Santelli: "All They're After Is Your Bucks!"

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It seems that there are more than just tin-foil-hat-wearing fringe blogs that have decided to take up the truthiness hunt as CNBC's Rick Santelli exposes the 'fibbing' in statistics that has become more than mainstream thinking. From the 35% 'untruth' of the Clinton-era tax cuts and wage rates (with no explcit wealth assessment and a total ignorance of inflation) to the 75% 'untruth' of the millionaires-and-billionaires tax when it's really on salaries opver $250k; Santelli's blood pressure reaches mercurial levels as he exclaims that Middle Class America should pay attention: How do we expect honesty in negotiation when they're fibbing about truths to such an extent, "all they're after isn't fixing the economy, it's your bucks!" A refreshing three-minute glimpse of reality on a quiet day...

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actually it's 80% lie as its 200k on individuals.

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MDB: Interviews with average Americans

What do average Americans want from their government?

Lucy Johnson, age 60, CT

"I want my government to take care of the old. Times are tough, and my generation is suffering. It's time the young in this country learned to take care of the generation that made this country great. Social security, Medicare and old age benefits take care of the basics, but these programs just aren’t enough. I don't have any savings and I and many others are relying on the young to chip in and give something back to the generation that raised them and gave them everything they have today. Young people are spoiled today – they need to be taught some personal responsibility. "

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Welcome to America or as it will be known - Japan Jr.

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Um,. Rick..

Fibs don’t wreck lives and destroy economies and nations..  lies, fraud and grand evil does.

You are not dealing with well-intentioned fibs.

Get it right.

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small traders like Rick are all about bucks.....


government elites are about power. power over your happiness. they have decided to fuck with upper salaried professionals now that they are bored raping the lower and middle income.

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Lucy, If you cant find Fancy Feast on sale eat your cats. 

Bottom line is:


“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

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Wow, the cold, hard, hand of reality is about to slap that old bitch upside the head!  Nobody gives a shit about the generation that made this country great. By the way, if it is so damn great, why is it circling the drain?  And why didn't Lucy bother to put any money away for herself?

Old people robbing young people is about to come to a hard stop for basic economic reasons--if you can't feed yourself, you sure as shit aren't going to feed some stranger with their hand out.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

"Why didn't Lucy bother to put any money away for herself"

You make it sound so easy. Not everybody is a millionare who can just spend freely without having to worry about where the next dollar comes from. It's easy for you to criticize Lucy for not saving for her retirement, but the truth is some people have it hard, and don't have many oportunities. That's why politicians are elected: to level out the playing field and create a more equal society.

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I guess to her, life must be good enough to continue her fight to survive.

STFU or die.

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MDB, you need to stop.  I'm pissing myself.  You are the ZH Troll Catcher!!!

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Straight up Norwegian Troll Hunter.

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Yeah, Lucy is 60, she's a baby boomer, she really had it tough. The depression, WW2, oh, wait, she was born in 1952. How's that peace and love stuff working out Lucy? Maybe you can head to a commune and share costs.

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Your sarcasm is noted, and particularly acid.  Congratulations on that.  With regard to your underlying message, a non-cynical observer might hold that policitians are elected to act in the best interests of the entire country.  I would suggest it is not naive, per se, to demand such from politicians, but it is probably naive to expect it generally.  However, all politicians are not equally mendacious.  Upon careful observation, one might observe signs of below-average mendacity in some politicians.  One might even dare to hope that such politicians accumulate enough influence to broadly affect policy for the benefit of all.  Beyond that it is probably not safe to venture.

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You have to be a millionaire to spend less than you make in a year? That's called savings... make $85k just spend $75k.. pretty simple !

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Why didn't she put money away?

Well, she could have been an idiot. Or she could have just fallen for any new car, house or appliance that got coughed up and onto a TV commercial. Or she could have just been broke ass all her life. Not everyone can have a job that makes them money, enough to live on and put away. The charts that have popped up on ZH today have shown that a lot of jobs are being created today are part time make work shit with no future. Those jobs weren't as prevelant during the 80's when she was younger, but they existed. As for buying shiny crap pitched from the tv, a lot of that crap powered the economy and made the numbers look better. Without idiot spending and without the fraud we couldn't have seen the boom.

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Is this justification for confiscatory taxation by the feds? Because they know best right?

