Guest Post: Ready For The Apocalypse?

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Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics blog,

I am not really a doomer. But I do think that societies and individuals that do not prepare for the worst (and hope for the best) are needlessly endangering themselves. Tail risk events happen. An MIT study earlier this year predicted that the global economy would collapse by 2030.

A new national survey by National Geographic and Kelton Research finds some interesting results:

Which cataclysmic movies do Americans worry might come true?

7% of Americans think the Planet of the Apes might come true? Really? 30% of Americans think that the events of Roland Emmerich’s 2012 might occur?

And how prepared do Americans think they are for such events?

But in reality — in terms of what people have actually accomplished — few people seem ready for anything:

9% of people have alternative power sources? 21% have made some attempt to grow their own food? Only 43% have a spare supply of drinking water?

Not prepared at all.

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7% of people -- 1 out of 15 -- expect a "Planet of the Apes" scenario?  Umm...right.

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Did you see ORION last night?

He held the Moon in his right hand,

and Jupiter as the arrow in his bow in his left hand.

Yo, evil ones.

You'd better shape up and even keel your souls now.

You're about to eat a Karma singularity,




CH1's picture

The #1 survival tool: Good neighbors.

francis_sawyer's picture

francis_sawyer warns:


ZOMBIES... u need to prepare for ZOMBIES... [oh wait!]...

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Good point. Zombies are probably more likely than a serious foreign terrorist attack (domestic is another story)

prains's picture

I've heard Simon Black is renting rooms out in cheapenzuela for the apocolypse as long as you "till" his soil and shave his alpaca you're good to go, no worries

pods's picture

God I hope that "shave his alpaca" is NOT a euphemism!

Hell, might use that one tonight on Mrs. pods.  Hey baby, why don't you come over here and shave my alpaca?


prains's picture

when it starts to bleet you know you're to the wood_word of caution before trying at home

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

I know theguy's a no-no here; but he's right about Chile.  <10%debt/gdp = small gov = no demagoguery.


He's wrong about argentina, of course.  Thats a shithole

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#1 survival hazard;Bad neighbors.

Fedaykinx's picture

the good ones know who the bad ones are.  problem gets solved, problem stays solved.

aerojet's picture

Fuck.  Most of my neighbors are liberal pussies who voted for Obama.  I'll be barbequing them...

prains's picture

because voting for Romney was the "smart" choice. you have completely missed the point in your left/right paradigm, time to wakey wakey sleepy head

glenlloyd's picture

ditto on that, two sides of the same coin...

Urban Redneck's picture

If he'd said shooting them he would have been correct.  Just because those who wield real power manipulate the masses through PERCEIVED difference between ANY two groups, doesn't mean that there aren't any ACTUAL differences between the two perceived options presented.

Bag Of Meat's picture

I "neighbours" as in state

knukles's picture

Well, just take a look at....


(I'm gonna go to hell for that one....)

NewThor's picture

Millionaire - "I could have you killed for $5000."

Me - "I recommend you hire a $100,000 dollar guy,

because if your guy doesn't get me, 

I'm coming for you and neither your money or

baphomet will protect you."

It's good to be Thor.

This ain't my first Ragnorak. 

cougar_w's picture

You know a millionaire? Don't kill the stupid fuck, kidnap his dog. Should be worth couple hunnerd grand.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I LIKE how your mind works cougar. :>)

<Anything new on the girls?>

You need to update that link with your latest bro.

cougar_w's picture

Dammit you are right, I never did update. Here's the link in case you have a few minutes later today and want to visit Crazy Town:

There's plain crazy, and then there's really crazy, and then there's over-the-top totally-deranged scary-assed fucking crazy. The latter often comes with teeth -- lots of really long really sharp teeth. Honestly, it's got to be the best kind of crazy there is.

And it's only at ZeroHedge.

Errol's picture

Cougar, I enjoyed the stories about da girls, thanks! : )

LFMayor's picture

Been to East St Louis much?


Hey Hey, we're the monkeys.

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You don't have to go to the fringe, to find doom scenarios.  The well-informed and well-reasoned opinions to John Williams at SGS are published on a regular basis.

You know him as the author of the respected CPI inflation index that uses the methods that were in place before the government reporting agencies were slowly corrupted.  The true current rate of inflation is 6%.

The consequences -- and they are quite dire -- are detailed here.

