Guest Post: The GOP Is Dying Because The Liberty Movement Is Thriving

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

To the point of causing intestinal convulsions, there has been no shortage of analysis on the elections of 2012.  Every no-name mop-head mainstream media hack with a niche audience has put in his or her two cents on the finale of perhaps the biggest non-event of the decade and almost every single one of them has been depressingly wrong or completely disingenuous - but perhaps this was to be expected.  The word “journalist” has today become synonymous with “whore”, simply because success in the field makes whoredom essential.  The job of news outlets is not to report on the facts, but to fashion an illusory world out of manure bricks and glossy paint, and this is exactly what they have done in their musing on the fate of the GOP.       

For any saucer-eyed skeptic who still believes that all disinformation is mere coincidence or personal bias rather than an engineered and coordinated conspiracy, I would like to point out the sudden, similar and simultaneous conclusions of MSM pundits in the wake of Barack Obama’s “victory” in November.  You would think that there would be hundreds if not thousands of conflicting ideas about what really happened this year, but instead, Americans are being presented with a chorus of identical viewpoints.

One meme that is being spread widely in the mainstream that I do actually agree with is that the Republican Party is “dying”.  Oh yes, this is undoubtedly true.  The GOP is on the fast track to the stew pot (or maybe another pot), but what the mainstream fails to mention is that this is something that alternative analysts in the Liberty Movement have been predicting for years, long before the name “Barack Obama” ever haunted the dreams of average Republicans, and this raises an important question; what did the alternative media see that the mainstream media missed?

The primary root of all the dysfunctional observations of the GOP is that most people today have no clue what conservatism is, and therefore, they have no idea how to diagnose problems in the Republican Party (an institution which is supposed to represent conservative values).  You don’t send a lawnmower repairman to examine a cancer ridden human being, you send a doctor who knows what a healthy body is supposed to look like.  You also don’t send a hardcore liberal or a Neo-Con flunky to comment on the failings of the GOP; you send a true conservative who knows how a healthy conservative organization is supposed to function.  And, the only people left in this country who actually understand what conservatism really is are Liberty Movement activists.

Ironically, those of us in the movement who have deeply considered the election aftermath have predominantly concluded that it is WE who have taken the mojo out of the GOP, and frankly, we’re happy to do so…       

The GOP is dying because it no longer supports or nurtures the progress of true and traditional conservative values or the people who hold them.  The GOP is fading into the bowels of political history because real conservatives are LEAVING it behind, and searching for other more legitimate avenues.  These are the cold hard facts which the establishment and those who aid in its dominance have tried to keep out of the mainstream limelight post election.  They have concocted a swarm of unsupported and absurd talking points which have been unleashed shotgun-style on the unsuspecting American populace.  Their goal?  To hide the fact that the Liberty Movement has gained enough momentum to bury the Neo-Con led GOP and even swing state contests at will, simply by not participating in the farce.

During the 2010 mid-term elections, there was a mass resurgence in conservative voting based almost entirely on Tea Party optimism.  Some might argue that the Tea Party was a sham, and I would have to agree…to a point.  The Tea Party didn’t start out that way (I know because I was involved during its inception).  In the beginning it was a legitimate force for reduced government power and spending, and increased protection for civil liberties revolving mainly around the campaign of Ron Paul.  That changed, though, when Neo-Con elites began weaseling their way into the club, gushing about how they loved freedom. 

What these vermin do not understand, though, is that it takes more than rhetoric to hold onto Liberty Movement voters; you also have to back your words with action, and this is exactly why some career Republicans were shown the door in 2012.  Not because the Democrats were a better choice, but because the Republicans had not lived up to the promises they made two years ago.  Neo-Con toadies would, of course, sneer at my observations, and tell a completely different story on why they are losers…    

Let’s take a look at just a few of the mainstream media and GOP leadership arguments and propaganda initiatives and why they are shameless fabrications meant to hide Liberty Movement influence…

Lie #1:  U.S. Demographics Are Changing And The GOP Platform Does Not Appeal To Minorities

The MSM and others are essentially suggesting that only white people will ever vote Republican, and by association, that only white people value conservatism and Constitutionalism.  They are also cleverly and subconsciously implanting the idea that most minorities will only ever vote for a socialist and statist candidate (like Obama) in the future, or, that they will vote based entirely on skin color.  That is to say, they are inferring that minority voters are predominantly narrow minded and stupid, and are also promoting a fabricated division based on race. 

