Number Of Workers Aged 25-54 Back To April 1997 Levels

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When people think of the conventional battery of options the BLS applies to fudge the monthly payrolls number, the labor force participation is the first thing that comes mind: after all the thesis is that old workers are increasingly dropping out of the labor force and retiring. Nothing could be further from the truth as can be seen in this chart of workers aged 55-69, i.e. the prime retirement age. But perhaps a far more important secular issue is the complete lack of pickup in the prime worker demographic, those aged 25-54, which in November dropped by 400k to 94 MM. This is a level first breached in April 1997, in other words in the past 15 years not a single incremental job has been gained in this most productive and lucrative of age groups!

Furthermore, there is absolutely no demographic reason why America, which has a substantial natural growth rate across all demographics, should not see more workers from the younger age cohorts enter this age group. We are, however, confident one will promptly be discovered as this chart becomes prevalent in the mainstream media.

And, as a tangent, workers aged 55 and Over:

Source: St. Louis Fed

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Alright, who slipped the viagra into the EUR/USD's kool-aid?

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What do you expect grandpa to do when you threaten to cut his SS and Med on top of taking away his interest earnings courtesy of ZIRP?  Can't live well on dog food.

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I can't wait till it hits the 1776 levels!

zuuma's picture

Maybe first we'll hit April, 1861 levels -   on the way to those 1776 levels.


Sadly, my ancestors fought for the King at that time. 

Maybe I can finally make amends!

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About 50 miles southeast of me is where a lot of "loyalists" from the United States settled in Canada after the American Revolution.  There were also a few battles in the war of 1812 between the United States and the British colonies in the area so the place is riddled with references to "loyalists" and British flags, historical monuments, plaques and the like.  There is a Loyalist Township even, lots of British flags. 

"If the "south" had have won (in 1812) we'd have had it made", but 200 years later I do hope for my own well being that the Americans don't think to invade north across Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence river.

zuuma's picture

That would be "Upper Canada", eh? 

My peeps got land from the king in 1784.

Cumberland County, NS - Remsheg River area, Wallace, NS

Sounds great, but they lost very nice property in Dutchess & Westchester County, New York.

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  • offshore low skill jobs to mexico and china
  • illegal mexican farmers working in low skill service jobs
  • backoffice gets filled by H1B global 3rd world labor
  • disincentivise education
  • incentivise sports and entertainment
  • consumer debt to hold labor hostage


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"Work" today in the US has morphed into whomever can invent some type of financial instrument to flog.  Work is not productive, and need not be, because deep down everyone 25-54 knows a bailout is around the corner.  The elderly at least can remember a time when "production" meant something other than surfing the net and playing games.


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Excuse me, but would this be the same "elderly" who actually use to build shit.  The same elderly that asked "how do you use this internet thing"?

Please share whatever it is you are smoking.

drivenZ's picture

yes, the same elderly that voted in the politicians that got us into this mess. Why do you think GWB supported the medicare prescription drug overhaul? votes.  

LawsofPhysics's picture

I don't think mob rule is limited to any single age group.

AldousHuxley's picture

political theater is dominated by mob of old fuckers voting themselves more benefits while burning the bridge they crossed for the next generation.



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It may be tempting to blame parents and grandparents for the current situation, but they are not really at fault.  Your parents and grandparents had a Rockefeller/Carnegie state education where money creation is not taught, they trusted the Jewspapers, and there was no internet to disseminate the truth.  How can you blame someone for ignorance when it is indoctrinated into their entire life?  Nowadays, a good many of us know the score, and we preach it.  The truth is spreading like wildfire and even shutting the internet cannot stop this shift in the paradigm. 

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I have eight patents issued on my work. I am going to have to wait a couple years to be 54, so I can look for a job.

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Only if by 'production' you mean 'borrowing without regard for the consequences'

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"Forward!" - Gen. Custer

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The entire 25-54 population of the USA is being shipped off to China to gain the skills they need to be able to make the new iPhones and iPads.  

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Hey, as long as the ruling party can keep the stock market up no one cares about jobs apparently.

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I don't think this is what they met when Obama said he wanted to take us  back to the Clinton economic years.....or was it? 

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"winning", turns out solent green is young people.

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Workers 55-69 looks quite similiar to accumulated student loan debt... ie, younger people increasingly trying to gain an edge over their elders, which we now know was a failed experiement more than a decade in the making.

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What about youth suicide rate?  I imagine the trend there is pretty obvious.  

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Yeah theres a corrlation closer to 1, just like the declining birthrate is closer to -1... and yet people wonder why younger Americans are having fewer kids, as if its their civic duty to keep this shit show going.  Hey, heres the answer right in front of your face... at least for those who have some pride and see themselves as responsible for providing for their own family.

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You must have seen the front page article on YAHOO recently with a teaser of "Why Americans need to have more babies"

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70 is the new 45... now back to manning the deep fryer gramps!!

dcj98gst's picture

Baby boom getting older has some play here.

