Guest Post: Thought Experiment: Why Obama Wants The Fiscal Cliff

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live,

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BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Anyone seeing the indexes?? So, are we to understand that HUSSEIN'S speech to business leaders was so promising that the market could nothing but rocket??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...This country is in shambles.

I wasn't a racist before Obama.

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Just got to make that third little hump.. Then  WOOSH!!!!

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re: being racist...   I call Bullshit....  in spades (pun intended)....

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I hate to say it, but Republicans should give Obama what he wants, thus giving him full and complete ownership of the results.

The base will be furious, but, their anger will shift back to Obama and the Democrats quickly, especially if they can blame it on the leadership and not rank and file members.

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The system will implode (a good thing at this point) before the Left blames themselves or Obama for anything. 

If it's not Batista's I'm sure Cuba's sorry condition it's still someone else's fualt in Castro's eyes but nonetheless he has been successfully swapping GDP for government domination for over 60 years now.

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Deflation In An Age of Fiat Currency: US Equities Will Have To Fall By More Than 60%. Now Is The Time To Own Cash. Everyone Will Worry About “Default”, Unfunded Liabilities, Tax Hikes and Austerity, Currency Wars in 2013.

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If equities fall by 10%, Uncle Ben will be buying equities - say, $40 to $50 billion a month.

Never short a manipulated market.

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I say we let him have what ever he wants.  Say we are against it but let him own what is comming.  We are looking at a recession either way.  If Obama owns the downturn hopefully it will wake people up to the real issues.


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What part of the eCONomy takes the biggest hit if the "Fiscal Cliff" is fallen off of?

Honest question.

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Retail sales...the consumer will have less money...and fewer revenues too....but the deficit will do very well..hitting new highs

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I'd argue that the self defense industry will (and is) do quite well.

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entitlement payments to the masses

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Womyn and Chidrenz, of course.

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The problem if the Republicans do that..the press will bury will all be the Republicans fault....don´t you think the Press will lie for the Obama....

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The 'Press' will lie for the status quo. That is their new role. Obama is currently the status quo.

"If you want to work in this newsroom, you'll bark when the other dogs bark."

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For all you who said it didn't matter who we elected as President ... You were WRONG

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Because it hasn't crashed yet or that Romney would've fixed it by now? 


Patience my son, patience

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Why? So he can be BO I, Dictator for Life, and get one of those cool Idi Amin kinda uniforms to impress fellow hood rats.

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If the republicans were smart( I know a funny statement ) they would say" yep you won Mr. President, here you go everything you asked for" then let it all crash and burn around him. Of course being republicans they will still continue to let this guy run circles around them.

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I like the comment but think it wouldn't work out so well for them.  They would be blamed for a recession that would have probably happended anyway.

No, I think our politicians are very close to arriving at the point where there are no good choices and the can cannot be kicked further.  The evidence for this is the hilarious schizophrenia concerning the deficit and the fiscal cliff.  One day the deficit is the most dangerous problem that needs to be addressed, otherwise growth will stall and we'll go into a recession.  The next day the cure for the deficit --- increasing taxes and decreasing expenses --- is the most dangerous problem that needs to be addressed, otherwise growth will stall and we'll go into a recession.

The net difference between deficit reduction from the cliff ($600 billion in 2013) and deficit reduction under Obama or Boehner ($180 - 200 billion) is about $400 billion in a $15 trillion economy.  That's a 3% clip and it reduces the deficit by half.  If, as our masters are telling us, a 3% clip and a 50% cut in the deficit is too much to bear, they are admitting we are in much worse shape than is widely believed.

Then again, when I look at the rising market, all appears well.  And THAT is why people are simply not buying the masters' fear mongering.

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We also have to place ourselves into the mind of a RINO such as those leading the GOP. They think that there must always be some compromise made against freedom because unlike Ron Paul, they don't see the free market as a workable system on its own. Thus for lefties, it's not a matter of convincing the GOP to go their way, but merely a matter of degree or of how far they can have them go.

And most of all, they want to be a part of the grand annoucement that will fix this crisis.

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The bamster is a cunt.

A mouth piece, telepromted by other nefarious fuckers from elsewhere.  Thats all this skiny waste of a human skin is.

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Obama = community organizer = ward heeler. He knows as much about running the USA as the janitor knows about running a nuclear reactor.

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What, did you lose a bet with Homer?

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Classic -

"For the bulk of America it still remains "Bush's" fault that their current situation is not as good as it was once, regardless of their personal irresponsibility, and the Democratic media machine will effectively point the finger of blame squarely at the Republicans." 

The bulk of America is not responsible for the mess we are in.

Fraud - primarily banker driven fraud is responsible for crashing the financial system.

The housing crisis was a symptom not the cause of the financial crisis. Stop banging that Fox News drum.

Republicans are no different than Democrats. The bulk of Americans are starting to get this fact.

And rich banker, if you are not going to spend some time in jail, at least pay some higher taxes.




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Agree with all but "bulk of Americans are starting to get this fact."  If that was the case the 3rd party vote would have been greater.  Bulk of Americans are pathetic sheeple.

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Look at how many people voted for Obamney in order to keep Rombama out of office.  Few people I know were enthusiastic about either one, but virtually all of them had a reason to vote to keep the other one from winning, as if it matters who our puppet in chief is.  The success of the "anybody but...." meme just goes to show how well the programming is working.  

