The Chart That Keeps Ben Bernanke Up At Night

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What changed in the last 30 days? Did the world just wake up to the idea that the only way out of this quagmire is a twisted currency war that appears to have re-ignited thanks to Abe's efforts? Something appears to have snapped in the American psyche as the last 30 days have seen the largest physical gold sales on record. Between the search volume for 'bulk ammo' and this, we fear something is afoot and while Congress fiddles as our economy burns, Bernanke going 'back to work' is perhaps what the physical 'horders' are thinking... or maybe they understand, as we noted here, that just as Kyle Bass has confirmed previously, Paper Gold is just like allocated, unambiguously owned physical bullion... until it’s not.


(Source: US Mint)

(h/t Alex Gloy of Lighthouse Investment Management)

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Sucks for all the readers that can't comment for at least three days.


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Yeah, 3 days...

Hillary's inaguration will be over before all those chomping at the bit to trash gold get approved to spew their anti-real money BS.

Do you love truth, freedom and the former "American Way"?

Buy gold and silver (and there may be a flicker of hope we can skip the Hillary part).

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Headlined on Drudge!

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So back on top at ZH!

If you value freedom, buy gold or silver as a portion of your savings.

Fiat currency (paper backed by nothing) fuels socialism.

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Good, now all you stupid assholes who voted for Mittens OR "the One"...  Go fuck yourselves!



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Drudge is popular among those that voted for OBAMA?

Not a chance.

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Who are you trying to fool, Drudge is plenty popular.  Did you miss the Mittens part?  My commet was equal calling out the statist sympathisers.  Fuck them! 

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Look at the advertisements on Drudge and tell me it is popular among democrats and socialists.


Huge visibility for ZH! Awesome.

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Currently Chevy and Netflix.

Not tring to tell YOU shit.  I am trying to tell the Romney (and Bamma) voting, party loyal fuckwhits.


(Press the red down arrow if you voted for the status quo)

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ZH is gaining too much notoriety ... soon the trolls will take over (excluding me of course)

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They'll just sign up to "down vote" truth, freedom and gold.

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they have under reported the gold eagle sales as long as they could and eventually had to make the books correct, next month silver will do the same thing!!!

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Could you plot ammunition sales on that graph, too?

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Could you plot tungsten sales on the graph too?

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Seriously, any anecdotal accounts or verified reports of 1oz gold rounds or wafers being tungstenized?  Still clear on the various dealers, e.g., Nortwest territorial Mint, APMEX, etc?

Hope to have vaporized my last penny of debt in 6 mos., and from there on it's going to be tithing about ten percent in PM's -at a minimum, provided  the banksters and sovereigns can keep the Au rehypothecation racket under wraps that long and keep the price low.


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Are Mexican 50 pesos good bullion to own? I don't have any gold Eagles. Wondering if I should trade some pesos for Eagles.

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"I get knocked down, but I get up again, you ain't never gonna keep me down!" - Gold, singing its own theme song.

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The deflation in the eurozone is releasing more Gold 


Is that its true purpose ?


Looks like it from where I sitting.


Since at least the single european act these economies have been run entirely as private banking fiefdoms without even the slightest poltico check on the rate of extraction both during the credit inflation and money deflation phase.

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The Gold market is the least of their worries, it is small enough to rig at a "modest price" in the new normal.... All the other "rigging" is monumental in comparison, trillion here, trillion there just for a small  finger in the dike.

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Dork lol

can you give us a paicture of Irish real estate.   Is everything still expensive or are ther bargains.



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Throw your best punches while you are linked on Drudge, Mr. Durden!

Watch the "reads" counter on this story move (and doesn't a person have to click through to the full story to get a "read"?).

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This seems like peanuts. A $130mm pop in ASE sales? Hopefully this is GLD investors coming to their senses, but I'm not very convinced J6P has any idea what is coming.

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The Asian markets are full on "Wile E. Coyote", over that China [HSBS manufacturing print]. At least the aud/usd popped the 1.04 cherry/ Nice gaps to fill in Europe...


17:45  CNY   Chinese HSBC Manufacturing PMI 50.50 50.40



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It astonishing how much traffic the Drudge Report generates

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Funny, I never read the Drudge report. I guess not cynical enough for me.  That's why I like ZH.

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Drudge = CIA safety valve for sheeples to get "alternative" news.