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No, it sounds to me like a defense of the less well-off from the prejudice of the rich.  Less well-off people are not uniformly lazy, stupid, or reprobate.  For example, Lucy might have contracted a rare disease, for which the treatment cost 5 million dollars.  Lucy might even have been more modestly affluent, having saved money her entire life, and might have been wiped out by a mere breast cancer treatment.  These days, people frequently get expensive ailments long before they have to die, and they survive the illness only to struggle onward in destitution and die in penury.  Let us not be hasty judges in our youth, only to be indicted by our own judgments in our old age.

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Strawman!!...Strawman!!...come and get your Strawman!!

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Lucy may have won the lottery, and spent it all on a sex change operation, decided she did not like being a man, and got another sex change operation back to a woman. Or, she may have taken a trip to Vegas and lost it all on a bet on number 32. Or she may have blown it all on a giant cheese mountain that rotted in the sun. You can make up anything you like about Lucy. Facts are, she should have been putting away money for the future and not relying upon forced extraction of the wealth of her compatriots to see to her needs. We are all for charity, but theft is not charity. No matter what her condition, please tell me the moral basis for demanding anything from anyone.

And by the way, I made $2.50 on my first job (my employer was paying me below minimum wage, but I was also underage and needed the money), and even then, I saved part of it, and have done so my entire life, dipping into my savings when I really needed to pay debts freely incurred, or buy necessities. I am such a sucker. Actually, no, it's Lucy who is the sucker; a blood sucking leach on the accumulated wealth of society.

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Hey she kept moving the football every time Charlie Brown was going kick it, I say she gets what she deserves. And what about all that money she made from her illegal Psychology practice?

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Old people robbing young people is about to come to a hard stop for basic economic reasons--if you can't feed yourself, you sure as shit aren't going to feed some stranger with their hand out.

Why not? Its been going on for nearly 50 years. The difference now is people are taking notice. They are the minority paying for it, but they have pulled their heads out and sniffed some clean air for a change.


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I wish I could tell Lucy to her face that I wouldn't give her a dollar.  She didn't raise me - my parents did.  And they're the only ones who should get any money from me.

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Did you go to public school? Were your parents the only one who paid school taxes?

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We all pay taxes towards education, whether we have childern or not, whether they utilize public education or not. Even the people who are counted on to be paying taxes to subsidize the lifestyles of retirees are paying taxes towards funding education at the same time.

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"paying taxes to subsidize the lifestyles of retirees"? Are you referring to Social Security? Which ran at a SURPLUS for the vast majority of its' existence, was intended as a TRUST (hence the term entitlement, as in I ALREADY PAYED FOR IT), which was intergrated into the Federal budget to offset excessive spending, using the SURPLUS as a credit. Fuck you, fuck those who want to STEAL MY TRUST MONEY that I payed into for 30 years. Fuck you.

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The federal government stole your money, spent it, and left a bunch of IOUs in it's place.  If you "want it back", they are going to have to steal even more from other people to do it.

You might be okay with that, but I'm not.

boogerbently's picture

Here's why all you "screw the retirees" get no respect.

You are saying it's OK to steal from us, but NOT OK to steal from you.

When what you SHOULD be saying is it's not OK to steal.

As far as the "stolen money" goes, why don't we defund the programs using my retirement $$$ rather than my retirement.

You guys really need to see the error of your thinking on this subject, before they come for you.

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You're harboring from a misconception, though: "Social Security" was never a trust.  It's always been a system of taking taxes and giving the money to old folks. It was "marketed" as a trust to make selling it more appealing, but that was just PR.

I don't fault anyone for having that misconception if they've never actually looked into how things work, but if you're reading these articles and posting comments here you really MUST KNOW by now that there's no "fund."

Social Security is an entitlement program that exists by FIAT.  It has already been changed several times.  It will be changed again.  Your use of the word "stealing" is predicated on a false assumption.  Sorry 'bout that.

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Just face it - the money is GONE.  Spent.  Poof!  Taking from the next generation to right the crime against you only makes another victim.  I've been paying into SS for 40 years, and I have no illusions on how much my SS check will be.  I'll also be damned before I support plundering future generations to make up for the funding gap.

