India Sets Off For Naval Showdown With China

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As if global geopolitics were not tempestuous enough, it seems China's increased military presence near Indian state-run explorer Oil and Natural Gas Corp's (ONGC) Nam Con Son basin operations near Vietnam are sparking India's navy into action. India's Navy Chief Joshi according to Reuters, said it was prepared to act, if necessary, to protect its maritime and economic interests in the region. He added that "When the requirement is there, for example, in situations where our country's interests are involved, for example ONGC... we will be required to go there and we are prepared for that." While the Straits of Hormuz seem to get most of the world's attention, the growing trouble in the South China Sea is troubling since it "is one of the most important international waterways and freedom of navigation there is an issue of utmost concern to India," because a large portion of India's trade is through the South China Sea. Noting that the modernization of China's Navy is "truly impressive", Joshi concluded:  "...are we preparing for it? Are we having exercises of that nature? The short answer is yes!" The Chinese are not making any friends as The Phillippines also condemned China's actions.


Via Reuters:

The Indian navy is prepared to deploy vessels to the South China Sea to protect India's oil interests there, the navy chief said on Monday amid growing international fears over the potential for naval clashes in the disputed region.


India has sparred diplomatically with China in the past over its gas and oil exploration block off the coast of Vietnam. China claims virtually the entire mineral-rich South China Sea and has stepped up its military presence there. Other nations such as Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia have competing claims.


Indian state-run explorer Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) has a stake in a gas field in the Nam Con Son basin, off Vietnam's south coast.


Indian Navy Chief Admiral D.K Joshi said while India was not a claimant in the dispute over territorial rights in the South China Sea, it was prepared to act, if necessary, to protect its maritime and economic interests in the region.


"When the requirement is there, for example, in situations where our country's interests are involved, for example ONGC ... we will be required to go there and we are prepared for that," Joshi told a news conference.


"Now, are we preparing for it? Are we having exercises of that nature? The short answer is yes," he said.


He described the modernization of China's navy as "truly impressive" and acknowledged that it was a source of major concern for India.


Any display of naval assertiveness by India in the South China Sea would likely fuel concern that the navies of the two rapidly growing Asian giants could be on a collision course as they seek to protect trade routes and lock in the supply of coal, minerals and other raw material from foreign sources.


"It is one of the most important international waterways and freedom of navigation there is an issue of utmost concern to India because a large portion of India's trade is through the South China Sea," said Brahma Chellaney, analyst at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi.


Chellaney, however, played down Joshi's comments, saying the Indian navy's focus would remain on the Indian Ocean, which the Asian nation views as its strategic backyard.




In September 2011, an Indian warship sailing in the South China Sea to the Vietnamese port of Haiphong was challenged when a caller identifying himself as an official of the Chinese navy warned the ship on an open radio channel that it was entering Chinese waters.


Nothing happened, the ship sailed on, and both India and China have since played down the incident, with New Delhi saying the vessel was well within international waters in the South China Sea and that there was no confrontation.


China's neighbors are fretting about a recent Chinese media report on new rules that will allow police in the southern Chinese province of Hainan to board and seize control of foreign ships which "illegally enter" its waters from January 1.


The Philippines on Saturday condemned the Chinese plan as illegal and Singapore, home to the world's second-busiest container port, said on Monday it was concerned.


Asked about the report of China's plan to board ships, Joshi said India had the right to self-defense.


Estimates for proven and undiscovered oil reserves in the South China Sea range as high as 213 billion barrels of oil, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said in a 2008 report. That would surpass every country's proven oil reserves except Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, according to the BP Statistical Review.


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Incubus's picture

lol indian navy

Ghordius's picture

it might be funny to you, but the INS has a carrier, stealth ships, conventional and nuclear-powered submarines, guided-missiles destroyers, the works

redpill's picture

Attention, this is the Indian Navy, beware you are entering our sovereign waters and may be fired upon.





