"Price Per Ounce" In Context

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When it comes to commodities priced "per ounce", the two most quoted products are silver, and of course gold. But in a broader context are these prices a lot or little? How do some other less known commodities stack up to the world's two most precious metals. Here are the prices for a wide universe of other compounds which are also priced on a "per ounce" basis...

  • Copper: $0.24
  • Silver: $33
  • Beluga caviar: $345
  • Gold: 1,700
  • Carbon 60: $2,495
  • Cocaine: $4,791
  • Namibian uncut rough diamonds: $98,490
  • Plutonium Oxide: $165,500
  • Soliris (anemia drug): $533,000
  • Human eggs: $157 trillion

That said, we doubt any of the above have the wealth and capital preservation capabilities of those two most popular shiny metallic objects which may or may not be edible, but have survived the rise and fall of nearly 3000 paper currencies over the ages.

Source: Wired

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francis_sawyer's picture

You're not paying for the sex... You're paying for them to LEAVE when the sex is thru...

gaoptimize's picture

That is not a criticism of them or the sex, but of you.  I would be lucky to have a family with any woman I'd be attracted enough to pay for sex with.

vato poco's picture

Ahhh, gaoptimize, your Hallmark Channel Comment does my cynical heart good. Just from what you wrote, I can tell you with 95%+ certainty that you're either young, or naive, or both. But don't you let it bother you, pard: Life its Ownself will pound that nonsensical pablum/fairy tale philosophy out of you in due time.

GMadScientist's picture

"WTF? Cocaine is 5k/oz?"

Uncut, baby...don't be steppin' on my-yayo.

financial apocalyptic contagion's picture

The only thing i regularly buy in ounces is pot and that didn't make the list WTF

francis_sawyer's picture

Eggs were at $157 Trillion... So then ~ How much is SPERM worth... I need to know... So I can like say "babe ~ I'm delivering, at least, a couple hundred mil [in value] on your face"... See how exciting the proposition becomes when money is involved?...

Note: Ladies ~ francis_sawyer is not trying to be misogynistic here... I'm simply pointing out the absurdity of it all...

Jena's picture

Ease of delivery, Francis.  Eggs are harder to ripen and retrieve.  Sperm not so complicated.  And there are always plenty of those "young, dumb and fulla cum" kinda guys to volunteer.


Note:  Gentlement:  I am NOT discounting the value of your contribution, I'm just pointing out the differences in procuring the substance under discussion.

francis_sawyer's picture

Jena... Thank you for that... All francis_sawyer is ever really interested in is a VALID perspective on a subject [which you provided]... Anonymous RED ARROWS don't help much... In the end, you're prolly right on this subject... Therefore ~ I honor your contribution [& IN FACT, I believe it to be true]... Eggs, in nature, are immesurably more valuable than sperm [though in the end ~ nature requires BOTH]...

That's the BEAUTY of it all... Innt it?

Jena's picture

I don't know about immeasurably more valuable, because as you say nature does require both.  And I hope it is always thus.  Despite the problems we have now, if either sex ever figures out how to do without the other it will lead to all sorts of worse problems.


(Also agree on the pointlessness of anonymous red arrows.)


Jendrzejczyk's picture

"...if either sex ever figures out how to do without the other it will lead to all sorts of worse problems."

Vast majority of gays and lesbians I have met are financially secure and relatively happy.

Just sayin'.

Jena's picture

Oh, of course there is that.  Plenty of non-reproductive heterosexual types do just fine, too. 

I meant for the propogation of the species.

Burticus's picture

Prices are astronomical in all industries financed or prohibited by gubmint, like sick care, university education and natural recreational drugs.

If left to free enterprise competition with no gubmint meddling, people might take responsibility for their own health, whiff would probably be 500 FeRNs an ounce rather than 5,000, weed would grow free in back yards, a million stupents would not be a trillion FeRNs in debt, and a million 'murkins who never hurt anyone would not be kidnap victims living in cages.

StychoKiller's picture

Hmm, what about truffles and saffron?

Ratscam's picture

1 gram of white truffle in italy is running at about 30-40 euros this year

slaughterer's picture

My dealer could not get any white truffles this season.  Had to settle for the far inferior black ones.  