We were taken advantage of by the government because some believed Gov't would be a more honest steward than themselves.  I look at it as a positive thing for future generations.  The Epic level of fucking over that is coming to the boomers should burn into the minds of the young on how trustworthy Gov't is.  For a generation or two anyway.  It's kinda wierd, but I take great solice in that knowledge.

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Time to bail out, then:

                                                         Jxx Sxxx
                                                   c/o postal service address:
                                                    1234 Main St.
                                               Anytown, Mxxx CF5xxx-xxxxCF

                                                       Social Security Acct.
                                                       No. xxx-xx-xxxx

                              December 7, 2012

Commissioner of Social Security
Social Security Administration
6401 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

RE:  Notice & Praecipe, Power of Attorney Cancellation & Divestment.


You will please take notice that I recently discovered: 1) that there is a power of attorney Consent attached to the above-numbered social security account and;

2) that there are certain purely political liabilities and obligations attached to said account which, if either of these two facts had been fully disclosed to me at the time I was induced to authorize the opening of said account in my name, would have most definitely dissuaded me from doing so.  It is my further understanding that the power of attorney aspect is not and never was necessary to the performance of the contract between the parties to said social security account.  For these reasons and on that basis, I am hereby repudiating, nunc pro tunc, the said power of attorney Consent effective the date of opening of said account.  Said power of attorney, whether general, limited, or implied, is hereby expressly withdrawn and reserved until further notice.

You will please take further notice that I am most displeased with the gross mismanagement of the social security trust funds by an irresponsible Congress who have depleted the same to a state of insolvency.  Prudence dictates that I must therefore and do hereby Declare void any and all forms, cards, documents and Instruments bearing my signature which may evidence my Consent and authorization in connection with the said social security account.  I renounce all association with the political person bearing my name and disclaim and and all the purported benefits, liabilities and obligations attached to the said person in conncetion with said account.  I will attend to and provide for my own old age support by alternative Private means.

You will also forthwith please notify and and all interested parties of this Elector status change and action as well as direct/order that all forms, cards, documents and Instruments bearing my signature in connection with said account be amended to well and truly reflect this change.  No answer to this instruction is required, but acknowledgement of compliance would be appreciated.  In the event you are unable or unwilling to comply with this instruction, I shall alternatively require of you evidence of your Article VI Oath of Fidelity as well as the policy number and name and address of the underwriter of your Bond.


                                             Jxx Sxxn, Mxxx Elector

   cc: file

Mail the original to the MIFWIC using a certificate of mailing.  Keep a copy along with the certificate of mailing.  You're also going to have to place your state and local authorities as well as the general public on notice of this change so they may have opportunity to adjust to this new state of affairs.  Have your County Clerk record into the misc. records your originally-signed letter.  Retrieve the original letter and send it to the Feds.

Saro's picture

When did I ever say that it was okay for them to steal from anyone? 

I said that it was not okay to steal from the current generation merely because they stole from the previous one.  If a man robs me at gunpoint in an alley way, I am not justified in sticking around that alley to rob the next person who comes through in the name of "getting my money back".

devo's picture

So you're comparing a Federal crime to paying into social security, and this is supposed to rile up our moral compass? Good one.

boogerbently's picture

You guys are 0 for 3.


It is YOU that are laboring under a (convenient) misconception. SS was a separate fund, set aside for the SOLE purpose of paying us back. The fund was SO well designed, it had a HUGE surplus. The DC crooks moved it to the "general fund" so they could pillage it.


Boomers won't be F'd over, there's too many of us and we VOTE. (and it is our money, we paid it in)

I don't care if the "next" generation has to pay for me, because (judging from the comments here) they don't care if I get cheated. We'll see if they have any more luck NOT getting screwed than we did.


The logic of your "alley robbery" analogy is flawed. You're saying robbery isn't wrong, just robbing YOU is wrong. You WILL pay for me, and we'll see if you have any better luck making these crooked politicians behave. Remember, your kids will blame you for allowing obamacare. Wait until you see how much THAT costs us.....YOU. (That law was passed on YOUR watch)




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Look, I understand if you are pissed off about the government looking at cutting SS but even you have to acknowledge that FedGov has been looting that pile of money for several decades now. 

In truth, what has happened is that for several decades, everyone turned a blind eye when the government was spending their SS money on that year's budget.  You, and by you, I mean your generation was responsible with ensuring that the government wasn't doing that...but your generation let it happen.  I knew back in the early 90's that SS was fucked and just figured that I would not count on that money.  Why didn't you know that?  I was 20 years old at that time.

