Meanwhile In Lansing, Michigan...

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Hours ago, the US labor union movement was dealt another crushing blow (the most recent being the recent liquidation of Hostess which left thousands of workers cold and unemployed just in time for Thanksgiving) when the Michigan legislature gave final approval to "right-to-work" restrictions on public sector unions in a state considered a stronghold of organized labor. In the meantime, over 10,000 protesters had gathered outside the legislature, chanted in the gallery, and generally expressed their displeasure quite vocally with this development that further set back labor in its endless fight against capital. As Reuters reports, "the House passed the measure making membership and payment of union dues voluntary for public sector employees such as teachers by a 58-51 vote.  The only government workers excluded would be police and fire unions. The Senate approved the same bill last week so it will now go to Republican Governor Rick Snyder, who has promised to sign it into law."

Incidentally, these same workers would be better advised to direct their anger at Chairman Bernanke who has done everything in his power in the past several years to shift the balance of power far more in benefit of capital courtesy of ZIRP and zero cost of capital, which allows companies to cut as many workers as needed in order to pursue the almight bottom line dollar, while extracting unprecedented productivity gains out of those still employed, as workers no longer can fall back on savings and are forced to accept any labor conditions in a New Normal world in which living paycheck to paycheck is becoming the norm for most, and thus giving employers all the leverage.

But that is a philosophical debate for a different place. But for now, here are two short clips to serve as a harbinger of what may and most likely will happen in the US as labor unions are stripped of even more power in the coming months and years, showcasing their reluctance to go gentle into that good night. This is how close the US is from violence at any one moment.

Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt this time.

Has the Syntagma riotcam finally crossed the Atlantic?

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and so....what was the point of having an election? None, other than a show to placate the peasantry. 

Cathartes Aura's picture

"elections" create "voters" - that's the point.

and voters take sides, and ignore facts to cheer their side winning - that's the point.

and side-takers divide their whole worlds into "my side/their side" while missing the point of the GAME.

that's the point.

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I'm sure most still believe their lord and savior Barry O is doing all he can....

The good news is SOME of these folks will begin to wake the fuck up. 

"But there's a reason for this... because the owners, the REAL owners, the business interests, own you........ they got you by the balls, they aren't interested in you, they want OBEDIENT workers, with lower pay, vanishing pensions....... the game is rigged.... Good honest hardworking people continue to elect rich cock-suckers who don't give a fuck about them, they don't give a fuck about you, THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU, they don't care about you, at all, at all, AT ALL!"

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Bernank should be the target for the anger. But in general if any of the NWO elite are arrested and prosecuted as financial terrorists it will be a turning point. And quickly. They can walk away now pretty easily. But time changes things. Entropy will not stop. I don't know why.

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All the communists are coming out. They can't control themselves now.

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Tears well up in my eyes as I watch the moronic Ryukans fighting for the status quo.


It's the beginning of the end of this once great country.

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Pethetic, fighting over peanuts like little pets.

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Henry Ford fucked this for everyone when he had the shit beat out of union organizers.

Set the "them and us" precedent.

Fat cat union heads with no regard for the workers is what you end up with, just like government. 


mumcard's picture

Henry Ford paid his workers better than anyone at the time.  He also tried to educate them through his paper about the threat of international jewry and banksters.

Alasdair's picture

You give Henry Ford too much credit.  The steel mills hired the Pinkertons, the 19th century's version of Blackwater, to bust their unions.  And they weren't breaking any new ground themselves.  The powerful have been using force to subdue the powerless since god was a boy.

darteaus's picture

Union Klan in action.

Schmuck Raker's picture

A very poor choice of location for Walmart to hold an AFP sale. What's an AFP, anyway?

Opinionated Ass's picture

American Freedom Pansies. (He didn't fight back too well, just sayin')

mumcard's picture

He didn't look particularly worse for wear after 3 or 4 punches either.  If I hit someone 3 or 4 times and they're just standing there with their arms up then I wouldn't be bragging.

LFMayor's picture

I've got to freaking back it down a notch.  I read this as AFV and the first thing I thought was "I sure could use an old M113 or a Saracen". 

AgShaman's picture

hahaha.....we need more class warfare to show how amerikwans really do love each other.

like watching small children fight over toys

mumcard's picture

No worries, you are leading the charge to educate the masses with your snarky comments on a web forum.

AgShaman's picture

Yeah, I'm sure that's never happened before here


Where did you think you were at?

mumcard's picture

Blow me moron.  You sounded so pious, does it get lonely at the top of Olympus?

