Jimmy Hoffa Warns Of "Civil War" As Michigan Governor Signs "Right-To-Work" Into Law

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Minutes before Michigan Governor Snyder signed the 'Right-To-Work' bill into law...


... Teamsters head Jimmy Hoffa appeared on CNN, as seen in the clip below, warning that:

"This is just the first round of a battle that's going to divide this state. We're going to have a civil war,"

as the bill to weaken unions' power is passed. If Hoffa is right, look for Michigan GDP to soar: after all it is one of the more Keynesian states in the union.

Via AP: Michigan Gov. Snyder signs right-to-work bills

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed right-to-work legislation, dealing a devastating and once-unthinkable defeat to organized labor in a state that has been a cradle of the movement for generations.


He put his signatures on the bills Tuesday, hours after the state House passed the measures as the chants of thousands of angry pro-union protesters filled the Capitol.


Snyder says a failed ballot proposal to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the constitution triggered the discussion that led to the passage and signing of right-to-work.


During a news conference, he called the protests "an exercise in democracy."

Jim Hoffa, of the International brotherhood of Teamsters explains his perspective:


Via CNN:

Jimmy Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, said Tuesday he expects Michigan unions and lawmakers to break out into "civil war" after the state legislature passed right-to-work bills that would weaken unions' power.


"This is just the first round of a battle that's going to divide this state. We're going to have a civil war," Hoffa said on CNN's "Newsroom."


The Republican-controlled state House passed two bills that had already been approved by the GOP-dominated state Senate. Gov. Rick Snyder, also a Republican, is poised to sign the bill, which would allow workers at union-represented employers to forgo paying dues.


As thousands of protestors gathered at the state capitol on Tuesday, Hoffa called the legislation a "tremendous mistake" and "a monumental decision to make" by outgoing lawmakers in a lame duck session.


"What they're doing is basically betraying democracy," he told CNN's Brooke Baldwin. "If there's any question here, let's put it on the ballot and let the people of Michigan decide what's good for Michigan."


Proponents of the legislation say it gives workers more freedom, while opponents say a less robust union presence will negatively affect workers’ rights. Hoffa also argued that those who don't pay union dues will be considered "free riders,” as they’re getting the same benefits from union representation without the cost.


Hoffa pointed to Michigan's recovering auto industry, saying the Wolverine State has bounced back from the recession without being a "right to work" state.


"This is basically a step backward," he argued.

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Being Free's picture

Bring it on Jimmy, I'll leave a light on for you.  I'm ready...are you???

falak pema's picture

I thought the civil war was a eurozone issue; never, never, could it come to USA! 

And, "its in Chicago, my home town!" ...O'bammy must be feeling browned out! 

Flakmeister's picture

You may recall that the US had a pretty good one.... ironically, slavery was at the root of that one as well...

falak pema's picture

well when Lincoln becomes a dirty word and FDR a curse on America, I think munching popcorn is the only way out.

To think that the philosopher's stone lies in Mises's wise beard! 

Will gold standard cure the energy crunch and ecological spike (another dirty word, yikes!)

Flakmeister's picture

In case you have not noticed Lincoln and FDR would be persona non grata already in most ZH threads....

Jerome Lester Horwitz's picture

Please explain how slavery was at the root of the US Civil War?

Flakmeister's picture

I feel so sorry for you...

Did you have to leave school in grade 7 to help your parents make ends meet?

Central Bankster's picture

You lack even the smallest of a foundation of history and economics, its a true testament to our education system.

Jerome Lester Horwitz's picture

Indeed, it is comical that one who spends all of his free time trolling Zero Hedge claims to have insight into history that no one else does. His non answer was answer enough for me. You know the old saying..."Cast not your pearls before swine."!

Flakmeister's picture

You are really going to have to do better than that...

So maybe you could explain what the US Civil War was all about for us then... was it, perchance, "The War of Northern Agression" where you learned your letters? That would explain much....

Why don't you google "Cornerstone Speech" and get back and share with us what you learned...

Freddie's picture

The Roth klan up to their old tricks and a prelude to 1913 Jekyl Island and then 1929.

