The Gulag Ameripelago: US Incarceration Surpasses Russia's

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Remember when Americans used to mock Russia (f/k/a the USSR) for being one big Gulag prison colony? Those were the good days. One thing is sure: they no longer "hate us for our freedom." On the other hand, if instead of prison, one were to write in "minimum security, free room and board, out early for good behavior" (especially if the world's most famous hedge fund will fund all your cash needs for the rest of your life on the 'other side' just as we predicted three weeks ago), then they would certainly hate us for our benefits.

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Long corrections corp. of America (CXW)

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We have 36M blacks and as many hispanics; what is Russia's excuse?

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Azerbajian, Chechnya, etc.

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How many bankers are among that prison population?... I guess if they were black bankers they'd be in jail, right Trav?...

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According to Trav black bankers should be in jail, because they're black.

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Well, just after they figure out how to invent the wheel and water systems, anyway, which according to Trav still has yet to happen.

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Why would anyone need to invent the wheel or a water system?... I'm just waitin on my free OBAMAwheel & OBAMAwatersystem & erry thingz gonna be aight...

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It's not polite to refer to our new and improved gulag for what it really is ... we now refer to this system as our Agenda 21 Insourcing Initiative Re-training Centers.

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Congrats, for finally reaching the status of Evil Empire.

Or, is it the Evil-est of Empires?


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I live in Canada and I've never seen an African-Canadian. 

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Trav?? His presence is already troubling you? Ha Ha Ha. 

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and the reactors scrammed.

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Here is a good web site where the professor breaks through the PC crap and comes up with a lot of valuable information.  Something that is a must know if you live in urban areas.

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Is it racist if its true?

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According to Obama and our MSM. Doubly so!

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So it must be true if it's racist, right? By modus ponens, I think.

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Black, White, Yellow, Red, Brown…you people think the powers that be give a flying fuck as to the colour of your skin…seriously?

This game’s about one thing and one thing only (write this fucker down in case your memory or IQ is all fucked up). This is ALL about ‘Controlling Power’, not money, not religion, not race, not sex, not anything other than C.P. And rest assured, that the smoke surrounding the Gold leasing antics of the Central Banks is part of the C.P. play. Control requires a medium with which to govern, and Gold looks to be the stick of choice. To destroy something which already exists requires huge force; I think Derivatives would do nicely. They’re playing for keeps people, and if they don’t get it peacefully, then they’ll do it with force.

NOTE: Gold isn’t being manipulated at all. Think about ALL that has happened over past 5 years pertaining to CME margins, Dodd-Frank, BIS rumours, Leasing etc. Join the dots. Do the Math. Gold, my friends, has been accumulated, hoarded, and is now being positioned, and there’s a world of difference! Please take the time to consider that statement very carefully.

NOTE 2.0: Goldman’s propaganda is aimed at enticing investors to sell into the Gold market, so there’s a high probability that there’s a squeeze on right now.

In regards to power: Oh the irony of Eyes Wide Shut...a movie about Kubrick crossing his own Ribicon. In real life, Kubrick trapped himself, just as Cruise's character Dr William Harford trapped himself in a secret world of power and protection (curiosity killed the Cat), as he then stumbles between choices which need to be made, for what is morally right, against that which is right in terms of survival.

Let me show you a few short clips: 

Here is Cruise and Kidman reliving what I believe was a point in time where - just as Cruise’s character in E.W.S. came to the realisation that there really were powers beyond his imagination (where jokes aren't funny anymore) - they both realised that Kubrick’s paranoia was not unfounded.

Watch how both Cruise and Kidman go from their usual ‘fake’ to very ‘real’ in just one simle question…effectively giving their only believable performances of their careers (with the exception of Les Grossman). And when two of the worst actors in history go from fake to real, you'd better investigate as to why....(Cruise has his moments I guess).

6min 51sec. Cruise, wondering how he should respond, so he doesn't say anything which will make him as dead as Kubrick.
7min 20sec. Cruise, discussing his anxiety; who's next?
7min 35sec. Cruise, questioning as to whether the movie (Kubrick) had gone too far?!
8min 0sec. Cruise, discussing the first stage of acceptance, denial. Not of Kubrick’s death, but that of the 'warning' which was sent out in the form of? Kubrick’s death. Confirming Cruise’s deepest fears; that Kubrick’s movie statement to the world was real and so too was his paranoia.
Kidman shitting herself at 14min 55sec onwards.

One thing I learned how to do quite well in the Army was to look through the foliage. This is the same thing; look through the financial noise to see the fundamentals and the game hidden in plain view...I'm no expert, just trying to use a bit of Common Dog Fuck.

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I was being absurd. I thought it was obvious.

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Sorry, wasn't replying to our post, just posting underneath. :)

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These discussions on race are always a hoot. ZH is batshit crazy.


No apology ever needed with me.


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Fuck-yeah! I absolutely LOVE winding fuckers up on rich environment. Hehehehe.