To illustrate why the demographics argument is a lie, I would like to use the examples of Allen West and Denny Rehberg; both high value Republicans in state races who “unexpectedly” lost to the Democrats. 

Allen West, a black male candidate for the 22nd Congressional District of Florida, ran on a “Tea Party limited government platform” in 2010, and won by a margin of around 20,000 votes over Ron Klein, a white male Democrat.  In 2012, West ran against another white male Democrat, Patrick Murphy, in Florida’s 18th District and lost by 2000 votes.  Obviously, Florida’s vast population and myriad minority groups did NOT play the only part in West’s victory in 2010, or his loss in 2012.  If skin color was ever the primary issue, then he should have won easily in 2012, just as he did in 2010 according to those who make the “changing demographics” race based argument.  West’s opponents, Klein in 2010 and Murphy in 2012, had very similar and very standard Democratic Party policies, and neither man was overly interesting or influential.  West did not suddenly have to face down a Dem. powerhouse in 2012; just another boring-as-crackers lefty.

West ran two campaigns against almost identical opponents under almost identical social conditions, somehow winning one, and losing the other.  So, what happened?  What was different in 2012?  The fact is, the only thing different in 2012 was that this time around liberty based voters knew West was not a true conservative.  West was a fraud, and a statist, and the Liberty Movement cast him out by declining to vote for him.

Almost immediately after West’s victory in 2010, his limited government constitutionalist persona began to change.  He voted to strengthen pork programs which continue to pump fiat federal monies into local governments, generating massive national debt and making state officials beholden to federal control.  He voted yes to line-item veto authority for the President, bypassing the constitutionally delineated powers of Congress.  He supported CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing And Protection Act) which would have given government incredible legal power to violate the privacy rights of ordinary Americans.  And last, but certainly worst, West not only voted for the NDAA despite its unconstitutional indefinite detainment provisions, he also worked to strike down initiatives to remove language in the NDAA that made it applicable to U.S. citizens.  To ice the cake, he openly admitted to serving on the Armed Forces Committee which reviewed the bill before it was even released, and later attempted to lie about what it actually did.   

Why would a supposed constitutionalist and conservative champion applaud the legislated rendition and indefinite imprisonment of American citizens without trial and without due process all on the mere accusation of “terrorism” by the President, and then pretend as if that power was not granted by the bill?  Because, he is a fake conservative and an establishment thug.

In my home state of Montana, Republican Denny Rehberg ran a highly anticipated race for Senate against incumbent Democrat John Tester.  Rehberg’s platform was just like Allan West’s; pro-Tea Party, limited government, thumbs up to the Constitution, and wrap up in the flag for good measure. 

Rehberg had won many of his U.S. Representative campaigns by a vast margin leading up to his decision to run for Senate (around 60% to his opponent’s 30%).  I can say that in a state like Montana, the idea of “changing demographics” affecting the election is laughable.  Montana is freaken’ white!  W-H-I-T-E!  Rehberg, a Republican “dreamboat candidate” complete with carefully groomed cowboy mustache was thought to be a sure win in this state.  By my personal observations seeing him at functions including a local Lincoln/Reagan dinner, I would say HE thought he was a sure win, to the point of ego-mania.

So in a predominantly white and predominantly conservative state, how did Rehberg lose?  Because elections have little to do with “demographics” or party, and everything to do with the integrity of the person running, especially where the Liberty Movement is concerned. 

Rehberg’s professed fuzzy feelings for freedom and limited government were undeniably false.  His consistent support for big government programs aside, he voted for and viciously defended the NDAA.  When approached by Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers at a Republican function about his vote for rendition and permanent detention without trial for American citizens, he side-stepped the question completely, and accused Rhodes (a veteran Army Paratrooper) of “not supporting the troops”.  Rehberg’s attitude did not go unnoticed by the Liberty Movement population in Montana, and like Conrad Burns, the Republican incumbent who had been unseated in 2006, he lost by a substantial margin of voters who instead backed a Libertarian third party candidate. 

The argument for “changing demographics” was certainly not applicable in either of these two incidences, along with numerous other state and local elections I do not have the space to mention.  It also does not take into account the millions of Americans who refrain from voting because they feel utterly unrepresented in the election process.  This lie is being pushed in order to hide the real change in America: a movement towards legitimacy and humility in government, rather than hubris and tyranny.     

