Japan Scrambles Eight F-15 Jets As Chinese Airplane Enters Disputed Island Airspace

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Anyone hoping that if left on autopilot, pardon the pun, the frayed relations between Japan and China will fix themselves, is in for a disappointment. Because while the Japanese trade with China has imploded resulting in a collapse in Japanese exports, which in itself is crushing the local economy, the country may offset that economic decline with some "GDP growing" Keynesian voodoo if and when the provocations between the two countries escalate to the point of exchanged fire. Sure enough, Kyodo reports, that a Chinese government airplane entered Japanese airspace over the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea on Thursday in the first such airspace intrusion in Japan, prompting not only an immediate protest from the Japanese government, one which China refused to accept because it stated the islands are its own territory, but the scrambling of up to eight Japanese F-15 fighters. This is only the first time a Chinese airplane has entered the disputed airspace, the the third time in history: once before by a Soviet bomber in 1979 and a Taiwanese civilian aircraft in 1994. We now look forward to what China's response will be to this reaction which will certainly be seen as provocative in itself.

From Kyodo:

The Air Self-Defense Force scrambled F-15 fighter jets to the area after one of China's State Oceanic Administration airplanes was spotted at 11:06 a.m. about 15 kilometers south of Uotsuri Island, one of the Japanese-administered Senkakus claimed by China, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura told reporters.


It is the first-ever intrusion by China into Japanese airspace since Tokyo started tallying the number of such intrusions in 1958, according to the Defense Ministry.


Four Chinese maritime surveillance vessels entered Japanese waters around the disputed islands in Okinawa Prefecture in the morning, marking the third straight day Chinese government ships have entered the waters, the Japan Coast Guard said.


Tokyo immediately filed a protest with Beijing after the airspace intrusion, Fujimura said, adding that it is "extremely deplorable" that the incident occurred on top of the intrusion by the Chinese ships, which lasted about six hours.


"We are determined to deal firmly with action that violates our country's sovereignty in accordance with domestic laws and regulations," the top government spokesman added.


Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda instructed relevant government offices to take further caution in warning and surveillance activities, he said.


In a stump speech in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, Noda said, "I pledge to protect the nation and its people by practicing a thorough crisis management to protect our territorial land, sea, sovereignty and national interests."


The State Oceanic Administration of China, for its part, said its aircraft conducted a patrol mission with the four ships after reaching Chinese airspace over the disputed islands, which China calls Diaoyu.


Earlier in the morning, a coast guard patrol vessel that spotted the Chinese airplane radioed the aircraft, saying that it must leave Japanese airspace, but the plane replied that it was in Chinese airspace, according to the coast guard.


To respond to the airspace violation, the ASDF scrambled six F-15s from a base on the main Okinawa island and routed two more that had already been airborne. But the Chinese aircraft had already left the airspace when the fighter jets got there.


Radar operated by the Self-Defense Forces did not pick up the aircraft, according to the SDF.


Vice Foreign Minister Chikao Kawai summoned acting Chinese Ambassador to Japan Han Zhiqiang to the Foreign Ministry in the early afternoon to lodge a protest, calling for the prevention of any similar case in the future and for Chinese ships still inside the waters to swiftly leave the area.


Han asserted that the islands belong to China and declined to accept the protest, yet indicated he would convey the protest to his home government. The diplomat noted that China hopes to resolve the dispute in a peaceful manner through communication between the two countries, according to the ministry.

And with just days left until the nationalistic Shinzo Abe become the new old PM of Japan, and the Senkaku islands become a boiling issue of contention between the two populations, the geopolitical wildcard the far east is becoming just too big to ignore.

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Oh no......there goes Tokyo. 


Cue Godzilla.

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hiiiighway to the danger zone

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It's hiiiiirrrray - get it right

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Oh well..the star will be taller than Tom Cruise !;o)

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Japanese are fucking stupid people.

In 1941, instead of helping their friend Nazi Germany and finishing the Soviet Union, Japanese have signed non-aggression Pact with Soviets and attacked the USA. Well, Stalin rewarded them very well. Japan must be lucky that Stalin did not occupy a half of Japan mainland.