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Hmmm I would pick these movies instead:

The Road

Book of Eli (if you cut ou the religious crap)

Threads or The Day After


I mean 2012? LOL

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  Now, I suggest to you that America needs a prophet today – a prophet that will set before the nation the essential choices. In the words of that great poet and essayist, J.D. Holland, God give us men – men whom the lust of office does not kill – men whom the spoils of office cannot buy – men who have honor – men who will not lie – men who can stand before a demagogue and damn his treacherous flatteries without winking – tall men, sun-ground who live above the fog in public duty and in private thinking.
Millions of people in America live in moral fogs. They move in a sort of spiritual twilight. Modified morality; modified dishonesty is the practice of millions more. Surely the time has come for us to be honest about it. If we have thrown away our national heritage. If we no longer believe that this nation was founded under God. If contrary to what is stamped upon our coins, our trust is not in God, but in Baal, LET US SAY SO!
Let us at least not be hypocrites. Yes, like the ancient Hebrew nation, America needs a prophet like an Elijah – a prophet who will have the ear of America and will say to her now:



Popo's picture

You should read a little more history.   Ba'al was a very commonly worshipped middle-eastern god that preceded "God"  (Yahweh) by a couple centuries.   In fact, anyone reading the Ba'al theology for the first time would probably be a bit confused, because the Jews and Christians ripped it off completely.   Then in an effort to discredit Ba'al  (also known as Ba'al Zebul, or "Lord of Princes") the ancient Israelites referred to him "BaalZebub" or "Lord of Flies" as an insult.   (Basically equating Ba'al with shit).  Centuries later, in an increased effort to discredit the competing religion, the Christians equated Ba'al with Satan -- despite the fact that Ba'al was a benevolent universal creator almost identical to Yahweh.

Propaganda.... it ain't new....


stormsailor's picture

i don't normally use wiki as a source.  dead sea scrolls

Cathartes Aura's picture

co-opting belief systems is as old as History, and includes re-naming and claiming ultimate truth.

research can be fascinating if one doesn't get stuck in a belief paradigm.


Piranhanoia's picture

Are you talking about the star of that cheap novel?  You know, the jerk that killed anyone that didn't act like a slave?  Not even Jesus had anything to do with the creep until the Pope had the whole story rewritten to scare the stupid. Honestly.

Darth Mul's picture

" the ancient Hebrew nation, America needs a prophet like an Elijah"


Hardly.  The ancient Hebrews were dicks.


Those that, mostly incorrectly, think themselves the descendents of those same Hebrews certainly seem to have themselves an Old Testament state in Israel.


I'm not sure we should be looking for the off-ramp to the Bronze Age, but if we do, might I suggest the Greeks or Egyptians or Chinese are less deleterious role models than the so-called Hebrews?


By the way - as to ancient ruins - in Greece and Egypt and Crete - you trip over the stuff.


So what's the deal with the very sparse non-bible evidence of a Kingdom of David, or a first temple?


Strangely, there are more attested Egyptian artifacts to be found in Israel than artifacts associated with the Kingdom of David.



Bullshit - it ain't new....




Citxmech's picture

I'll put my vote in for Soylent Green (minus the crackers).

grid-b-gone's picture

I pick Pearl Buck's The Good Earth.

aerojet's picture

The Road was so depressing, had I seen it in a theater, I might have left there and just walked in front of a bus.

Zymurguy's picture

The Road.... fucking chilling.  I'm almost afraid to watch it again, simply brutal and probably the most realistic depiction of what is coming our way.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

I never saw the movie (reminder: check Pirate Bay), but the book is extremely well written and short.  If you can stomach it, try that version.

Citxmech's picture

The basis for Soylent Green wasn't any joy either.  See:  Make Room Make Room.

perchprism's picture


I grew up reading the Stainless Steel Rat series by Harry Harrison.  Make Room! Make Room! came out in 1966.  Harrison just died this past summer, pushing 90.   87 actually, I think.  Pretty ripe.  He died in August, so we've probably all had a taste of him by now in our Post Toasties...



HelluvaEngineer's picture

So I actually came here to see the cool looking infographic on the teaser.  Any links to that?


Edit: I found it.  Teh internets are amazing. It has everything.

zendome's picture

Or it could just be 7% of people have that kind of sense of humor.  My kind of peeps actually :)

NotApplicable's picture

Yep. Put an idiotic survey in front of me, and I'll make all of the wildest choices possible.

John, you shouldn't give ANY credence to this stuff.

midtowng's picture

Planet of the Apes would be cool

NotApplicable's picture

Get your hands off me, you damned dirty ape!

aerojet's picture

Escape from New York would have at least been plausible.