Get It While You Can

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Via Mark J. Grant, author of Out of the Box,

“Get It While You Can”
                        -Janis Joplin
As we head towards December 31 and chaos I am reminded of the late Janis Joplin and her rather famous song. Investors are being hit from all sides now. We face the fiscal cliff and the quite real possibility that we will go over it, the debt ceiling and then we are assuaged by various tax and spending schemes, such as the possibility that Municipal Bonds will be Federally taxed and then we are likely to find that the Fed increases their buying program which will take their balance sheet up to about $4 trillion, right in-line with the ECB, as they buy $90 billion a month in Treasury and MBS securities. The stock market chugs along with their “What me worry” attitude first brought to us by Mad Magazine and we find ourselves in a world gone astray that is curtailed by ever increasing amounts of capital and the inability to invest off-world so that the available choices limit what can be obtained. As we head into 2013 the demand from the Fed, the expanded capital base and maturities and the payment of coupons and dividends will vastly exceed the available supply of bonds by somewhere around $1 trillion if the Fed acts as expected today. Treasury yields may go up on this day or that day but you can expect lower yields as the trend. Where all of this is having a dramatic impact is in risk securities or bonds with a credit consideration as part of the equation. There is massive compression taking place now and it has been going on since the Spring and I see no let-up in sight. The equation is buy long, buy at a discount if possible, sit, wait and Win. You will get the coupon and you will get appreciation and thank you very much Mr. Bernanke. Now there will come a time, an important moment, when you will have to turn on a dime with this play but it is not now, it is not yet and so we take the small advantages that we are given.
The Greek buyback went about as expected as Greece fell short, demanded the rest of the bonds from the Greek banks and came close to their goal. The deal will go through and then Greece will guarantee more of their bank bonds which will be pledged at the ECB and so the hoax continues but what else is new these days. It is not that Peter robs Paul; it is that Paul is a willing participant as long as the bread and honey keep flowing. For the time being the Germans, the French, the Dutch have no political issues with handing their citizen’s money over to Greece so the game will go on. It is not a forever game in my opinion but it is the game for now as Europe could not economically withstand a Greek default. It is a dangerous game, a tricky game but until there is a change in the political winds; it will continue.
Dangers Loom
Just because we are now in a world drowning in apathy do not think that this will go on forever. The problems have become magnified by the slush of capital thrown about by the world’s central banks so that when the bough breaks; it will be a systemic break. It will flash right across the world and we will have another “Oh My God” moment which, as I peer into the future, may come in the next year. Europe is now being dominated by the “have-nots” and the lone voice of the Bundesbank will be challenged as never before during the next twelve months. “More money” is the only thing keep the world’s economies afloat and the demand for “more money, more money” will be the hue and cry both in America and Europe. In the United States the re-distribution of wealth will be pressed by Mr. Obama and his minions as the socialization of America continues but we may find a backlash in the next elections with not an evangelized Tea Party but some new group demanding core fiscal and traditional American values where hard work and success are not derided and where “Rich” is no longer a dirty word. If the present course continues then not only will the rich be poorer but the poor will be poorer as those with money will no longer be able to afford the gimmickry of the country. The coordinated actions of the world’s central banks has caused our current dilemma and the same fiscal irresponsibility may one day end it. Yet it will not be today and it will not be tomorrow so the game goes on, the shirts get dirtier, the slop of newly minted capital keeps increasing and there is still nowhere to invest off-world and so we are constrained by the lack of choice. In the end probable revolt but for now; the rollercoaster plunge continues. Enjoy the ride.
“Well boys, we've got three engines out, we've got more holes in us than a horse trader's mule, the radio is gone and we're leaking fuel and if we was flying any lower why we'd need sleigh bells on this thing.”
              -Dr. Strangelove

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flacon's picture

I got it dude. It's yellow and shiny and heavy. 

Michaelwiseguy's picture

There's not as much apathy in the country as people perceive. You perceive there is too much apathy because you don't see opposition to apathy on TV. The internet bloggers such as people on ZH are teaching massive numbers of people, informing them what is really going on in our country, and the message of Liberty is being spread far and wide. All my neighbors have guns now.

Big Slick's picture

No disrespect to the author and the Tyler who decided to post this, but only one thought comes to mind...

No Sh!t, Sherlock.

Supernova Born's picture

Ammo and gold sales certainly don't spell apathy. They spell recognition by the smarter than average man that nothing can stop what government addiction to baseless fiat has set in motion.

Uncle Sugar's picture

I'm guessing the ammo and gold sales are going to a relatively small percentage of the population.  The majority are too focused on DWTS and LILO to be bothered looking outside the matrix.

