Egyptian President Flees Palace As Rioters Close In

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Time for flashbacks to nearly two years ago, when the first Egyptian revolution, with great assistance from the various governmental liberating agencies of the "developed world", led to a democratic regime, so democratic, the ruler lasted all of 5 months before declaring himself temporary dictator. The reason: following yet more riots, this time resulting in a siege of the presidential palace, and in which protesters breached the presidential palace cordon, Reuters reports that Mursi, aka Morsillini, who granted himself "temporary" supreme commander (read dictator) powers with a unilateral decree on November 22, has now left the building... the presidential palace that is. This will surely embolden the protesters even more, and may well get the military in play once again. One wonders just which regime the US will support this time around, and what happens if control over the Suez Canal can not be maintained following what is increasingly shaping as a counterrevolution.


Egyptian riot police fired teargas at protesters demonstrating against President Mohamed Mursi near the presidential palace in Cairo on Tuesday and demonstrators broke through police lines, Reuters witnesses said.


Several thousand protesters had gathered near the walls of the palace in what they called "last warning" protests against Islamist leader Mursi, who angered opponents with a Nov. 22 decree that expanded his powers.


"The people want the downfall of the regime," chanted some demonstrators.


Eight protesters were injured in the clashes, a security source said. Some activists attacked a police armoured vehicle, beating its driver, as security forces gathered inside the palace.


Liberals, leftists, Christians and others have accused Mursi of staging a dictatorial power grab to push through a constitution drafted by an assembly packed with Islamists. A referendum on the draft constitution is due to take place on Dec. 15.


"We are here to tell the president we are against dictatorship and ask him to cancel the dictator decree and reform the constitutional assembly to make it more representative," said protester Ihab Shawki.

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ah.. THIS is why precious metals were sold off! Things are going back to political stability and real economic growth.

General Decline's picture

The president would be smart to flee Egypt. I've been there. It sucks.

cossack55's picture

He may be wise to steer clear of Iceland. Also, since he is muslim, must he avoid the PIIGS?

tsx500's picture

this sorta thing could never happen here in USSA ..............................................could it ? ?

economics9698's picture

WTF?  You mean the bitches do not want to wear burkas?  LMAO.

Someday that will be America.

blabam's picture

When it becomes serious, run!

formadesika3's picture

Funny. Morsi made the latest cover of Slime magazine, "The Most Important Man in the Middle East."

Manthong's picture

Maybe a good cosmic spanking is in order.

Just sayin' ..

N. B. Forrest's picture


“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” ? George Orwell, Animal Farm


The more things change the more they stay the same...

redpill's picture

Live by the mob, die by the mob.

Note to all you protesters out there: It may suit you to find out what your fellow protesters really believe, as you may discover their world view is even less palatable than that of those you protest against. 

akak's picture


Maybe a good cosmic spanking is in order.

"A spanking!  A spanking!" 

"And afterward, the oral sex ...."

TruthInSunshine's picture

This just in: Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi promises refuge to Mursi. Oh wait. Never mind. Egypt has no oil nor Italian oil extraction, and Mursi has no hot nieces or grandaughters.

EscapeKey's picture

They do however control one of the prime pieces of infrastructure in the world.

NotApplicable's picture


I'm assuming you mean the UN?

Randall Cabot's picture

"One wonders just which regime the US will support this time around, and what happens if control over the Suez Canal can not be maintained following what is increasingly shaping as a counterrevolution."

Watch for the counter counterrevolution.

Landrew's picture

Not sure what world you live in, Egypt DOES HAVE oil and natural gas reserves and exports gas to many in the area!

knukles's picture

So either one got an uglier than the south end of a rhino headed north neice or daughter looking to hook up with a kindly old pervert?  I still got dibs on Papanderau's mom, by the way.  Just waitin'

Looney's picture

She is one hot geriatric hottie!  ;-)


Ookspay's picture

Yes it does. Stepping off of the plane in cairo or most ME cities the first thing that hits you is the smell. Awful, like a cesspool, with smog and jet fuel mixed in. I prefer Dubai, but hookers, booze and blow are hard to come by.

smiler03's picture


Ookspray profile:

"hi skewl drop owt, dum an ugli to! i lik wine wemin an wiff! gunz and wisky plus redbul also i think good! realijus to, whin i wunt stuf frum God i prey. plese led me be zeero hedge passwurd gitter, i not rite dum stough to much alot, okey?"

You made me larff ;O)

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He loaded up himself with money and ran off from Egypt.

