Jimmy Hoffa Warns Of "Civil War" As Michigan Governor Signs "Right-To-Work" Into Law

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Minutes before Michigan Governor Snyder signed the 'Right-To-Work' bill into law...


... Teamsters head Jimmy Hoffa appeared on CNN, as seen in the clip below, warning that:

"This is just the first round of a battle that's going to divide this state. We're going to have a civil war,"

as the bill to weaken unions' power is passed. If Hoffa is right, look for Michigan GDP to soar: after all it is one of the more Keynesian states in the union.

Via AP: Michigan Gov. Snyder signs right-to-work bills

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed right-to-work legislation, dealing a devastating and once-unthinkable defeat to organized labor in a state that has been a cradle of the movement for generations.


He put his signatures on the bills Tuesday, hours after the state House passed the measures as the chants of thousands of angry pro-union protesters filled the Capitol.


Snyder says a failed ballot proposal to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the constitution triggered the discussion that led to the passage and signing of right-to-work.


During a news conference, he called the protests "an exercise in democracy."

Jim Hoffa, of the International brotherhood of Teamsters explains his perspective:


Via CNN:

Jimmy Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, said Tuesday he expects Michigan unions and lawmakers to break out into "civil war" after the state legislature passed right-to-work bills that would weaken unions' power.


"This is just the first round of a battle that's going to divide this state. We're going to have a civil war," Hoffa said on CNN's "Newsroom."


The Republican-controlled state House passed two bills that had already been approved by the GOP-dominated state Senate. Gov. Rick Snyder, also a Republican, is poised to sign the bill, which would allow workers at union-represented employers to forgo paying dues.


As thousands of protestors gathered at the state capitol on Tuesday, Hoffa called the legislation a "tremendous mistake" and "a monumental decision to make" by outgoing lawmakers in a lame duck session.


"What they're doing is basically betraying democracy," he told CNN's Brooke Baldwin. "If there's any question here, let's put it on the ballot and let the people of Michigan decide what's good for Michigan."


Proponents of the legislation say it gives workers more freedom, while opponents say a less robust union presence will negatively affect workers’ rights. Hoffa also argued that those who don't pay union dues will be considered "free riders,” as they’re getting the same benefits from union representation without the cost.


Hoffa pointed to Michigan's recovering auto industry, saying the Wolverine State has bounced back from the recession without being a "right to work" state.


"This is basically a step backward," he argued.

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You can say FUCK all you want on these threads.....

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Yep, you can say what the fuck you want on ZH.  It's the NSA, aka, Skynet you need to be concerned about.

/Drone on FORWARD!

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I could get them in trouble with their ad provider, however, so censor yourself if you want to keep the site going.

buckethead's picture

Thinking back, I menetioned the company, the specific union, and my version of the events which transpired. Maybe there were concerns of libel? I see some pretty inflamatory stuff here... My post seemed mild.

gramps's picture

You just pointed out the problem with unions like uaw or public sector unions. "I and the majority of the men I work with are go getters.  If not they quickly make their way to top of the lay off / don't call back  list." I work in the motion picture industry and have a union job. Difference is my union doesn't gaurantee me a job. It negotiates my wage and benefits. That's it. When you take away the employers RIGHT to hire and fire as they please, that is when you run into major problems.

XitSam's picture

Do you do a better job because you're in a union? Are you safer because you're in a union? Something else better? Truly curious.

Nikao7's picture

To your first question I have to answer no. 

Drawing from my own experience and that of which has been shared with me by others who have worked both there is no significant difference.  There are safety orienated as well as those who are not so much within union and non union alike.

I can't speak from personal experience having never worked Industrial Painting for a non union contractor.  Going from guys I know who have there is both good and bad as to be expected.  The Greeks for instance tend to pay prevailing wage all on your paycheck without the benefits.  That can be more of a benefit when it comes to health insurance as well as preparing yourself for the future.  More money up front that one might invest in something such as gold ;).  Considering there can be a significant slowdown evry winter minus any traveling work(which I do a lot of) it is a con being union.  You lose your insurance for having lack of hours or pay an arm and a leg via COBRA. 

I am certainly not against a man who decides to do either.  I am open to such a move myself if the right circumstances arose. 

Real Estate Geek's picture

Hey Nikao7, about what percent of a union guy's pay goes to union dues?

