Explaining The U.S. Economy Via Star Wars

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Presented with no comment...


(h/t Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog)

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hmmmm, begun the currency war has

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And blind they are, who wish to be blind.

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I always knew I would look good lounging in a string bikini and toga wrap

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Those dirty Chinese Jawas

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It's not the Chinese Jawas, it's the FED Jawas, they hold more of the debt.  By 2013 they'll own three times what the Chinese Jawas do.

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Sorry dude i was simply referring to the fact they all look the same, are small and are junk dealers...you're way too deep for me

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Yea, right.

Who would have guessed we have a very different "OB"1 in the WH?

May the force be with US.

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"Jabba, this is your last chance..."

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William Arthur Louis Philip = Anakin Skywalker



George Lucas did say (apparently) that Star Wars is based on the Arthurian Legend.


A young powerful bloodline...followed around by Jedi's (Knights Templars).


Mother (Diana) dies young under tragic conditions (Anakins mother gets slaugherted by the sand people)


Although at first charming and good - an evil cloud and destiny follows this blonde haired boy.


KAte is now pregnant and speculation that she could be having twins (Padme had twins - Luke and Leia)

Imagine if Kate has a boy and a girl? Imagine something tragic happens during the birth? I would then be tripped out.

What made Anakin completely snap and turn evil was 1)death of his mother 2) his jealousy and behaviour that caused Padme to die.

Also, with the Royal recently changing the centuries old law about succession (it can be a female now if first born) maybe they are setting up for the possiblity of twins?


Anyway...time will tell.

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So sick of hearing about Kate and the pregnancy.

There was chatter yesterday that a boy might be named "Mohammed" in recognition of cultural diversity for the new millennium, etc. etc...

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How about 'Barak'?    And has The One gifted an iPod of his speaches for prenatal entertainment yet?  

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Watto:  How are you going to pay for all this?

Qui-Gon:  I have twenty thousand Republic dataries.

Watto:  Republic credits?  Republic credits are no good out here.  I need something more real.

Qui-Gon:  I don't have anything else... (waves hand)  But credits will do just fine.

Watto:  No, they won't.

Qui-Gon:  (waves hand firmly)  Credits will do fine.

Watto:  No, they won't.  Mind tricks don't work on me.  Only money.

-The Phantom Menace

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Qui-Gon:  I don't have anything else (waves hand) but midichlorians will do fine.

Watto:  No, they won't...

Qui-Gon:  (waves hand firmly)  Midichlorians will do fine.

Watto:  No, they won't!!

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I want a Gold halter, Brass makes my boobs look smaller.

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i finally get to be the hot chick

and i can fap to that

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Travel to far this road, and all is lost.

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Something tells me that this graphic shows an organization that is far more organized than reality

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"..... and now Obi-wan, your failure is complete!"

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No. It's a Tarp!!!!!!!


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You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

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I never looked so good. Thanks !

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Wait, aren't we missing some characters?

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Yes.  Tyler = Obi Wan Kanobi

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I'll take "Who is Emperor Palpatine?" for 600 Alex.

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Obama. Although he could also be Biden. Biden always has that evil crazy look in his eye when he talks.

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Based off looks alone, it would be Joe Lieberman

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Episodes 1-3 weren't star wars.  May Lucas die by choking on a man-burrito with extra guacamole sauce delivered by an 80 year old man with a robot head.

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Next movie coming out isn't Lucas so that's something to look forward to.  If they get the right director and writer, I might actually go out of my way to watch it a couple times on a big screen like the New Hope and Empire.

He should have understood from Empire that his fans have a deeper vision of his works.  Fucking Ewoks man.  Clever toy marketing campaign, but for the love of Tattonie, it was supposed to be the epic battle.  Unfortunately it was an epic battle between the excellent villains of the Empire and Gerbil people.  God Jedi couldn't have sucked more dick, until the presequels...

The book and comic series are amazing though.  And the toys are so cool.

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Lucas bowed before the marketing gods and shifted his demographic into the single digits in order to make lots and lots of cash.  Ewoks!  Damn.  What the fuck?  And that Jar Jar thing.  Lucas should be ashamed.  So much potential wasted in that series.  He could have created a real legacy - but traded it away for quick $.  What a sellout (or a pussy).

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That's why the books and the comics are amazing.  Top notch writers from nearly ever genre line up to write them and do the art for the comics without too much influence from Lucas Inc (well other than keeping in line with the movie history).  It makes for some great work.

The one guy I would love for them to write for it because he's great with dialogue construction is Greg Weisman.  He's amazing, his resume is built for writing good SciFic.

Look at Clone Wars the cartoon.  I could see real people acting that out and I'd watch it.  That is nearly 100% forum fan driven as far as I can tell.  Obviously it's not the same depth and awesauce as BSG, but it could be...if it we redone for SW's real source of income, the 20-65 year old men that have money to piss away money on toys.

The post market is the bread and butter to the Lucas universe, it's a license to print money every weekend at every convention running 18x every weekend of everyday in every country.  That's his fan base.  It's enormous.   All those nickles and dimes rolling everyday in the vault of Lucas Inc.  To one guy!!  Most amazing business model ever.  He is the cottage industry on steroids and bathsalts.

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No, thet would be Ron Paul.  They look alike, were relatively ignored by everyone, one is going into retirement while the other is permanently retired, and the only thing really effective they ever did was to plant the seeds of knowledge, which only in their later years have born fruit.

Tyler = Hans Solo.  Tyler would definately shoot first.

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The American middle class taxpayer is Princess Leia.

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Obi died in the first movie. At best Tyler is Luke.

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If you strike me down now Darth, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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if he has an apartment in manhattan, he's more like Yoda

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Really?  You can't think of any other figure head, nonsense speaking, minority leader to be Jar Jar?

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The problem is narrowing it down to one. My pick was Geithner; you may choose otherwise from the menagerie.

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that's a trap ....   trick question is that

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And the economy frozen in carbonite - ready to shatter??

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Not to mention the carbonite tax.