Lie #2:  The GOP Does Not Appeal To Young Voters, Who Are Predominantly Liberal (Socialist)

I would still be considered a young voter, and so would many of my closest friends.  They and I had all but abandoned politics in disgust years ago when we discovered Ron Paul, one of the only representatives in Washington D.C. that we felt actually embodied the traditional constitutional methodology (original conservatism).  Not only had he received the highest amount of donations from the men and women of the U.S. military, he was also packing sold out speaking events on college campuses across the country while Obama and Romney were crawling on hands and knees throwing free tickets at elementary school children just to get a minor crowd.  The point is, Ron Paul, a true conservative, was energizing the youth vote and even bringing some Democrats over from the socialist dark side.

The idea that a young voter is predestined to embrace collectivist nanny government and sell their soul to the Democratic Party is a lie of epic proportions.  The GOP could have had them on board anytime they wanted; all they had to do was nominate Ron Paul as their presidential candidate.  Instead, they went with yet another Neo-Con ghoul whose rhetoric and record was nearly identical to Obama’s.  The GOP could have won, if they had actually wanted to win.  But then, it would have meant disrupting the false left right paradigm, and surely, the establishment can’t have that…

Lie #3:  The GOP Needs To Evolve With Our “Progressive” Times Instead Of Clinging To Traditional Conservative Principles

Ultimately, this lie is designed to infer that the Republican Party needs to take on a more collectivist attitude in order to appeal to the rising tide of a younger generation and our nation’s so-called “changing demographics”.  Hilariously, the lie is suggesting that the GOP do what they have in fact already done: go full socialist. 

The Republican Party has not “clung” to traditional conservative principles for a very long time.  Over the course of the past several decades it has become a haven for the minions of Leo Strauss, a statist and Platonian fascist whose job was to subvert the core of conservatism and warp it into a festering cesspool of elitism - much like the Democratic Party.  The GOP has failed because this elitism is now undeniably present, and the party has lost its ability to hide what it has become.

When a sad victim of academia tries to argue that the cause of our economic crisis is the “evil of the free market”, I always point out that he/she has actually never lived in a world where true free markets exist.  They have, for their entire lives, lived under a socialized and centralized economic system, and so, blaming “free markets” for their financial woes is like blaming Tasmanian Tigers for the death of their Chihuahua.  The same goes for conservatism.  When people wail against the crimes of George W. Bush and the possible return of a “conservative” presidency, I always point out that Bush was not a conservative, and that there hasn’t been a legitimately conservative GOP since before they were born.

The Republican Party has already delved into the realm of centralized despotism as much as the Democratic Party has.  Its only salvation now is to reverse course back towards limited government and freedom, not continue into federalized oblivion. 

Lie #4:  The Liberty Movement Had No Influence On The Elections Whatsoever

As I have shown, proponents of constitutional values have indeed swayed particular elections, at least at the state and local level.  Therefore, the assertion is meant to inject disinformation in pursuit of a particular end.  Strangely, I heard this argument all throughout the primaries and up until the week after Obama declared victory; the argument that our movement does not matter and will never gain tangible momentum.  And yet, all through the primaries up until the day before elections the Neo-Cons were either courting us with gifts, goodies, and offers of a “place at the table”, or attacking us viciously as “traitors to our own ideals” whose non-participation was akin to a “vote for the Antichrist (Obama)”. 

Now, my question is; if the Liberty Movement doesn’t matter, then why were GOP cronies so desperate to convince us to vote party line? 

Why did they feel the need to regurgitate the “lesser of to evils” argument over and over again?  Why did it matter to them if we voted for Romney, or voted third party, or didn’t vote at all?  If our influence is so miniscule, then why invite Liberty Movement representatives like Rand Paul or Sherriff Mac to cheerlead for the “guy who will drive the bus off the cliff slower”?  Why try in a grade school manner to shame us into setting aside our principles?  Why not simply ignore us and let us wallow in our own “obscurity”.

I see two possibilities…

First, that the Liberty Movement has grown strong enough to encompass a sizable mass of voting power, at least large enough to ensure that many GOP candidates will win or lose by a particular margin.  That margin may be thin and we may not yet be in a position to launch our own party, but without us, they know they are likely to fall short, and this problem is only going to grow as time passes.  They court us, or attack us, because they realize they cannot win despite us. 

