A Market Full Of Uncertainty

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Presented with no comment...


Which market do you trust?


and summing it up into two indicators (stocks appear a little over-excited relative to risk):


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

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AAPL is doing swell today

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Yeah.....new Beatles box set is coming out for Christmas.

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AAPL does not look "over-excited" today.

Maybe it is the one stock today reflecting the other changes in the value of other asset classes. 

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The debt ceiling is going to be eliminated and we are heading to NIRP and we are going to spend money until cardiac arrest. I don't see how anyone could be heavily short this market.

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cardiac arrest happens at a moments notice. So longs are just as if not more nervous.

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Guys, can you mark Vol VolX (as indeX) in the chart? Coz Vol suggests rather volume at first, anything other latter.

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What cardiac arrest looks like when it gets here, when it will get here, who and what will be blamed when it gets here is anyone's guess.

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They make a kick ass HDTV.

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Markets....heh heh funny.

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Usually, we get an overnight pump on AAPL when a decline of more than 4% takes the hotel guests down below their comfortable exit points. 

With this logic, AAPL open at $560-563 tomorrow. 

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AMZN is the new AAPL.  Minus the cash, cash flow, and IP.  But it's hot, and it's going up, every day!

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Think about this: The Ultra Bull Case for 2013. Keynesians getting to a whole new level, i.e., "markets sovereignty"?

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I think currency wars will have an impact next year...

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You mean on forests being depleted and the cost of paper rising?

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Thank goodness we've solved the "gravity problem" or this could end badly for the markets moving forward. 

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Seasonally, both AAPL and AMZN should be heading higher with speculation of their Christmas seasons. 

Technically, however,

AMZN is heading for a re-test of its $260  top


AAPL is heading for a death cross of 50DM and 200DMA.

These two stocks looks really unattractive,


with Constanza logic,

they are both BUYs.

We, in particular, think that AMZN P/E of 3,400 is excellent value.

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Is it me or are the two longest held securities probably aapl and gld? Therefore they are both probably being sold heavily to lock in gains?

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Choomboi gave a very positive speech today to small business owners, THAT is why market is up.  :~)

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Who is buying FB all the way up to $28? What a crock of shit to get muppets excited.

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front running the QQQQ inclusion next week - happens all the time. FB is added to Nasdaq 100 I think on the 12th or 13th.

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Debt deal hope? lol Wait until they show that it's taxes up for the big boys, or over the cliff we go. Why? Because anything less would be unsocialized...

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i'll comment...


1) it's not a fucking market.

2) the algos are programmed to react to certain parameters.

3) bernanke feeds them.

4) the parameters have gone full fucking retard.

5) the algos don't know what the fuck to do.

6) Bernanke still feeds them.


fuck you Getco and Bernanke you fucks. 
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I feel your pain brother dont hold back.

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don't beat around the bush - tell us what you really think

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If Europa when on a indefinite holiday, it would take the SPX about 2 weeks to reach 1800.

SeattleBruce's picture

So the FED can't totally rule the world?

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This "market" is making a DUFUS of everybody who trades it.

How is Bidermann from foggy Sausalito doing these days anyhow?

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Maybe today was the day Greece finally sold its AAPL to raise cash to buy back its sovereign bonds from the hedge funds.

The hedge funds will then use their cash from this deal to buy AAPL. 

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Who will finance the economy now that the financial world has seceded from the rest of the (real) world?

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I trust the Bernanke Index. He owns it. Who can argue.

Howdgu like that Dow 13,000 move. Pretty slick eh?

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And where is gold? Oh wait...gold is down today right?


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People are catching on to their little reindeer games just before the open. I think they will need to switch up their timing at some point soon.


Just slapping the market down will catch up with them soon...

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Crude is downer than gold. 

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ZH & ZH good folk....
There is certainty, Rothschild.

You can delete me, bar my comments, I will continue to ask...
Lemmings like Osborne, Ben, the BIS etc have a master.
The Master is Rothschild Inc.

Why you so scared to start a proper discourse on whom is/has been manipulating everything for 200years, ww1, 2 & soon 3

Please tell us you aren't also bought
Why won't you deal with the core of the problem facing the 99%, Rothschild utter control???

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The gold price seems to be suggesting that we go over the cliff. I'm not sure WTF stocks are suggesting. A bullish deflationary orgy of higher taxes and spending cuts perhaps??? 

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Bizarro bank short squeezes

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Like Johnny 401(k) has any clue or cares about this.  His statement is going to be larger.

He knows:  Up is good.  Down is bad.

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Stocks are the new bonds. 

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"Presented with no comment..."  

IS a comment