The Chart That Obama Should Have Checked Before He Started Speaking

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As President Obama addresses a room full of small business 'patriots' we thought his 'confidence' about consumers and housing might have been tempered a little by this chart from Bloomberg Businessweek... We can't wait for the Q&A... Live audio below...



Apparently White House having major audio issues - reception is spotty (needs a small business-man to fix it?)


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Sweeney Todd selling bandaids again.

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i honestly cannot watch (or just listen to) that illegal alien speak anymore without wanting to puke.   i'd rather listen to Mike Tyson recite Shakespeare.

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I think ''Obama read'' would have been more accurate

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Or watch Lou Holtz say things like "Silly Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore".

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tsx500 says: 'i'd rather listen to Mike Tyson recite Shakespeare.'

I humbly offer these alternatives:

William Shatner reads Sarah Palin Twitter poetry,

Green Eggs and Ham Sam i am Jesse Jackson,

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Screw the small business stuff. Does everyone hear the words coming out of this mans mouth? Does anyone hear the backwards psychology they are trying to pawn off with the debt ceiling? I must be insane. He is getting cheered now. Yes I am insane. Sorry for the interruption.


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It's not you brother...this man is a sociopath in the extreme. An empty suit cheered by empty heads

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maybe Anti-Christ incarnate.

Whether you believe in the Christian story or not, one must admit the Bible's focus on sound principles does create some interesting forecast.

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People need to come to realization that a vast majority of the elected leaders are sociopaths. The characteristics that define a sociopath are self selecting for success in politics. Not the local civil servants so much, though I'm guessing the rate is higher there than the national average, but big time nation offices... I would bet that that 50% of congress and nearly 100% of those who hold leadership positions in congress are straight up sociopaths. Once you come to recognize this, American politics becomes much easier to understand.

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A lot of you haters give Obama too much credit.  He is just an oily but successful politician.  Like W. before him, he poses as the decider but is not really smart enough to be in charge of anything.  He is just the front man for a program cobbled together by his political advisors, and money people, and the various elites on his side.

All the grand, evil secret plans you imagine that he has to socialize America and blah blah are your own fantasy.  He has no plan at all.  He is not capable of grand plans or complex conspiracies of any sort.

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Thanks for clearing that up for us.

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Look, he does have an agenda and much of it is settling scores.

That said, he and everyone around them are woefully ignorant of how economics work and its very clear when they put people like Roemer, Summers and even keeping the Bernak in charge.

They want to kick the can, keep the goodies flowing and most importantly think everything will be fine.

Bam could honestly care less about employment numbers at this point, nor does he care about the economy. He got re-elected and that is all that matters. What he really would like is to publically shame those pesky Republicans and crush them out to allow free money forever.

They dont get it because they dont need to get it. Like the driver going down the road spitting black smoke and a bent axle, so long as the car runs they will drive it. "Change oil? What is dat?"

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Bamao wants to fill the FEMA camps, that is his ultimate goal. To achieve that he needs a disaster (worldwide economic collapse). The countdown is now on, Bitchez!

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"He is not capable of grand plans or complex conspiracies of any sort".

"He is just the front man for a program cobbled together by his political advisors, and money people, and the various elites on his side".

I don't think anybody is claiming that Obama acts alone, or is not advised, in effecting his socialist policies. But there is most certainly a grand plan, and we're getting it thrust into our collective ass as we type.

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I see Potter has powered up his computer

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The Collapse Is Getting Even Worse: Goldman Slashes Q4 GDP Forecast To Just 1%, US Households Breached Their Debt Ceiling, Citigroup To Cut 11.000 Jobs As ADP JOBS REPORT FALLS TO 118K, And Britain's Biggest Retailer Is Ready To Abandon Its US Expansion


I think he better speak NOW!

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Univeristy of Michigan asked the question the other way around : "Are you confident your company is to go bankrupt in the coming months ?"

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Off topic, but the algos are pushing GDX around like a bear playing with a salmon.  Fun action for the daytrader types.

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Do as I say, not as I do!

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As a small business owner I am confident that my health insurance premiums are going up by 22% next year, and that doesn't inlcude the extra taxes for the new healthcare program this fucker has thrown in on top of that number......fuck you Obummer! 

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I listened to this earlier from a CNBC feed. The audio was horrendous. Obama just says the same thing over and over. It's the same speecjh he made on Bloomberg yesterday. It'll be the same exact speech tomorrow. No variation. I found it interesting that yesterday and today, he referred to hospitals and universities specifically as charities, and he has no plans on cutting charitable contributions.

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  1. Obama won't talk budget with debt limit threat

  2. 11:16a

    Obama: Debt limit must be in fiscal cliff deal

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Consumer confidence : what the sheeple think... yeah great indicator... NOT.

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 All the small business owners Obama was talking to accept SNAP cards for payment... That's why they were cheering him on... /s

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Citi to lay off 11,000. The next in a long line of similar moves by business to offset higher taxes and new insurance requirements. Has anyone figured out how much this will cost us, assuming all the newly displaced will be being supported by us in either welfare, disability....or jail.

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I'd rather listen to my dog take a shit in the yard. 