TuPhat's picture

It's about an hour's pay a month or a little more for the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers).  I used to be a member in Texas, a right to work state.  We had a no strike clause in our contract so we couldn't be foolish and try to destroy the company.  Only about half of us were members but the Union did get us better benefits and slightly better wages than we would have had otherwise.  The Union negotiated for pay and benefits for members and non members.  Both sides liked it that way.  I think Hoffa is wrong and only wants more money for himself.

ACP's picture

There's the rub, you work for a private company. If the employees demand too much from the company (assuming no posible bailouts), the company fails. Some folks realize that, and as we've seen lately with Hostess, some people don't. Not to say the corrupt, incompetent management didn't have a big hand in the company's failure.

It appears the culture of the public unions is to suck the host dry and demand tax increases until the system breaks, like in Vallejo, CA. The police union voted against paycuts, forcing the city to lay off cops with less time in service, instead of taking pay cuts to save jobs. Pure selfishness. Basically, the taxpayers get screwed twice (once by high salaries and another by high crime after bankruptcy). This whole debate focuses on the ability for the govt-public union symbiosis to ruin taxpayer finances. Unionized private workers have a vested interest in not going too far (generally speaking).

Edit: My belief is that the free market will take care of worker's rights now that state and federal laws include so many protections for employees...IF we had a free market. Howard Schultz knew that the best way to keep employees happy and non-union was to offer very basic health benefits (interesting that he's no longer an Obama fan). Walmart will always be fighting because of their "more bodies" approach. I no longer go anywhere near Walmart, after encountering a worker who couldn't speak English, here in the US. Toyota and Honda are examples of corporations that know how to keep their employees happy and non-union. Look at the (relative) success Starbucks, Honda and Toyota have enjoyed without union shops. Edit: Correction, Starbucks is semi-union, but loud noises are nearly non-existent.




JeffB's picture

I'm from the St. Louis area as well, and what you say matches up with my experience as well. My father-in-law was a union carpenter and I know he's a very hard and competent worker. They got their money's worth when he or his brother were on the job.

His son tells me, however, that when he's contracting jobs in New York, they have to add another 30% or so to the bids because of all the union shenanigans and in-fighting. One union will put in a lot of work and another will tear it all out some evening to prove a point. They just consider it a cost of doing business in New York. Chicago is another crooked area that cost a lot more to get anything done.


HurricaneSeason's picture

They want to fight a war against the government and taxpayers, but they want the government to collect their membership dues by law and deduct it directly from paychecks. They know 75% of their brothers wouldn't pay their dues in an honor system format.

Karlus's picture

Bring it on little man. I seriously doubt he even knows how to load a gun.

Besides, he does not even lift :)

economics9698's picture

This asshole is seriously slamming the education systems of Mississippi and Alabama while Detroit is certifiably the worst education system in America?

What balls this asshole has.

Oh and economically unions cannot increase living standards.  Only capitalism and producing more stuff increases living standards. 

Unions increase wages at the expense of unemployment, wages of nonunion workers, investment capital, dividends, profits, and other areas.

Economically unions are thieves stealing from the host company sometimes resulting in death.

john39's picture

too bad capitalism is basically purely academic...   it doesn't exist.     this is all about divide and conquer.  The wealth of the United States was stolen...  now they crash and burn the country to hide their tracks.   let the little people fight over scraps and leftovers while the bankers and the big corps feast.....  

WAMO556's picture

Don't forget your UNION FAT CAT buddies....

disabledvet's picture

GOVERNMENT Unions...yes. PRIVATE Unions...I would argue no. The interest of say "an electricians union" is to have good electricians...yes? Where else would their dues come from? On the other taxing the shit out Unionized electricians so that they can pay for...million dollar salaries for say...the now suicides Dean of St Johns University who was cavorting with gangsters and the like...I agree there might be some room for "something other than total war" type debate here.

Ookspay's picture

Even FDR knew that public sector unions should not exist. They are anathema to fair negotiations. Politicians and union bosses determine the pay and benefits while the taxpayers who pay the bill are not at the negotiating table. Politicians give unions sweet deals and unions give politicians votes; an incestuous crooked partnership.

Private sector unions have priced themselves right out of their jobs and companies move oversees. It's too bad we can't outsource all of the bloated and ineffective public sector workers.

Slewburger's picture

"Those state who do not have right to work have thrived"

"The ones that do have right to work like Mississippi or Alabama or Texas end up being the last in education, the last in people making having good jobs."

What a lying sack of shit.

Yes no jobs in Texas Jimmy, stay the fuck away.


1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

yep Texas sucks , it's hot the food is shit all the women are fat and we don't shower regular stay away..

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

I forgot we donts reads to goog eather...

