The Most Popular Rifle in History: An Infographic

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We have shown the recent surges in both sales and capitalization of several far, far smaller weapons-makers in the US: Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger (along with the world's seemingly inexorable demand for 'bulk ammo'), but one can only wonder whether the market cap. of Kalashnikov (the maker of the world's most popular rifle) would be greater than that of AAPL if the firm had been based in the US and gone public at inception.



Source: Rianovosti

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If you own a gun you are a terrist.

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To be honest, this seems out of place for ZH. I mean I've just never seen an article like this before. Do the Tylers sense something? Do I need to ask?

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This is pretty run of the mill.

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effective range: 800

ROFL. I'd love to see anyone hit anything smaller than the side of a barn past 200 yards with an AK47

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AK’s are sledge hammers. 


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Eh. I can hit from 400 over 60%, but that is aiming without incoming fire.

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Jeezus Hussein Christ on a banana bike with a sissy bar!

That's fucken amazing!

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It's not amazing--it's crude and dangerous.  With a small, home-based machine shop you can do far better.  I was entertained, but I'm not exactly sure what the guy was trying to prove.  I mean, he used most of a parts set that came from some gun factory in a former Comblock country, so it isn't like he had to machine a bolt and trunions and harden those parts.  And actually making a barrel (as opposed to having an un-chambered blank)  is hard work.

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Have kalisnakov... will travel... {or ~ defend home, as the case may be}...

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What an amazing article. Innovation garage inventing, know how, and doing a thing simply for the doing, is what made America great once upon a time.

In the name of Michael Timofeevich Kalashnikov ... and Flintoid ... and vodka ... you are no longer a shit shovel, you are glorious AK for defense of Motherland!

What a riot... 

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"What's the haps on the craps?"- BenKevin

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If Boris can make a ShoVEPR, he'll be legend.

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Thanks for the link. Blacksmithing is a nearly lost art.

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'Dog ate my homework' won't cut it anymore.  Decent rant yesterday on CNBC:

Rick Santelli: 'Barack O-BLAME-A' Shirks Responsibility
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Dude that is fucking EPIC.

Good work, Mr. Parmesan.

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That must be why dirt and mud don't clog them or slow them down like an M-16/AR 15, eh?

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Here is a pic of an AK receiver and Shovel AK receiver. The latter is almost 2.5 times thicker and it feels like a rock. Shit, I tried to pound some dents out of the receiver and the hammer got dented, because in communist mAssachusetts receiver dents you!

I laughed.

I cried.

I sinned (Thou shalt not covet).

Thanks for posting thaat, Gene.

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One of the best scrolls, ever!

I don't know what it's called in the abbreviated parlance of our times but I'm teary eyed from fucking laughing.


Got Bridgeport?

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This was funny and informative, but the application fee to be licensed as a firearms manufacturer in the democratic peoples republic of America is $3000, last time I checked.

Der Heuschrecke König's picture

No thats for is for an 09 FFL Manufacturer of Destructive Devices an 07 FFL MFGer of Firearms is 150 every three years. 

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Isn't that only if you intend to sell?

Der Heuschrecke König's picture

Yes, aside from a C&R FFL all others are strickly for the purpose of operating a firearms business.

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What he did was completely legal and he doesn't even have to put a serial number on it.   Only one caveat.  He can never transfer ownership to anyone else with that weapon.   

Here's a breakdown on the various FFL's.  All fees are cumulative. 

TYPE: 01/02 FEE $200 Dealer

(01), Including Pawnbroker (02), in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices (Includes: Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers, Gunsmith activities and National Firearms Act (NFA) Weapons)


TYPE: 06 FEE $30 

Manufacturer of Ammunition for Firearms Other Than Ammunition for Destructive Devices or Armor Piercing Ammunition


TYPE: 07 FEE $150 

Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices


TYPE: 08 FEE $150 

Importer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices or Ammunition for Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices, or Ammunition Other Than Armor Piercing Ammunition (NOTE: Importer of handguns and rifles, see instruction #8.)


TYPE: 09 FEE $3000 

Dealer in Destructive Devices


TYPE: 10 FEE $3000 Manufacturer of Destructive Devices, Ammunition for Destructive Devices or Armor Piercing Ammunition


TYPE: 11 FEE $3000 

Importer of Destructive Devices, Ammunition for Destructive Devices or Armor Piercing Ammunition


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Now THAT is some serious Mad Max shit.

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Perhaps off topic but now reported via DRUDGE:  NSA is watching you, and everyone else.

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Fuck you FBI! FBI fuck you !

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US government employees aren't exactly the brightest bulbs in the box. Most of the government "jobs", particularly under the Obama regime, are simply contracts awarded to minority companies in the name of "redistribution" and "fairness".

It's rather odd that most Americans are in any way, shape, or form intimidated by the turd brains that occupy most of the civilian side of the USG.

Even the military is being hollowed out by the presence of turd brains in their midst.

Don't be intimidated.

