Night Of The Long Knives: 'Fake' Conservative John Boehner Purges The GOP

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Is this really the reason why markets are rallying today? (or is it front-running the potential 'cone of silence' from a long-weekend in DC) We suspect neither, but Mike Krieger, having written extensively on the two-party political sham, notes the issue is that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are at their core the same on the big issues most affect these United States at this timeThis past election should have been a wakeup call to the Republican establishment, but based on John Boehner’s recent actions, they have learned absolutely nothing.  The Republican Party is imploding from within since its leaders don’t actually stand for anything.  Here is how Mr. Boehner treats those within his party that do stand for something.


Via Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I have written about the two-party political sham for many years now.  At its root, the issue is that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are at their core the same on the big issues most affect these United States at this time.  These issues are:

  1. The Federal Reserve scam and Wall Street theft.
  2. Civil liberties and the destruction of the Constitution.
  3. Our aggressive foreign policy and imperial wars abroad that help only the oligarchs and impoverish the masses.

Then they divide and conquer the masses using relatively irrelevant social issues like gay marriage, which are highly charged emotionally but will not affect your ability to put food on the table.

This past election should have been a wakeup call to the Republican establishment, but based on John Boehner’s recent actions, they have learned absolutely nothing.  The Republican Party is imploding from within since its leaders don’t actually stand for anything.  Here is how Mr. Boehner treats those within his party that do stand for something.

From the Huffington Post:

On Monday, the Republican Steering Committee, which is chaired by House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), voted to remove Reps. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) from the House Budget Commtitee. Reps. David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) and Walter Jones (R-N.C.) lost their positions on the Financial Services Committee.


The four members are known for occasionally bucking leadership and voting against Boehner’s wishes. Amash, Huelskamp and Schweikert are popular with the conservative movement, while Jones has made a name for himself by speaking out against U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.


Reuters notes that removing Amash and Huelskamp from the Budget Committee “could make it easier for the panel to advance a deal with Democrats to cut fiscal deficits” — which is exactly what many conservative groups are afraid of.


Huelskamp unloaded on GOP leadership Tuesday at a Heritage Foundation event in Washington, saying, “We were not notified about what might occur but it confirms in my mind the deepest suspicions that most Americans have about Washington D.C: it’s petty, it’s vindictive, and if you have conservative principles you will be punished.”


“It’s a slap in the face to all young people who are thinking about being Republicans, want to be a part of this party, and are being told, ‘Well, if you disagree with leadership just a couple times we’re going to send you home … you don’t get to participate,’” he said.


Jones said he hasn’t yet spoken to Boehner. In fact, he only found out he lost his spot on the committee when his staff read about it on the Internet.

Talk about classless.  These guys apparently weren’t even notified of their demotions ahead of time and had to read about it in the press.  The message to the citizenry is clear.  We must move away from the two-party system and fast.  That way we can elect candidates that actually vote the will of the people that elected them, rather than pander to some slimy political godfather in Washington.

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In intimate closed-door negotiations, Obama reportedly experienced Boehner for more than 4 hours.

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Pardon me, Tylers.  I must have reached the wrong URL.  Is this the same ZERO HEDGE that bitched and moaned for the last two years that there is NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PARTIES??????

And now Boehner won't save you from the thug commie?   Tough titties.  Ideas have consequences.

redpill's picture

Uh, if anything this reality reinforces the thesis.  At the end of the day those in control of the parties are little different from each other.  They let fringe candidates talk the talk, but when it comes to action they get shoved in the closet while the one party rule continues unchecked.

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Democracy is such a great export good of the U.S. that the marketing efforts can and should be supported by the armed forces. Since 1917. A huge success.

Interesting that your Founding Fathers didn't like the product.

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LOL.  Democracy is exported, fascism is praticed domestically.

Fraud, baby!!

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Obama told all of those CEO's today that they were patriots, not facists.

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The easiest way to enforce fiscal conservatism would be for all the Republicans to go on vacation and let the USA go over the fiscal cliff.   There's really no simpler or more obvious way to balance the budget.   Debt limits are there for a reason.  They're LIMITS.  The Republicans should turn out the lights,  send their staffers on a month long holiday and go home and start working on ways to handle the fallout from the newly balanced budget which they have already brilliantly balanced simply by not being in D.C. and raising the limit.  The fact that the Republicans are all sitting around discussing concessions shows that they're totally full of shit.  

This whole thing is a joke.  Doing NOTHING solves the problem.  The fact that they're doing SOMETHING shows that there's no interest in solving the problem.


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Ummmmm ................


If the Fiscal Cliff happened it DOES NOT by any means balance the budget.


AND, there is no budget in the first place, hasn't been one in several years now.

ndotken's picture

Presidebt Obama said today that the fiscal cliff can be fixed in a week ... whew ... I feel so much better now. /sarc

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The GOP has completely dissociated themselves from the Ron Paul Liberty movement numbering at 10 to 20 million registered Republican voters. The GOP is still in complete control of the Republican MSM TV talking points where their mode is preserving the establishment and promoting the status quo. They use the same old lame brain valueless platitudes that they think they can still brainwash the people with.

