Boozterity: Ireland Hikes Alcohol Tax

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While at first glance we assumed this was Wednesday Humor, but as Noonan tells us all that Ireland is "well on the road to recovery" amid the "total transformation" in Irish bond yields; he added some rather stunning additions to the tax code. To wit, an increase in excise duty by 10c on a pint of beer, 10c on a measure of spirits (shot of liquor), and EUR1 on a 75cl bottle of wine. These changes will take place at midnight tonight Ireland time - we suggest (responsibly) that in order to ensure averaging down in lifetime aggregate spend on alcohol that the Irish start drinking heavily. Forget austerity - the age of boozterity has begun (and with it come the revolution).

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idea_hamster's picture

The Irish taxing booze?!

That would be like the US imposing a $0.10-per bullet tax!  Wait ... wut?

HoofHearted's picture

It would be like the US outlawing superhuge sizes of sugary soft drinks...oh wait.

Anyone else smell the desperation???

TruthHunter's picture

 "outlawing superhuge sizes of sugary soft drinks...oh wait."

New York is dumb enough to try an outlaw them. Unlike the Irish, who just put a little tax on the vice.

I notice the Irish aren't taxing enough to make people turn to bootlegging.

JPM Hater001's picture

"we suggest ... that the Irish start drinking heavily."

Um, ok but i honestly dont see how I ramp this up much more without an IV.

Ignatius J Reilly's picture

I would like to remove alcohol from the "vice" list.  I argue that it is not a vice but a necessity especially of late.

Poor Grogman's picture

Government increasing taxes on lifes necessities is just wrong.

jimod's picture

The tax is for city people in pubs.  Country dwellers are already hooch drinkers at home.

Zap Powerz's picture

Statism is as statism does.

The statist wants all the money, all the power and all of the control.  The statist settles for nothing less.

DaveyJones's picture

It's sort of the reverse-russian approach

Eireann go Brach's picture

BASTARDS! Now is the time to start rioting!

Rearranging Deckchairs's picture

Does this remind anyone else of an episode of Married with Children where Al Bundy starts a riot after Chicago or Cook County passes a tax on beer?

Shizzmoney's picture

I hear Molotov Cocktails are delicious in times of tyranny.

idea_hamster's picture

But you have to pay the 1 Euro tax to get the bottle.  And the gas tax to get the gas.  Add a dirty rag tax, and the whole operation supports the system!

Hippocratic Oaf's picture

Add a dirty rag tax, and the whole operation supports the system!


You seemed to have forgotten the 'light a match tax'

and the 'run like hell tax'

vato poco's picture

That just _might_ turn out to be a big mistake. Eventually the Oirish - the "Deltas' of Europe - ("They took the bar! The whole fooking BAR!!") are gonna get pissed off enough to do something about it. A situation like that requires a really stupid and futile gesture on somebody's part, and they're just the guys to do it!!

Plus, I BET they still remember where there the IRA buried more than just a few weapons caches. We'll see.

Mercury's picture

Taxing alcohol to pay bankers - that ought to be popular in Ireland.

Sudden Debt's picture

the end of times...


SoundMoney45's picture

Someone has to pay those tax free Eurocrate salaries.

Sudden Debt's picture

My grandparents used to brew alcoholic jenever on their farm. Maybe I'll ask if anybody in the family still has the equipement :)

Not that it's that hard to make.

DaveyJones's picture

we'll all be appalachians soon

One of my favorite pictures in my office is my great gandfather and his irish buddy running moonshine in central california during prohibition.  

The Irish Guinness has less alcohol than the american because of the tax. Then again, stouts and porters were meant to be the working man's lunch

mess nonster's picture

"appalachians"? I can tell you didn't grow up in a holler. But seriously, there is a reason moonshine was popular in the depression. Prohibition ended in 1933, but moonshine production stayed elevated until the advent of ww2. There is a direct economic connection between illicit (tax-free) alcohol, demand, and delevergaing (debt-reduction) trends.

In good times, no-one minds paying an excise tax- it's easier to pay the tax than it is to find a cheaper source of booze. But when hard times hit, two incentives pop up. One, If you're unemployed, stillin' up corn likker is a sure-fire way to make money. Even if you use sugar, sawdust, and old truck radiators, someone will buy the stuff.