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Tactical, Sounds like your alredy unionized.

Freddie's picture

Jimmy should go look for his old man like OJ was gonna look for Nicole's killers.  These people are mobsters - literally.

XitSam's picture

The true killers are hiding in the Nevada State Prison System and OJ is hot on their tail.

CaptainObvious's picture

+1 I saw what you did there! ;)

WAMO556's picture


natty light's picture

"The auto industry is coming back..."

Channel stuffing works until it doesn't.

mayhem_korner's picture



Yes.  Like stuffing treasury bonds into the Fed balance sheet "channel"...

smlbizman's picture

the dirty little secret let out of the bag by these "brave" politicians who stood up to the union is ; they DO know how to end corruption and other ills caused by unlimited funds.......so now we are completly aware, that they are completly aware of how to end the corruption in that nasty leaking asshole better known as washington dc....

Silver Bug's picture

They continue to travel down the road to ruin. Government HAS to change it's ways. Go back to the path of liberty!



F. Bastiat's picture

A union war on calories might be a good place to start.  Is it just me or are most of the union goons we see almost morbidly obese?

CaptainObvious's picture

Any cross section of the American public is morbidly obese; it's not strictly relegated to union members.  ;)  You should see the tubbos in my area.  It's ridiculous...I see SUVs parked at the curb of the grocery store to let some 500 pound fat sack out right at the door so they don't have to walk that whole 40 feet across the parking lot.

F. Bastiat's picture

Where's Michelle O'Marshall Davis Jr. when her comrades need her?  Probably on a vacay in Spain, I suppose.

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I asked a fat person if they liked carrying around 50 cans of Crisco all the time.

akak's picture

You damned criscoist!

Don't you know that's a hate crime?

Freddie's picture

The Chrysler "worker" goons go on their local Quickie Mart/7-11 on their lunch break.  It usually consists of a quart of beer or malt liquor and some pot.  Maybe the pot gives em all the munchies.   

People like Hoffa have fine lunchs and dinners. During the day they sit on their fat a*s all day thinking up new scams and new people to shake down.  They are SCUM.  

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We all like freedom here right? If they want to have a beer on their Unpaid lunch who the F are you to squawk 'bout it? Do your stupid lard ass middle managers have some drinks at the golf course? Fuck You Moron!!

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Arrest Hoffa!

2010 Michigan Compiled Laws
Act 302 of 1968 - RIOTS AND RELATED CRIMES (752.541 - 752.546)
Section 752.542 - Inciting to riot.


It is unlawful and constitutes incitement to riot for a person or persons, intending to cause or to aid or abet the institution or maintenance of a riot, to do an act or engage in conduct that urges other persons to commit acts of unlawful force or violence, or the unlawful burning or destroying of property, or the unlawful interference with a police officer, peace officer, fireman or a member of the Michigan national guard or any unit of the armed services officially assigned to riot duty in the lawful performance of his duty.



USCTitle 18Part IChapter 102 › § 2101 18 USC § 2101 - Riots

(a) Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses any facility of interstate or foreign commerce, including, but not limited to, the mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, with intent—

(1) to incite a riot; or (2) to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot; or (3) to commit any act of violence in furtherance of a riot; or (4) to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in or carrying on a riot or committing any act of violence in furtherance of a riot;
and who either during the course of any such travel or use or thereafter performs or attempts to perform any other overt act for any purpose specified in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of this paragraph—  [1]

Shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.


John Wilmot's picture

The police have been tolerating union violence for as long as there have been unions. Many of those famous episodes of union-related riots in the 19th century pitted unions against private security firms, not police. Why? Because usually the owners couldn't get the local police to do anything about the workers, either because the police were too afraid or because they were sympathetic.

smlbizman's picture

sorry dude...not my labor grade...it has to burn...union rules...

imbrbing's picture

And I am not allowed to load my own bullets, the guy from the AMOUW must do it for me, but not till after the 10:00 AM coffee break, oh and the guy that pulls the trigger is on vaca this week, at least the new guy who aims the gun is here, but he doesnt have enough hours in to be qualified yet in a true battle, so he is on the bench over there reading up more on proper techniq.

ZeroFreedom's picture

They will not fight a civil war. They have to many work rules and requirements. Probably will find a judge to favor their side.

Silver Bug's picture

We are traveling down a very very scary road. Change has to come.



Carl Spackler's picture

How many union members will stand around and watch while one guy "fights" the civil war?

And, will they have to take a 15 minute break each hour, cause its in the contract?