The entire MSM is still completely against the Ron Paul Liberty movement and for good reason. They understand they can't win any of our liberty hearts and minds. We will use this fact to our advantage continuing to do things behind their backs. Just like we did making their GOP nominees lose elections for ignoring us.

Listen to a Ron Paul supporter gloat about voting for Obama and why.

For Pure Unadulterated Revenge. That's all this is about.

Alex Jones Caller Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 11/09/2012

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Democracy: America's greatest extort.

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We're all socialist marxists now comrades.


We'll all be on the cover of the Rolling Stone.....err.....Newsweek.

Flakmeister's picture

Newsweek no longer has a cover....

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I gave you a +1, then I hit a link to Alex Jones -50

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i dis-associated myself from all politics and particulary the republican party at least a decade ago. 

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It's amazing how much time and energy it saves, isn't it?

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I believe he meant not raising the debt ceiling would in effect force a balanced budget.  Unfortunately even if the Republicans had a spine and refused to raise it, I can guarantee you this admin would find a way to raise it anyway, through executive order if he had to.  When push comes to shove, the Leviathan always wins, and the Leviathan always grows.

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Sorry for the long cut and paste, but it just so happened a note from Gary Johnson just landed in my e-mail box:




Have you been watching the insanity in Washington about the so-called Fiscal Cliff?

If so, you are seeing the same thing I am:  It is all a concoction by the status quo politicians to distract us from the REAL cliff we are headed for.

To listen to the politicians in both parties, you would believe this is all about taxes.  Somehow, the nation is approaching financial calamity because the government isn’t getting enough of our money.  And the two “sides” have managed to create the illusion that the debate is over how to best increase “revenues”.  (In Washington, of course, increasing revenue means turning more of our dollars into THEIR dollars.)

Here is how the charade is playing out:  President Obama is demanding that the so-called Bush tax cuts be allowed to expire for what he calls the wealthy to produce $800 billion in more “revenue” for the government.  In what only a politician could call a negotiation, the Republican Speaker of the House has countered with an offer to – you guessed it – raise revenues (taxes) by $800 billion.

If this wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

The only difference between the two “sides” is what they want to call their plan for the government to suck almost another trillion dollars out of the private economy to finance their wars, their take-over of our health care, and the never-ending erosions of our freedom.

Obama wants to call this money-grab a “rate increase” for the wealthy.  Speaker Boehner wants to call it “closing loopholes”.  I’m not seeing the difference.  The money all ends up coming from the same place.  Ask a school teacher or a construction worker how many “loopholes” they used last year to reduce their tax bill.

So why are the grown men and women in Washington playing this ridiculous parlor game?  It’s simple. They don’t want to talk about the real problem: Government is too big and does too much – and therefore spends too much.  And they certainly don’t want to talk about REAL tax reform, such as scrapping the income tax altogether and replacing it with a consumption tax.  Without their spending and their loopholes and complex rates, the politicians would lose the opportunity to pass out favors to their friends – and that is not something they want to give up, even at the cost of destroying the economy.

Right now, we need to be demanding that the politicians stop the games and deal with the real issues:  Deficit spending as far as the eye can see and a debt that is already more than $16 trillion.  The claim by Obama – and bought into by the Republicans – that we can’t balance the federal budget without raising taxes is nonsense.  Stop the wars, have a serious debate about Medicare and other entitlements,  stop sending borrowed dollars to other countries, and spending can absolutely be brought into line with revenues – without raising taxes on anybody, rich or poor.

Restoring Liberty as a cornerstone of America starts with making government smaller.  And making government smaller starts with drawing a line and stopping the politicians from taking more of our money.  More money for them means more government imposed on us.

VisualCSharp's picture

Here fucking HERE!

So succinctly put! That is precisely what the problem is!

andyupnorth's picture

Thank you fellow Zero Hedgers for bringing Gary Johnson to light, and no thanks to the Mainstream Media for never having mentioned him during the presendential race!

prains's picture


less govt is also the mantra of corptocracies that want to capture markets and create monopolies for themselves by being unregulated. This in turn enables them to manipulate their position to maximum benefit and in one word become ENRON.

SO CARFEFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Regulation can work when not captured by the corptocracies they are meant to control. What you have in America is a regulatory system so fucking corrupted by special interest and lobbyists

that Enron looks like the play doe version of the statue of david. Regulating a corporation like Enron properly would never allowed them the opportunity they manufactured for themselves if done wisely, rather it's how the oligarchs have

corrupted the regulatory process that has so contaminated the idea of regulation.

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Even a trillion in one year plus the taz hikes doesn't run a budget surplus.

They are talking about one Tn over ten years,maybe.

The Christmas pantomime running in DC this year solves nothing either way.

It's just the village idiots arguing over the deckchair placement on the

Titanic at this point.They are tinkering with the pumps as the flooding pours in/out.