Second, if you're broke, and bummed out because of the fact, a drink is bound to make you feel better. But it's so damn expensive! Oh wait, Bubba is selling mason jars of popskull behind the barn, and it's cheap! Ya hoo!

Get your sheet copper and copper tubing, lead-free solder and rivets now, before the whole thing crashes and the ATF is looking harder at those things tan it is at cough syrup and 7.62 ammo.

DaveyJones's picture

true, I grew up in a hell hole not a holler, otherwise known as Los Angeles

Baldrick's picture

lordy! plus one for the holler.

cxl9's picture

Around here I have been able to source good quality sangiovese wine grapes for about $2,000/ton. Merlot or pinot noir can be found for as little as half that. Two years ago I bought ½ ton of sangiovese and produced about 300 bottles (62 gallons) of perfectly drinkable wine; approximately $3.30/bottle. Not including one-time equipment costs of around $3000 (crusher/destemmer, primary fermenters, carboys, bladder press) of course. It is less economical, perhaps, than buying Spanish or Italian wine at Trader Joe's, but it's a rewarding hobby, and it avoids the alcohol taxes altogether.

Inthemix96's picture

They shouldnt really do that, but they have, they will continue to do so, and at some point someone from the largese class is going to get shot.

You can only push people so far before they bite back.  My old man always told me, "hit a dog son, hit him so many times though, he will give you a fright like you've never had".  The time for talk is long past. 

Zap Powerz's picture

Oh, this is going to piss some people right the fuck off!

Little known fact, but one of the principle reasons the colonies rebeled against the Crown was because of increased taxes on sugar and mollasses.  Guess what you make with sugar and mollasses?  Rum.

The colonists really really REALLY liked their Rum and when the Crown made making Rum more difficult the colonists turned into patriots and fought a war over it....and won.

Be very careful getting inbetween a man and his booze.  It could be deadly.

ebworthen's picture

The chant of central planners everywhere:

"Taxation does not affect behavior, taxation does not affect behavior, taxation does not affect behavior..."

Second only to:

"Intervention does not harm free markets, intervention does not harm free markets, intervention does not harm free markets..."

Wakanda's picture

"we suggest (responsibly) that in order to ensure averaging down in lifetime aggregate spend on alcohol that the Irish start drinking heavily."

I am supporting this cause against bankster gross injustice and posting while I can still type.

stormsailor's picture

whats next,  a pussy tax?

10mm's picture

Speaking of pussy.Irish desent chicks are good in the rack.Fuck like minks.

Zap Powerz's picture

I have never fucked a mink.  Am I missing out?

NoClueSneaker's picture

Untaxed inetrmarrial fucking will be declared as unamerican. IRS will tolerate   one fuck a week, 10$ for every further copulation. Predator drones already equiped with orgasm sensors . Lot of work to do .....

Yen Cross's picture

The " leprechauns" can get pretty nasty when you mess with their gold and booze...

booboo's picture

Where I come from the moon comes over the hill in a Mason Jar. Fuck the revenuers, the carpet bagging bucked tooth stiff collar cock sucking wine swilling lot of them.

Irish need to stagger over to the sheet metal shop and pick up some copper and tubing. American hillbilly moonshiners are decendants of the Irish.

wisefool's picture

Reminds me of segment about 6 months ago by b-cup burnett on CNN. She reported that since Ireland introduced a zero BAL level for drunk driving, old men in ireland stopped going to the pubs, so they sat at home. the suicide rate went up exponentially.

She put about as much indepth reporting into that story as she did with her ground breaking work on how Mitt Romney has 100 Million dollars in a tax free IRA.

Yup. The "evil" people in this world need to be taxed on "evil" they largely  impose on themselves. We need those taxes to support Mitt Romney, a man pure as the driven snow. He deserves 100 million in a tax shelter designed for middle class people who work hard, but do not get fixed benefit pensions from their employers.

Shizzmoney's picture

"B-cup Burnett" lol

I wonder if her husband was one of the layoffs at Citi this morning (I doubt he was, he's a higher up, obv).

wisefool's picture


That was her nickname around here when she was on CNBS. Not really meant to be pergorative, it just made it quicker for people to know which one she was compared to clayman, bartriromo, etc.

