Egypt's Morsi Rescinds "Dictatorial" Decree

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Update: As expected, there is a "but" ... From the WSJ:

But the new declaration preserves next Saturday as the date of a referendum on a divisive proposed constitution, skirting a key demand of Mr. Morsi's opponents.


Selim Al Awa, a former presidential candidate and one of the lead negotiators between Mr. Morsi and his opponents, announced the new declaration in a news conference just past midnight on Sunday morning.


It still seemed unlikely that Mr. Morsi's partial climbdown would satisfy liberal-leaning politicians.


Their opposition to Mr. Morsi and his Nov. 22 declaration set off the worst constitutional crisis to afflict Egyptian politics in decades.


But it may ease tensions on the restive streets of Egypt's capital, where fighting between secularists and Islamists killed six people in the past week.


Mr. Morsi's new declaration maintains the accelerated timeline for adopting Egypt's new constitution, defying his opponents' complaints that Saturday's referendum would railroad through an Islamist-tinged constitution.


The concession marks only a mild sacrifice for Mr. Morsi, say the president's mostly liberal critics, because the power-expanding decree had already prevented Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court from dissolving the constitutional drafting committee.

* * *

While this still has to be confirmed by official Egyptian sources, both Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya are reporting that in what may be a first time in history, a "temporary" dictator - Egypt's Mohamed Morsi - has decided to end his temporary status and become one of the ordinary people again, having rescinded the much maligned decree giving him sweeping powers that brought the country to the edge of civil war and martial law less than two years after the Arab Spring removed Hosni Mubarak from decades of Egyptian rule.

From AFP:

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Saturday annulled a decree he issued last month expanding his powers, an official told a Cairo news conference.


"The constitutional decree is annulled from this moment," said Selim al-Awa, an Islamist politician acting as spokesman of a meeting Morsi held earlier with other political leaders.


A referendum on a draft constitution would however still go ahead as planned on December 15, Awa said, explaining that constitutionally Morsi was unable to change the date.


The two issues -- the decree and the referendum -- were at the heart of anti-Morsi protests that have rocked Egypt in the past two weeks.


The controversial decree issued November 22 had put Morsi's decisions beyond judicial review -- a high-handed measure fiercely denounced as dictatorial by the opposition.


Opposition leaders demanded it be rescinded and the referendum be scrapped before they entered into any dialogue with Morsi to calm a crisis which exploded into street clashes this week that left seven people dead and hundreds injured.


Egypt's powerful military on Saturday warned Morsi and the opposition to sit down for talks, otherwise it would take steps to prevent a "disastrous" degradation of the situation.

Of course, we wouldn't be surprised if this update is promptly reversed shortly with yet another decree the rescinds the rescission, or is found to have been merely speculative and hopeful hearsay.

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TruthInSunshine's picture

Morsillini just tweeted:


# I forgot the /sarc tag earlier. Just drinking Moët & chillin' in the palace.

knukles's picture

What a pussy.
Fuck him.............


That's what happens when he thinks his successor is a non-natural born Egyptian with a doctored Kenyan birth certificate ... or something.



Yen Cross's picture

 knuckles I have a lot of respect for you. Quit playing in the past. The guy is a " chocolate starfish", and lets move foreward/

  A tune for you, from Limp Bizkit/   Limp Bizkit - Take a Look Around (Theme from Mission Impossible 2) - YouTube

knukles's picture

Oh, OK YenX....
I just gotta bug up my ass with all the BullShite.
Not that I didn't see it coming, fully expected it, knew for sure, figured it was gonna be Bad, Real Bad....
Just fed the fuck up with it all.
So, my angst assuages itself with a needs to rub it in once and a while.

But you're indeed correct.
Time to move on.

Time for a new paradigm.....

"It's Obama's Fault"

Many thanks, amigo....

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Wrong fellas.  Since we are in a ZH No BullShite Zone:


It`s all George Bush`s fault!

Yen Cross's picture

Gen what? You have a plug where? Relax "Joe Hardcore" , I'm on your side.  Take a breath, my Friends in Cali. say it's socked in/

  We aren't that far apart in age.

 Both the " Moon beam " Browns come to mind!

Yen Cross's picture

Spanish Liquors/ Cinzano in a snifter/  TIS you are a "Peace Maker"  /- }

bobthehorse's picture

Morsi's toast.

His bearded Muslim head is gonna look good on a stick.

This year, the Arab Spring shall move to Europe.

Get ready for the global bread riot.

knukles's picture

Nothuin' like a head on a stick to focus the mind

Freddie's picture

Notice how the NWO puts these islamo facists in a suit and sends them to a USA university for communist training.   Chase these Muslim Bro Hood f**ks out of Egypt and back to home base in chicago.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

It`s called having your ObamaCake and Egypt too.

(and no, I have not been drinking...)

knukles's picture

+ bazillion


As Jules says to Vince in the last scenes of Pulp Fiction in the Diner... "It's like an alcoholic's moment of clarity..."

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Like a Muslim eating a piece of bacon, it's a true moment of clarity.

Yen Cross's picture

Nothing, and focus on this ( one small smidgeon) of Q1 2013 guidance/

 Channel stuffing 101/

CPL's picture

He's already dead.  You would think a dictator would be sitting there pounding on a desk on camera in a bunker somewhere.