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Do as we say, not as we do

The trend is your friend's picture

They only really speak to their constituients, ie GS, WFC, AIG, MS, C, PFE, XOM  et al.  No difference in party, they are only true to their own wallets

LongSoupLine's picture



There is a fucking two party system...


Party #1 - The one in their fucking pants.

Party #2 - The party in their bloated fucking bank accts from front running their own fucking horseshit talking points, getting kickbacks from TBTF and corporate interests and "legislation" decisions.

Fuck you Congress and every crooked politician from Chicago and beyond.  Go fuck yourself.

Coast Watcher's picture

I've said it before, I'll say it again. The two-party system gives Americans one more choice than North Korea, and about as much difference.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Martial Law TARP was the turning point for me and made me realize what you so accurately pointed out.  I haven't gone back on the idea of the two-party farce ever since.  Trust me, I have tried to do so.

wisefool's picture

Chicago is a bi-partisan town. Last I heard, Hank "tanks in the streets" Paulson, former Republican SEC-TRES is teaching the next generation of economists at University of Chicago,

duo's picture

Rahm Emmanuel standing in front of you naked in the House gym telling you that pictures of your daughters were going up on the internet if you didn't vote for Obamacare would be a turning point for you, if you were in congress.

dark pools of soros's picture

wasnt it a kick to the balls that when TARP failed the first time, it was not really the last gasp of freedom, but really just more blackmail in action?  Then they screwed the public even more by asking for a bigger TARP to include the ransom money to bribe those other 13 votes... 

If they would of asked for 2 trillion they could of spreaded it all around and voted unanimously for TARP


kaiserhoff's picture

Read the piece and think.  Lack of institutional memory is one thing.  Brain farts are another.

If you want conservatives to protect the rule of law and basic human liberties, a good first step would be to STOP PISSING ON THEM.  and lighten up on the paranoid schizophreic, the whole world is a conspiracy theory.

redpill's picture

Pretty hard to piss on "conservatives" when there are so few of them.  What was conservative about what they did in the Bush years when they controlled Congress and the WH?  Giant new Medicare entitlement?  New federal education programs?  Tax cuts with EXPIRATION DATES?  Government-sponsored housing bubble?

kaiserhoff's picture

and the answer to that is what?  run away and hide under the covers in Mom's basement?

No difference between the parties is not an answer.  It's a cowardly, childish, excuse for inaction.

The world won't devote itself to making you happy.   Whaaaaaa!

redpill's picture

Now you're projecting.  You're the one running back to hide in the skirts of the establishment.  If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  And spineless individuals who refuse to recognize their "team" sucks as much as the other one does are part of the problem.

kaiserhoff's picture

Thanks for proving my point.

redpill's picture

You never had a point, you only had excuses for continuing to support an establishment party that abandoned its fiscal principles years ago.  And like so many suckers you continue to believe their rhetoric as they turn around and do the exact opposite when it gets down to brass tax.  Unbelievable.

VisualCSharp's picture

redpill, you are on a fucking roll today!

Keep posting!

kaiserhoff's picture

It is so easy to sit on your ass and disapprove of everything and everyone.  Good luck in the adult world.  You"ll need it.

victor82's picture

Look, I'm sorry. I wanted to think that after 2008 the GOP might have turned over a new leaf.

They didn't.The Beltway GOP is willing to wait its turn for Jeb as long as they get their turn at the trough.

The Rockefeller/Prescott Bush wing of the Party attacked any one from Palin to Ron Paul who might have stood for fiscal restraint and actually moving towards a budget that might be manageable. That's because the party of Jeb and the party of Obama/Clinton is the Warfare/Welfare Party, and Warfare and Welfare are the Health of the State.

The bond vigilantes can't assfuck these guys hard enough. The reason the can is being kicked down the road is because the Wall Street banksters want it done that way.

Please don't place your faith in the GOP: it gave is Willard "Mitt" Romney.

Because nominating Daddy Warbucks is what the GOP does when it does "ethnic outreach".

Unfortunately, most folks are going to be collateral damage when the dealing's done.

Calmyourself's picture

Redpill, almost there now help me across the finish line with a path forward without dead elephants and jackasses cuttering up our childrens future..

PAWNMAN's picture

I agree with most of what you state. But if your not prepared to arm yourself and take to the streets, nothing will change. Bloviating on a blog may relieve some of the frustration, thats about it.

TimmyM's picture

Kaiser, Redpill owns you today. Now go wash up and see if you learned something.

A Nanny Moose's picture

The belief that somebody else will save you, and solve your problems for you, is what is cowardly.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

You forgot the light bulb ban those damned liberals (signed by Bush in 2005) pushed on us -

Harbanger's picture

It wasn't liberals who wanted the light bulb ban, it was progressives, Bush was a progressive republican.  Progressives have been slowly regulating us into a totalitarian state.  Destroying us in order to transform us has always been their plan.  The only liberals left today are libertarians and some conservatives who cherish liberty and the constitution.