Now, this stupid people are proud American lackeys.


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A lot of bad blood between these two.  Chicoms looking for some payback.

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This has little to do with Japan and more to do with the United States' efforts to continue to topple regimes loyal to China that supply China with important resources (in this instance Iran).  I think each day it is becoming more clear that Iran marks the limit of American aggression for Russia and China (akin to Poland for the British and the French).

I think a decision has been made in China-- tit for tat... if the U.S. topples Iran (a very important economic partner of China), China will destablize Japan... quid pro quo.  This is the obvious message... except idiots like Hillary Clinton run the U.S. Department of State, and anyone who disagrees with Obama or Hilary is run out of the military high command, so I am not sure if the idiots in Washington are getting this message clearly.

So I will spell it out for them.... China is saying, "What the U.S. does to Iran... We do the same to Japan."

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An interesting--and certainly plausible--take on what initially seems like an Abbott and Costello-esque farcical dialogue.

AurorusBorealus's picture

This is how the game of realpolitik is played, and China plays realpolitik.  The United States government is nothing more than a pawn of international finance and zionists in this game.

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when i was in high school ..a really big guy beat up our buddy, a really little guy...little guy went and kicked the shit out of big guys little brother..than told big guy he could beat him up everyday if he wants....big guy never touched him again....so i guess it will come down to the question ...how much do we really care for our closest allys....i mean in the big scheme of things we just nuked them not that long ago...and "our" team does not appear to be that smart or loyal...so china may need a plan b....

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AB, seems logical - however china is getting a piece of Iran after the downfall of the current tyrants that is what is being talked about between US russia china and Mid east countries..who gets what and who gets into power in Iran.

China does not want a shooting war over Japan..it wants to secure oil, it could care less about the mulla's as in the long run the mulla's are a threat to China via Islamic china populations.

the fly in the ointment is that those in power in USA are not effective in talks as they are so tied up by PC BS. and egos.

if a shooting war occurs it is because the USA is run by idiots with a PC world view.

Nixon was pragmatic about china and look how he ended up in our media..evil when in fact he avoided military hostility with China. hillary and o bum a are not that pragmatic.

AurorusBorealus's picture

"if a shooting war occurs it is because the USA is run by idiots with a PC world view."

In large part this is true.  However, the USA functions, today, mostly as a puppet for the interests of international financial (read bankers and large hedge-fund managers), because U.S. global power increasingly is linked directly to the status of the dollar and not to any industrial or productive potential.  In addition, the influence of zionists over the American government is beyond perverse, is unique in the history of mankind, and can only be explained as something diabolical.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

" because U.S. global power increasingly is linked directly to the status of the dollar and not to any industrial or productive potential. In addition, the influence of zionists over the American government."

very true AB, a house bilt on paper foundations should not throw matches at its enemy. NWO as I define it are people with no loyalty to ANY nation that fits our elite in politics and finance in USA, not so far in China, but I am sure that is being worked on.

as for the zionists, they are tools of the NWO, or Israel would have long ago been eliminated..many I am sure are part of the NWO elite, but that is a tool to get to Iran, while many blame Israel, it is a part of the bigger NWO game.

I know anti zionists will disagree, but it's about oil, never been about Israel..it's that simple, anti zionists are tools as various .gov's use to keep us from the simple truth..who gets and controls ME oil.

AurorusBorealus's picture

"but it's about oil, never been about Israel"

I used to think this, but the events of the past 10 years have changed my position.  If it is about oil, why the preocuppation with Syria (because Syria funnels arms to Hezbollah)?  If it is about oil, why potentially disrupt the entire global oil market by starting a shooting war with Iran, who has the power to blockade the Straights for a long period of time (because Israel cannot dislodge Hezbollah so long as Hezbollah has the support of Iran)?  If it is about oil, why threaten to disrupt traffic through the Suez Canal by creating uncertainty and chaos in Egypt (because Egypt funnels arms to Gaza), and a new government in Egypt could potentially reduce Egyptian support for Hamas?  If it is about oil, why was the U.S. in Lebanon?

