"Price Per Ounce" In Context

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When it comes to commodities priced "per ounce", the two most quoted products are silver, and of course gold. But in a broader context are these prices a lot or little? How do some other less known commodities stack up to the world's two most precious metals. Here are the prices for a wide universe of other compounds which are also priced on a "per ounce" basis...

  • Copper: $0.24
  • Silver: $33
  • Beluga caviar: $345
  • Gold: 1,700
  • Carbon 60: $2,495
  • Cocaine: $4,791
  • Namibian uncut rough diamonds: $98,490
  • Plutonium Oxide: $165,500
  • Soliris (anemia drug): $533,000
  • Human eggs: $157 trillion

That said, we doubt any of the above have the wealth and capital preservation capabilities of those two most popular shiny metallic objects which may or may not be edible, but have survived the rise and fall of nearly 3000 paper currencies over the ages.

Source: Wired

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DAMN IT!!!...


I just squeezed out a human egg after a night of popping Tums like breath mints.

Shouldn't have flushed...

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This is straight from this month's Wired magazine. Source!

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I only deal in kilos bitchez!

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I forget who said this or maybe it was from a movie:

Their are two types of dealers.


One that needs a forklift...and one that doesn't.


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How much does the TRUTH cost?

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no buyers.... everybody is buying the hopium which costs nothing

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In the end, buying the hopium costs everything.

merizobeach's picture

Yeah, 'hopium futures' are not traditional options: the cost of the hopium is your future.

Gazooks's picture

..yeah, or try to find an oz of decency in on K Street.

NotApplicable's picture

Given the scarcity, I think you'll need a few more streets. As for the price, astronomical sounds about right.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Bullwinkle Moose's picture

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

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It's on the discount shelf, right alongside courage and justice.

Alpo for Granny's picture

I didnt see hard drive space or paper on that list...

e-man's picture

I didn't see any politicians on that list...

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

That's because they're a dime a dozen. Sorry, should have posted it before.

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Hey, where are you getting discount PuO2?  $5,840/g x 31.1g/ozt = $181,645/ozt sans shipping...

e-man's picture

I think there was a fire sale in Japan or something...

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So gold and silver are not edible, while human eggs are.  Does that mean earning one's "red wings" is a profitable endeavor?

Alpo for Granny's picture

Ahhh the good old days when I had my cycles...

Sudden Debt's picture

list up the rare earths and that will show you how fucked up silver is if you compair it to the mining.

But if you look at it, I should also start thinking about keeping some female humans in a shack in my yard for the eggs of course...
think about it... 1 ounce and you pay down the US debt 10 times over... the offical number that is...

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All ounces are not created equal.  One ounce Rosane Barr is not equal to one ounce of Cindy Crawford. 

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Why are human eggs more expensive than caviar?  They taste the same.

Sudden Debt's picture

you catch the Beluga with a fishing line and a worm....
for the human eggs, you need a golden ring, a wedding and a lifetime of insults and you only get 2 chance a year to harvest them... on your birthday and on newyears eve...

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the dude would disagree...

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My wife says that I am extremely valuable.

Sudden Debt's picture

so you took that 2 million life insurrance he?.....
I'd start eating my food straight from a tin can if I where you...

pupton's picture

Human Eggs are very valuable per ounce.  Meanwhile a manload of baby batter is worth about $10 an ounce.  Hell, some guys will pay you to "take it off their hands"...

edifice's picture

Salsa... Through nostrils... Ouch...

Thanks for the LOL. :)

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oh great. Now I got the first verse of Jethro Tull's "Thick As A Brick" in my head. thanks a lot.

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Fuck, I need a woman farm to harvest eggs from.

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When gold hits 5000 an ounce it will be priced in grams. Enjoy as long as it lasts.

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That's an interesting take.

Probably true.

seek's picture

$315 Billion in AU, that's a lot of ounces: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTtf5s2HFkA


devo's picture

Copper is too cheap.


francis_sawyer's picture

No shit... U can make a lot of moonshine stills at that price if u're decent at welding...

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How about Cambodian breast milk?


I only drink the finest breast milk

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A critical drug and 3 metals.  Then some poisons, rocks, and eggs.  No aliens are going to help us.  No wonder they watch and do nothing.  

Darkness's picture


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Visine is $1,021 per gallon

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$1,149.44 per gallon of Clear Eyes, which works WAYYYYYYY better.

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anyone got the correlation for price of visine (or clear eyes) to the price of weed?

edifice's picture

Long physical women. How would one stack women, though?

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What's street POT up to-like 80?

conspicio's picture

Hypothecating and rehypothecating cocaine...now there is a market for some enterprising inner city streetcorner youth or trustafarian club slut.

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Is there NOBODY


who noticed what "Evian" is backwards?

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Really, the price of crude per ounce should be there too.