A Lunatic's picture

I believe the statistics show a mere three percent of the population is actively engaged in what they term "prepping". I suppose there is also a block of NRA types that make purchases based on fear of a gun grab. I shudder to think what this country would look like if even 20% of the population decided they need guns, gold, and grub immediately.

Bad Attitude's picture

“Get It While You Can”

More people are waking up and starting to buy guns, precious metals, and emergency food - I see it with friends and coworkers. But, the numbers are still relatively small.I don't know what the trigger event will be. I thought the reelection of Dear Leader would trigger more interst in "prepping," but I haven't seen it yet.

Beans, bullets, and bandages, bitchez!

Supernova Born's picture

Costco sells emergency freeze-dried foods. Costco doesn't stock anything that doesn't sell FAST.

Ammo is very frequently sold out at Walmart, and limitations on the quantity you can purchase have been seen.

NICS did more background checks for gun sales this past Black Friday than ever before.

Collapse or Balkanization or something else, but something is coming this way fast.

A Lunatic's picture

I hope it's something soft, fuzzy, pink, and fluffy..............

Supernova Born's picture

Enjoy your new Owens-Corning fiberglass Snuggie!

trav777's picture

given the .fed's disconnect from the several states, some sort of constitutional crisis is inevitable.  Already, states are refusing to accept federal laws and federal policy.  Eventually, Texas will refuse to prosecute or Arizona will physically deport on their own or weed in CO, maybe it turns into a local arrest of a federal agent or something like this.  That's when things should get interesting.

the SCOTUS may have to sanction massive curtailment of federal power under the 10th or something like that just to avoid things' getting worse.

Seize Mars's picture

@Supernova Ben

"...something is coming this way fast..."

Is it pussy? 'Cause I love that stuff.

forwardho's picture

I shudder to think what this country would look like if even 20% of the population decided they need guns, gold, and grub immediately. 

what it would look like? who knows.

It may look like people who wish to live in FREEDOM.

A Lunatic's picture

Goes without saying. My point is it would be a fucking free for all cluster-fuck of magnificent proportions.

willwork4food's picture

Yea, they got FEMA camps for the survivor's kids too.

ball-and-chain's picture

I wish I had big white teeth.

If I did, I would use them to bite the nipples off Ben Bernanke's ever-flowing man-tits.

But I'm just a loser.

Too bad.

akak's picture

Probably the same 4 out of 3 who are bad in math.

willwork4food's picture

i might be one of those. oh, wait..

becky quick and her beautiful mouth's picture

me too. only it's freeze dried, mylar sealed, and then put in plastic buckets.

Vashta Nerada's picture

It is time for a good old fashioned tax revolt.

cougar_w's picture

People are too frightened for a tax revolt. They are too frightened for anything. Some of that fear is manufactured propaganda, but some other of it is genuine; we really are in deep shit this time.

I don't see any organized action being possible for a long time in America because Americans no longer enjoy a public dialog about what matters to Americans. Any dialog permitted in the coportate media is limited to what is good for jobs, what is good for profits, what is good for the economy, etc. So long as we are limited to discussions of abstract things only we will never discover how badly tooled we have been as humans.

The early OWS movement, and it's ally the Tea Party movement at the start, were both little more than symptoms of America's lack of dialog. Anyone here who doesn't understand that needs to take a very deliberate step away from the kool-aid and have a real look at the landscape. Because folks, Americans have become mutes. Dumb mutes. Mutes who cannot hear, cannot speak, and cannot understand. Americans live in a fog of disconnect from reality, cannot find a way back to reality, and do not know they are not in touch with reality. Any movement that screams "you are not living in the real world" is a good thing for Americans to experience.

That Americans are not allowed, is all you need to know.

NidStyles's picture

It's not that they are frightened. It's just they are tired of the pointless violence and honestly do not want to initiate it.  Most people ascribe to non-aggression naturally. This is why the concept makes more sense than to be a violent anxiety driven statist.


If more people understood this simple fact, things would be more clear to a larger number of the public. The idea and concept would spread further and faster than it already is. The problem is that the learning curve that it takes for people to understand Liberty is rather steep. Some people pick it up quick and naturally because they understand that most people are generally non-violent. Others on the other hand take a while as they have been anxiety driven into being statists for so long that they do not understand what non-aggression is about.

Supernova Born's picture

Taxes are nothing but a show and tell by .gov

Show the populace whose boss and tell the world our currency is based on something (which it isn't).

The could just print ALL of what they spend and allow the unavoidable "tax" of inflation to "collect" from the populace.

Roosting Chicken's picture

Right.  Didn't bernankie just promise to pay the deficit for the next year?  So, no need to raise taxes, problem solved.

NidStyles's picture

Non Sequitur.


The taxes that the government tells you that you are responsible for, merely pay the interest on the debt that they run up. They have no interest in paying that debt. The whole thing is a sham.