The intended pergorative part is the two segments I described which aired on her show, within a few days of each other.  The IRA notation was the glue that sparked me on this thread.

She literally had an expert, and herself, a self proclaimed expert, discuss the Romney tax issue. Basically, he participated in a offshore repatriation pardon that the IRS set up. The tax markdown and ideminity from criminal investigation was not enough for romney. he insisted on tripple dipping by putting those funds into a an IRA when he brought them back to the USA.

They ended the segment about 45 seconds in. with one of her patent "Oh well ! lets talk about puppies!" transitions.

I am not a bammer fan, but we almost put a pshycopath in the presidency. The country that facilitated his great wealth. He loved his country so much he was willing to "serve" as its president, but he was not willing to accept a criminal pardon and no-penalty repatriation. He needed to show the middle class people paying 30% how "pure" and "good" and "smart" he is. But he would not even show us his great intellect by releasing his tax returns. 

We mortals might all be Keynesian central planners, But Elvis is the King. He bragged about how much he paid in taxes. Time to fire up some youtube and tip my glass to the irish. (before I lose my internet serivce)

Dr. Engali's picture

Not the Guinness...anything but the Guinness. Bastards have gone to far now!

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

The pub functioned as a form of capital control in Ireland.

It was a bit like the old French waiter system

It was not resource intensive.

Beamish would distribute the beer around the city on a horse once upon a time.

Transport of Beer Kegs on the rail system ceased in 2006.........the euro again , it makes labour seem expensive and energy cheap....i.e. its a hard but brittle currency which causes the breakdown of rational domestic distribution & demand.

The euro itself has destroyed the Irish pub culture as local labour for local domestic demand  was payed in a hard currency making the labour intensive pub system unworkable.

Ditto for French wine consumption.


It is now widely recognized that anti pub measures such as reducing the drink driving limit has caused a increase of lads topping themselves especially in rural areas where they have nowhere to go and talk shit.

Instead they blow their little brains out.

Less people die on the roads.....more die alone at home.

Dapper Dan's picture

Why not a financial transaction tax that would apply to purchases and sales of derivatives, options and stocks. The tax would be small, half a penny or less on each dollar of the transaction value, depending on the product. This idea is often called a “speculation tax,” because it would hit hardest at frothy high-volume trading as opposed to sober long-term investment.

December 03, 2012

A Simple Way to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff by RALPH NADER

Wall Street might object, but taxing its sales is hardly a radical idea. Americans in all but five states pay state sales taxes, ranging as high as 7 percent, every time they buy a car, an appliance, a pair of pants or piece of furniture, but a trader on Wall Street can buy and sell millions of dollars’ worth of financial products each day without paying a cent in sales taxes. A teacher or police officer who buys a $100 pair of shoes in the District or Maryland pays $6 in sales taxes. Meanwhile, if a financial speculation tax were applied to stock trades at a rate of 0.25 percent, a day trader would pay just 25 cents on every $100 worth of stock bought.

A speculation tax isn’t a new idea, either. Congress enacted one in 1914, and it remained in effect until 1966; initially it imposed a tax of 2 cents on every $100 sale or transfer of stock. The late Nobel Prize-winning economist James Tobin proposed a version to curb foreign exchange speculation in the 1970s. And I wrote about it a year ago, urging Congress to use it to show that it wasn’t deaf to the sentiments of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

LouisDega's picture

My Carlo Rossi gallon jug of merlot went up 2 bucks  : (


Darth Mul's picture

No worries.


Minister for Justice and Equality and Minister for Defence Mr. Alan Shatter - who is of Hebraic rather than Gaelic background, for some reason, is doing his best to turn Ireland into West Poland and North Somalia, as the Irish themselves fuck off to England, Australia and America for work.


For those of you who think Zionist Jews are engaged in an effort to destroy the cultural and ethnic homogeneity of Christian nations...   being right ain't gonna matter in the FEMA camps...


Don't worry - the hasbara brigades have largely scrubbed youtube and the web of the 'objectionable' videos pointing out Shattner's seeming primary loyalty to Zion.

Satan's picture

If I had to bet on one country being able to drink their way out of debt, it would be the Irish.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

See ....

The Irish are lucky after all.

Say's the smiling banker....    ;0)