Meanwhile In Lansing, Michigan...

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Hours ago, the US labor union movement was dealt another crushing blow (the most recent being the recent liquidation of Hostess which left thousands of workers cold and unemployed just in time for Thanksgiving) when the Michigan legislature gave final approval to "right-to-work" restrictions on public sector unions in a state considered a stronghold of organized labor. In the meantime, over 10,000 protesters had gathered outside the legislature, chanted in the gallery, and generally expressed their displeasure quite vocally with this development that further set back labor in its endless fight against capital. As Reuters reports, "the House passed the measure making membership and payment of union dues voluntary for public sector employees such as teachers by a 58-51 vote.  The only government workers excluded would be police and fire unions. The Senate approved the same bill last week so it will now go to Republican Governor Rick Snyder, who has promised to sign it into law."

Incidentally, these same workers would be better advised to direct their anger at Chairman Bernanke who has done everything in his power in the past several years to shift the balance of power far more in benefit of capital courtesy of ZIRP and zero cost of capital, which allows companies to cut as many workers as needed in order to pursue the almight bottom line dollar, while extracting unprecedented productivity gains out of those still employed, as workers no longer can fall back on savings and are forced to accept any labor conditions in a New Normal world in which living paycheck to paycheck is becoming the norm for most, and thus giving employers all the leverage.

But that is a philosophical debate for a different place. But for now, here are two short clips to serve as a harbinger of what may and most likely will happen in the US as labor unions are stripped of even more power in the coming months and years, showcasing their reluctance to go gentle into that good night. This is how close the US is from violence at any one moment.

Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt this time.

Has the Syntagma riotcam finally crossed the Atlantic?

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MDB please forward this to Hairy Ramiro.

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I honestly dont know whose side I would support on this. One side are the greedy execs who lives off bribery and wants to rape every dollar from the general public OR the lazy bums which the Unions are protecting who are all getting paid more for doing less and also raping the taxpayer's money. Tough call.

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Not really a tough call. Unions never had a place in the puclic sector, ever.

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The tent put-em-up-&-take-em-down union folks must have been rightly pissed off when that mob pulled the tent down in rapid fashion.

I guess they could file a grievance.?

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If the prerequisite for union membership was you had to climb 8 stairs in under 2 minutes, membership would drop drastically.  Taking their money away is asking for a problem - just institute the 8 stair rule.... lol.

As I've mentioned before, and as evidenced in that clip, 2 average human legs are not designed to support 200 lbs each leg, or 400 lbs total.  The engineering just ain't there.

So y'all fightin' over worker dues, money, days off, etc.... while slumbering around at 300 lbs plus, is simply indicative of a larger, more putrid human problem this society faces:  Laziness! 


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If people haven't seen it already, I recommend watching the entire video below, it's worth every minute of the hour running-time.  But in the context of this discussion, you can skip to the 20:18 mark and listen to perhaps the most succinct 5 minute dismantling of trade unions ever articulated.  And then some more on the topic around 33:00 minutes.

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The main group this new regulation should apply to is government employees - local, state and federal. 

If a business unionizes, the business has choices. 1- They can negoiate with the workers or 2 - pack up and move to non-union confines.

But what option do governments have thussly - tax payers. If my local school teachers suck OUT LOUD, what is the county suposed to do? It is immobile and must deliver the service to its customers - tax payers - but may find itself captive of rediculous demands and hiring and firing restrictions. That is not fair to the end user the students.

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Unions have simply failed to compete.  They offer nothing to the employer. [the only exception is public unions which offer votes to the politicians who support them] They do not train the workers, nor discipline them nor provide any benefits to the employer at all. They have become parasites. When a Union decides it needs to provide a pool of skilled workers and keep those people sober and functioning then management will probably desire to hire them and gladly pay the wages demanded. Untill then, they are adversaries. It's the same gerbal wheel.


The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.
Alexis de Tocqueville


The unions say 'last hired - first fired,', we say hire and fire based on merit. We want the best and brightest in the classroom.
Scott Walker


I respect the state workers and I respect their unions, but we simply can't afford to pay benefits and pensions that are out of line with economic reality.
Andrew Cuomo


I may have many faults, but being wrong ain't one of them.
Jimmy Hoffa


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There IS an upside however. Urban blight in Detroit makes for some really great photographic opportunities. Maybe they can host chaperoned (bodyguards) tours of the urban blight for amateur photographers?

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Detroit is the perfect place to hold the FIghtclub can't do all that much harm to a place that is already demolished.

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Competition? How do you "compete" in a mechantilist system? That's a fallacy. You've been had.

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Unions were originally formed to prevent the exploitation of workers. They have evolved into corrupt organizations that exploit any non union member for the benefit of the members.  Remind you of anything else?

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Tony, the guy throwing the punches, is from the steel workers union

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Teamsters = Mafia  Just as bad as the other thugs running the economy at this point.

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I followed your link then googled the name and MI. The gentleman that shows up for the mugshot is an African American. On this video the guy I saw throwing heymakers was white.

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The game is and has been divide and the sheep collective bargaining cannot be tolerated just as a third party is a no no.......infiltrate and corrupt is a very simple technique then let the confused participants destroy themselves. Its a grand game and it has worked consistently. gl

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Boeing tried to do that with its move to South Carolina. Obammy put the screws to that... I have had to pay for private school for 10 years because of the crappy schools in my area. Sooo, I pay for public school employees and get zero and then pay again for an actual education. I watch a paid firefighter drive his tanker truck and/or ambulance by his house on duty. When zoning enforcement comes around to harrass homeowners about boats in driveways, his is always moved the day before... I call it the municipal mafia.

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He tried, but Boeing remains in SC along with BMW and many others.  There is alot of manufacturing in the upstate and more companies buying land on a regular basis as they flee the northern states.