Second, if you subscribe to the well documented idea that elections, at least at the federal level, are entirely staged (which I do), then you might ask yourself again why the GOP elite were grasping for the Liberty Movement to relinquish for the sake of defeating Obama.  If Obama and Romney are essentially the same monkey, the same exact errand boy for the same exact globalist puppeteers, then what the hell do they need our vote for?  Romney wins, and they get what they want.  Obama wins and they get what they want.  Unless…what they really wanted was our participation in the farce.

That’s right, perhaps the greater purpose of the endless lesser-of-two-evils charade was to see if the establishment could convince us to compromise our conscience and be drawn back into the game.  Maybe, just maybe, it was all a test, of you, of us, to discern how much of the Liberty Movement could be conned or swayed with moral relativism.  Perhaps the death rattle of the Republican industrial complex was due to the one thing that the media will never spotlight in a 60 minute primetime special; the fact that the majority of the burgeoning Liberty Movement refused to sell out, proving that the GOP is no longer effective at keeping us reigned in or co-opted.  The GOP is dying and we are thriving.  Whether or not the two are related, I leave for you to decide…

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ParkAveFlasher's picture

That goes for you, Boner.

NotApplicable's picture

Liberty movements measured by voting power?


ParkAveFlasher's picture

Nice, NA.  Knock-down power is more like it.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Sadly, I see that the Takers are now the majority party.  Liberty, at least for now, as no chance against the promoters of the Free Shit Empire.

macholatte's picture

Liberty, at least for now, as no chance against the promoters of the Free Shit Empire.


....... and don't forget about the unchallenged, however well documented, voter fraud of 2008 & 2012.

Kitler's picture

"If Obama and Romney are essentially the same monkey, the same exact errand boy for the same exact globalist puppeteers, then what the hell do they need our vote for?  Romney wins, and they get what they want.  Obama wins and they get what they want."

You are missing the point. It's all about a vicious competition to see who get's to become the errand boy.

FEDbuster's picture

Just read that Sen. Jim DeMint is quitting.  He was the defacto head of the "liberty movement" in the Senate.  He took the head job at the Heritage Foundation (big pay raise from the Senate).  I think the "pork movement" has taken hold of Washington D.C. now that we have passed the tipping point.  "Bring home the bacon" says Detroit councilwomen:

SWRichmond's picture

If the GOP dies, that idiot Krauthammer will have to get a real job.

Supernova Born's picture

The Neocons' Dr. Strangelove.

new game's picture

ha fucking ha - was aligned with conserv/rupucklicaNts, but "ha fucking ha";

you be the same as the other taz "HA FUCKING HA" and spenders.

lies, fucking lies and more fuckling lies.

liberty lives in my mind, not sure it has a place in usa anymore,as this nation becoming over run by non-thinkers, lazy losers, and fat ass where-is-my-freebe thinking from cradle to birth TAKERS.  giver going bye bye with liberty.



Anusocracy's picture

"as this nation becoming over run by non-thinkers, lazy losers, and fat ass where-is-my-freebe thinking from cradle to birth TAKERS."

Completely expected after two centuries of importing sheeple infected with socialism.

The rest of the world is far more statist and those dregs washed up on our shores.

dirtbagger's picture

Anus - don't forget to mention those people of low moral values who belong to the Sodomite Party

Shell Game's picture

and don't forget about Mr. Kristol Meth.

mkkby's picture

The repugnant cats will un-die as soon as they find a christian who's electable enough to read a teleprompter.  It's as simple as that -- Romney a mormon couldn't excite the base.

Yes, both parties are now liberal IMF banker stooges.  That won't change until things get much, much worse.  I'm thinking, once the US "goes Greece" and the snap cards stop working.

divide_by_zero's picture

Romney, a Progressive couldn't excite the base.

Freddie's picture

2012 was a setup by Rove/Bush/NWO.  Santorum was killing Romney.  Rove and the media pulled out all the stops including Drudge to stop Santorum.   I stopped watching TV a long time ago because they are all scum.

Santorum was destroying Romney in the Midwest, Central and SE.  Newt is aa CFR member with Bill Clinton.

I saw online in Ohio, MI and WI where Romney stole the election in the cities at the last minute.  Santorum won the whole state and at the last minute Romney found enough votes in the cities.

