Gold-to-Silver Ratio Soars By Most In 2012

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From the open of the US equity market day-session, gold and silver have diverged aggressively. Gold is notably outperforming silver - in fact today is the biggest jump in the Gold/Silver ratio of the year. The Gold/Silver ratio has also retraced upwards to its 50DMA. It seems there is overall pressure on precious metals post-Bernanke but the relative preference is for Gold so far.


From the start of the US equity day-session, gold and silver have diverged...


Gold/Silver ratio jumps by most in 2012 to catch up to its 50DMA...


Charts: Bloomberg

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SAT 800's picture

Roger that. 25-06 with handloads; got ATT beat all to shit for "reaching out and touching someone". 

Pope Clement's picture

Armageddon already happened and we are the lucky descendents of those that survived. The fire and brimstone memories seem to have been burnt into our DNA....

Oldballplayer's picture

I would imagine that if the metals are exposed to radiation, they might be too hot to handle. Then tossing them in the streets really just makes the problem worse.

SAT 800's picture

Well, I'd rather stumble on my iniquity, (whatever that means), than do a face plant and take a dirt nap forever because I followed your advice. But, whatever.

SAT 800's picture

FUCK THE WRATH OF THE LORD. Yeah, just like that; FUCK YOU GOD. Now come down here and do something about it, you non-existent brain fart.

Ratscam's picture

atheist or agnosticist?
i guess you agree FUCK RELIGION

trollin4sukrz's picture

Has no one seen the folly? Everyone here STILL measures g and s in ratio to fiat. When/if tshtf the day fiat dies,will anyone in their right mind take some shiny trinket in exchange for a hard asset? THINK about it.


Cash out now and BUY something tangible while the fiat still buys something.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Gold and silver are not tangible?

Get.The.Fuck.Out you retard...

trollin4sukrz's picture

Now yes.. but when/if the golden horde roams the country side it wont be worth anything unless melted down and made into bullets.

laozi's picture

I welcome your fresh view on things. I admit that I am not prepared for a Mad Max scenario, but even there I doubt some gang leader would turn down a pile of gold.

In a slightly less critical situation, world trade would probably continue, and gold could probably be used as payment. This will hold demand up.


Bay of Pigs's picture

LOL. How is having your head in the sand on currency destruction a "fresh view"?

This guy has no idea about gold and silver when it comes to a store of value. 

SmallerGovNow2's picture

yes, they will take the shiny trinket just like has been done for 5,000 YEARS....

trollin4sukrz's picture

Sorry, but the bible and I disagree

akak's picture

I was not aware that the Bible encompasses all of human history.

trollin4sukrz's picture

Humans future is more important than the past. Want to know tomorrows headlines? Open the bible and take a peak. 

zuuma's picture

I'll be handing out shiney, copper-colored, valuable trinkets to all the Golden Horders that come my way.

... 147gr each @ 2850 fps.


I know they'll be in a hurry, that's why I'll be handing 'em out fast.

SAT 800's picture

I'm a firm believer in gun control. It's important to use both hands.

MrButtoMcFarty's picture

Everyone has a plan until you shoot them in the face.


JonNadler's picture

OK, this new troll is not oe of mine, I wouldn't abuse the Bible to give credibility to my screename

SmallerGovNow2's picture

the biblical passages you recite do not mean literally gold and silver.  It is a message to greedy money changing maggots (read bankers) that made peoples lives a living hell on earth....

Freddie's picture

??  Is there a part in the Bible that teaches us how to make Claymores?

tmosley's picture

Of course.  It's in the Book of Armaments, a few passages after the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Calmyourself's picture

The number of thee counting shall be... three no less nor more.  I'd feel better if we had Tim on our side.

SAT 800's picture

I'd feel better if Monty Python was president.

Freddie's picture

5,000 years ago they were not able to lay down suppression fire with NATO 5.56x45 and NATO 7.62.  Bring it. 

Great avatar picture.

PiratePawpaw's picture

I could measure PM's in terms of .223 and .308 rds, but

A: few dealers sell in those terms, and

B: Im not really willing to give up any ammo.

Now this silly green paper however; I have plenty of and there are still suckers willing to trade for it.

trollin4sukrz's picture

If you are totally set and have everything in place that is needed for the shtf, then by all means stack. BUT I suggest that is about the last thing on a survivalist list... If you have to flee the storm..whats it gona be? Guns ammo food water.. or  g/s? THINK about it.

A Lunatic's picture

You're right..........I'm going to need some Sherpas to carry all of my PM's.

Burnbright's picture

That is an easy answer, which is the better value per weight to carry? You cant exactly be mobile carrying your wealth around in guns, lead, or brass. One ounce of gold will easily purchase you a gun and some ammo... and more.

crusty curmudgeon's picture

Gold may be the only thing that will keep you out of the fema camp. 

SilverRhino's picture

30-06 is pretty good at doing that too.  


Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Looks like normal free market action. I hope Blythe likes my christmas gift for her - a 1 year subscription to the debilitating disease of the month club.


Guess it's time to buy more (as it would be if it went up, or down).


Central bank cocksuckerz know Silver represents insolvency and death to them.

slaughterer's picture

Both will be cheaper next week.  Wait to add to your stacks.  The PM Santa will be coming.  



fonzannoon's picture

phyz prices still above $35. But that is if someone actually wanted to own it.

DosZap's picture

phyz prices still above $35. But that is if someone actually wanted to own it.

Where is it that high?,should be able to get it for $33.50+/-

fonzannoon's picture

depends on quantity. The big online sites I checked before posting were over $35. The place I buy from was as well. If someone sees it cheaper, good stuff.

sharky2003's picture

ASE's are still around $35

PenchantForHoarding's picture

Grabbed a 100oz bar from Gainesville for low 33's a z.  If you avoid the "numismatic" stuff, it's still under a buck premiums.

We're not collecting Star Wars action figures... it's a commodity.  Who cares what it looks like if it's the .999...

SAT 800's picture

We're not collecting Star Wars action figures."  Yes, that's an interesting aspect isn't it. People get attached to the pretty picture on the their money thingy. I can just see it now; "no, no, don't sell that dairy cow to him, look my money thingy has a prettier picture on it".  Somehow, I don't think that's going to work; but who knows.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

APMEX Silver Eagles 2013...  $35-37 depending on quantity or method of payment....

DosZap's picture

APMEX Silver Eagles 2013... $35-37 depending on quantity or method of payment....


IF you do not mind the $$$$$$ going downstairs to JPM(which is their bank).

kliguy38's picture

You should be accumulating instead of bottom picking. The smart money is. The real bargains in the miners and they are your leveraged trade not the rigged options markets and ETF

fonzannoon's picture

I hear you man. My point is, if you want the real thing, it's not actually on sale as much as the paper instrument tells you it is.

Harbanger's picture

I wonder if a phys gold dealer might not take some of his inventory off the shelves if he knows the prices are being temporarily smacked down.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

That would be my silver dealer you're talking 'bout... Delaying delivery for three weeks in a row now as prices are constantly monkeyhammered. Fukker! But this is EUSSR and there's no coin shops around...

Boston's picture

Don't forget the caveat offered by Hugh Hendry---the more the prices of PM's soar, the greater the risk of nationalization of mining assets, and therefore impairment of cash flows

Hendry was long the metals, but short the miners.