But in all seriousness....we're fucked! LOL

I'm only on ZH to get noticed by the Elites. You know, start my own religion, get invited to Eyes Wide Shut type parties, run some FEMA camps and stuff.....enjoy the little thing!

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A few years ago I wrote a book on the parallels between particle physics, relativity, and spirituality....way better than the lame shit the Philosophical Society put out...kinda hoping it gets picked up as an Occult Cult.

*waiting for the incoming rounds*

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I would be interested in reading said book.

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God fucking damn it you small brained idiots are so fucking retarded.  First blacks and hispanics are a lot poorer due to the fact that America has had a racial bias since its inception and when people are poor they tend to do a lot of things that the court system and law system (which were put in place by the rich) say are illegal.

Second police have a bias when looking for criminals and will pull blacks over a hell of a lot more than whites.  Then there is how rich people afford better lawyers, that the crimes of the rich go unpunished, and that 1/3 of US inmates are in for marijuana.

Oh but why don't you guys talk about jew alien lizard blood and how black brians are scientifically proved to be "smaller".

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blacks, first mistake. mexicans second mistake.


these two groups should be directly charged for their brothers incarcerations, its only fair.

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It's the psychopaths in every group that are the problem.

Doesn't matter if it is a race, a nation, a religion, a business, or a family, there is a percentage of people that are not quite human.

A society that fails to isolate and exclude them will just continue to suffer from their actions.

Time for a new class in society: outcasts.

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I heard it was a known fact that lighter-skinned Afros were smarter than darker Afros because they had more YT blood in them, thus making them more intelligent.

I wonder if this is true?

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I notice Boehner is darker than Obama.

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... he cries compassionately . Poor man is washed out .....

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<Is it racist if its true?>


What's a black brian? Is that like black irish?

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Racism is religion. You can't argue with religion. It's like when I try to argue with my wife about Purgatory.

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Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

Socialism gone crazy.

Backed up by your favorite facist authority.

You WILL OBEY or go to prison. Freedom? Not so much.

francis_sawyer's picture

Arguing with your wife about anything is SELF IMPOSED Purgatory...

formadesika3's picture

<Racism is religion.>

Something like that. The American peeple have lost critical thinking skills thanks to the American educational system. There was an excellent post on this subject at Archdruid Report today.

A dismal prospect for continuation of the Noble Experiment.

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The Great Separation, in which proto Whites left Africans behind, was a turning point in the upward evolution of Man. Have we reached another, downward, turning point


Only the most ambitious of the early humans in Africa possessed the curiosity to venture beyond their "comfort zone" and migrate out of the continent in search of new adventures and opportunities. It was this northward migration that exposed our progenitors to the new climates and environments that would guide their evolution. This was the historic moment that signaled the future birth of our race and all its advancements and the relatively backward nature of those tribes who remained in the tropics.

Leaving their predecessors behind, the fledgling stock pushed onward. Changing selection pressures would favor those mutations that bestowed upon the new stock reasoning abilities, deductive thinking, and logic. These traits would be necessary in order for the new breed of man, the White man, to survive the colder climates to the north.

The winter season brings new challenges and obstacles to the stock. For months at a time the fertile soil becomes a frozen, barren land, incapable of cultivation an inhospitable climate where even short exposures can quickly lead to frostbite and death. Gone were the days of endless warmth and pursuing only those behaviors that offered the reward of immediate gratification. The new breed needed to have the vision to see into the future and make plans ahead of time, if they were to survive.

Through a long and rigorous process, subsistence hunting and food gathering, and building temporary structures from mud or straw were replaced by agriculture, domestication of livestock, and true architecture. These are among hallmarks of civilization achieved by early Whites. And it was only when the fundamental problems of day to day survival had been solved that the mind could be free to ponder the higher things in life and the infinite possibilities of the future. A future with automobiles, refrigerators, television, radios, cell phones, satellites, and space travel. Look around you: the White man invented virtually everything you see.

The paucity of invention by sub Saharan Africans  it is virtually nil is evident. This lack of creative thinking is so because the Africans left behind did not follow the proto Whites along their migration routes out of Africa and hence did not evolve in the same way. It was the genetic response to the changing selection pressures generated by the exposure to the colder climates of the north that elicited the changes in the genome that made our race, civilization, and mighty technology possible.

To this day, the Blacks who remain in their cradle of comfort along the equatorial zones of the earth, as well as those transplanted around the world by slavery in recent centuries, remain several steps below the White men and women of the West in measured intelligence, self-restraint, civilized behavior, artistic and scientific accomplishments, and sexual morality.

Just as the transitions from ape like creatures to pre man and then to early African man were giant steps for mankind, so too was the transformation of early African man into the White European race during his aeons long journey to the north. It was Whites who gave us the architecture of the Parthenon, the Pantheon and St. Basil's cathedral, the music of Mozart and Beethoven, the artwork of Michelangelo and Monet, and the vision of Galileo. It was the vast collection of knowledge assimilated by the white European minds of scientists like Newton and Maxwell that gave us our vast understanding of chemistry and the laws of physics and all the power that implies. Meanwhile, the tribes of sub Saharan Africa, regardless of where they may have relocated in modern times, are still swatting flies and sacrificing chickens.