It was about slavery or enslaving southern whites and stealing the south's wealth.  Look at who the carpetbaggers were in the south after the war.  

Flakmeister's picture

Were you beaten as a child? Perhaps you were abandoned...

I mean to come up with such nonsense must be a deeply ingrained defense mechanism arising from a horrific case of PTSD....

Shell Game's picture

It was not about slavery. Great Britian abolished slavery with no bloodshed. Instead, they abolished it with a simple free market threat:  keep it, we will not do business with you; abolish and we will.

Lincoln's vision of a national banking system, national rail road system and economic protectionism (early corporatism) for Northern businesses was only possible if all the States towed the line.  The South wanted to be free and wanted no part in Lincoln's dictatorial vision.  The South had to be crushed to form the 150 year reign of the Whig (Republican) party. 

Not such a good guy, that Lincoln.  It was not about slavery.  It was all about centralized power.


Medullar insults in 3.....2......

Flakmeister's picture

Is that the revisionist crap that is taught south of the Mason-Dixon line?

Better look up the "Cornerstone Speech" and get back to us... By the future VP of the CSA no less well, just  before Ft. Sumter and I would say his views are pretty clear....

The new Constitution has put at rest forever all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institutions—African slavery as it exists among us—the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution. Jefferson, in his forecast, had anticipated this, as the "rock upon which the old Union would split." He was right. What was conjecture with him, is now a realized fact. But whether he fully comprehended the great truth upon which that rock stood and stands, may be doubted. The prevailing ideas entertained by him and most of the leading statesmen at the time of the formation of the old Constitution were, that the enslavement of the African was in violation of the laws of nature; that it was wrong in principle, socially, morally and politically. It was an evil they knew not well how to deal with; but the general opinion of the men of that day was, that, somehow or other, in the order of Providence, the institution would be evanescent and pass away... Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the idea of a Government built upon it—when the "storm came and the wind blew, it fell."

Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and moral condition.

mumcard's picture

Maybe he's talking about economic slavery or sovereign states having to give their control over to the central beast.

CaptainObvious's picture

You never cracked a history book after leaving public school, did ya?  Have a red, courtesy of someone who knows the real causes of the Civil War...and slavery wasn't one of them.

Calmyourself's picture

Really, slavery at the root of the Civil war?  Is that why Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation EO 2 years after the start of hostilities?  Your as bad at history as you are at economics, I hear Huffpo calling...

Flakmeister's picture

Lotta peckerwood crackers out tonight...

Explain to me exactly what the "Cornerstone Speech" said.... And remember, this was the antebellum South. So why don;t you take your misguided revisionist history to the local "Lost Cause" pity party and  fuck off....

Dasa Slooofoot's picture

Collective Bargaining States average unemployment rate 7.5%
Right To Work average unemployment rate 6.9%

NidStyles's picture

Don't use facts to confuse those that demand facts!!

Dasa Slooofoot's picture

Guess I better not add that when including cost of living, right to work states have higher purchasing power with their wages!  

WillyGroper's picture

Care to give any wage scales with those percentages? Kinda like all the jobs Perry has created in TX. Fast food jobs.

ifishivote's picture

Fuck public unions..


Most of my real estate taxes goes to fund Teachers pension. My taxes keep going up but yet nothing in my neighborhood gets any better.


Didn't Obama win a Noble peace prize...How come he never condemns union Violence? Its ashamed that those of us that are paying attention to collapse of our country are outnumbered.

ceilidh_trail's picture

Public school teachers in my area put in 20 years and they retire with pensions. I have already put in 32 years with my private employer and cannot retire with full pension for another 13 years (age 67). I would love to see these "hard workers" do what I do for a living. Most in my field drop out in 15 years or so. And the assholes in charge (boner&bamster) want to raise the retirement age again??? Do you really want a 70 year old guy taking care of you for 12 hours in the ICU? Ridiculous. One of my coworker friends recently retired at age 63. She couldn't handle the physical labor of heaving about 300lb slobs. She got to enjoy 7 months of retirement at reduced benefits before dying of colon cancer. I hope all of these public worker unions get busted. Cops and firemen included. They whine about hard work and danger- join the club. In the past few years, I have had 2 coworkers get beaten up in the unit to the point of needing surgery and months of rehab. Nobody got charged, just my RNs paid the price. Public "heroes" can't be given enough. Us in the private sector get squat. I can go on. Cry me a river for any public worker.

