Weight Inflation: A Rising Tide Of Fat Lifts All Scales

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Remember when after the Fukushima explosion, in order to avoid panic Japan doubled the maximum dose of "safe" daily radiation allowed, and then raised it some more? This is kinda like that, but instead of Gamma rays you have Twinkies..

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LOOOOOL the government is so shameless...

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The Surgeon General of the USA resembles this trend.  We know she did not get the job just because she is black.  Did she get it because she is fat?


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She is "Full Figured" and she's beautiful just the way she is. It doesn't matter what's on the outside, it's what's on the inside that counts.  /s

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Empress Hillary does not appreciate your back-handed compliment.

Please report to the chemical castration center for your treatment.

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Food of the Gods. And the harvest will soon begin.  

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"fat, black, woman"

ticks all the boxes for some.

no illustrations needed, embedded.

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my friend in the ER is seeing more and more women that are so fat, they actually come in to the ER for stomach pain which is really labor pains.  They ddn't know for 9 months they were pregnant until they are delivering.  The scary part is who is hitting that?

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People of Walmart bang People of Walmart and produce more People of Walmart. 

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He's just following the template laid out by previous African dictators. Fill all cabinet and supreme court positions with friends and cronys.

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So I've been a success more than once in my lifetime.

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Women who are 5'10'' and 112lbs will always be ideal.

...like Adrianna Lima


I don't care too much about Gallup or it's poll based sociological pontifications.

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Could even lower her carbon foot print of she was legless.

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This doesn't mean you should starve yourself to look like the model in the latest Nieman Marcus commercial.

A balanced diet with some extra protein and intense weight training will lead to weight increase in the form of muscle - which is a very healthy form of weight gain.

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I have no clue why three useful idiots down arrowed you for that comment, it is spot on. It's what I do as well.

Green fer ya.

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   which is a very healthy form of weight gain.

Heavier people are more likely to die.  That's why medical folks started looking at the BMI metric in the first place.  Actuarial tables provided the "insight" that bigger people die sooner, all other things being equal.

It doesn't matter if you're over 200 lbs because you look like Steve Reeves or because you look like John McCain. 

You're more likely to DIE the heavier you are.

That said, there are many very fine reasons to want to carry more muscle-mass around.  "Living longer" just isn't one of them.  Skinny twiggy folks live the longest, statistically.

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She isn't a blow up doll... she is a blow up skeleton. Where's the beef?

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Adrianna Lima +100 :)

Inquiring ZH ladies. Hairball is not fat @ 6'4"/190

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Adriana?? I dumped her when she put on a few extra ounces. I got a hottie from Ethiopia now.

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How am I going to get to my target weight without my 32oz Coke?!

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With high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Sugar, the bitter truth:


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Blubber is the best contraceptive there is. No wonder the birth rate is down.

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I think you are on to something.

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Theres a piece in every crease though.

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Holy sh*t!

I'm still stuck in 1991

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Replace the title with "Average Ideal number of Ounces of Gold" and then we have something useful.

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100% correlation to Michele Obama's weight.

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How can anyone look at Moochelle, and claim we have not yet discovered the missing link?

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Also looking at Moochelle, you can also understand why Barry spent so much time in those gay clubs in Chicago!

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What is this all about, really?  It's just hatred of black women, right?

Michelle Obama may not be an attractive person, and you may hate her for all kinds of irrational reasons, but she's not fat. 

She's just big--she's 5' 11" for fuck's sake.

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And yet acceptable cholesterol levels keep being lowered. WTF? It's like someone is making money.

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Fuck that and the statins they rode in on.

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im gonna have a cup of coffee

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coffee can cause prostate problems.

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I think there's a potential market for excessively irradiated tungsten filled gold plated twinkies developing ... 

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Either America is full of midgets, I'm a giant, or anorexia is the new style.  If I weighed the "ideal weight" i'd be a twig.

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Agreed.  I know that the average height is something like 5' 10" for males, but even there, at 160# you aren't going to be playing much football, or working for any construction firms.  You should still be able to flip burgers or shuffle papers across a desk, so the american dream can continue.

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Your avatar gives me serious WoW nostalgia.



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Crumb away from 450 pouds. Amerikan Women, stuffing their faces and asking where is my Love.


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Watch old movies from the thirties.  Everyone is skinny. 


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Back then it was well known that eating starchy foods and beverages were fattening, back before the central government go so involved in regulating and propagandizing nutrition nonsense.

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Government solely regulates what the food industry lobbyists tell it to legislate. Sugar tariffs anyone, or corn subsidies?

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...and you gotta levitate that fat...bringing us to the nastiest black hole ever constructed for the purpose...San Francisco...the eunuchs and goddess/witch gatekeepers aren't going to like this...que it up for one more round Johnny...let's see how this economic mobility thingy really (doesn't) works, how the economic priests got caught naked.

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Fukashima?  There are 4 exposed, uncontrolable meltdowns going on and no one can control it.  It is totally radiating the Pacific ocean and spreading nuclear fallout thoughout the world.  No one is talking about it!  Like tuna?  All contaminated!  Cruise the pacific?  Ships make they're own water.  Wonder why the USA isn't monitoring?  The milk you're giving your kids will kill them in 20 years from now!  Sleep sheeple and deny this shit!  Assholes!  Notice how the cancer increased after our nation did all their nuclaer testing?  Wait till you see what this does and No one says shit!  Follow http://enenews.com/ not only for what's happening in Japan but for what's happening here.  Bet most of you don't even know.

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But a bunch of really smart people here told me earlier today that mankind is too puny to affect his environment in a meaningful way.  Besides, I don't see any radiation so it can't possibly be there.