AAPL & Stocks 'On'; Rest Of Risk 'Off'

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AAPL's phoneix-like rise from the WWJTD lows this morning has been capped at yesterday's closing VWAP. Stocks and Gold are recoupled for the week pushing towards the highs (and high yield credit and stocks have recoupled). While equities are pushing their highs, Treasury yields plumb new lows, EURUSD has given up all the week's gains and more, and Oil is plunging. So, another day, another dislocation as not even Harrry Reid's indignance can move markets today...

Gold/Stocks vs Bonds/USD/Oil




and AAPL's thin-blue-line...


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

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Gold seems have stabilized here as well.......that is until 8:40 am Friday morning.

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I don´t trade, but there must be a way to make $$$ off the smackdowns.

Of course if there were, by the time I figured it out all of those gains would be arb-ed away.

I guess I will just have to stick to physical.  Asi es la vida!

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Sell paper Gold at the end of the day and buy it back in the morning. Overall that seems to work well most days, some more than others.

<Or use the paper Gold instead of Charmin for that other thing you do in the morning.>

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

By the time I would get around to that, the trade would go away.

<Your Charmin idea, however, has a lot to be said for it!>

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

For a small large fee Goldman will help you out.


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There were significant events out of Europe today: the DAX made a four-year double-top and the Euro also double-topped against the USD.

Be cautious of German profit-taking tripping the wire to unwind a "risk-off" cascade, focused on the AUDUSD pair (the "new Euro"...).

Immediate downside target ~1.043 with a possible move to ~1.025.


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Story of the day in EU is in Fixed Income land, the Bund broke 145s and strongly at that.  Euribors were being bought across the board.

Orly's picture

So the big money is already fleeing equities for bonds?

How does that play to Euro strength, do you think?

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would be nice to see brent, more relevant to world markets than wti.

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god help appl holders if it closes red again today..

Freddie's picture

Apple is the bestest stock ever.  Everyone loves their iShit.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Something stinks more than usual.  Noticing some important leaders rolling over, IMO.

Congress buying Puts?

Kitler's picture

Just AAPL taking a crAAPL that's all.

StoleYourMoney's picture

Hows that $1,111 price target working out?

Caracalla's picture

I went long on Monday and was hoping for a "rip your face off" rally this week, especially with the Fed meeting next week.  Looks like I will be disappointed...

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might mean you'll get the opposite, the algos smelled it... bottom falling out tomorrow

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Apple jumped what, $30 or so today off the lows on more rumors of rumored product that Cook won't denounce as rumors.

Apple TV again aaaannnnndddd wait for it.......


Apple may invest $100 million with a partner to produce a single line of mac products in the USA.

Most likely staffed by illegal Mexicans making minimum wage assembling products for the Chinese company to sell to Apple.


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Does WWJTD allude to clothing malfunction or does it mean something different on a finance blog?

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I don't get it, either.  I hope it goes away soon.


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APPL has 9 lives....they have risen from the ashes before and will do it again....from my reading several tracking sources the iPhone and iPad are zooming to the top in sales. I remember when Microsofts  ZUNE was going to "wipe the floor with the iPod";

(See "Whats a ZUNE?")

"The iPhone w ill be dead in 6 months"-Balmer- and finally "Good luck with that iPad-America will never buy crap like that";   We will see the Windows Phone and thier wPad go the way of the ZUNE............well.... windows is an antiquated technology and MS has no clear

vision-they are clueless and are lucky to have so much money. I know the Gates fanbois will snivel and whine, but IE and Windows are on the start of a long decline

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Why apple will be hard to hype down to where it should be.


     answer: Isreal