Meanwhile In Lansing, Michigan...

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Hours ago, the US labor union movement was dealt another crushing blow (the most recent being the recent liquidation of Hostess which left thousands of workers cold and unemployed just in time for Thanksgiving) when the Michigan legislature gave final approval to "right-to-work" restrictions on public sector unions in a state considered a stronghold of organized labor. In the meantime, over 10,000 protesters had gathered outside the legislature, chanted in the gallery, and generally expressed their displeasure quite vocally with this development that further set back labor in its endless fight against capital. As Reuters reports, "the House passed the measure making membership and payment of union dues voluntary for public sector employees such as teachers by a 58-51 vote.  The only government workers excluded would be police and fire unions. The Senate approved the same bill last week so it will now go to Republican Governor Rick Snyder, who has promised to sign it into law."

Incidentally, these same workers would be better advised to direct their anger at Chairman Bernanke who has done everything in his power in the past several years to shift the balance of power far more in benefit of capital courtesy of ZIRP and zero cost of capital, which allows companies to cut as many workers as needed in order to pursue the almight bottom line dollar, while extracting unprecedented productivity gains out of those still employed, as workers no longer can fall back on savings and are forced to accept any labor conditions in a New Normal world in which living paycheck to paycheck is becoming the norm for most, and thus giving employers all the leverage.

But that is a philosophical debate for a different place. But for now, here are two short clips to serve as a harbinger of what may and most likely will happen in the US as labor unions are stripped of even more power in the coming months and years, showcasing their reluctance to go gentle into that good night. This is how close the US is from violence at any one moment.

Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt this time.

Has the Syntagma riotcam finally crossed the Atlantic?

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I am originally from there, and let me tell you, fat, dumb, stupid, lazy, spineless, conformist and sheeplike are the hallmarks of the southern Michiganian.  Dystopia, thy name is Michigan.

israhole's picture

How come there isn't any angry black guys in the video, isn't Detroit 99% black now? Seriously,  I'm surprised there are enough whites left to make these videos.  Something isn't right.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Ummm, wasn't this in Lansing? Some distance away...


The further north you go in MI, the more whites, less 'yolks', so to speak.

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they are working in the underomound economy trying to survive economic hell on earth

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Isn't it Michigander?

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Where there have been unions, there are bankrupted companies.


The next bankrupt company is called government.


Take away the right to strike and put choice into individual hands and unions will have to learn how to sell and market their services - pretty much like any other organization.

Waterfallsparkles's picture

Maybe they should start Unions in China.  Then maybe our wages would go up.

Vendetta's picture

they're jumping off foxconn buildings th sheir deaths because they are so free from unions which would spoil the party.

israhole's picture

WOOOHOOOO!!! Let's get started!  I'm not taking sides, we've all been screwed!

Waterfallsparkles's picture

Unions used to be good but now they destroy Companies.  The pendulum has swung too far to the left.

deus x machina's picture

lets see, last time i bought a new car about a week later I read that all union people got a $8,000 profit sharing check...ah that represents OVER CHARGE TO ME.  oh I forgot i'm not in the union i don't get represented i JUST PAY FOR IT. 

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The Global Cartel is laughing at us all. Pitting the union against the non-union is no more than taking the thought and pressure off the corporations. Remember the Red Shield supported both sides in every war.  

paint it red call it hell's picture

Divide and Concur..

I worked in and around union shops from the early 70's to the late 90's knowing all along what the off-shoring of manufacturing jobs would mean eventually. I knew it when reagan announced the future of service sector employment, I knew it when Perot talked of the "Giant Sucking Sound" and I knew it when clinton free traded us into the poor house. (the phil gram/bill clinton glass-steagal repeal was the icing on the indebting america cake under dubya) I witnessed the tactics management used to create "friendly" unions who tolerated their jobs becoming less valuable and infinitely less secure under threat of plant closings. Then i watched the plants close anyway on just in a longer, more orderly, less disruptive to supply chain fashion. All the while more debt was shouldered by the advent of feel good liar's loans, GMAC equivalent low threshold auto loans, and a decade of inflating home values to remortgage a vacation against.

Right to work, low wages, willing work force, etc, etc is bullshit hope, bottled and sold by politicians. I do not believe domestic employment will benefit anytime soon in a repatriation of manufacturing jobs. Maybe not until the generation behind the boomers are well impoverished and gray. Not until the dollar is long ago flushed and memories of a thriving middle class are referred to as the good ole days living only in the faded memories of the senior citizens struggling to survive at poverty level.

That my friends leaves plenty of time for remaining private assets of any value to be absconded at yesterdays prices with tomorrows inflated currency, or electronic credits as the case may be.

Westcoastliberal's picture

I'll bet you can spark a party right up /sarc.  Trouble is, I don't disagree..

buckethead's picture

I was a union memeber for a short time

Worked at UPS for a year. 3am shift. Went to NYC right before the Teamsters strike to a market for a business my wife and I were starting. Got back home and the strike had started. Nearly broke, I needed my paycheck, which was behind the union picket lines.