Fast forward to November and Obama does the same thing to Romney.  We were all played.  Romney/Rove knew vote theft cause they did it to Santorum.  The whole election was a farce.   In a real uncorrupt election, Santorum would have destroyed Obama in the Midwest, SE, S Central, Mid Atlantic, etc.

2008 and 2012 were rigged. I think the last honest elections were Reagan's.   In 2016 - we will probably get Jeb versus Hillary or Moochelle.  


Flakmeister's picture

Freddie, what fraction of the day do you spend simply making shit up?

Old Poor Richard's picture

"Romney Surprise" is documented.  They attempted to steal Ohio in the general election as they had successfully done in 2004, but something went wrong and the city votes didn't flip as intended.

Five minutes with google will find you the charts that prove vote flipping in Illinois, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania from Santorum to Romney and in Connecticuit and New Hampshire from Ron Paul to Romney.  That's simply when I quit looking, I'm sure there are many more states.  It's criminal activity performed by the criminal ruling class, so nobody cares and nobody is punished.

Votes flipped from Hillary to Obama in 2008, too.  Both parties participate in equal-opportunity vote fraud.


Flakmeister's picture

Somehow I am not surprised that the people who lap this shit up also don't believe we landed on the moon, don't believe the planet is slowly frying and believe that the "Protocols of the Zionist Elders" is legit....

Hey, write a story for Rolling Stone or whatever forum you think is appropriate.... Fill your boots...

Disenchanted's picture



Rick Santorum is Freddie's answer?


LOfuckingL! Anyone you see bloviating at the podium here is not a real or classic conservative. They are Statists who want your tax dollars to subsidize their false religious dogmas.


No thanks!

Flakmeister's picture

Re: Freddie and Santorum, sad but true....

The truly scary thing is that Santorum struck around because he was the closest thing to an economic populist in the Primaries for the downtrodden Republican base that know they are getting the shaft...

He can take his Christian version of Sharia Law and shove it up his ass...

Phil Free's picture

"....... and don't forget about the unchallenged, however well documented, voter fraud of 2008 & 2012."


True that.  I find it interesting that I have seen NO ONE talking about this particular statistic -- Obama did not win A Single State that has Voter ID laws on the books.


Not a single state.  Coincidence, or more?  You be the judge.

redpill's picture

Call it the 'tipping point', or 'peak liberty' - however you want to think of it, we have a deep valley of tyranny ahead of us until/unless enough people actually wake up and decide to care about this Constitutional Republic.  Not to be pessimistic but I'm not convinced that time will come in our lifetimes.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

It was all down hill after the Whiskey Rebellion.

cougar_w's picture

Some whould say, since Shay's Rebellion.

Supernova Born's picture

Some would say it never actually began, except conceptually in a document that hasn't survived the test of time.

RockyRacoon's picture

We don't need a third party, we need a second party!  Since the two we have are the same party.

Liberty Party!  Where are contributions to be sent?  Keep me posted.  It'll be tough filling Dr. Paul's shoes.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Ah yes whisky (Scottish, UK spelling) or whiskey (Irish, American spelling)

One of the oldest words of the English language, pre-dating the Anglo-Saxons, going back to Celtic, 'uisge beatha' the 'water of life'

A fine subject for rebellion ... always has been

The way they know who the oldest distillery in Scotland is - Haig's, the maker of Dimple / Pinch - is that in the 1600s Mr Haig was brought for a church court for the 'offence' of making whisky on a Sunday

America's early whisky rebellion was a sign of what some American Founding Fathers warned would eventually happen - a repressive, tyrannical American government

Inalienable Rights to whisky and to gunpowder, yes

HappyCamper's picture

The time is imminent. The chess pieces are being put into position quickly.


The presidential "emergency powers", the Patriot act, all those "homeland security" preparations,  total data collection, the nationalization of the economy through endless bailouts, the national health takeover, the federal reserve now completely controlling the business cycles, and of course the right politicians in place and a willing population that only wants “free shit”.



zapdude's picture

+1.  Concise and irrefutable evidence of the unconcealed-yet-rarely-acknowledged police state we Americans are living in. 

The State's tyrannical grip will only tighten more on the Individual's liberty as the empire begins its collapse.

Prepare, train, harden your bunkers, and gird your loins, for we must survive the collapse in order to see the day we can rebuild.

