DoubleLine's Gundlach Shorts JPY And Prefers Gold To Stocks - Full SlideShow

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Jeff Gundlach presents his latest thoughts in the following 75-slide presentation and webcast. Briefly summing it up, he expects considerably more volatility to re-appear in Europe, thinks JPY is a short (and NKY a buy) and Japan is to be closely watched, prefers Gold to stocks as a vehicle to play more quantitative easing, and is anxious of the fiscal cliff - noting that the problem was created from years of budget deficits. Some notable quotes include: "A lot of that GDP is phony"; "Japan is really out of policy tools"; "Many countries can be net debtors if central banks are monetizing debt."

Live webcast link here.


Two of his favorite charts for the year (somewhat sadly) are:


Student debt, which is exploding, is a real problem...



And the mega chart-pack is here:

12-11-12 To Catch A Thief webcast Slides - FINAL -

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larry fink is bullish - Larry Fink: and kass just got short..... | 

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So, is he talking about gold gold, or paper gold?

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Hey Daily Bail you should pull the tape from last night's Jon Stewart show and see the explanation he gave his liberal army audience as to what the debt ceiling was. It was in the first segment.

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Are they really that clueless?

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I'm shocked by these conclusions but would not have had the patience to sit through 75 slides.

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That's funny. Reference a zerohedge slide for gold price then ensure in DRM you can't copy the URL back out. Meh. Not like I can't type & use google image search.

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Dildos.  He prefers dildos to gold to stocks.
Gotta keep shit in perspective....

(Oh the humanity of the ego....)

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So, it looks like the real estate recovery is starting while the student loan bubble is bursting.

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A few days ago we learned right here:

*** The net short-yen position is the largest in five years.  The gross short position is at levels seen only few times in the last two decades.

So chances are one of us is on the wrong side of this very crowded trade...