I tried to explain my position, and that I was  member. I went in to get my check... upon my exit, I faced a barrage of objets thrown, frothing at the mouth goons (who I had never seen prior) and genuinely feared for my well being.


This is after I had been granted "permission" to pick up my check.


Fuck the unions. 

resaci's picture

I was a union member for 34 years.



Life in the UAW (probably any big union)

  • 20% - conscientious hard workers
  • 60% - follow the leader - don't ask me to think
  • 20% - USELESS FUCK-OFFS (most union reps from this group)

Union reps spend their time bailing out the 20% FUCK-OFFS

Management spends their time dumping ALL THE WORK on the 20% - conscientious hard workers until they TURN INTO THE OTHER 80%


Vendetta's picture

I have never worked for a union but work as a contractor with a large number of union workers in different union and your observation from so much experience in it is spot on.  The area I'm currently working in is so critical and potentially dangerous and costly from any mistake, only the best of the best are selected from the union ranks to work it .. so there are no problems... the FOffs would be off the the work in a minute and a half.  In the less critical stuff your ratios and assessment matches right up there with what I observed, some of the FOffs are so bad I know they've sabotaged some of my work (it had nothing to do with their work, they just were screwed up in the head for some reason)... could have killed someone easily and their 'leader' was a Foff brand.  I hated working with that group, horribly dysfunctional, dangerous to work around and it had everything to do with the 'leader'.

I don't see why the unions don't enable cross training with their workers to help management more easily manage resource allocation (almost always ongoing issue).  The workers would get a change of pace to get away from what is often very routine work learning new stuff and keep interested in their work by mixing it up, ease resource allocation for management reducing costs for them, and make the union actually stronger.  I just don't get it, it would be win-win-win, as it is currently structured they seem to be shooting themselves in the foot for no reason.

Colonial Intent's picture

Unions dont want cross training it would limit their powers, more people more budget, more budget more power, thats how unions and govt dept work there is no incentive to reduce costs and your measure of 'success/performance' is whatever you claim it is, without acccountability dont expexct unions to be honest or govt dept's to be within budget.

darteaus's picture

Yes, cross training limits their power in the following way:

If their workers knew more and could do more, but still followed the union lead, it would enhance the power of the union.

The problem for the union is: if workers know more and can do more they don't need the union.

israhole's picture

If some of these assholes would start bringing guns to the party, there wouldn't be a problem on Monday.

Tator's picture

It is ironic Prgressives are for "choice" when they want to kill their babies, but not for "choice"  when folks want or do not want to join a Union.

surf0766's picture

Progressives= communists. Time to call it as it is.

Colonial Intent's picture

communism would indeed be progress.

markar's picture

Isn't this about public employee unions? I have no beef with organized labor in the private sector if that's what they want. Both mgt. and labor can sink or swim but not on the taxpayer's dime. It's the public employees that should have never been allowed to unionize. It's become nothing more than a vote buying scheme working directly against the taxpayers. As if taxpayers  don't have enough enemies already.

squexx's picture

The first union that needs to fall is the Teamsters Union. All unions and the fat, lazy worthless fucks who work in them need to flip burgers!

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

This is probably worth watching, to see how "The Republic" dies. I'm not interested in the two sides, but the rejection of the rule-of-law is peachy, and how you kill a system.


I find it ironic that the second video above is labeled "violent mob takes down tent". This is the major problem with Americans, a load of drama Queens.

You want "violent mob"? Try Syria.

Vendetta's picture

yeah, the 'violent' mob looked like a lot of parties I used to go to, especially when the keg was getting a little low and someone had to make a beer run.  A lot of American workers seem to be bent over with their drawers at their ankles with banker and corporate splooge flowing out of them and they don't even know it and are asking for more by repeating politically created, corporate funded, media advertised rhetoric ad infinitum. 

yellowsub's picture

Audit the unions.  They're a non profit as a church is not profit.

natty light's picture

How many pension plans got screwed in GM bond subordination behind workers? Just sayin.

Body of Lies's picture

Behind 'union' workers ... salaried, non-union workers got just as screwed as the bond holders ... I hate the DC elite who keep screwing the non-favored group.



LetsGetPhysical's picture

As somebody who worked for 22+ years as Union Carpenter, I must say this isn't shit. I've seen stuff that would make the Sorpranos blush. For all the bleeding heart paper-pushers who think unions are "for the people by the people"... pull your head out of your ass.  They don't give two flying fucks about the membership. Most unions are a private business run for profit. We've got an expression, "you're just a fucking number". Sad but true. After over two decades of putting up with the nepotism, intimadtion, lying, laziness, stealing, thuggery and over all bullshit... I pulled my retirement money out and headed for greener pastures, never to return. Worst part about it is most guys just want to work and earn a paycheck. 90% want nothing to do with this horseshit. It's the useless dick suckers who couldn't make it on their own without the union that engage in this behavior.

ItsDanger's picture

A sound warning to younger membership currently.  You 'pension' if it actually exists isnt safe.  A friend's cousin asked me about their pension plan and I briefly looked through the trustees list and told him to pull the money out as soon as you can. 

