apart. 

The elites will be in Hawaii, Bermuda and other places planning to come back.


Zap Powerz's picture

I live in a community of 16 homes on top of a hill out in the country. We all have our own wells and are surrounded by farm land.  We will likely work together for our mutual survival.

IF an urban zombie shows up after walking miles in the incliment weather and surviving the other urban zombies I will probably invite that dude in and give him food and a job:  security.  Because he apparently knows how to survive and fight.

I doubt many of the other obese, EBT card using, chain smoking, brain dead urban zombies will get anywhere close to my house.

Little known fact that even my neighbors dont know:  I have 500 and 1000 yrd markers out all around my house in each direction.  Guess what those are used for?

Mark Noonan's picture

Ok, but suppose I get there with a couple cartons of smokes on me, would I still be allowed to smoke?

Zap Powerz's picture

Make em stogies and you and I will smoke them together while we drink the scotch.

DosZap's picture

Zap, in a perfect world I agree w/ ya, cept a fixed battle emplacement is a monument to the stupidity of man.

forwardho's picture

A fixed battle implacement, if thats your plan you have not faced live fire. Think Magniot line, worked great eh?

aerojet's picture

The Maginot Line mainly failed because it couldn't be defended from both directions--it was all basically aimed towards Germany and once the Blitz got around it and could come up behind it, well, it was a mess.  Plus, I really don't think the French believed they could defend that line, it was mostly a show of force, and they were still thinking in terms of the tactics of the previous war. 

If you're not facing a Blitzkrieg and the enemy lacks air support, a decent fort can withstand a hellish bombardment and still not fall--during the Civil War, many forts were reduced to rubble by cannons, and could still not be taken.  The rubble makes it even worse to deal with in some ways.

Urban Redneck's picture

Small vs Large unit tactics.

The French Army had a supply base that included all of France (and by extension through its ports the French colonies), and effective supply lines to what they thought was the the "front" with Germany.

It is an inappropriate analogy.

Zap Powerz's picture


I have young kids.  Im not going out on "the road" with two young kids.  That would be sure suicide.

I will lay low and hope the zombies dont make it all the way out to my home in the country.

I give myself a less than 50% chance of survival.  I give myself a 100% chance of taking out some zombies before I go.

Mark Noonan's picture

Have to agree with those who figure your plan is doomed - no matter how much food you store up you're eventually going to need to grow more of it and that means you need some territory, not just a bunker. Now maybe because you do have the bunker (ie, the castle) you will get to be the feudal lord of the domain, but you're going to need the voluntary cooperation of other to survive. 

Lednbrass's picture

Which is common in rural areas, people already live that way.  It isn't like urban living where you live next to someone for years and barely know their name. In and around very small towns everyone knows everyone, intruders aren't going to picking off single homes while others sit around and hide.  Gunfire is going to bring heavily armed neighbors.

LFMayor's picture

Wow, you got it all worked out, don't you Sho Kusugi?

Better stay invisible, real invisible, when you're doing that "moving around invisibly" and get hungry and try swiping some tomatoes out of some poor dirt scratchin bumpkins back yard.

Your ass is going to end up with a load of shot in it.

If you're not in a position that you can maintain right now, you're SOL.  Another dirty refugee.  That's just my hobbyist opinion, but i'm not goin too far out on the limb here when I say I doubt you have negotiable assets like the MEH girl. 
So unless you come riding into town on a retard, telling everyone you'll set the methane plant up you've got some work to do before the collapse.

forwardho's picture

Yeah man Pud, to anyone thinks a bunker plan is a good idea... Remember the alamo. they were brave, they stood their ground, we do remember what they stood for... but they were kilt dead. A running retreat is chaotic and dangerous, a last stand is just that.

PUD's picture

i can't think of any fortifications that did not fall to a seige. From the ancient middle east to the Bastile. Nope..I have some provisions laid in here and there to see me through a year of never being seen by anyone friend or foe...that's my plan

viahj's picture

until you break a leg, get an infection or are came across by others meaning you harm.

survival is not an either or (bunker or mobile) but recognizing the surroundings you are in and adapting for the long term, whatever that may be.  those in cities, have to bug out.  those in rural have to bug in.  after three months, you survival rate potential goes up as the masses have been thinned.

Chump's picture

ROFL.  One little subsonic .22LR hit anywhere on your "invisible" little body would take all the fight out of you and your invisible friends.  Wow, a bunch of unarmed, cold, dehydrated, starving people are comin' for my stash!  Sounds like a game of pick off that celebrity lookalike!

LFMayor's picture

good call on that movie, too sir.  That's what I've primed my kids on. 

Chump's picture

That's good that they're old enough to help then.  Mine are busy learning how to walk and such.  The big success the other day was a three word sentence.  It takes a concerted effort to not be terrified for their future.

