Hedge Fund November Performance

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November is now over, and hedge funds can count their lucky stars for the baseless November 16th rally, predicated by the now defunct notion that the GOP and Democrats are close to a Fiscal Cliff compromise (it increasingly looks that the real catalyst on the "cliff" will be the absolute debt ceiling hike deadline in March of 2013, meaning the US will go over the cliff, if only for three months). Had the unprecedented levitation in the middle of the month, the bloodbath would have been epic. As such, with a 13K close in the DJIA, and 1.3000 in the EURUSD, the Nov. 30 P&L it was far more palatable and the surge in redemption calls (and the resulting end of unjustified "2 and 20" fees) has been postponed by one more month. So who are the most prominent winners and losers: leading the table are the fund with European exposure, where the recent bipolar mania has Europe as being better, if only until it fully breaks again. The biggest losers? Macro funds, who still don't realize that the in the New Normal, macro "up is down."

The top 20 winners and losers - Paulson investors can be relieved: they are now invested in only the second worst fund of 2012:

And select HF performance:

Full HSBC report:

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When it gets to the point where hedge funds are making less than 100% a year, you know we're in trouble.

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Jon Corzine deserves to start his own hedge fund and run that into the ground too!

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Jon Corzine needs to start his own hedge fund and steal everybody's money...too...also...all over again...as well...in addition....

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If this was a listing of blackjack playerz, you might see a very similar distribution of performance.  

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The ads showing up on my spIpad are for safes and silver. Apparently I need to look at more porn.

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 The irony is deafening/ Top performer is BTG Pactual "Distressed Mortgage Fund"...  Someone needs to post that fund under the next housing/mortgage release...

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Lose your ass with Crapula Tail Risk. That may or may not be an insurance company for vampires with a bum fetish.

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hedge funds are such a joke. We will laugh at this point in history someday..