Rathmullan's picture

Think any of these folks would consider self immolation as a form of protest? They wouldn't even need an accelerant as they have enough booze in their bodies to get the job done.

Lord Of Finance's picture

The cro-magnum neanderthalic meathead unionites are the failures and fuck ups of our society. They are the quintessential lowlifes who want more and more without protest or contest. These losers and dummies from the short bus can not be allowed to get all they want.


  But as we all know, the lunatics are ruling the asylum

Body of Lies's picture

"failures and fuck ups of our society" ... not in California where public union members make twice as much as others in private industry doing the same thing. California public union salaries have more than doubled since 2006. I think they've figured it out and until Californians stop voting to raise taxes on themselves, this will happen again in the next six years. 

Colonial Intent's picture

Your society, your responsibility?

Amazing that all those cro-magnum neanderthalic lunatics are in charge and you're posting your impotence on a message board, amazing and damn funny.

Makes me chuckle that all them low IQ retarded niggas are in charge and you is payng for it all, how dumb are you to let that happen?

Seize Mars's picture

Consider how passionate these men are, when the idea of their monopoly on coercion is exposed to sunlight, they lash out: punching, hitting. Screaming obscenities.

All that happened, was a law was passed that said coercion is not ok. That's it. They reacted with punching and hitting, slapping spitting swearing.

Coercion is really the problem here. Here is a brief video about the meaning of coercion in society:

George Ought to Help

The good thing about this thread is that people are starting to draw a very important connection - the coercion power of the union is seen as bad, the violent and thoughtless reaction of the unions is "outed" as being uncivilised, unnecessary and counterproductive.

Then, a light begins to flicker on...if coercion is bad, and doing violence in support of that coercion is uncivilised and unacceptable, then what does that make the State? They also collect money from you by coercion, and if you reject it they use violence.

Are we all starting to see the light here? The State isn't "like" organised crime, it "is" organised crime.

The State is Organised Crime


ItsDanger's picture

The video just highlights how low class some of these union lifers are. 

SmittyinLA's picture

My heart goes out to privileged white Socialist Obama voters that support illegal immigration and Socialized medicine. NOT


Colonial Intent's picture

Wassup tyler? feeling a little inadequate?, Are you pissed coz they is doing something, or are you pissed coz you is powerless to stop it?

Most ZHer's would have trouble getting out the house w'out physical assistance or a 100 dollar reward, It must seem amazing to you that some people are motivated by something other than fear and greed, but hey if it makes you $$$, keep feeding your little ZHer mushrooms this pigshit, they certainly seem to like it.

When was the last time you charged a line of riot police, or protested anything.

Oh yeah thats right the govt is too big, armed and evil for you to try isnt it.

ZHer's love self pity and impotence, there cant be more than a dozen people here whose acts match their words.

Stick to the money info you are at least good at that, politics and social issues, nah you havent a clue.

You like most ZHer's are mtivated by fear and greed only, just like the rest of the animal world.

WTF happened to ZH? it used to be intelligent analysis of info and now its just gun nuts and white power loons.

WAMO556's picture

You forgot your section of society: Black Militant Racists. Let me guess, your getting ready for the race war by showing your true colors.

Martin Luther King an individual you so esteem so much is rolling in his grave. ".......don't judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character...."

95% of the black population voted for BHO for the presidency. I am sure that the cover story was: 1. "it was a historic moment"; 2. "he was/is our man".

Cover stories and camouflage for the TRUE underlying sentiment, that while you might meet the occasional white who may be a racist, the majority of blacks ARE racists. Don't you wonder (and worry) about that 5% that voted out of the fold??? That 5% was over at my house celebrating our friendship, exchanging ideas, enjoying and enriching each other company.

Colonial Intent's picture

Race wars?

Bring it on, i'm a six foot, white, blond haired, blue eyed male from an aryan mother and a celtic father, 1st generation british, subject of the queen.

95% of black people voted for obama bcause they believe he understands their moral values slightly more than "who let the dogs out" Romney.

I may be wrong but i dont think that 95% of black people believe that rape is what god intended to happen, repubs lost on moral values not bcoz of race.

Occasional White Racist?, how come most of em are on ZH posting nigga this and nigga that?

Also what happened to the missing camera footage between 0.38 and 0.39 on the union vid, not like tyler to fall for a bit of fox news editing magic, unless he knew and said nothing coz he is now playing to the fox/gun nut/religious/whitepower choir

So they pulled down an AFP tent, paid for by the cock bros twinks, are they who you support?

Thats the true beauty of the system you are either for unions or the millionaires, they dictate the argument and you sheeple are incapable of thinking of an alternative, americans can have either coke or pepsi but never neither.

WilliamShatner's picture

Meanwhile, these UAW slugs that got fired because they were caught drinking beer and smoking pot  while on the job just got reinstanted.


I'm inclined to say that unions are dead, we just need to tie them to a tree and bash their heads in with a shovel.