Tuesday (Not) Humor... Jackpot In Italian Lottery: Supermarket Job

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With the Italian economy in its fourth recession in the last ten years and unemployment soaring, a supermarket has come up with a novel way of hiring. According to Germany's Mittelstands Nachrichten, customers who spend over EUR30 will receive a lottery ticket and the grand prize winners will be given "temporary part-time assistant jobs" at the supermarket. We are not really sure where to go with this - but somewhere in this odd arrangement is a sad reflection of the European society's deterioration...



Via Deutsche-Mittelstands-Nachrichten,

For the unemployed in Italy, new possibilities, to get a job. A supermarket chain is giving away jobs to their customers. The premise: you have to buy for more than 30 euros, then you get a lottery ticket, which entitled to participate in the Sweepstakes. Winners of the lottery, a temporary job part time job as an assistant waiting in the supermarket.


"Our contest is open to people of all ages and backgrounds," said Alessandra Aloisi, HR Manager of Gruppo BSE, Bloomberg. The chain of one-time supermarkets in Rome sells lottery tickets, which are very well received by customers. "Some participants are even question whether the profits they may possibly pass on to a friend or relative," Aloisi Sun


The economy in Italy is in its fourth recession in the last ten years. Unemployment has risen as a result of over eleven percent, which corresponds to the highest level in 13 years. A report by the OECD, will this trend continue. Mario Monti, the government has to take while a steel plant, the 25,000 jobs came as a result of an environmental scandal in danger.

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Edited b/c there's genuinely nothing funny about the mess that is.

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This business of books, makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business.

                                                                 John Steinbeck



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I'd play the ponies before I'd play the stock market these days, that's for damn sure.

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That's an old Cicilian trick. That's why in the US you are not allowed to have a lottery in which you have to buy something for participation.

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Unless it's state-sponsored, of course.

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The significance of the job being a temporary part-time job is important to Italian labor law.  It means something different than it does here.  

It's more of a benefit status meaning the employee can be fired at will. Permanent jobs in Italy are viewed similarly as tenured jobs in the US.

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Horses have always been a STABLE business....

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Please rein in your galloping puns.

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OK, you can stop beating that dead horse now.

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It's really sad to witness the systematic erosion of what once was a great place to live and raise a family. No more.

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We really haven't seen anything close to the bottom, which is the sad part.

The structure of the global economy has truly been decimated, and even if the Krugmans of the world get their way, that can't be rebuilt quickly or by anything other than real effort & and productivity, which the Krugman Reconstruction Plan does not incorporate in any part or portion (Krugman's plan essentially equals doing all the wrong things that got us to this point, but on an accelerated basis and is much larger terms).

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remove the parasites and good people would start putting the world right immediatly.

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Wishing that were true. Sadly, new parasites would arise almost immediately.

This is a systemic problem. Nobody alive today can be trusted. We need seven generations of wandering in the desert of monetary destruction before we will have purged our racial memory of the lust for personal gain at any price.

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The top ten best places to be born in 2013:

1. Switzerland
2. Australia
3. Norway
4. Sweden
5. Denmark
6. Singapore
7. New Zealand
8. Netherlands
9. Canada
10. Hong Kong

The US is 16, sweet...

cougar_w's picture

With Australia 2nd on the list, I can tell the list is drawn from thin stuff.

kaiserhoff's picture

Don't know much about down undah, but I like the gulls;)

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RBA cut rates again yesterday...EJECT-EJECT-EJECT!!

Remember my post: "The fucktard economy and fucktard currency are now inbreeding a fucktard treasury bond...These financial and economic tards are racing to the bottom of the economic gene pool, where we'll drown under an ocean of Derivatards". We are all tied to these inbred fucktard measures of accountng, because everything we own (with a few exceptions) relate directly to them.

The end solution WILL be Gold ("Gold = Economical and Financial Eugenics")...how convenient for those who have planned and swindled physical from within the Central banking system to end up with more than 75% of the worlds above ground supply. Once mines are nationalized, NO private citizen will be able to buy physical; you'll only be able to rent paper supported by more rented paper, supported by even more rented paper, which is then supported by Gold.

3 degress of separation Bitchez!

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Australia will be 17th soon if keeps on pocking her finger in the world affairs.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

That fucking Tuna Boat MUST GO!

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I know your list is bogus if Australia is #2 and NZ is #7. Who wrote this thing?

Looney's picture

Flight of the Conchords?  ;-)


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11.  Burkino Faso

12.  Ethopia

13.  Iraq

14.  Somalia

15.  Cambodia

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That's like a Sunday afternoon in Detroit.

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the blade is the weapon of choice

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Bogus. Iceland should be #1

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Problem is it costs a ton to bring everything in. I don't know much about Iceland other than they have the most rational people on the planet after how they handled their economic problems.
If I had any large amount of money at all to invest I would look into setting up a brewery and distillery on the island. I think it would do quite well there.

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What's the source of this bullshit?  Swedes and Danes are the most depressing people on earth.  And why is being born into slavery a good thing?  If 70% of your income is taxed, you are a slave.

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When everyone works for the state they will argue they are not slaves.  They will burden their neighbors with their unemployed so they can say the system is working like it should.  And if someone wants to earn more, without being taxed more, they expatriate themselves and sing the virtues of the state which they have left.

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I know this list is accurate, it's all over the news today, even huffpo! <sarc>

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Third place will get syphilis instead of AIDS!

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Looks like the message of record gold coin sales has reached the squid. Gold down to 1 month lows today.

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Someone has to sell or no one would.

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Yippee, more paper!  GATA recently noted the squid controls TWICE the amount of silver than the Hunt Brothers did at the time they were considered to have cornered the market. 

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Yeah but the Hunt Bros. were living, breathing, carbon-based entities.

The Squid has no such weaknesses to leverage.

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Turd may be a fool but I read that stupid chartist site last night explaining that "when congress gets it's fiscal house in order....."

glass houses....

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He caters to a cliquish horde of derpity derp rednecks. Sad when people looking for alternative news find a source just as clueless and manipulated as the MSM.

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For someone who utilizes the exact same psudeo-science (charting a rigged casino), well, that's saying something!

Dayum, I was at least expecting an alternative...

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In Italian Lottery, Powerball wins you!

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I thought you played the Lottery soi you would NOT have to work........

It's really a reverse wealth re-distribution system whereby the government gets back some of the money they pay out to poor people.  Clueless and lacking any concept of statistical odds ('dream booiks' and such are SO much more reliable after all) the poor spend a hugely disproportionate part of their 'disposable' income on Lottery tickets - gifing back to government opart of the aid they receive.  Sadly, many working poor spend their hard earned money on such dreams as well.   The irony is tht the old illegal 'numbers' paid better odds.

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Hey, I know that dude. Saw him at Whole Foods in Raleigh. I never knew the North Carolina Education Lottery was giving H1 visas to highly skilled unemployed Italian butchers.

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OT: NFLX up 10% WTF? On Playstation 3 news?  WTF?

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So I can finally say that NFLX is up on Unicorns & Rainbows and have it literally construed?

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from the Annals of Beating the Big Boys:


I only post this because YouTube flagged me for a copyright strike at the request of the right's holder. 

I made a 'Fair Use' argument and apparently won... so they retored it in all of its 10 second glory. 

YouTube - Marla Singer to Tyler Durden - "My God! I haven't been F%!#'d like that since grade school!

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This is so weird it's practically Japanese.