But first, please try restarting your computer.


ihedgemyhedges's picture

After reading this article, I suddenly have an appetite for curry fried rice.....

knukles's picture

Booyah Bitchez!
At last a war with no skin in the game.
Poke that hornet's nest, stick a stick in the fire ant hill
Make that depopulation agenda real


caconhma's picture

This fucking Indians are always were happy to be somebody slaves. Before, there were British masters and now there are American masters.

urwright's picture

and Singapore, home to the world's second-busiest container port, said on Monday it was concerned.

Last time I spoke to Singapore she said all she wanted to police was people on bicycles and spitting.  

She also said she would never speak to any one but me.  

Wonder how she said she was concerned and how Rueters cornered her to ask about China.

BandGap's picture

The Indian Navy is actually stronger than the Chinese Navy. The fucking Chinese bought an aircraft carrier (from Ukraine) and are just now putting planes on it.

Col_Sanders's picture

Are they using pilots or cranes?

akak's picture

No reason to fear the Chinese navy --- I hear most of their ships are junk(s).

urwright's picture

Yea - I know no one is afraid.


That will be a good thing.

Oh regional Indian's picture

AS  retired officer from said navy, I object to the lolling.

4th largest blue water navy. Bunch of Soviet Kashin class destroyers that wil kick ass and take no prisoners, emp proof because even the most complex Firing control computers are mechanical marvels of precision.

Those ships will take 60 degree rolls and come out snarling.

EMP proof systems. Indian Navy is a sub-set (!!!) of the Ruski Navy from an equipment perspective.

Not GREAt, but definitely not something to lol at.



India has a maritime history dating back to 7,600 years.[6][7][8][9] The first tidal dock is estimated to have been built at Lothal around 2300 BCE during the Indus Valley Civilization, near the present day Mangrol harbour on the Gujarat coast.[10][11] The Rig Veda written around 1500 BCE, credits Varuna with knowledge of the ocean routes and describes naval expeditions. There is reference to the side wings of a vessel called Plava, which give stability to the ship under storm conditions. A compass, Matsya yantra, was used for navigation in the fourth and fifth century AD.

tickhound's picture

Clearly this kind of modernization by brown people should be against our national interest.... Throw in the fact they buy alot of gold too........

I'm sure Chertoff has some pre-emptive plans written up somewhere.

SWRichmond's picture

War as a distraction from economic collapse?  I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

It's getting to the point that the Atlantic Ocean is the only safe intercontinental waterway. 

This might be a war not only over resources but also shipping lanes and preferred outsourcing.  Lots of Europe-based companies have been recently Shanghai'd, mine included (I don't own it I work for it), when they've tried to progress from simple sourcing to real partnership.  For example, we bought a consumer product manufacturer in China however all managers - from marketing to the factory floor - "spontaneously" walked off their job after the check cleared. 

I wonder if China is getting saucy about India shipping in outsourced goods to the western market, goods that China would have until recently cornered production on.


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'Cept fer icebergs an Canadians. Got a smoke, eh?

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You got soy sauce on my tandoori chicken!

Harbanger's picture

Brown people? I thought Indians were supposed to be the original Aryans?

Overfed's picture

I thought that was the Iranians?

BigJim's picture

It's good to see you haven't transcended good old nationalism, ORI.

Oh regional Indian's picture

12 years of the Naval Life will leave a stain in the best of us BigJim. ;-)

My point was also that for all it's poverty, India spends an obscene amount on it's Offence budget as a percentage of GDP.

Indian Armed forces are huge (numerically) and fly, sail and fire some really advanced equipment.

Plus we have the rankling war of 1962, a bizzaire war if there ever was one.



BattlegroundEurope2011's picture

India has kept the Russian Arms industry afloat for years.

earleflorida's picture

Indeed,... and it is the Chinese that hold deep reverence for Pakistan-- which controls Afghanistan! And here lies the rub? TAPI has enough "Blue-Gold" to fulfill China's energy wants well into the 23rd Century.