Central Bankster's picture

But in Fascist USSA, fat people provide work for the healthcare industry.  So it is you the worker, who should be grateful for these fat useless (full?) slobs!  Without fatasses getting free shit for doing nothing, how would you have long hours to work and be no better off!?

WillyGroper's picture

>>>>>Do you really want a 70 year old guy taking care of you for 12 hours in the ICU? 

No, but I'd love to witness that very thing after the oligarch's stole your last crumb of bread, & was in that ICU.

GubbermintWorker's picture

Hoffa pointed out Michigan's recovering auto industry, saying the Wolverine State has bounced back from the recession without being a "right to work" state.

Huh? Yeah right Jimmy, those factories are cranking them out but unfortunately people aren't buying that shit.

petolo's picture

Wanted: Union Dues Collector , Must have expert markmanship ,have knowledge of human anatomy, cement construction and be able to work after dark. 

ifishivote's picture

According to Obama and the morons on the left, GM is doing great. If so then why doesn't GM and the UAW bailout Detroit?

surf0766's picture

Why don't they  pick up a broom and clean the dam place.

Like tits on a bull !

stant's picture

the union wants a civil war. lol

Flakmeister's picture

This thread will be quite a circle jerk based on who's posted so far...

Hey guys please don't slobber in my popcorn while you work yourselves into a frenzy...

The Gooch's picture

Considering you just posted, I concur.

Please don't breathe near my martini.

Flakmeister's picture

You got me confused with a Randian Hedgehog, or you have no idea what a circle jerk is...

The Gooch's picture

I do however like the Circle Jerks. "Group Sex" is a fucking classic.



Oldwood's picture

We just love the smell of burning union cards in the morning!  Unions being comprised of cowards, there is nothing better than a mob or late night destruction to make their point!

Central Bankster's picture

Your comment is funny, but you're still an idiot.  So I give you a plus one!

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

He visits his dad every Sunday that there is a Giants game.

Implicit simplicit's picture

Its all bunch of bullshit. Many union workers accept the right to work when they do extra jobs after work, and on week-ends, and get paid cash. if you don 't have to pay taxes and union fees, you can afford the right to work. if one can't do it ypurself .there is always barter or cash payments to save money. Be an air conditioned gypsy with a right to survive.

tony bonn's picture

he sure looks good for someone who managed to crack out of block cement at the bottom of the lake michigan...

Implicit simplicit's picture

I guess you could say he really did come from the same gene "pool", bada boom

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

This isn't about collective bargaining. It's about choice. The union bosses will just have to work a little harder, and listen to their members if they want them to stay in the union. This empowers workers and takes power from crooked union bosses, like Hoffa.

WillyGroper's picture

>>>The union bosses will just have to work a little harder, and listen to their members if they want them to stay in the union. This empowers workers and takes power from crooked union bosses, like Hoffa


walcott's picture

pro union here all the way! TEAMSTERS!!!

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

Proud to be union. Proud to be 'murican. Proud to beat the crap out of people who are willing to work for less than me.

Georgiabelle's picture

The unmistakeable irony here is that the Michigan unions did this to themselves by over-reaching and trying to write the right to collective bargaining into the Michigan State Constitution. They kicked the hornets' nest and now they've been stung. I particularly love how the Michigan Republicans wrote the law in a way that makes it extremely difficult to over-turn, either legislatively or by ballot referendum. Too bad Jimmy. You screwed up. Deal with it. 

inevitablecollapse's picture

Let one of these 400 lb mouth breathers come near me or my family. Civil war? I think not James...

Savyindallas's picture

Today's Unions suck  -they are owned and controlled by the Banksters  -scratch the NLRA  -get rid of the NLRB  - also get rid of bankster controlled monopolies in this Fascist crony capitalist state  - dumbed down America has no chance  - too many sheeple are  stupid and as corrupt as the criminals who control us (present company and most ZH readers excluded) Of course we are corrupt because "they" worked hard to make us so.