NidStyles's picture

If you look at the system properly it was designed to eventually have everyone working for the government and receiving everything from the Government. It's Socialism through incrementalism. Taxes are just another method of acclimating people to supporting others.


The system will never work, it's physically impossible, because if it could work it would have evolved naturally. Capitalism as understood by the Austrian School is natural, as there were no grand theories developed to create it. It was merely Economists doing what they are supposed to be doing, analyzing the situation and describing it to everyone else.

cougar_w's picture

I think I understand your point, but I'm not sure I see how it applies. Liberty in America is long dead, and died over a hundred years ago. What people will learn about liberty today is largely divorced from anything the "founding fathers" would have recognized in their time and is unlikely to nourish the roots of freedom and useful action. I don't see too many alternative narratives on the topic, either. Further I'm not sure how non-violence makes one automatically a non-State actor, anymore than laying in bed curled into a fetal position does. In many ways, that is what the State players want and are working very hard to establish.

Fear is the mind killer. Non-violence can be as much a product of fear as it can be of a deliberate decision not to play the game. Fear makes us think twice -- even, many times -- about everything we might try to do to improve our lot. This generates non-action, a larger set of outcomes that includes non-violence and non-participation as a subset.

It is easy for the State to deliver on the promise of fear. Humans are afterall fearful creatures by nature. One 15 second segment on TV showing an Occupy protest being broken up with tear gas will send almost everyone in the room scuttling like terrified mice back into the comfortable little prison cell they have created in their own mind.

It is an ugly game. They play it because it works so well. We are to be kept captive to inaction until the dogs of war are at our throats, but then I don't know what we will be able to do.

forwardho's picture

Fear, when action is needed  keeps one suspended in a useless negative feedback loop.

cougar_w's picture

True, and the longer inaction continues, the more fearful we become because there is no obvious way out. In fact the propaganda arm of the State machine is largely tasked to promote the doubt that further feeds inaction, as if inaction were some kind of parasite of the mind.

Which actually it is.

That is why it is always important to just do something, however trivial it might seem.

I become impatient with those who claim that "what you propose is a waste of time" because that attitude actual serves the aim of Statist propaganda, where the promotion of inaction at all levels (starting with our personal lives) is 100% of their business. They have built a vast social support framework at least in part to keep anyone from becoming uncomfortable enough to give a fuck about how things are being done. To put it in the simplest terms.

People are probably too comfortable. That might be about to change. We'll see if I'm right.

NidStyles's picture

I think the main problem is that you assume that the founding fathers represented Liberty. They did not.

I do not want to be the one to do that to your mind, as many things you have been taught in the past were complete nonsense. I know what sort of mindstate I was in when I first started to understand this situation as it really is. I was an mental rollercoaster.I stopped reading the first book I picked up because I didn't want to believe or accept it.

Many people have been taught that Liberty is something that it is not these days. I can say honestly that you appear to be on the right path, and I would suggest finding some of Rothbard's work as a further guide.


I have taught a lot of people on my own path, and I know what you are about to go through if you read further into this. Even more so if you actually get free time to think about what you read and what it means. 


cougar_w's picture

Heh. Well that's an interesting approach.

I'll give you this and then leave it alone: You are probably 30 years too soon to being the one to help me find my path.

But I do appreciate the sentimate.

DosZap's picture


Liberty in America is long dead, and died over a hundred years ago. What people will learn about liberty today is largely divorced from anything the "founding fathers" would have recognized in their time and is unlikely to nourish the roots of freedom and useful action


While I agree in premise with you, there are many here that are hated Boomers, who KNOW what Liberty means we were raised under a Constitutional system, we were obliged to say the Pledge, and swear the oath every morning before school stated en masse.

The real Liberty you speak of may be dead, but Liberty is mainly in the MIND.

NO ONE who has known a life of live and let live, and was raised under WWII spec parents ,are ever going to let it go, and say oh, well.Taught REAL history, and the PC shit that has indoctrinated our kids and the other sheep,of the past 2 Gens can understand the concept.

Not until death, one way or the other.WE have not lost our moral compass and values and mores no matter how corrupt the system has become.

I will not sell a lot of them short, if they were raised like my kids, as to what WE were as far as Who we were, and what it cost us to have and be what we are, and where.

BUT, they are even more spoiled in having it their way(far more than we were),and when push comes to shove they will(I feel) come to the fore.

trav777's picture

The founding fathers were white men.  And they owned slaves.

On EITHER basis, they are illegitimate.

Any company that lacks sufficient blacks is illegitimate.  Any endeavor without sufficient "diversity" is in crisis and illegitimate (NASA is).  These things must be cut.  Science classes in schools in Berzerkely were deemed too white.  Cystic Fibrosis was too nondiverse a disease to merit continued support.  so these things are illegitimate and must be eliminated.