Fuh Querada's picture

COMEX prices of course. Regulated by the CFTC.

Xibalba's picture

Weed didn't make it? 

ReeferMac's picture

At a buck-twenty and ounce for commercial? Nah... Maybe the good stuff, but even that rarely gets above 300.

salami_tsunami's picture

I dunno where you live, but in NYC an oz of premium sour diesel can easily top $500


/if you're a sucker

//but still, people buy it

malikai's picture

500 bux? That's about what, the fine levied for selling a 32oz drink..?

lasvegaspersona's picture

human egg...you know...bankers caviar...yuk

john39's picture

bankers and royals prefer small children, it's what their master demands afterall.

Manthong's picture

If you think about it, the financialists have forward sold the next few generations.. that’s many billions of embryos (that survive the eugenics policy).

They can’t hypothecate the humans too far into the future though because the inevitable revolution will occur once absolutely everybody loses absolutely everything.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

So what's the proper ettiquette, do you serve them on crackers?

A Lunatic's picture

No, on the freshly cut foreskins of babies............

BLOTTO's picture

Purple Kush

$240 an oz


Ont, CA


Also, a great hedge;)


Im baked

kaiserhoff's picture

That's cheating.  You can't grow gold;)

Dr. Richard Head's picture

But it does prove that some forms of money do indeed grow on trees.

lemonobrien's picture

medical weed is 400+ an ounce

trader1's picture

and you can eat it...along with some fatty substance of course

Fedaykinx's picture

i remember when an ounce of good weed in my area was worth more than an ounce of gold.  it actually wasn't that long ago.

TN Jed's picture

$240?  WTF!  Try $500 in FL.  Hmmmm, do you have a Winnebago? 

BLOTTO's picture

Yea, i heard many moons ago the prices you guys pay for chronic in the US...avg like $300-$400 an oz...is really 'high.'


In Canada, $240 is expensive - but you get the tasty sweet buds of joy for it... Usually its $200 an oz.


This is from med dispensary for those with legit license...and if your close to Niagara,NY, come for a drive over:)

O.G.Kush – Dinafem $8.50 (per g)
Sweet Deep Grapefruit – Dinafem $7.50
Moby Dick – Dinafem $8.50
Critical Jack – Dinafem $8.00
Critical Kush - Barneys   $8.00
Pineapple Chunk – Barneys $7.50



ReeferMac's picture

Yeah, but that's a Metric Ounce, it's not the same... Gotta multiply by 2.45, or divide, or something like that.

pods's picture

You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France? 

salami_tsunami's picture

an ethiopian with a yeast infection

Jendrzejczyk's picture

Possibly the most vile comment I've read on ZH. +10, carry on.

SilverRhino's picture

That was disgusting as hell.   

Well done. +10

WmMcK's picture

And an Ethiopian with 3 dogs is a rancher.

knukles's picture

Ah, Jules and Vince at it again....

Royale with Cheese....

TN Jed's picture

I gotta get new friends or a cheaper firewall.

pods's picture

C99 in NC, bout $250 per z.


Disenchanted's picture



High quality weed in Indiana...Avg. $338/oz




Damn! That's a hell of a lot more than I used to pay back in the day($35/oz "Columbian Gold")


This was the big deal back then in my locale: http://www.erowid.org/library/books/images/sinsemilla_tips.jpg

Flakmeister's picture

It is also a helluva lot better...

GubbermintWorker's picture

Yeah, more THC and no stems or seeds that you don't need.

francis_sawyer's picture

Cancer cure (THC) = PRICELESS...

Amagnonx's picture

I'm not convinced its the THC that cures cancer - I think its something else in the hemp, so increased THC varieties arent as good for curing cancer.  However - it also has an effect on the mind after long term use, it tends to make people think for themselves and be more skeptical - in my opinion, that is the main reason it is illegal - the fact it cures cancer is also a reason.


PS: Most people probably dont know that the effects above are scientifically documented by several very reputable scientists.  Pot cures cancer, and makes you question authority - obviously a very bad drug.