The Chart That Keeps Ben Bernanke Up At Night

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What changed in the last 30 days? Did the world just wake up to the idea that the only way out of this quagmire is a twisted currency war that appears to have re-ignited thanks to Abe's efforts? Something appears to have snapped in the American psyche as the last 30 days have seen the largest physical gold sales on record. Between the search volume for 'bulk ammo' and this, we fear something is afoot and while Congress fiddles as our economy burns, Bernanke going 'back to work' is perhaps what the physical 'horders' are thinking... or maybe they understand, as we noted here, that just as Kyle Bass has confirmed previously, Paper Gold is just like allocated, unambiguously owned physical bullion... until it’s not.


(Source: US Mint)

(h/t Alex Gloy of Lighthouse Investment Management)

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What kind of analysis is this? If you go to the U.S. Mint pages and actually look at the monthly data, you'll notice:

  • Sure, there was a spike in November, but a spike of almost similar magnitude took place in Jan 2011
  • In Jun, Jul 2010 total sales (in oz) were higher than Nov 2012
  • Spikes happen all the time

If the last 30 days have seen the largest physical gold sales in record, its just a rolling 30-days record, not a monthly record. I think Bernanke sleeps well at night. Loading a helicopter with all that cash must be exhausting.

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Tee, hee, hee. Yeah, that is what one could discern with a sharp eye.

Also, a bit more obviously...

LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE CHARGING OVER SPOT PRICE. $1978/ounce BUT "sold out" of the uncirculated 1 ounce coin.

Gold first broke $2000 a long time ago for gold coins sold by the U.S. Mint.

Maybe they know something they hope the average Drudge reader doesn't notice.

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What keeps Bengahzi and the 911 2012 Missing Jets up at night is the fear that he is asleep and the Ghost of the USS Liberty Jets will come back to haunt him. Kinda like reading these words on this post. Ah haa haa haa haa haa. BOO!

You see Benny boy, it ain't about slaughtering people to try to stay alive, or a whole country that is the image of the Antichrist. It's about the Holy Ghost. Ah ha ha haa haa haaa. You know, like the Ghost of Christmas past, when you killed yourself by killing Mercy. Ah haa haa haa haaa. Can you hear your chains Benny? Ah ha haa haa haa haa. Who has the key Benny? Ah haa haa haa haaa. Look there Benny, who is that up on the Cross? Now Benny, look to Christmas future. Ah haa haa haa haa. Is that you up there Benny? Ah haa haa haa haa. Benny ...Benny BENNeeeeee. Ah haa haa haa haa. Can you rise above Benny? Ah haa haa haa haaa. Can you rise above and go beyond the call of duty? Ah haa haa haa haaa. Can you open the door to your tomb Benny? Ah haa haa haa haa. Benny ...Benny ...BENNeeee. Ah haa haa haa haa. Save yourself Benny. Ah haa haa haa haa. Save yourself. Ah haa haa haa haa.

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Speaking of Benghazi...


"Benghazi has been described as a U.S. consulate, but it was not. It was an information office that had no diplomatic status."  Philip Giraldi here:

CIA’s Benghazi Role


BlackholeDivestment's picture hum, pardon me, lol, where are the two drug running witnesses, lol, you know, what was the cause for them to be held there where the slaughter of the President's Ambassador was for how many hours was it again that the 911 call never was answered? Ah haa haa haa haa. Pardon me, is this team Iran Contra American Weapons Grade Anthrax in the mail? Ah haa haa haa haa. ...or just another crazy guy that committed suicide the day he accepted the mission? Ah haa haa haa haa. What? is the President going to pardon himself again like that team? Ah haa haa haa haa. I have a chair and a Patriot Act Drill and a question, ''is it safe in Benghazi?'' Ah haa haa haa haa.  

P.S. Dis, I read their book, and they were missing the key. I saw their map room, and they are deceived. If you have a clue you would know what I mean, and that would mean one of two things. Either you are really really good, or just plain bad. ...and know this, it ain't about a country, it's about the world.

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American Diplomacy....a ha hah ha ha oxymoron.


In other words it's a fucking joke. The whole story was bullshit from the beginning, because as knukles, I and another poster tried to point out at the time this was the hot news there was no State Department Consulate in Benghazi. The Ambassador involved himself in a non-diplomatic 'mission' and he paid the price. When you lie down with dogs...


Maybe some day we'll learn WTF was really going on there, but I doubt it.

BlackholeDivestment's picture, obviously you did not get them to put their book in your hand. Lol. Guess you really gotta be good to do that huh? LMAO, or they have to be really stupid. Ah haa haa haa haa. 

P.S. Don't mind me, lol, I'm supposed to be retarted. LMAO.

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from commenter "Danny" at Giraldi's article:


At any rate, seems to me the Ambassador title was just Stevens’ cover for the real objective: the funneling of weapons to the U.S. proxy army made up of “rebels” (read: mercenaries) in Libya and Syria.

Business as usual for the Agency, working hand-in-glove with diplomatic, “humanitarian” cover from D.C. bureaucrats.


Whether it's President Obama or another (R) or (D) in office doesn't mean shit to me. Of course for some it's all about scoring political points over the other team.

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...umm, just a sec, just a sec, Ah, here it is, oh wait, let me turn the page. Ah yes, there it is. Pearl Harbor Event. Man that still looks strange on top of that FDR pyramid. LMAO. You would think they would do a better job building a tomb to seal the closet where they tried to keep the body. Ah haa haa haa haaa. Looks like them boys will end up killing Enoch errr something. LMAO, just because they ''know'' physics, lol, they think that Genie will not kill them. Guess they really do believe the turd and they really will not die if they eat shit. LMAO. Pie in the face, lol. 

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Someone give me a trade that isn't served in shit gravey/

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Another sensationalist, part bogus Zero Hedge headline. This is getting too regular.

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Yeah, the truth IS stranger than the paper-printing fiction.

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I'm into pork and beans.


Ammo is also a good buy.

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Can you buy gold with an EBT card?

Checkmate, bitchez!

(until the socialists flip over the board and ban gold again)