China Services PMI Plunges Most In 15 Months To Lowest Since Aug 2011

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While much will be made of the greater-than-50 level for HSBC's China Services PMI, we note that the drop in the last two months is the largest in 15 months and takes the index back to its lowest levels since August 2011. While China's Manufacturing PMI was lauded as evidence that all is well and the slowdown has stopped, we note that in the history of the China Services PMI, it has only been lower than the current print in five of the forty-four months. It seems perhaps the transition is not going quite as according to plan.



Source: MarkitEconomics

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derek_vineyard's picture

add the words "as expected" and we'll have a big rally tomorrow

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I love the way MSNBC is promoting Jesse Ventura's Tru TV show "Conspiracy Theory" these days. I love that show. Mr Rachel Maddow was talking about it tonight.

surf0766's picture

Ventura came out stating communism was a better approach.

Michaelwiseguy's picture

His show  Illuminati In The Ozarks was amazing. I never knew about that place.

surf0766's picture

I don't know about dat show butt


“The Communism of Karl Marx would probably be actually the best for everybody as a whole,” he explained.

Read more:
Michaelwiseguy's picture

Some people love their current neo-fascist feudalism. Six and one half dozen of the other.

This is a whole lot more interesting;

The Cosmic 432 & The Musical Conspiracy

The Cosmic 432

Notarocketscientist's picture

ANYTHING is a better approach than the current one

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Ohhhh, like we trust the Chinese *wink*. Sell you a bridge also.

chump666's picture

Check the Shanghai comp PPT (which is official in China) finally stepped in...

These markets.

Caracalla's picture

PMI down; Shanghai up 2% so far...what gives?

chump666's picture

Goverment buying, they did this last time it broke 2000, this time they let it drift for some reason, now BAM!, with a vengeance they are buying up.  Hopefully they have cashed in some USTs to finance their PPT bs activities. Problem the idiot Chinese have (which are multiple at this point in time) they just rallied oil, dump asses will force a USD buy up again (oil companies), which caused the liquidity squeeze that has crimped their crappy economy.

Wow, there is not a day that this market doesn't express how completly f*cked up it is. 

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So yeah bullish.  Might as well ride this monster...till the end.

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What do you trade on?  Because the fundamentals say to get out of the markets.

The dollar, any fiat currency for that matter, is built on a lie.  A lie of repayment.  Nothing paid in dollars will be worth the ink it is printed on.

The only sound investments are physical goods.  Food, water, guns, gold. 

chump666's picture

Of course, no one is disputing that.  But, there are trades there, been doing it for a long time, so you see things.  Right now, it's neither long or short.  You can make cash in this market, depends how much you want to leverage and how much you lay down.  But you accept it, just some new bs comes up.  I don't hold any stocks, only trade indexes, FX, options.  Quick trades in and out.  In fact if I work up tomorrow and the market ceased to exist.  I couldn't care less.  No sentimental connection, nothing.  The market was broken pre 2008 and now is in it's final painful implosion.

I am just riding it...

I have a gold, i like guns.  I eat, and also likes my good liquor, that would be spirits.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

And I don't judge you as a person, but I do question the system and wonder why we continue it.

fonzannoon's picture

Because the alternative is going to be horrific.

chump666's picture

You gotta survive, go with the flow sometimes.  Best analogy an old mentor said to me was, "Keep one foot in and one foot out"

fonzannoon's picture

just be careful this market has one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Time to spend those reserves, China.

acompletedouche's picture

ES will probably be up 30 handles tomorrow on all the great news....

It's all about getting as many on the wrong side of the trade as possible,and raping them as hard as possible.

acompletedouche's picture

Amazing that ES spiked on that number....

Well maybe not

If probably beat the "whisper number".


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I wouldn't be suprised if external efforts to slow China's economy might be part of the NWOs efforts to control the South China Sea oil reserves.

Also to me it is apparent that the World's banksters now are directly manipulating all the financial markets. I only noticed the US markets at the end of last year.

World war tactics are increasing.

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Up is down, down is up.

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So first thing upon seeing the headline I wondered what the hell kind of bullshit was the China services PMI, so I googled it.  Guess what?  The number three hit was this ZeroHedge article.  Must mean something.  Still don't know anything about the chicom PMI, though.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

That is because the MSM doesn't really care to run an article like this.  It doesn't fit their demographic.  It would scare the sheeple and make them hard to herd around.

Fidel Sarcastro's picture

So far ES spiked 6-handles on the news.

...Update: 10-handles

Renewable Life's picture

Dont worry about China, they are buying and importing physical gold, silver, platinum, and copper, like a coke addict does blow!!

I have NO doubt, they already have more physical tonnes in their CB, then the US, and its probably NOT even close!! Like 11-12 tonnes to our 8 tonnes, and that's if you believe that asswipe Ben Bernanke and Timmy G, because we probably have "loaned out" most of our physical and its not even on our shores!! But who the fuck knows, because we cant get a audit of that cabal, known as the FED!!!

Anyone who doesn't think the Chinese are gearing up over the next 5 years to make a serious push as the worlds reserve currency, possibly backed by a pool of assets like gold, silver, and platinum or just gold alone, is smoking crack cocaine and drinking kool aid!

Glass Seagull's picture

[sets his frangible glass pipe and lighter aside and says]

"A currency backed by precious metals? Only if it's an instantaneous deflationary shock you're after. Taking the elastic money supply (the one with the hyper-exponential growth rate) away means jobs! jobs! jobs! (on opposite day)."

[smugly picks up glass pipe and continues on his own 6-point afterhours rally]

Renewable Life's picture

Ok I admit, the idea of a currency "backed" by something other then crack smoke, was a little dreamy and fantastical, but the part about China making a serious move on our reserve currency status is nothing but the cold hard facts!!  Those bitchez can't be us and be better then us, if they are beholden to someone elses currency, and if money is power, reserve currency status is Ultimate power, and the Chinese LOVE POWER!

reader2010's picture

This can't be true. Brothels are busier than ever before, and even Bao paid more than $100 million on just one hooker.

marginnayan's picture

ES likes it. + 6. Huh!

MFLTucson's picture

Their products are shit and their people are grabby.  Hope they go under with Russia,

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

ES - straight up 10.   What a fucking fuck-fest.

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MFLTucson's picture

Still a more stable economic country than the US.  Maybe if we got some factual numbers out of this goverment and they shut down the paper mill things would start to shape up for the world to see what a mess 4 years can make.

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Wednesday is now moving day.

Longs exit the market on Friday at the close - who'd want to hold over the weekend ? 

Monday Morning - longs enter - they take it straight down

Tuesday - they torture the longs some more with sideways action - so the buyers watch their premiums waste away.... they exit at Tues close, frustrated...  before the heavy news flow on Wed. morning - don't gamble !

Wednesday.... they run the market up on Wed morning prior to the market open, on some stupid news - making it difficult to get long before the open..  

The herd enters WED morning, too late of course - ......then they sell into the rally all day Wed

Magnificent manipulation