What Has (And Hasn't) Worked So Far This Year?

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As of the end of November, the Consumer Discretionary sectot was the winner year-to-date with financials close behind (both up around 23%). The clear loser across asset classes is Crude Oil (down around 10%). We suspect at the start of the year that very few 'managers' or strategists would have expected anything like the distribution of outcomes that we see here - with EURUSD unchanged and Hedge Funds up just over 3% on average for the year. Some context for what 'could' happen in the remaining three weeks of the year.



and digging into the details of the Consumer Discretionary sector:


Chart: Goldman Sachs

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You're right.  There's two kinds.  Bob Hope and No Hope. 

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Do iPads & iPhones count as "Household Appliances"?...



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Half a William


wasn't bitcoin hacked for a quarter mill recently, just askin?

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Half a Gillian


i won't attest to being much of a deep thinker, but as simple as i am, it seems fairly obvious that bitcoin is the "neatest" new gizmo out there for TPTB to monitor spending habits. All purchases made in 1's and 0's are hubbed through some

fucking NSA mainframe. Now if bitcoin was a monetary system that used muffins as currency I'd say that was a way better chance of it catching on, but good luck with your NSA stuff, keep up the mediocre work. BOHICA baby

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Electronic money would be easy to confiscate.

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Don't play by the rulez and Master Blaster will just cut the power.

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

unless they can't confiscate, because it's protected by Ellyptic Curve Cryptography AND SHA256.  They can't even break ONE of those, they need to break both.  


People here are doubtful of everything that on MSM, yet doubtful of bitcoin (because TD hasn't awaken yet).  The harsh reality is this --> http://pricedingold.com/2012/11/29/market-update-23-nov-2012-bitcoin-con...

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How many types of gold exist?

Well, there's paper gold and physical.

Which is easier to confiscate.

Well, to take your physical gold means they would need to know where you physically have it and, presumably, laws backing them up to remove it from your cold, dead hands.

Your paper gold, on the other hand, is gone with the swipe of a president's pen.

Bitcoin has the same characteristic.  If you store funds with an EWallet provider, which many do for either convenience or because they are unsure of how to store it themselves in a secure manner so it can't be stolen, then sure -- that provider could be orderd to turn over your funds and they are gone.

But if you store them yourself (using the bitcoin.org client with its built-in passphrase encryption method), and maintain a comptuer system that is secure from viruses and other malware, they can confiscate your computer but without the passphrase they can't spend your coins.   As long as you have a backup (a small file on  a thumb drive or on Dropbox), you and you alone still have the ability to spend your coins.

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

prains, I'm finding it hard wether to pinpoint you as one of those ZH posters who needs a doctor, or one of those who gets 65 cents per propaganda post.


Either way, Bitcoin has risen 450%+ PRICED IN GOLD THIS YEAR.  Sorry, simple fact.  Simple, plain, fact.  450% more gold for me than for you.  As simple as that. 

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dude you are a pump and dump, nuff said

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If the FED has had anything to do with it. It hasn't worked.



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add this to your hope....dr.mark zandi...yes that asshole mark zandi  testified to a senate commission on the fiscal cliff and advising them on what to do....it is on c-span on reruns now...it may as well be obama sitting there...we are sooooo fucked...

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Chart shows that people are too dumb to fix their own appliances.

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[sighs and says]
"I should've never joined the Apple investment club this year."

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The World's Economy Is In Peril, The Government Knows It. Ministers Telling Us To Save Money For A Rainy Day, Slow Growth, Periods Of Recession, All Of This Happening Recently.


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Great post for the buy and hold crowd. Where are they by the way? *chirp chirp*


Brent below $110 is a kick ass trade. 

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Education Services is dead last.  That pretty much sums it all up.

Thank you Tyler.

Its_the_economy_stupid's picture

Private schools are in trouble. Enrollments down, financial aid up. Red sky in the morning. Not enough 15%'ers around. Consolidation comin, big time..

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Sure that the left labeling is not upside down on the bottom chart? I've got 3 toasters at home (no toast) and  I heard something about a trillion dollar student loan.

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this chart shows how completely captured the "market" is, and under complete control of the 1% thru Goldmanian squid pro quo, it's time to rehyprothecate your breakfast.

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Education services, in the U.S.?, Didn't think they even accounted for that anymore.  The government is your education, your mother, your father, your god, your healer, the end-all, "from each according to their means, to each according to their needs".  Where's my bowl of rice?

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Q: What hasn't worked so far this year?

A: Tens of millions of the long term unemployed.

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Financials up. S&P and Nasdaq up big. US$ still not dead. Euro still not bad. Gold treading water.

"These are the facts of the case. And they are undisputed. That's right."

Just another line from a movie about the truth and being able to handle it.

francis_sawyer's picture

Yes ~ what you referred to was what Captain Jack Ross said in his opening remarks to the jury... He was presenting THE GOVERNMENT'S case against Pfc Louden Downey & Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson...


In the end though, it was proved that those behind THE GOVERNMENT case [Lt. Jonathan Kendrick & Col. Nathan R. Jessup] were a bunch of liars who were operating in a cover-up [while Downey & Dawson get exhonerated]... The only difference between them & the situation in reality, is that in the movie, the brass ends up getting arrested...

You'd better go see some new movies before you start dishing out financial observations... Maybe 'Stripes' would be more appropriate...

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+10% is the new treading water...

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So is FB a good long or short? I don't see it on any of those charts.

blunderdog's picture

FB is "financial services" sector, right?

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Actually, this chart says "buying a better living room to watch television and internet porn" ruled the day.  I dread even looking at what Comcast's YTD performance has been.

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I know we all did not forget, but seems Sandy and it's aftermath have left the public eye,(not) much like katrina that the MSM never stopped reporting..O BUM A off to Hawaii vacation and the MSM is cool with it. thats a leader who spits on the people left homeless across sandy's path..el duce el duce el duce. too bad they voted for him.

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This is sellside noise - provides little useful information (trees and no forest). It only exist to make the muppets feel like they are being serviced. It distracts them while the investment banks are giving it to them from behind. To point the finger at gs is only a diversionary tactic it is the stock in trade of the bulk of the financial sector which represents what our economy has devolved to (well that and apple and internet porn).

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Didn't see pm stocks on the list. They haven't worked for the last 6 stinking years.