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This is absolutely correct. Government does not attract the best or the brightest people. What it manages to accomplish it does so only because of the vast resources at its disposal, extracted at gunpoint from those under its control. Government is able to overcome its massive internal inefficiencies through, essentially, brute-force expenditure of resources. It can accomplish its goals, not because it makes sensible or economically prudent decisions, but simply because it can throw huge amounts of money at any problem. Government is sort of like a lottery winner: no genius, just some dumb guy with a lot of money (who will soon be broke).


F. Bastiat's picture

You got it. 

It's been well known, since the 1950s at least, that centralization institutionalizes ignorance. 

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Hey! Spooks! 

Let's have a beer and discuss how them suits are gonna fuck you too!

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I've always assumed my personal emails might be monitored/recorded, and as a result I've exercised caution in what I say in my emails. I further assume the emails I send through my employer's email system are recorded forever.

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I further assume the emails I send through my employer's email system are recorded forever.


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I have a Marine buddy who took two AK rounds in the gut in Vietnam and said it was like getting hit full on by a baseball bat. He swears by them.

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Well, it's a bigger round than the .223 AR-15's shoot but one could always move up to the M1A and shoot a .308.

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You could also get an FAL-FN or clone of one which is also in .308 as is the AR-10.   The new KelTec .308 Bullpup is also very cool.

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Went to the range Yesterday with my new Keltec RFB....awesome...takes FAL mags...

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To continue your thought; as long as you're willing to carry around another 1.5 to 2.5 pounds of gun the .308 is a good choice. It is much more accurate. What is nice about the AK is that you can fire a thirty caliber round from a 7.5 pound package. 

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You're also carrying around half as much ammo... hence the whole point of the 5.56mm.  It's about putting holes in as many bad people as possible, not the size of the holes...

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Technically, AR15/M4/M16 are designed for 5.56 NATO.  That is a different round from .223.  Same goes for 7.62 NATO vs. .308.  They are different. The NATO loads have higher pressures and velocities.

For AR15s, one should procure 5.56 mm where possible, Black Hills 77 grain OTM is probably the best ammo on the market right now.  I think that the BH 77 grain is equivalent to the MK262, but I may stand corrected on that at some point.

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OK i'll bite. Your talking about the difference before the ban. (US) The after ban reciever mods omitted the 3 position selector for burst and full auto function. Easily converted.

US AR's primary change was twist rate.  It's all about the twist rate.

There is no better round for an AR than a .223 (with the right twist rate).


Your welcome.

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Amen on the twist rate. I have a .223 for varmints, with a 1 in 14" twist. Too slow for 55 grain or anything new like 63 grain, but it puts rounds touching at 100 yards with 45 grain or 40 grain projectiles.


It was designed to shoot a light bullet very fast.

SgtShaftoe's picture

many SF guys I've talked to run 1-10 twist with 80gr bullets.  They swear by them.  An AR becomes a field effective rifle to 800 in that configuration.  

F. Bastiat's picture

Not at all.

The ammo spec has nothing to do with the rifle itself.  In other words, the 5.56mm and the .223 are different rounds but are generally compatible in the same rifles.

For example, if you procure a Colt Manufacturing Carbine today, say an LE6940, it is specifically designed for 5.56 NATO.  It will still shoot .223, but it's designed to handle the higher pressure, higher velocity 5.56mm round used by military and law enforcement.

The best 5.56mm cartridge, for the rifleman, is generally accepted to be the MK262 - a heavy 77 grain bullet that works with fast twists such as 1/7. The Black Hills 5.56 77 grain OTM is essentially equivalent to MK262, at least as far as I can tell.

If you're procuring .223 for your AR, instead of 5.56, you're getting less bang.  Perhaps not for your buck, but definitely less bang.


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One would have to use a really light .308 load to drop to NATO specs.

It's backwards from the 556/223 paradigm.

Which actually makes sense to hunters who use a cartridge appropriate to the relative size of their game.

Stoploss's picture

I prefer the AR-15.

Plus they're sexier.

The ladies love them.

Im getting wood.

F. Bastiat's picture

No doubt about it.

AR15s, particularly when equipped with ACOG optics and loaded with MK262 ammo are exponentially better than any marxist AK wielded by some islamist, proletarian, or vanguard thereof.

When it comes to killing commies, AR15s are the way to go.

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My semi-automatic scoped Sturmgewhr 90 Swiss army rifle is pretty bomb-proof too.

I can (just about;) hit the target at 350yds with (Govt. subsidized) 5.56x63 grain ammo but I haven't tried it on a longer range yet.

In Switzerland, it is $14 for 50 rounds of GP90 ammo and my mate swears it is just as good as his hand-loaded stuff.



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See right there is the differance between the AR and the AK , in the AR you have to get the right bullets (not seel it dosent like them or laqured , blocks the chamber) but the AK will fire anything. My wife has an AR out of all the years that has misfired a lot (she does not clean it to often)  I have an AK I have never cleaned it in 4 years and it has never misfired , and yes you can easily hit a coke can at 200 yards and a fox at about 400 yards thats all i need .