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Or Lou Holtz say something like "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers".

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I'll settle for the teleprompter feed.  No need to hear that man's voice any more than absolutely necessary.


You know if you play most Obama speeches backwards you can distinctly hear the same words repeating over and over, "Capitalism is dead. You're all socialists now. Capitalism is dead. Bow to the Obama."  


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...don't forget "I serve Satan" is "Yes we can" backwards.

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I'm convinced Obama could not care less if his statements are incorrect or meaningless.   I'm convinced he believes that politicians must lie "for the greater good."   He knows too he has plenty of supporters who simply want to hear repeated what they believe and he knows he has plenty of lackey's in Gov't and media willing to spin and cover for him as well.

That game makes the whole job kind of fun for him

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his supporters are takers & baby killers, well over 50% of the population - GAME OVER

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Last month Romney said I will create 9 million jobs and 51% of the voters said, "Fuck That"

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I agree with you PGR. What I don't understand is why the House doesn't impeach the bastard. They must know the same as you. So I say put on a show trial. Sure, the Senate wouldn't convict but if Obama doesn't give a damn about conducting the Country's business the republicans in the House should stop pretending and put on a show on with Obama front and center. 

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And on what grounds would you impeach him on? And I say that, never having supported Obama or any progressive liberal democrat communist, bent on destroying capitalism and America, intentionally or through ignorance.


Yes, Obama has his share of scandals. Yet, through every avenue, the MSM protects him. Before making your statement, did you bother to look up the impeachment process? The President can be impeached by unlawful activities. But you must consider our legal system. One is presumed innocent, not guilty. Thus it is upon the the Congress to prove guilty and additionally, court is held through the public eye. In other words, bringing on an impeachment of Obama, might have his supporters saying, if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit (sound familar?)

Finally, this is all held under Article I of the Constitution.

While the House of Representatives (held by Republicans) have have the sole power to impeach. Impeachments are actually held in the Senate (held by Democrats). What this means is that the House of Representatives actually authorizes and starts the impeachment process. But the actual impeachment proceedings are done by the Senate (held by Democrats).


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What O knows about small business wouldn't cover the bottom of a small thimble

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Obama becomes more of a dictator day by day. Really sad for this country. We are really going off the rails.

This is not how a bill or law is supposed to be written and enacted. All historical use of the House and Senate just seem to be thrown in the dumpster. There is no debate, no amendments, no process, etc. Agreements behind closed doors between one, two ,or three people? Coming down to the precipice every time?

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The takers & baby killers don't give a fuck he's a dictator - as long as they get to keep being takers and killing babies.

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The office of the president has progressed rather systematically towards dictatorship for a long time. Our political system has become increasingly fascist for a long time. Frog in a boiling pot syndrome, I guess.

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Woodrow Wilson: turned the Central Bankers Loose in the U.S.

Harry Truman:  inadvertantly created the National Security State (and lived long enough to regret it).

JFK:  the last President who attempted to represent the 90%.


tsx500's picture

yup.      by the way, (joke) what do JFK and Owe-blah-ma have in common ?

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Mr Obomba, just got out of a meeting with some high profile clients of mine, who have their finger on the pulse of commerce, and they have just given me their expert opinion of you and your policies.

You are a Kenyan fucking knob, and you dont know what the fuck you are talking about unless the telepromter gives you a fucking hint.  Now fuck off and take your head for a shit.  Tough clients I work with Mr Obmyao.

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What do the arrows mean?

Ident 7777 economy's picture

-1 for near total lack of attention.

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Quite honestly, I had to actually think about whether to give realtick a up or down. At first I thought I'd give him an up for since I thought he would make great cannon fodder.  You know, you give him a fork and tell him to see if it will fit in a wall socket.


But then, I got serious and realized that people like that are to busy on their Obama phone. So down arrow. Now I really want to give him a fork.

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It is surprising anyone thinks he is doing anything other than crashing the entire economy on purpose.

Forward, Soviet!

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Market dipped while he was speaking and rose again as soon as he shut the hell up.

I don't see why Obama WOULDN'T want to go over the cliff.  Taxes go up, military spending goes down and entitlements continue unabated.  Sounds like Obama utopia to me.


Freddie's picture

At least the Egyptians have the guts to throw out O/Soros/Hillarys Al Qeada/Mo Bro Hood islamists puppets.  It is a shame Americans do not have the Egyptians guts.

The USA is filled with cowards especially the Joint Chiefs/Pentagon.  An Islamo mole kills 13 American soldiers on a base and the judge gets kicked off because of the islamic murderer's f***king beard?  If I had been an MP or had been there - I would have dispatched that MF'er with extreme prejudice.

I have more confidence in the Egyptian Officer corps in their military to do the right thing than Pentagon/SkyNet Inc. Those evil f**ks will use the drones on all of us but payback is gonna be a bi8ch.

The Pentagon are a bunch of old men with Viagra chasing muzzie whores like Petreaus with "kelly" the Tampa islamo whore.

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Everytime fascist fuckstick obama opens his ample piehole I want to throw up

FreedomCostsaBuck-o-Five's picture

...but the 51% are looking forward to an obasm when he does