NeedleDickTheBugFucker's picture








I'm not sure what will fill the work void, more school or quicker death.

Prison Justice's picture

Hiring binge of Walmart greeters!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I've upgraded to a Wal-Mart Charmin squeezer.

<Non union, but I get to keep all that I can squeeze.>

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Perhaps part of the reason more and more people in that age group go back to school

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15 milion more 55+ age range jobs since 1990 and still climbing. 15 Million more jobs in 25-54 age range added 1990 - 2006, but half have been lost since then.

25-54 year olds just want too much pay... sarc off.


Winston Churchill's picture

Hardlly surprising really.

Didn't a survey say most US sheeple approaching retirement had less than

$10k in savings.

SS doesn't cut it,however unaffordable to the country it is.

Time to go long on bodybag manufacturers,for the coming intra generational war.

So many wars to fight,so little time.


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So if [at age 25] you got shitcanned at your DOT.BOMB job back in 1997... You only have to wait another 39 years before you'll get your old job back & be kewl again...

phat ho's picture

Hey, I'm 54 and will soon be 55. Win Win!!!

Winston Churchill's picture

After finally getting my missus to understand that the system is going to crash,

as a mathematical certaintity, she suddenly realised recently that there would be no

retirement for anyone.

No she's on at me to buy MOAR gold, after years of bitching about my 'strange' hobby.

Shame about its tragic loss(make sure you save this one NSA).

gaoptimize's picture

Lucky you.  I'll give you $5 for a pamphlet on how to convince friends and family the collapse is inevitable, as would many.  I've guided my wife through the math and shown her the dire news at least weekly.  She is still stuck somewhere between the first two Kubler-Ross stages, and the messenger is sometimes the target of her anger.

Winston Churchill's picture

As I said, its taken years.Keep at it.

Frastric's picture

This is what happens when you don't save enough; you take away jobs from the younger generation.

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It really makes you wonder what is the future for most of the youth today 16-25. Not that a college degree means much anymore, but it is true that the chance of being employed goes up quite a bit having one. With that said, probably 1/3 of the youth today will attain a college degree. Given that on average most recent college graduates are working part time jobs or very low pay full time job, it really makes one wonder what the remaining 2/3s are doing.

foodstampbarry's picture

We're working alongside you, laughing our ass off at your mtn. of debt. While you get awaken by bill collectors at 2.00 am, we're sleeping like babies...enjoy.

Critical Path's picture

No doubt you can afford $10 more worth of mac n' cheese a week, maybe the Time Warner Triple Play Bundle if you're really lucky.

francis_sawyer's picture

Serving your kids french fries on the way to the ski trip... But AT LEAST we're not unoriginal...

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i know what i was doing at that age...  yummy yummy porn, and i still managed to hold down jobs.  yes porn at work also.  

drivenZ's picture

how many more people per year are entering the 55+ group vs the 25-54 group? otherwise this chart is meaningless. 

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The writer of this article lied about no demographic reasons for why the core workforce chart looks the way it does.

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The USSA does not have a future.

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Capital Formation Multiplier Effects & Economic Migration
Here we go again; Twitter creates 3 non-tech jobs per.

 OK, so show me the capital formation. I see the monetary expansion through this employment distribution channel, but where is the capital formation on the leading edge? Oh, that’s right, the market is a forward indicator…of past replication, more monkeys on a computer, stepping on each other’s heads on the way up to the bow on the Titanic…Twitter is the preacher.

So, if you are one of these folks who fell for the company line, that money, gold, whatever is an end in of itself, and you want to get out, here is the key: whether you know it or not, you are in line in each middle class event horizon. If you don’t know it, people are cutting in front of you as you stand relatively still, with demographics. You want to move in each horizon simultaneously, with different entry points. You might enter one with a part-time job, another by going to school, and another by joining some group, for example. As you traverse the queues, you watch for an exit gate in each, until you have completed your ladder, your key.

 Each event horizon has its lottery winners, which induces local participation at the exclusion of others, but the winners are all robots. If they fail to adhere to the program, it’s over the cliff, along with all the robot followers. The winners ignore all else to cut in line with each iteration, until they become the warden, the guy in the Zoot suit, I got mine, you get yours. I’m at the Hilton, smoking a Camel, what else, and kid asks me for a smoke, before wanting to run off. I tell him to stick around awhile. He says not in front of the Apocalypse. Crack me up.

If you are the policeman that has been collecting rental properties, in bumb-f-Egypt, like Fireball or something, you have a red X on your forehead, which gets bigger every time the gun hoarders watch you evict somebody, or send another innocent kid to see the Beast. You might want to choose a different course of action. If things go perfectly well, all will be well, but the probability of that occurrence is very close to nil, and do to the implicit nature of empire TV, there will be nowhere to hide when the time comes.