Gold - It's Time

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Authored by Lee Quaintance and Paul Brodsky of QBAMCO,

Gold bugs can’t understand how the public can be so unaware, how highly intelligent policy makers can be so immoral, and how the mainstream media can be so incurious. We can’t understand why more men and women in the investment business haven’t joined some of the more successful ones that have come around to precious metals and have taken substantial positions in them for their funds and personal accounts. The list of high profile independent-minded investors that have come out of the proverbial closet is impressive and growing: Kyle Bass, John Paulson, David Einhorn, George Soros, Bill Gross and Paul Singer, to name only a few.

Conventional financial asset selection guidelines for professional investors are becoming increasingly uneconomic and problematic. Current macroeconomic conditions leave little doubt as to why. A zero-bound rate structure across developed economies, heavy monetary policy intervention, guaranteed negative real returns of benchmark financial assets and cash, impossible discount cash flow models,cacophonous (and economically meaningless) fiscal political wrangling diverting attention from legitimate budget arithmetic ($800 billion over ten years when we’re running $1 trillion-plus annual deficits?), dubious short and intermediate-term prospects in already-emerged emerging economies, and non-trending financial markets, all suggest something has changed.

Regardless of whether one is investing personally or as a fiduciary, conventional financial asset allocation models and procedures are obviously failing and the reason is simple: the currencies in which financial assets are denominated are gravely flawed – levered beyond reconciliation and incapable of generating positive real returns for assets denominated in them, or ongoing consumer and business confidence while the leverage is being transferred from banks to central banks, and from central banks to government balance sheets. The political/policy dimension is boxed. We think prudence demands stepping away from conventional financial asset allocation models.

Here is what matters...

Qbamco - It's Time

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Well said and accurate. The best way of making money from the not very intelligent though is selling connectors like HDMI plated with gold. It easily makes them worth 10 times more (not).

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Got an argument with Freegold?  Now's your chance to step up!

Bring it!


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Looks like both Gold & Silver are down 2% in Asia; tomorrow might be a buying opp.

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But at least the property market is recovering!!!!

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Why does gasoline and gold go up and down together?

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Laughing out loud, Akak, because I know exactly what that is from (Why don't they hold diamonds?) 



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short answer: they don't. Commodities all generally move together as they are not-paper vs stuff that is paper BUT they have their own diverse patterns, in minutiae - copper, silver, gold, oil, gas, land, sugar, corn, wheat

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But the inflation the Fed has created will drive them all up. Sure, things like weather affect corn, but that is just supply/demand fluctuation of the underlying asset. The other supply/demand is with dollars, and there are more dollars, and therefore the prices get bid up. 



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Great post, can't wait for gold to shine

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Riding BART to Berkeley, I had a conversation with a Swiss German doctoral student in computer science, specializing in cyber security.
When the topic came to bit coin, he said that it is a poor store of value due to it's volatility.

Given his credentials, I'm guessing he is gunning for a career with the big banksters.

Ever since the crash of bit coin from 12 to 8 , I figured that the PTB are doing the same with Bit coin that they do with gold, only it's less than pocket change to accumulate, then dump.
I suspect that front running them might prove profitable., buying the dips and selling the rips.

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Some people know what the USSA does with the treasury secret slush fund called the Exchange Stabilization Fund.


Read it on up Boris.

And I recomend learning about it to everyone.


It most likely is resposible for lots of the gold price supression game.

ESF is the gold bugs enemy.

Know yor enemy.

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just keeps getting hammered down. Wouldn't be shocked to see Ag down 3% come open tomorrow.

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Gold and Silver is so yesterday. I like my PM's without any paper manipulation. Cuz nothing is sexier than physical PM's coming in "sponge" packaging. Rhodium and Rhenium...Bitchez.

Besides, If that trade doesn't work out I can always go into the jet engine fabrication and electroplating businesses....I bet I can even get a loan from my Dear Uncle Sam. I just hope his printer doesn't run out of toner.

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check out the yahoo finance silver page. Not SLV but just silver if you go to the commodiites on the bottomish side right. Huge spike up then back down here at 12:40 central time is when I looked at it. Kitco prob has it removed already.

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One thing I fail to understand is that why most analysts are recommending the purchase of Gold, Silver, Oil as a investment to hedge against inflation? The problem today is that the price of Gold and other commodities is not derived by it’s physical demand or supply but more by the speculative positions standing long or short on the commodity exchange like any other traded commodity, stock or currency.

The basic mechanism of price discovery (based on demand and supply for actual use) of anything traded on an exchange has been terminally infected by speculators having access to unlimited funds and super fast computers for trading leading to volatile price swings. This has been made worse by the launch of ETFs for anything and everything under the sun by the financial community.

The price of everything including Gold is likely to suffer when the speculators unwind their positions due to some event that they have not anticipated or foreseen.

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Gold is being panned; now trading below 1700. Oh yes, must represent a once in a lifetime buying opportunity.....

The only catalyst for Gold going forward is going to be war; Syria/Iran. In the short term, it does not have a leg to stand on.

Iam Yue2's picture

Gold is being panned; now trading below 1700. Oh yes, must represent a once in a lifetime buying opportunity.....

The only catalyst for Gold going forward is going to be war; Syria/Iran. In the short term, it does not have a leg to stand on.

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This is a paper from the future!!!! It is dated December 2013 ...



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This is a paper from the future!!!! It is dated December 2013 ...



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The GODs must be crazy

"conventional financial asset allocation models and procedures are obviously failing and the reason is simple:"


Gold will go down, buy after x=mas.

ETF new 52 week highs!!

this is a trend, is it not?

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My last buys:
NLR-The GODs must be crazy

and 1 is down-

I would rather buy gold over 2,000 and stop at 2,000.
But I may buy after x-mas, Last year was just too good:)

orangegeek's picture

Elliott wave count for gold still shows bearish and has for many months.

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1000s of billions in debt and climbing. They've ruined the doomed money. You gotta get out of that.