Same with NPR.  All of my artist friends think they are "smarter" because they listen to NPR rather than ABNBCBSFOX.

Gag me.

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Is there such thing as a non-Judaic on-mic employee at NPR?

The Judaic "Rachel" Martin on Sunday morning just can't wait till ram Western "enlightenment" (LGBT, sex change operations, abortion, pornography, all that great stuff, debt slavery) down the throat, by gun point, of the Muslim-Arab universe. 

I'm not in love with the apparent general viewpoint of the Muslim religion toward females in general.  But the MSM refuses to broadcast news about Judaic bigotry and sexism toward women: Rabbis practically beat a woman to death for not moving to the back of the bus in Israel, Rabbis demanding to view women's underware to measure the diameter of blood spots and telling the woman she'll die in childbirth if she gets pregnant on the wrong day, demanding money from men to "bless" the man's wife to get pregnant then when it doesn't work the Rabbi demands more money, felating a baby during briss giving the baby herpes that later kills the baby...    

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Isn't Drudge just a glorified link aggregator?

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I read about Kyle Bass and his interaction with Comex.  But upon looking at the details, UT did not actually take possession.  Meaning, they did put it on an armored transport and bring to Austin, TX.  The bars are located (somewhat randomly) in the trustee vaults. So what they really have is paper gold - maybe they just have better paper than GLD holders, but it is paper.

If it is SHTF time, the UT gold will be "reassigned" to the Gubmint in exchange for "credits" of some sort.  That is if they are not lost through re-hypothecation.  Bass probably has a rider for that in their custodial agreement - but that assumes adherance to "rule of law" - the reason you buy gold is a breakdown in the rule of law or at least an asymmetrical financial event.

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I buy a lot of silver.  Sweet dreams Ben.

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Wife asked me what I wanted for CHRISTmas. I stated some camping gear and silver ounces. She paused, assessed and said ok. She is starting to get it. We were in Target and I wanted to get a couple more 5 gallon fuel stores.....she said sure. She is starting to get it. I hope those of you out there are starting to get it too. It's coming and it will be quick. Prepare BitcheZ.

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Well done I/R and the MRS. You won't regret it!

IridiumRebel's picture

you got it.......I hope you saw my reply the other night. like I said then and now....I like you. Keep shorting those currencies.

Yen Cross's picture

Thanks I/R... Missed your comment It's the thought that counts ;-)  be well/

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What your wife is starting to get is, you won't heal from the prepper sickness. So now she just says 'yes' whenever you suggest buying more bulk ammo, MREs, bulk rice in mylar bags, a chicken coop, a bugout vehicle...

TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, WROL or any of that won't happen anytime soon, but prepping surely is a catchy meme. I'm somewhat of a prepper myself.

IridiumRebel's picture

I just need enough time and prep to get us out to the family farm. Once we are there, we will be fine as the rest of the family has done the real work. Circle the Wagons! I don't think an TEOTWAWKI event is on the horizon, but a nice grid failure for a month or two would do the trick. I saw it in Sandy and that was a week for most. People flipped the fuck out. I watched movies and hung out with my daughter. 

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Long new ZH posters

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People want to preserve what they have; thus the silly metal.

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They have a $50 legal tender status but they cost $85 over spot gold which is at $1720 at the moment. That's government planning for ya. 

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 Maybe, some of the "Financially Illiterate" from Drudge will get a clue?

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Some of the "Terror-ized Warmongers" from Drudge could learn something here too.

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Good point. fear of the unknown has started a few wars....

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Brisbane house prices decline for eighth straight quarter but not yet at the bottom: Australian Property Monitors


Year-on-year, Brisbane house prices have fallen 3.7% since June last year, more than Melbourne's 2.6% year-on-year decline, with Adelaide (- 2.1%) and Sydney (-1%) also recording smaller 12 month declines.

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Thanks for the update CheapBastard     Queensland and the Northern T. are screwed with this mining slowdown/

It's all good in China though!

 I'm too tired to fight back/ Must find a trade/

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NY FED Tungsten is where the big money is being made.

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IT's finger giffen good!

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ZH on Drudge is like putting Linda Lovelace on Sesame Street.

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I didn't realize Sesame Street was committed to cleaning up their act.

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Breaking news, Kim Kardashian brings peace to the middle east using only her breasts!