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I wouldn't be bothered a bit to hear that Mr. Chubby-mustache-punch-thrower got abducted and dragged a few miles over some nice, union-maintained Detroit potholes.

Wouldn't be bothered a bit.

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In my younger years I used to work at a moving company that delivered musical gear to stages in NYC.  All the stage hands were union.  The same work done by myself and my associate required 6 union guys and they got paid a full days work for 2 hours.  We got paid  $10/hour, they got at least $20, so the 2 hour job that cost my employer $60 including the truck, cost their employer $960 not including transport.

so, yeah, croccodile tears over here.

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Redpill, Thanks for posting the youtube link of the speech by Yuri Bezmenov. I just watched the whole thing, and am blown away by this. In my four years at Annapolis, and 9 years as a Navy pilot, including numerous briefs from NCIS folks, I cannot remember once being exposed to a discussion of enemy demoralization and destabilization, when all it would have taken would have been one hour of playing this video. This should be REQUIRED viewing for all military officers.

This is why i read ZH.

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Ask yourself why this information was withheld from you at Annapolis. Don't think of it as a rhetorical question. There is a concrete reason why. The collapse of the Soviet Union was staged. That is the truth, but you have been made never to consider that as a concept. You have been lied to, deceived by the military educational establishement, and it is as simple as that. Or, if you have at one time or another ruminated on the possiblity that the Soviet collapse was artificial, you either were persuaded by others or yourself that this was not the case. But it is a very important thing, this concept. It is reality.


Take five minutes and read this:



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Yuri!!! Almost 30 years have passed since his warnings. Detroit is a shit hole in the wake of union aftermath, and we still don't seem to get it.

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If I'm not mistaken, Right to Work doesn't outlaw unions, it just makes it VOLUNTARY to join a union.  Isn't this a FREE country?  "Although it is not explicitly protected in the First Amendment, the Supreme Court ruled, in NAACP v. Alabama,[169] freedom of association to be a fundamental right protected by it."  Freedom of association anyone?

These union thugs don't believe in freedom.  They want to control you even more than the company does.  Union mantra "Slow down!!!  You are making me look bad!!"

And these union pricks are the ones behind Obama and the socialization of this country.  Freedom and Liberty mean NOTHING to them.

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Bingo.  If unions are so fucking wonderful, why would unions be so pissed about voluntary association?  Scratch that, I know the answer.

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They can't trust each other to pay their dues because they know they're all thieves. LOL

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Yet you ignore the whole idea of contract law.  This prevents you from having an enforceable agreement.


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Why can't someone bargan individually, and create a mutually beneficial contract between them and the employer?

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Public Employee Unions Should Be Illegal.  When they strike, they are striking against taxpayers.  I care more about this photo than I do the fools in Michigan.

Hillary Clinton Checks Out Christina Aguilera's Boobs

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So much for being in "the party of choice" eh?

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Mrs. Zymurguy is a CPA and audits some unions around our brewery here... if the union workers only knew what their bosses and execs earned they would fucking shit their pants and leave the union faster than the stink could catch them.

I'm not even in a union and when I found out I pooped my pants, just a little... more like a shy turtle sticking its head out, but still, it was shocking.

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AFP is a 100% astroturf movement.

Who do you root for in that confrontation?  

The only hope is that both sides run at each other, hit their heads together, and everyone gets some sense knocked into them.

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Or they negate each other and simply disappear.

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I really am starting to fully understand the divide and conquer tactic.  let all of these tards duke it out while I watch it take place is much more fun than dealing with a wile haymaker from Fatty pants McGee.

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I propose a new law:

Anyone who uses "astroturf" in any way but derisive jest should be beaten.

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Just a note on that video.  It is not proof enough that they were actually drinking alcohol or actually smoking illegal substances.  So said an arbi"traitor" today.  Chrysler was dealt a blow when they were forced to re-hire such employees. 


Now I guess comes the lawsuits for defamation of character and back pay.

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United Auto Workers taking care of business, everyday!

From yesterday's Detroit News...

Chrysler Group LLC says it was forced to reinstate 13 workers who were fired from its Jefferson North Assembly Plant two years ago after being filmed by a local television station drinking and smoking what the network suggested was a controlled substance before and during work.


"After more than two years, an arbitrator decided in the workers' favor, citing insufficient conclusive evidence to uphold the dismissals.

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Oh the HORROR!!  Who in their right mind would think ANYONE should be fired for NOT doing their job?

Once again, there's no moral hazard.  Why work if there is no risk of getting fired?

Funny how it took the arbitrator 2 years to make a decision too.  Can you say "milk the clock"?

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If you buy from GM, you deserve what you get.

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I know of instances where theft, alcohol and drugs not only don't get you fired in a union, you get paid not to work while attending counseling.  Steal from the company, keep it, and take a vaction at counseling.  Sweet gig.

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Obligatory video of those same pukes getting their jobs back. Goddamn this shit angers me.


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You beat me to it, ACP.  Thanks!

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If you haven't heard of this one, here's an extreme example of how PUBLIC UNIONS LITERALLY KILL PEOPLE:

Alameda, CA police & firefighters watch a man for an hour in the water until he drowns, because of a contract dispute. Union scum. That's right, I said it, and I'll say it again. UNION SCUM.

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ACP's picture

The spidey senses told me someone would say that.

Just because I dislike public unions doesn't mean I love bankers. That logic eludes me.

I don't know how many times I've stated quite clearly, that the BANKER SCUM who caused our current problems deserve to be HANGED.

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In both cases (union thugs and bankster criminals) you are talking about unchecked moral hazard and absolute power corrupting absolutely.

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AFL-CIO head belonged to CFR. That's all that needs to be said. Just another tool for the bigger tools.