Looney's picture

How can you, people, talk about these things whilst some royal bitch got knocked-up? Have you no shame?

(I can't find a "/sarc" button on my Commodore. Do I need a special "Sarc Keyboard"?)


TruthInSunshine's picture

Fuck the Tabloid Royal Family & the sham that is a modern day version of panem et circenses.

smiler03's picture


Sickening isn't it? I am now changing TV channel to Anus R_us because they don't go on about some fucking pregnant anorexic cunt who's family drive Range Rovers. 

Looney's picture

ETF (what a sickingly-funny coincidence in your abbriv.!!!), I've been enjoying your thoughtful Zero-Meds outbursts on ZH for years! ;-) Thanks a bunch, Man!

Best wishes to you and your family!


Timmay's picture

Egyptians have some balls. Americans? Ehh, not so much.....

ACP's picture

Very true, and also if a crowd was converging on the White House, real bullets would be used against the protesters, not tear gas.

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I am not so sure.  I would love to see it tried.  BUT, the founders here were genius.  They build a capital city and surround it with people on the dole.  No one would get to the White House.  You put the capital city in a place where the average joe could get there, and we would have had coups every fifteen years or so.

ACP's picture

Yup, and also what amazes me is that the Egyptians, many of whom have a sub-standard education, can spot a dictatorship when they see it, whereas the supposedly "educated" (brainwashed) marxist liberal hate-mongers here can't tell a dictatorship from their left ass cheek. Not to mention the ones who agree with it due to their anger towards those who disagree with their marxist genius.

economics9698's picture

Red neck nation can.  One of these days all them red necks will show up in Detroit with their 12 gauge shot guns and 30-06 Wal-Mart specials and teach the urban outdoorsmen a lesson.  It will not be a thing of beauty. 

ACP's picture

I doubt it they would spend money on gas & cartridges for free land.

Here are some postings in Detroit...$1 for a house (of course there may be overdue property taxes of several hundred) about as close to free as you can get, right NOW:

13996 Indiana St Detroit, MI 48238

1063 Baldwin St Detroit, MI 48214

2534 Fischer St Detroit, MI 48214

For the rest of them:

climber's picture

Last time I checked this country was run out of D.C., Chicago, and New York. Maybe we could stop in Detroit for a coneys on the way though

TruthInSunshine's picture


The jackals get the people to fight each other for a reason. Divide & conquer.

Silver Bully's picture

'Yup, and also what amazes me is that the Egyptians, many of whom have a sub-standard education, can spot a dictatorship when they see it'

Just remember, most of these protesters are not the Islamists who kicked out Mubarak. These protestors are Coptic Christians, moderate and liberal Muslims (the ones who DON'T want Sharia). Coptic Christians especially are sensitive to this. Mubarak, as barbaric as he was, kept the Muslim Brotherhood from getting completely out of control. Now that he's gone, and the Muslim brotherhood has finally reached power, the Copts and Muslim moderates/liberals see their deaths coming. If they are allowed to live, they will be brutalized more than they ever were. They know exactly who Mursi is, and who he represents.

There is a difference in focus and intensity between protesting for your life and protesting for your 'right' to health insurance, unemployment, or a pension. These people are in another reality compared to the West, which is why they are wide awake. Where else are they going to go? Tel Aviv? The fact Mursi vacated the palace is HUGE, because if he retains power he will make these protestors pay dearly (on top of what they already do on a daily basis as Christians in a Muslim country). If he stays gone, the Copts and moderates have a sliver of hope.

hannah's picture

we should move the white house to that would be fun to watch.

alangreedspank's picture

Yes. But balls to want socialism or islamofascism is well...wasted balls.

EscapeKey's picture

Fucking hell,  now even the half-life of elected dictators^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H presidents is dropping by the hour.

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The egyptian economy is near collapse and thus the people have nothing to lose.........


coming to a county near you soon...

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There is a price to be paid when a substantial percentage of your youth is unemployed. But that can't happen here, right?

Global Hunter's picture

No because they play violent interactive war and gangster video games all afternoon and night long, that should keep them occupied.

Things that go bump's picture

Until the power gets shut off and they suddenly get hungry.  

Captain Benny's picture

All your palace are belong to us!

max2205's picture

Run fat fucker

LongSoupLine's picture

Coming to a central bank controlled country near you.



Fuck you Bernanke.

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They just want to see the 54 Christmas trees inside the palace.

cossack55's picture

Did WH have to buy carbon credits for killing 54 CO2 sinks?