And as far as SS goes, it is just a pay as you go system.  There is no trust fund.  It just goes to the general fund and is just another tax.  I've known that for over 20 years.  Why don't you know that?

If the government used GAAP accounting, the public would know that the real deficit is currently running over 5 trillion dollars EVERY year. 

So, if you think the younger generation even has the ability to fund your retirement, think again.  I'll be looking out for me and mine.  I suggest you do the same.  If you're pissed, go yell at current and former legislators.

The_Dude's picture

Trusts have a finite capital are asking for an perpetual payment until you die that will likely far exceed the pricipal + interest generated.

It is more appropriately represented as a Ponzi that we are all forced to participate it.  We will all loose when it collapses.

You disgustingly would like to perpetuate the ponzi longer as you think you will benefit from it more in the long run and have no moral qualm about stealing from the younger generations....

devo's picture

The government loves that the middle class are fighting with one another about SS, as it takes focus off them. If we'd all ban together and disband SS they, along with the wealthy, would love it. People who want to disband the program without restitution are either govt employees disguised, or the Koch brothers' propaganda got into their head at some point. Now they're on a so-called morally enlightened mission where they can't steal from their neighbors (i.e. the next generation). Give me a break.

Real message: disband it if we must, but those who paid in demand restitution (e.g. land, resources, vacant home, gold reserves, etc).

Dixie Frank's picture

As you write, there IS no trust.  Wasn't it sometime in the early 70's the SS funding and payment mechanism was moved to the general fund?  Ever since then the SS "surplus" has been spent by CONgress and the President's signature via the federal budget: 40ish years.  My parents are both 64.  They started collect SS at 62 because they don't believe it is going to be around much longer.  My point to them, and they agree, it's the boomers fault.  The largest voting block in our nations history-the boomers-let the government spend every penny of their SS surplus for 40 years.  My folks admit, they just weren't paying attention.  donsluck, good luck sir, SS isn't going to last too much longer.

boogerbently's picture

Despite all your whining, you WILL pay because of what you stated:

"The largest voting block in our nations history-the boomers"

You will pay for us AT LEAST until you outnumber us. LOL

BTW, YOU are the generation that "idly stood by" while YOUR govt. passed the NEXT great loser social program...obamacare.

Start working on your excuses for your kids.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

You mean "start arming up and for those who will not, start emigrating"

Fixed it for you.

StychoKiller's picture

Pay attention here:  YOU are the TRUSTEE, NOT the beneficiary.

bigkahuna's picture

I do not see why people keep coming up with excuses for the feds to take yet more and more. I believe the feds are far more "wise guys" than "smart guys". If you want the feds wasting more of your money and leveraging up on it to confiscate even more massive sums from future generations, then - go for it - keep justifying it.




go on.

The_Dude's picture

Plenty of people don't go to the indoctination camps and are still forced to pay for them.

BraveSirRobin's picture

Did you buy a car? Where you the only one who paid for a car? I am completely lost to your logic.

Fact is, through property taxes, I will put very many of other people's kids through school. I do not think I have ever received even so much as a thank you note from anyone. And many I help put through school will squander the opportunity and become destructive and dangerous citizens who I will also have to support in the provision of their most basic needs, and then some, like a cell phone.

And people think they have a right to the product of my labor. I am reduced to no more than a common slave to the government and its preferred constituencies.


Chuck Walla's picture

Did you go to public school? Were your parents the only one who paid school taxes?

They all paid taxes for the greater good of an educated populace. Now, we all pay taxes for a willfully ignorant majority to live because they are, in fact, willfully ignorant.


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When are you people going to realize that MDB is simply a character that the author uses to show the absurdity of some people's positions?

 Every post of his/her's should be upvoted, and then passed over.  No one should retort his posts, it makes it seem like you're not paying attention.  


TN Jed's picture

We all make a market?  Thank god for fools.  Making life easier since dawn.

cossack55's picture

Are you so sure that you are not a ZH construct created by "the architect" (who must be Tyler Durden)?  I am becoming more convinced I am as th red pill kicks in.

sadmamapatriot's picture

I know it is Million Dollar Bonus sarcasm but I have to downvote that  shit, no matter how funny his wit is.