US Treasury Moves To 'Sell' Recommendation On AIG

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In a move that we can only presume is to provide more room in their book for some GM Fleet purchases or Twinkie benefits, the US Treasury just announced (via Bloomberg):




AIG's share price is sliding (-3.5% AH) - surprise - as the decision to liquidate 234 million shares (10x the recent daily average) into such a highly liquid market will, we are sure, be spun as nothing but positive (and a great success for Geithner et al.). Of course, unwinding the even more illiquid warrants was not on the cards. Interesting timing following the sale of AIG's ILFC unit so close behind to the Chinese.


WASHINGTON - Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that it has launched an underwritten public offering for all of its remaining 234,169,156 shares of American International Group, Inc. (AIG) common stock.


If the offering is completed, Treasury would continue to hold warrants to purchase AIG’s common stock that were also issued as part of AIG’s participation in Treasury programs.


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don't worry about the joo ceo, he got plenty

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Thanks "snark Tyler" for the update on one of the biggest financial hedge fund cockroach hotels of 2012.  If you do not think AIG is overpopulated with hedgies, you have mot done your 10 whal diving.  AIG is literally seething with hedge roaches who are now feeling the flashlight of the Treasury on their mangy carcasses.  

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AIG should be the posterboy for the bailouts.  Although it was for a quick minute it seems everyone has forgot the mess they found themselves in.

Imagine, the markets collapse and AIG along with other insurers have their levered positions underwater so bad they can not meet obligations.  Their annuities fail, then life insurence fails, bonds get blown out and rates rise (bankrupting the US government), stocks keep getting blown out, everyone loses their savings, people get their savings out of the banks....

This is why the system went into collapse and this is why Bernanke put forth the measures that JP Morgan long ago dictated to stop these runs.  Yet the collateral to stem the problem was created out of thin air, to be paid back by future generations.  Future generations that will have to deal with no growth and higher taxes.

History will show this as a failure and the ultimate can kicking, if only ex post facto, but hopefully history also shows that the collapse was created by the same banks that collapsed.  It was Clinton under NAFTA that created the neo-global growth model that killed America, and it was Clinton and his handlers Summers and Rubin that got rid of Glass-Steagall.  The wars that we have fought since WWII made us bankrupt and the fiat standard created by monetary policy made sure no one could save any money.

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Let me buy you a drink, (Consigliori) sir.

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Yes.  Nominate AIG as the posterboy.

Debt repayed.  Now the government makes a real profit from the confiscated equity.

So, what the poster should demonstrate is that the government will take any steps necessary to shaft investors.

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i think you mean the fleshlight

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Down big today and down after hours.  Looks like JPM et al got the word before the press did.


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LMAO! The U.S. Treasury is now a ratings agency? This gets better by the minute.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

They should rate their bonds Quad A.

CPL's picture

Super double plus plus Quad A-Tastic!  

...out of ten.

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It's just tax-related selling.

Bastiat's picture

Buffet's on the bid!

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Buffet will buy anything he can call a "company".

Yen Cross's picture

What really makes me have that (Don Ho) moment/ Is the [U.S. Treasury] is rating an "Insurance Company" that they partially own, after a major "Natural Disaster"  ... The hypocrisy? 
Don Ho sings "Tiny Bubbles" - Hollywood Palace 1/21/67 - YouTube


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should sell them on Groupon

greensnacks's picture

AIG has the funds to swallow this whole.

Yen Cross's picture

The U.S. Treasury has the funds to swallow this whole. Fixed it for ya/

km4's picture

Do Hedge Funds Manipulate Stock Prices? ( does a bear shit in the woods? )

benevolous's picture

Come on and enjoy! It's a Christmastime, feel-good story.


UST out of AIG at a profit.



buzzsaw99's picture

It's a hanukkka, feel-bad story.

CPL's picture

Here's some socks, eight more days.

Seasmoke's picture

Hank Greenberg wants some

yogibear's picture

Hank Greeberg also likes to do a Cleveland Steamer on the taxpayer.

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       The 'G' in AIG should stand for Geithner as he's the company's biggest benefactor...using taxpayer largesse.


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Chinese group buys AIG aircraft firm for up to $4.8 billion


Oh, but there's more on the energy side being sold too. They can't get rid of this stuff fast enough.

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one must fund executive bonus somehow

JLee2027's picture

Sell to who? The entire market it seems is APPL, and GOOG.

yogibear's picture

My, what a smelly turd. Speaking about turds, GM has been channel stuffing.

The taxpayer has become the financial sewage reclamation plant. Unfortunately the taxpayer has hit the maximum financial sewage limit. 

smart girl's picture

And they don't even have to pay more taxes next year.

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wonder if it includes all of AeyeG's intelligence files?

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Speaking of GM.

Interesting story flying under the radar.

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That would kill GM.  It might take some of the unions with it, so... meh... not such a bad thing I guess.

With all the inventory in the pipeline if GM has to pay back $30Billion, yikes!

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Treasury confirms top. 

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So, the Fed' conjures up billions to bail out AIG, then the Treasury takes over that debt (if I'm not mistaken there were some debt forgiveness points along the way though) and now all this is supposedly paid back, is that right?

Shouldn't the money that is paid back be deleted from the account since it was phoney to begin with?  Shouldn't we be reducing the dollar supply?