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

I agree with the anti-bunker mentality but I'm certainly not becoming a voluntary refugee either. The real problem is people having "Alamo Fantasties"... daydreaming about some final cataclysmic battle at their primary residence or their bunker in the woods. Alamo Fantasies are silly and counterproductive. No amount of body armor or shotgun triggers tied to fishing line is going to save you in that situation.

debtor of last resort's picture

Another trend: buy physical gold, since 2004

Look at regional interest Americano's....

djsmps's picture

Off topic, but an interesting comment on HuffingtonObama Post today:

"Steve Liesman is just about the only person on CNBC with a shred of integrity."

Freddie's picture

TV is for idiots who support The Matrix.  The same thing is true for Hollywood.  Keep watching and supporting it fools. 

whotookmyalias's picture

All I know is that I don't want to run out of Ammo like they did on the TV show "Revolution". :)

haskelslocal's picture

I can't wait till you all start shootin' each other, Eugenics style.

LFMayor's picture

You won't be around that long, hipster douche. 

JohnG's picture



What, you don;t already have a sword??  The horror! :)

JohnG's picture



My 2 cents....

I keep 1000 rounds for each weapon I own.  I don't think I'll ever need more than that, or probably even that much.  You get into enough firefights and you WILL be shot, and probably killed.  If the bullet doesn't finish you, infection without medical care will.

There is just no sense in sitting on 100K rounds in a basement.  Waste of money unless you've got a small, well trained army.  And even then, you'll have no defense against a sustained attack by militaty or similar forces.

As far a bunkers go....I can smoke or flood you out.  Better to stay on the move.

Karlus's picture

The reality is conflict will be much less about weapons, than about access to supply chain or food. If you can't eat, you can't fight. Water is also a challenge, but not as much.

If you have enough food to survive for 3 months, that will be more than enough against those that do not. They wont even know to come rob it from you if you keep your head down.

Finally, it wont be the urban zombies that get you, it will be your neighbor with a hungry child.

You cannot feed them all...

JohnG's picture



3 months is generous.  In this "fantasy" scenario there would be a 90+ death reate in 30 days.

As for the neighbors....every few days, go around begging for a can of beans..some matches...anything.  Hey'll think you in worse shape than they are.

And folks, get to get to growing a garden.  It's a VERY steep learning curve (and I grew up on a farm.)  I have to laugh at the "everlasting seed vault that will plant an acre of garden."  These people will starve the first season.

I can suggest looking up Victory Gardens (wikipedia or plenty of sites.)  The statesiders were encouraged to grow one to supplement ration coupons.  It is an AMAZING amount of food.  You need acres and acres.  Then there's irrigation.

As I wrote, get started right now.  I don't think we have that much longer.

JohnG's picture



And two seed catalogs just came in the mail.  Strange coincidence.  Or not?  Hmmmmmm.

Freddie's picture

Good advice.

Pennsylvania be an interesting state when it falls apart.  600,000 + PA hunting license holders with probably scoped rifles, many .308, versus EBT election theft moochers from Philly et al.   Ditto NY state, MI and a few others. 

viahj's picture

how do you do all of this if you're staying mobile as you just professed?

TrulyStupid's picture

You're absolutely's your neighbour who you should fear... how about a false flag preemptive strike?

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Peace and harmony are powerful weapons.

When your trigger pull is 4 lbs ...

kralizec's picture

Bulk Ammo Election =

About 1,770,000 results (0.27 seconds)  ! If you are not buying bulk you aren't paying attention!
animalspirit's picture


The official explained that because the city is bankrupt and slashing public safety budgets people will need to start protecting themselves.

Freddie's picture

Liberalism working out well in Calif.  Downsize all the govt union workers. 

SubjectivObject's picture

But before you do, check that CA handgun registration expirey.  2 years I think. 

Just call  the cop to turn yourself in, under those concerned citizen terms they'll actually show up, and all will be OK.

This is demonstrated to be controversial, but the in-house go to is a semi auto 22 WMR rifle with Aimpoint Micro.  The certainty of high accuracy under duress is much higher than with a handgun.  Fast both eyes open target aquisition in even home dark conditions.  HA! one time during the day, an unanswered knocker escalated to looking in the window, right into the wifey held barrel. Shocking.  She likes it much better than a pistol, knowing full well she can put in your eye at any distance on the property.  And don't be meaney, the semi auto shotty is close by, but they can be messy, so discretion is advised.


Lord Koos's picture

You guys sound like a fun couple.

holdingontomypants's picture

My 14 year old loves his Walther P22 and his Marlin .22 WMR rifle. He is dead accurate with both. I actually have fun shooting his Marlin as well. Whenver you feel like you can't hit the broadside of the barn just grab you a .22 WMR rifle and your ego will instantly rise with the newfound accuracy.

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

Tell me about it... just got a Savage in .22 Mag and topped it with a 4-12x40 Nikon scope.

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

I put fat 42mm red dot scopes on both of my Ruger .44 Mag carbines. Handguns suck for anything except pre-SHTF concealed carry.