This is the world you people have let occur because you have a mental 3rd rail on the subject.

I have no idea why you people keep appealing to the FOUNDERS as if somehow the rest of the nation is going to nod and GET IT.  They REJECT the founders, ok?  The founders are illegitimate and must be scrubbed from history.

The Constitution was written by them and it's just a piece of paper that frequently gets in the way of the fundamental transformation of society by people who WILL NOT STOP.  You just don't get what you're up against here.

ExhiledInMass's picture

33% of the people were OK w/ a king, 33% didn't care one way or the other. The Founders represented 33% of the peoples' will/intent/desires.

Trav is can explain it, the masses could understand it, but like the original 66% who weren't fully in the Founders' camp, they will either ignore it or hate it and move with the current majority. We just got lucky as shit w/ the battle of Trenton and won.

We who are w/ the Founders are in a significant minority right now. The ride is over for awhile.

AllWorkedUp's picture

I dunno. I think people are frightened. Most still have too much to lose to just roll the dice and stop paying taxes, at least I still do. Even though it's all a mirage and there's probably a 90% chance they wouldn't even catch it. That 10% chance of having wages garnished and accounts frozen looms large.

 We are bombarded with "better stay in line" propaganda 24/7. The threat the IRS is going to get ya, or the police or DHS. The constant barrage of "big brother's watching you" - even though the people that are awake know deep down, they can't watch everyone, they're just not that fucking good. Hollywood bombards us with T.V. shows where police "always get their man." Total B.S.

 The biggest thing is we are just not united enough. I watched the OWS and truthfully, I could only relate to maybe 10% of those people - the Ron Paul, Tea party types. The rest seemed to be begging for a nanny state.

I'd love to join a group of like minded individuals in my area and take some action. There's alot of people on the net like here at ZH, but how many actually connect personally? We're spread out all over the country.

I started a blog - - ultimately I'd like to see veterans connect personally with other vets in their area to protect eachothers family, property and liberty. It seems this has to start at the community level. I dunno.

A Lunatic's picture

We voluntarily offer ourselves up to the slaughter by giving them the information they need in order to terrorize us with threats of violence for noncompliance.............

cougar_w's picture

Sometimes, it seems like the easier path. We all do it. Fill out the form, to get the candy. Or to avoid the expensive fine, or the court fees, or jail cell. All the same thing, eventually.

They have probably won that battle already. It makes it hard to go forward, but not impossible.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I'd love to join a group of like minded individuals in my area and take some action.

The people are actually all about.  Uniting them is probably not as difficult as one would think.  I have put a lot of time into thinking about this particular problem for a very very long time now.  The problem is once a person becomes a bit of a celebrity, they are also a lighting rod for all kinds of sociopaths and do-gooders.  The only way to get through the storm is to be very well off financially before one stirs up all the muck. 


Oldballplayer's picture

Now imagine some could step forward. A visionary. Someone who could give the apathetic hope, and inspire them to greatness.

I always wondered how Hitler came to power. Now I understand.

NidStyles's picture

I guess the plebian masses have to relearn the lessons their parents learned.

cougar_w's picture

Sadly, that is exactly how it happens.

On the other paw, Genghis Khan is one of my favorite personalities. So perhaps there is an actual light at the end of this sad tunnel rather than an on-rushing locomotive.

A Lunatic's picture

The only way I'm going to be inspired to greatness is if it's on somebody else's dime and time, bitchez.               -Joe Sixpack-

AllWorkedUp's picture

Yeah, and Hitler was a spawn of the Socialist Worker's movement, although you'd never hear that from the left in this country. They'd have you believe he was a right-wing fanatic.

DosZap's picture

They'd have you believe he was a right-wing fanatic.

Dead on, he was a Lefist to the core.They used a different name for what we do today.

cougar_w's picture

Hilter was not a Socialist, and one of his first acts was to murder as many Socialist thinkers and leaders as he could.

Hitler understood the power of words, and in naming his movement the "National Socialists" he tapped into two very powerful themes working in the German zeitgiest at the time; German national pride, and socialist doctrines of fairness (both of which had been in short supply after WWI). This is why his party is now most commonly refered to as "the Nazis" because we would not carry forward his rather clever use of language.

GOSPLAN HERO's picture

"The connection between socialism and nationalism in Germany was close from the beginning. It is significant that the most important ancestors of National Socialism—Fichte, Rodbertus, and Lassalle—are at the same time acknowledged fathers of socialism. …. From 1914 onward there arose from the ranks of Marxist socialism one teacher after another who led, not the conservatives and reactionaries, but the hard-working laborer and idealist youth into the National Socialist fold. It was only thereafter that the tide of nationalist socialism attained major importance and rapidly grew into the Hitlerian doctrine." - F.A. Hayek