For those who survive, I hope to see you at the bottom.

JimBowie1958's picture

Totally agree and can only add that the Big Boys who spent all thatmoney, time and effort putting the chess peaces in place did NOT do it just for laughs and giggles.

You can damned well bet they plan to put those pieces to use and not too soon from now.

But Freedom and liberty will win, and the time it takes is reduced by waiting untill everyone that might act is so pissed off that they just cant restrain themselves any more and then we change the government for good from the inside.

Freddie's picture

Yes folks.  Turn off the TV and Hollywood and grow a pair like the Egyptians.   They do not have 6 million licensed hunters with probably .308 scoped rifles like NY state, WI, MI, PA, TX.  They do not have 2 million CCW's like FL, GA, and AL.  

The Egyptians have balls and their military backs them unlike the cowardly Pentagon and Joint Chiefs who chase Islmo poon like Betrayus with Ms. "Kelly" who is not a mick chick.


Disenchanted's picture



Yes Paula Kranz Bonewell is an obvious 'Islmo'



Kranz Name Meaning German: from Middle High German kranz ‘garland’, ‘wreath’; a metonymic occupational name for a maker of chaplets and wreaths, a habitational name for someone who lived at a house distinguished by the sign of a garland, or a nickname for someone whose hair was tonsured.Dutch: variant spelling of Krans, cognate with 1.In some cases it may also be one of the several German spellings of the Slovenian habitational name Kranjec (also found as Krajnc or Kranjc), denoting someone from Kranjska province (Latin Carniola, German Krain), an old name for the historical central part of Slovenia. Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name from German Kranz or Yiddish krants ‘wreath’, ‘garland’.


I see you're still stuck on stupid Freddie...


btw your Jill Kelley Mooslim:


Jill Kelley was born Gilberte Khawam in Beirut, Lebanon[2] on January 1, 1975. Kelley's family, which includes her identical twin sister, Natalie Khawam,[3] and a brother David Khawam,[4] are Lebanese-American Maronite Catholics

TruthInSunshine's picture

The most fundamental concepts necessarily part of the fabric of a free society, left unmolested, free to pursue life, liberty and happiness, didn't leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left them.

Deep Capture OWNS both "different" parties.

zerozulu's picture

Time has ripe for a new political party in US, party of foodstampers.

GeorgeHayduke's picture

If I'm not mistaken, many Red states have the highest numbers of food stamp folks. So, the switch from the GOP to the Food Stamp Party may not have much of an effect on current politics.

Flakmeister's picture

Don;t confuse those big picture thinkers with niggling little details like facts....

Mad Cow's picture

Obviously you 2 met at the shill convention.

Flakmeister's picture

Relying on Fox news for facts typically results in posts like yours...

Mad Cow's picture

Cackmeister! wrong again.

Flakmeister's picture

Care to look up the per capita rate of EBT transfers for Red and Blue states?
I'll check back later, 'kay?

Anusocracy's picture

Cargo Cult Party.

Instead of a plane landing, it's your SNAP Card getting refilled.

AGuy's picture

Agreed! Entitlements, Bailout are all that matter. People don't want freedom anymore they want handouts!

RockyRacoon's picture

... and corporations are people. (I gag on the concept.) Or so the SCOTUS says.  You must include them in your group.

Corporate hand-outs are on par with any other category.   The cry for everyone to pay at least some tax should extend to every corporation paying some tax.  Pick your point of participation, 10 million in gross income, whatever.  It's just more balanced that way.  Are you listening GE?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


... and corporations are people. (I gag on the concept.) Or so the SCOTUS says.  You must include them in your group.

Bingo! They're also the biggest, laziest freeloaders. Oh, sure, they don't have EBT cards, but that's only because their monthly welfare benefits consist of shrink-wrapped pallets of $100 bills airdropped by C-130s.

Are you listening GE?

Nope, sorry, their legal department is busy writing the nation's tax laws.

EscapingProgress's picture

The good news: Free Shit Empires are not sustainable.

The bad news: After Free Shit Empires collapse the Free Shit Army will always build a new Free Shit Empire if given enough time.

CH1's picture

the Takers are now the majority party.  Liberty, at least for now, as no chance against the promoters of the Free Shit Empire.

We don't have to beat the Free Shit Empire. Just separate from it and start building something better.