In some ways, slavery was the best thing that ever happened to the Blacks who never could have found their way to America (and the gravy train provided by guilt ridden Whites) on their own. Even today, native Blacks have never shown the capability to build a boat capable of crossing the Atlantic. Enslavement, torture, rape, and murder were hardly unique to the Black slaves taken to America such was the norm in Africa (most of the transported slaves were already slaves while there) and slavery remains an institution there to this day. In our world's rich history of war, every race has suffered brutal treatment, attempted genocide, and forced emigration at the hands of rival races and nations. Even today in Africa, Blacks are hunted down, raped, tortured, enslaved, and killed by the millions ?? at the hands of their own "brothers."

Here in America, Blacks enjoy ample food, clean water, and the opportunity for a good education, as well as the innumerable modern conveniences we all take for granted. Blacks get to be entertainment stars and athletes... but still, they complain about the White man. They riot in the streets and commit a disproportionately high amount of crime. Even very successful Blacks, who "have it all," like O. J. Simpson, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jackson find it difficult to rise above their genetic propensity for violence or disrespect toward others. The savage behavior of Black sports stars toward White women is so legendary that it's become a part of folklore and taken almost for granted, as is the brutal deviant sexual behavior of Black men in prison, with young White males the usual victims.

Most alarming to decent Whites is the current push in America for White girls to misuse their wombs as cradles for primitive Congoid genes ?? instead of for the sacred purpose for which they were intended.

While such "mothers" are exalted by the Jewish media as shining beacons of light for a new, multiracial society, their children have been condemned to inherit genes hundreds of thousands of years behind those that built the West. They have been robbed of their genetic potential. The mother and her thousands of generations of ancestors' contribution to the forward evolution of life have come to a screeching halt. The African DNA wraps itself like a parasitic vine around the White helix, chocking the life out of it. This is an act of genocide against our people, and should be prosecuted as such.

Schools, under the thumb of our enemies or in the thrall of the "equality" religion, have relaxed academic eligibility requirements. They must eliminate all evidence of racial inequality and "close the education gap" between Whites and non?Whites ?? or risk losing funding. If we can't bring the minorities up to the achievement levels of the Whites, we'll bring the Whites down to their level. If we can't bring the bottom of the bell curve up, we'll bring the top down. That way, they'll all be equal ?? equally stupid.

 And is that not what we are seeing ?? not just in the schools, but everywhere in our society?

When you look around, do you see evidence that Blacks have conformed to White standards of culture, civility, and grace? ?? or do you see Whites conforming to Black norms of disrespect, crudity, ugliness, and ignorance? Do you see Black kids walking down the street dressed in fine clothes, listening to Mozart, and carrying their physics books? ?? or are you more likely to see White children wearing baggy gang clothes, listening to "rap," sporting multiple body piercings (an African custom), speaking Ebonics, with a concealed crack pipe in their pocket, and obsessed with empty, lower?than?animal sex?

On the whole, have the Whites influenced the Blacks in a positive direction, or have the Blacks influenced the Whites in a negative direction? Even if the answer is "some of both," there is no way to argue that we of the West have gained in any way by the association.

economics9698's picture


We do not like cut and paste here.


francis_sawyer's picture

Yeah ~ What the fuck kind of Saul Alinsky bullshit is that anyway?...

Matt's picture

Maybe the racial differences are not due to environment, but rather cross breeding. It seems Europeans' ancestors bred with Neanderthals. That's why they disappeared; we didn't kill them or out-compete them, we assimilated them. That's probably where the excess body hair comes from.

francis_sawyer's picture

Why not just cut all the bullshit... Every slave that ever existed [after the time that 'slaves' were chattel acquired by military conquest], was SOLD into slavery... by... by... [insert answer here]... Note: it wasn't francis_sawyer...

Actually ~ Nowadays the process has become so refined that people VOLUNTARILY become slaves... You too can be a slave... Just keep lusting after those joobux...

Spastica Rex's picture

Thanks for speaking for all of us.


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Insidertrading = Bob Dobalina, the same guy who had the blog where he used snapshots of free trading sites saying he moved $100k per trade.

Bob is an idiot and a liar.

Insideher Trading's picture

What THE FUCK are you talking about?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

You used to post under the name "Bob Dobalina" and you used to run a blog that showed screenshots of trades you did on free trading websites.

What did I not explain?

Insideher Trading's picture

I never posted under that screen name.

Can you please explain what you're talking about? Or is this another one of your trolls?

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Alright, so the Africans stayed behind and lost out on wooly mammoth fashions and cave painting. But they maintained one evolutionary advantage they can leverage beyond almost any technological advantage whites may have developed - big cocks.