Now the decline continues with approximately half the population saying, "Phew, what a relief that the other guy wasn't elected." while the other half gets to keep its undies in a perpetual bundle...exactly as it would be if the other puppet was elected. 

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Do Americans remember as far back as Bush II? I find it doubtful.

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How sad. The author is clearly a republican. Rebublicans suck every bit as hard as democrats. There is, in reality, virtually no difference since they both answer to the same masters - which are not the voters by the way. As long as we play along with their "repubs vs dems" game of divide and conquer, we lose and they win. The republican's mantra of small gov and personal freedom is bullshit. They have repeatedly done exactly the opposite at nearly every opportunity. And the dems crap about "we are for the middle class" is just as big a pile of nonsensical tripe as they continue to absolutely destroy said middle class, as they have done in the past. Our government is bought and paid for by TPTB. Period. End of story.

I am long guns, ammo, and PMs.

If the s truly hits the f, I can obtain whatever else I need with the above.

Personally, I feel the most likely outcome is a global war initiated by China. Only time will tell............

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instead of assigning a political label to the author, why not just respond to his thesis?

Laptop seizures are far from the only tactic employed by the US government to put government opponents in a state of fear and thus deter others from engaging in similar dissident conduct. That is also the aim of measures such as the unprecedented persecution of whistleblowers;

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I did not "apply" the label, I merely stated the obvious. He applied the label to himself by writing clearly biased gibberish.

And as far as his thesis goes.......well, I am pretty sure my Magic 8 Ball would provide an every bit as accurate prediction. His thesis is based entirely on unconfirmable conjecture. Does Obama want to go over the fiscal cliff? I do not know. You do not know. The author does not know. Does Boehner want to go over the fiscal cliff? Same answers. Pretending to know the unknowable should be left to religious zealots - not journalists.

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Whenever a 'journalist' jumps into "Asshole A believes this, but Asshole B thinks that," we have entered 'The Bullshit Zone.' Unless, of course, said 'journalist' has established itself as a reliable mindreader.

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When will Jon Corzine be persecuted?  I mean...Obama is now a lame it really wouldn't matter if he hosed Corzine.  Corzine can't do him any more good.  Unless of course Obama - like Clinton - wants to amend the Constitution so that he can be president to eternity.

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Corzine is already being persecuted mercilessly right here on ZH.

Prosecution, however, will be delayed until Jesus returns to personally usher Jon to the bowels of Hell.

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Good planning.

I think that the Pub's card is to cave to Obama.  Give him TWICE the tax hikes on the rich that he wanted - and then demand a 15% cut in social/welfare payments.  You know - make Obama keep the promise of his 2008 campaign - to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term.

In general, Pubs and Dems are the same.  There is one difference: the Dems will shamelessly engage in character assination and truth distortion, while Pubs always behave like the kid who gets the s&^t kicked out of him by the bullies in the school yard.  Ann Coulter writes about this - the Pubs having no nuts. Not that I am a big Coulter fan, but she has a sharp wit.  Gingrich was a little pit bull.  He had traction.  I also despised him.

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Congratulations CHANCELS, For many their emotional expression is confined to loving or hating the characters the media presents them with, this is a good thing, it diffuses energy which could be problematic if exposed in real interpersonal exchanges, that is why, I, of many love Snooki with a wild abandon, Who do you love? or do you confine yourself to despising?

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At least, before we are all shot by the DHS, we'll know exactly how the  Russians felt when the communists came for them way back in 1917.

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You know flacko you seem to have a problem with reality.. what will it take to get your attention?

Seems like you are running short of aluminum foil yourself.

fuckin shill.

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Some simple questions:

Is Obama to the right or left of Nixon? Eisenhower? Carter? Bush I?

How many Marxist states currently exist? How many can you name?

Can you name three Fascist states?

Define Social Democracy.

Have taxes been raised or cut since Obama took office?

If you can reply to the above questions, I may start paying attention to you. Otherwise STFU...

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Did you ever visit a revolutionary museum, comrade? The enslaved Russian peasants were freed by our Bolshevik friends and gladly joined their freedom movement.

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"Hit something hard. I don't want to limp away from this piece of shit." - Ron White


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To all the pro Romney conservatives reading this :  THANK YOU BUNCH OF MORONS for nominating such an idiotic, useless candidate to go against the WEAKEST incumbent since CARTER. You can look yourselves in the mirror and KNOW you are the ones responsible for this state of affairs. TWICE in 2008 and 2012 there was an opportunity to turn this thing around and TWICE the sheeps like you have voted for a DEMOCRAT as a republican candidate. May God have mercy on your souls.

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I agree with the bulk of your post , I do have a minor disagreement though. I don't think we could have turned this pig around. I think there was too much damage done. We could have had a better steward with Ron Paul to help pick up the pieces though.

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Quit with the RP pity party...

He would be saddled with two dysfunctional legislative houses.....

Tirpitz's picture

Couldn't RPEOs save the day, and the entire nation? Ron Paul's Executive Orders - the favorite way to govern for GWB and even more so BHO.

Dr. Engali's picture

I'd rather have a person with some integrity at the helm when tis ship goes down rather than this POS,but I suppose you are happy with our current selection.