Anyone seen a picture of the man in a week other than stock AP news wire shit where the EXIF data isn't 2011?  nope.jpg.

nodhannum's picture

Trust me!  I wouldn't recind the recission...Not until I get the armed forces all lined up.

CPL's picture

Not until he goes on camera, timestamps his fat man tits and sticks a sharpie in his pooper in broad daylight with the head of the other political parties on camera and about two hundred live streams of it happening.


Again, nobody thinks he's alive.

F. Bastiat's picture

Folks tend to forget that the Arab Spring was intended to be a model for the "Occupy" domestic insurrection conjured up by Andrew Stern and fomented by the bastard son of Frank Marshall Davis.

Of the 27 offenses submitted to a candid world in the Declaration, the regime of the bastard son of Frank Marshall Davis has committed at least seven. Plus others, new ones.

knukles's picture

And so for the first fucking time without recourse, we can unequivocably say.......


"It's Obama's Fault"

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get ZH to tweet and it will trend #ItsObamasFault

knukles's picture


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

It´s all George Bush´s fault!!!

Just ask NancyPee and AlGee......

booboo's picture

or just perhaps he wanted to out and identify his opposition leadership. This ain't over. Thuggery 101

Yen Cross's picture

  If the Egyptians were smart.  They would overrun everything, and force the Military to submit, or wage full on control of that country!

  Egypt is huge, and vast! Take over all access to ports, and communications from the military, and demand a (council of your peers) to sort out your differences/

Freddie's picture

I think the Egyptian Army is more honorable than O/Valerie Jarrent America's Irianian President/Hillary/NWO/Pritzker/Crown/et al Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qeada stooges. 

I think the Egyptian people have more stones than brainwashed American idiots watching propagaanda in HD and the cowardly Pentagon.   I hope the Egyptian people and Army chase this vermin out of Egypt and back to Chicago.

Yen Cross's picture

This ain't the Hillary crowd/ This is a buch of pissed off fed up locals!

 several million of them/ Egypt 86 million people.  20 million want Freedom/ 20 million are old/ 20 million are going to the Hague if they don't comply, for "war crimes"! BITCHEZ

Freddie's picture

?  Hillary's crowd is O's crowd which is Muzzie Bro Hood/Al Qeada.  O is the head of Al Qeada now.  I am all for the Egyptian people to chase this NWO/USSA/Rahm/Axelroid/Crown/Pritzker/Chicago-IslamoFacist scum out of Egypt.

People power.

Yen Cross's picture

 Freddie you are excited. {understandably}  Take those thoughts and make them (legible).

 You are a smart z/h contributor.


Freddie's picture

Thanks. :-)  Sorry.  I am really wound up.  I really hope the Egyptian people stop this evil scum.  It is great seeing brave people stand up to evil vermin.  Hopefully they are seeing through all the lies. 

The best sign was one fellow saying we don't want your Obama dictator or something like that. 

Meanwhile back in O Land aka the Home of The Free (free Obamaphone) - the sheep stumble towards slaughter.  :-( 

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Hey Freddie!

Why would we want all the scum (O, HC, Morsi, Jarrett, Nancy P, Al Gore, Harry Reid -- my fingers tire...) here, even in Chicago?  Let´s send them all to Egypt or Somalia... 


Jena's picture

Please.  Don't forget Susan Rice.  I know she's an underling but she has plenty of blood on her hands.

Yen Cross's picture

Girls will be girls/ Well done Jena ;-)

DCFusor's picture

Why do you keep leaving out Barney Frank?  If you're going to pick someone to blame things on, he's right up there.

jekyll island's picture

The Egyptians are hungry because food is so expensive and unemployment is over 20%.  That is why they are demonstrating.  In the US, you get a check.  

F. Bastiat's picture

Ditched my cable service, got rid of my TV in 2006.  Good riddance.

rsnoble's picture

Just another example of the elite trying to rush ahead for the kill without taking the time for their evil plan to work and knowing it's a race against time.  Those rioters should just attempt to steal guns and shoot the motherfucker in the face.

Freddie's picture


Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qeada are NWO/CFR/Bilderburger/Hope & Change stooges.

HQ is in Europe and Chicago and probably Riyahd.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 10

Forward, Stooges! Forward to HQ!

XOFnews's picture

Breaking News: Record number of military go AWOL.

Freddie's picture

Where?  Egypt or President Valerie Jarret (the Iranian slumlord c*nt from chicago) of the USSA?

When the SHTF - hopefully the military will know who's side to be on.

john39's picture

military men are "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy.- Henry Kissinger

Yen Cross's picture

I'll bet you were young dumb and full of cum @ 18 JOHN39?

john39's picture

certainly.... but that piece of garbage kissinger was talking about the generals.

Yen Cross's picture

 Robert Mc Namara comes to mind. That was another piece of trash/

nmewn's picture

Trust me, I'll pull out.

Yen Cross's picture

 You> DeNiro to Ben Stiller.  You, I have my eyes on you.

nmewn's picture

Hey, you talkin to me? Huh, you talkin to me?!?! ;-)