The Gooch's picture

Divide and conquer, continued. Cut this fucking snake off at the head.

drivenZ's picture

"This is how close the US is from violence at any one moment"


you mean like Occupy Wall Street? yea I dont remember them either. 

XitSam's picture

This ain't violence, wait until the EBT cards stop, that'll be violence.

blunderdog's picture

Fox correspondent gets a lesson in why inciting crowds may be counterproductive?

Definitely not a good sign.  Glad it's going to get airplay, sad it's going to be through Fox.

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Meanwhile the AP is reporting Sarah Jessica Parker is congratulating the EU for winning the Noble Prize and stating it is a blueprint for America.  "These last two elections in the US have been very hurtful to our nation"  WTF.  I suppose she wants to do away with elections all together and didn't realize that the US already has a single currency, one central banker and actually has a single federal government.  I wish she would just go back to TV and portray some whore as if it were a good thing and keep her stupid uninformed horseface shut.

The Gooch's picture

but... with celebrity comes great wisdom!

It's the new norm.


NitneLiun's picture

Well, she was right about the last two elections being very hurtful to the U.S. But that probably isn't what she meant.

LouisDega's picture

Yes, But she kicks ass on Tim Burtons Ed Wood. Throwing the pan at Johnny Depp's head is classic

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This is another example of what our public education system is producing. No wonder much of our society has morally deteriorated to what it is today.  These idiots need to take a class on the Federal Reserve System and the effects of government market manipulation.  This is exactly what Obamma and his merry band of socialist pigs wants to see happen. 

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that's the most work those good old boy have done in along time and without triple time, impressive

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Gotta admit it looks like great fun, kicking ass, taking names. I mean who wouldn't enjoy grabbing some pencil-necked geek by the collar and beating his brains out? Smart ass had it coming to him.

That being said, workers should have a choice about whether they want union dues taken out of their checks. Being forced to contribute to something is just plain wrong.

Wait, what's this FICA thing on my check? Ok, that's it, it's on motherfuckers!

mademesmile's picture

The union members are protesting because they would be required to extend benefits to all employees regardless if they pay dues.

When it comes to "their" money, liberals quickly turn consertative.


tongue.stan's picture

The right-to-work measure prohibits requiring employees to join a union or to pay fees comparable to union dues to be employed.

deus x machina's picture

why did it only take three of them to tear down a tentl.  when under union rules it takes 5 to change a light bulb?

Pairadimes's picture

such a wide variety of ways to say 'power corrupts'.

Flakmeister's picture

Damn, I should have made popcorn for this one...

Just remember what Niemöller said...

Shigure's picture


First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Most of these people barely made it through high school.  Now, barely making it through life.  They know not what the cause for their dissatisfaction is, but BY GOD they'll sure fight to keep things the way they were. 


Things are NEVER going to be the same again.  Who or Whatever is running the Universal Simulation Program has turned the knobs for Chaos and Destruction up to '9'. 


Time has been sped up, as well.  Everything is breaking down at an ever increasing rate.  This really IS an ancestor simulation.


It appears we are rapidly approaching the point where it all 'went wrong', the point the algos are trying to decipher and (change?).


We are so fucked.

Cathartes Aura's picture

you touch on a subject that rarely gets acknowledged here.

once upon a time, a man could get a job without even a "high school" education, and some of those jobs paid well via unions.  the complaint is that "illegals/women/whatever" have taken "all our jawbs" - when in fact, the great un-educated masses are not cost-effective going forward.  someone else took yer jawbs, and it isn't who you're told to believe.

no more jobs for the boys.

the finger pointing still there tho'

Hannibal's picture

Everybody please bust your asses for $ 7.25 an hour without beneifts and with the right to work for less!

Everybodys All American's picture

Now I now what FORWARD means.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Fucking great strip clubs in Lansing.  Wonder why that is?  HAHAHA

PartysOver's picture

The only thing surprising to me is that some people are surprised by this.


PartysOver, the bar ran out of booze and the Entitlement Drunks are getting mad and violent.

Mad Max's picture

Banksters rob from the top.

Unions rob from the bottom.

I have no appreciation for either.

Seasmoke's picture

I thought it was from the right and from the left. If its also. The top and bottom , well no fucking surprised that the walls, floor and ceiling have boxed the middle class in. Check mate !

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Poor, Poor, spoiled brats...........

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I heard there was a state vote on this and even only 41% of union workers wanted right to work state status--does the presidents mandate just work when convienent for his story line?

drivenZ's picture

"as workers no longer can fall back on savings"


since when could US workers fall back on savings? 40 years ago?