Swiss Capital Controls Escalate As Credit Suisse Sets Negative CHF Deposit Rates

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In a world that already makes little sense to most, Credit Suisse just pushed the envelope a little further. The bank has just announced that going forward it will be charging for firms to hold a CHF cash balance - i.e. the bank, given the already-negative Swiss government bond yields, has moved to its own NIRP for its clients. The need to do this suggests an overwhelming desire for short-term safety that flies in the face of the seeming level of complacency that exists in the European bond (and stock markets). As we have warned before, it seems that the currency wars that appear to have escalated have now started the 'capital control' wars as CS (and implicitly the SNB) adds this negative interest rate 'charge' to its already pegged currency in the vain hope of managing the unmanageable flow of safe-haven-seeking cash.


In other words, Europe is so fixed, Swiss banks are furiously doing everything in their power to halt the dumping of EUR in exchange for CHF, and to push everyone, kicking and screaming, into the absolutely safety and well-being of the Euro, which according to Eurozone politicians is strong as diamond, which is vernacular for as close to collapse as the next Greek popular election.

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You are free to go.....but you have to leave your money here.

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Go Long CHF Banknote printers... atleast they still have 1000chf notes

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The Swiss are terrorists.

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pffffhahahah really funny

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Victims of terrorism often exhibit displacement.

Practitioners of terrorism often use projective identification to isolate those who will not submit to their designs.

Useful idiot or troll, take your pick-

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And we are all armed :)

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Poor Gpap's mom. Another victim of Nirp.

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Euro bears are stupid enough to keep their money there anyway.

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These fucking crooks are pushing the sheep right off the cliff...The selloff will be unlike anything we've seen. You won't want to be the last person holding junk or anything with a duration longer than about 2....

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Shit, it's time to invest in gold, guns, or in your mattress. I'd prefer the first two, and it seems that people are about to get pushed into my favorite asset classes. I know. They want everyone to put money into stocks. Forgetaboutit.

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To NIRP and beyond!

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NIRP: Negative Infinity Rate Policy

All your wealth are belong to us.

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Huh! Too bad my PMs don't pay interest, since they fell out of my boat, I guess it no longer matters.

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Friggin canoe; so unstable.

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Negative interest rates would imply that these banks don't want the paper.  Otherwise, why would they charge you to hold your own paper?  This shit-show, can't burn down fast enough.  Banks need to simply be banks again and not gambling dens of theives.

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Banks will never be banks again. They would rather a mass suicide than sobering up.

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So cash is no longer king?

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And if your account balance is less than zero, do you collect interest on owing money?

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The cotton-linen type still works fine.  The fee structures that Swiss banks charge make them unattractive in even a ZIRP environment for da- to-day expenses.

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Paying someone to hold something for you that is intrinsically worthless.

Complete and utter insanity.

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anyone with an official source ?

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Austerity bitchez!

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It has been coming for a while. Back in late May I read an article which looks ever more prescient now.

Negative interest rates and yields may be the future; For Switzerland (and Germany?) they are the present

Dont forget that if the LDP win in Japan we will be getting them there too........


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I noticed that this morning 1.3... something and climbing fast. Looked like a strong currency the way it has kept climbing as Europe collapses.

That doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

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Maybe this is how the Bernanke is going to get control of the hyperinflation.....just send all our extra dollars to the SWISS....or force us to open an account there....where they charge us to keep them....yeah that will work...can you do it in 15 minutes

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Is the interest rate loss tax deductable?

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Yet another fucking great central bank ploy to extract wealth away. NIRP is the fucking end of the game folks.

Eat shit central banks and the fucking global TBTF fuckers you support as your sole mission. Fucking assholes.

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Fear, naked, mercilous, fear. These folks have nowhere safe to shield their assets. That these same people will take a dry rusty pipe and say, thank you sir may I have another, Quite frankly  terrifies me. They are not the most humble of humanity.

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I'm sorry.  What is bank for again?  Isn't it to take deposits and make loans?

If there has been one act in the last 4 years that indicates we have no banking system in the West, this is it.  It is an open declaration that there is no such thing as a functioning bank, or a functioning currency.

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It 's pride thing. Alternate was announce all deposits will be used to buy a portfolio of euro country debt at 10x leverage.

Didn't google just buy some storage box company. Must be planning high security long term boxes at Swiss airports.

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They can try. I exchange all my extra paper for gold every month and they can't NIRP gold. haha.

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I'm not doubitng the info but if anyone could link to an official statement from the bank would be appreciated.

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Bullish for mattresses. I suggest tempur-pedic.

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A deposit ratel that i cant refuse..