Is their a trade-off?


Urban Redneck's picture

The seamen and boats are puppets in opera. This is just a dance, against a backdrop of musical chairs, nothing more. Albeit one where a misstep may result in a boat sinking and a few expendable lives expended, but that isn't the goal or even the result whose avoidance is sought.

If you care to track down the modern source- it leads to nine of twelve peacemakers (now deceased) who ironically penned a precedent which states that as long as the violent music of the drums of war play for all to hear, the dancers need not worry about losing their chair. However, if the drums of war stop, then there will be fewer chairs available.

June 15, 1962.

Ghordius's picture

+1 the Sonata for Rattling Sabers

Urban Redneck's picture

Der Königgrätzer marsch oder der dritte akt der Götterdämmerung?

Parrotile's picture

Seen these vessels "up close" too - our "floating home" isn't exactly small, but these long, big black ships were armed to the teeth! Obviously Russian (and so designed to work rather than look good - US Navies take good note of this little fact!). FAST too - under sail we can just about reach 20kts (by GPS - true SOG): however one of these went past us as if we were standing still!

Like the Russian Navies, the Indian Navy is quite "Capability writ Large"

Mind you the Chinese have the shipbuilding knowhow and capacity to really play a very hard game of "Catch-Up", which seems to be what they are doing right now. Remember that the Russian Carrier was dismantled before being reassembled - so they know "how to build" carriers - and a colleague in HongKong tells me there are a number of big shipyards "up North" where NO-ONE is allowed anywhere near (i.e. 10km ++ exclusion zones).

So, something's definitely going on isn't it. And that "something" may not necessarily be in the West's best interests.

insanelysane's picture


Fear the Indian Navy or the Chinese Navy, really.

patb's picture

they have a naval tradition, and plenty of smart people.


Plus they worked closely with the brits for 200 years.


They'll get better.

Timmay's picture

Paul Krugman just peed his pants in delight after hearing this....

mrktwtch2's picture

yellow man vs the brown man..we will sell them the

Schmuck Raker's picture

One big happy Replacement World Reserve Currency Bloc.

Urban Redneck's picture

The bloc(k) has yet to be constructed, the architects and engineers continue to converse.  Perhaps the existing bloc's dispute resolution mechanism leaves a bit to be desired.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

China, the new (old) kid on the block.

cossack55's picture

I'm wondering if all those USTs floating around China may be warping their thinking that China is the USA. The Chicoms are now Imperialists and the US is turning commie. Hmmm.....

Dr. Engali's picture

There is just something funny about the phrase..."an Indian warship"

kralizec's picture

"Dot" has warships, "feather" has casinos.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"lol indian navy"

Make no mistake : the Chinese are rehearsing, practicing their military skills on a small target... By 2025 they'll be able to strike their main target : the US!

LetThemEatRand's picture

That seems about right in terms of a narrative.   Although it's already lasted more than ten years, the sheep may eventually stop buying the idea that we need to lock down our society, arm our military to the teeth and patrol the U.S. "homeland" with drones because some guys in caves may use knives to kill us all.  And Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia, right?

Mike in GA's picture

From landing their first jet on their first carrier to invading the world's most well-armed superpower in only 12 more years?!  Ludicrous.

InvalidID's picture


 India a small target? Are you kidding? The Chinese would stand a better chance in a war against the US than against India. The US would just fly around blowing up everything then get bored.

Attacking someone with a large population that can WALK into your country however...

Rathmullan's picture

I hope India kicks their fucking ass (chinks with their fucking stupid soviet era skate park ramp "aircraft carrier").

Neoisolationist's picture

I respect India. One of the few countries in the world whose civilization has a good nature. I hope India is able to defend its interests.

cossack55's picture

Good nature and over 6000 metric tons of gold. A nation of preppers getting ready to kick Monsanto's evil ass the hell out.