Finally, if it is about oil, why support Israel at all?  Why sell Israel arms?  America's support for Israel runs exactly counter to their national interest to secure Middle Eastern oil.

rwe2late's picture

 It's about pipelines, suppression of those who would operate outside the petrodollar, support of oil sheikhdoms vital to the petrodollar racket, and denial and threat of denial of resources to (especially) China.

Israel helps fan the flames of Sunni/Shiite division, to the advantage of US-dependent oil-petrodollar sheikhdoms. The military contracts and sales, not just to Israel, but throughout the Mideast, are most profitable. Israel is a valuable attack dog, when the US doesn't want to appear to get its hands dirty.

In a self-fulfilling sort of way, the global Pentagon is the world's single biggest consumer of petroleum products, and pushes for full-spectrum dominance and control of petroleum resources as a vital "security" issue.

 Why stir up trouble? Ever hear of the Chaos theory? It's been refined to become the Shock Doctrine. The masters of the universe are intent on making their own "reality".

AurorusBorealus's picture

I think that a lot people inside the U.S. government have made this argument over the years, and a lot of senior military people, concerned with the supply of oil, have listened to these arguments, including the intellectual lightweights that the U.S. people elect (read Bush, Clinton, Obama) and the fools that the appoint, for political reasons, to head the major branches of the U.S. government: State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and so forth.  But who is that is making these arguments, and why are alternative solutions never proposed or brought to light?

I can only surmise as to the motives of people who make these arguments, people like Wolfowitz, but I suspect that the motive is a loyalty to Israel, that supercedes any loyalty to the United States.  This perverse influence, along with a belief in a diabolical form of Christianity, which contends that the US must defend Jerusalem for the return of Jesus Christ, is the reason the U.S. supports Israel against all worldly logic.

For these reasons, I call these influences perverse and diabolical.  As a Christian, who has studied the bible rather thoroughly, I can plainly state, as a point of fact, that God does not call Christians to war to defend Jerusalem, and I am quite certain God does not need the help of American FA-22s and drones to establish a his holy kingdom.

Matt's picture

To what advantage is it to Israel, to have the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt?

How, in the long run, does Israel benefit from having Al Qaeda in Syria? (The short term benefit is that Hezbollah is tied down from interfering during the current Gaza situation)

I suspect Al Qaeda is far more dangerous than Hezbollah.

Perhaps there is no long term plan, and everyone is going around with short term planning?

rwe2late's picture

 The Muslim Brotherhood leadership may be more pro-Western than they publically admit.



Politics, can't always go by what the political leaders say.

meizu's picture

wrong!  for china, shia Iran is the prefect counter to the sunni turks

Antifaschistische's picture

The world was a different place when the US was the Big Boy at the bus stop.   But the world doesn't see the US as that Big Boy any more.  Or, perhaps, the Big Boy that now has a broken leg.

I can understand the tit-4-tat doctrine.   But if China wants to be respected as a world leader, as the US has historically been, then they need to behave like the good guy/big boy at the bus stop, and not just the strongest bully.   They need to be loved by people around the world, not feared.  

I like China.  I like Chinese people.  I'm glad they've been successful and I hope for their future success, but a Chinese big boy at the bus stop that is unstable, unpredictable and emotional is unfortunate.  It will certainly lead to a less stable world and it will not help China achieve their long term objectives.

AurorusBorealus's picture

The problem is this... the United States under Clinton, Bush II, and Obama does nothing but lecture other countries about what "they need to do."  1 administration, no problem. However 3 consecutive marks a distinctive change in American foreign policy.  The U.S. now is run by arrogant, dilletante baby-boomers who think they know what is best for everyone.  They hold the rest of the world in the same contempt that the hold the average Joe in the U.S.  The average Joe doesn't seem to mind that his government holds him in contempt (since 47% of the Joe's depend on this government for food and shelter), but the other potentates of the world do not care to be lectured by Hilary Clinton and her ilk.  With the global economy crumbling, another crisis imminent, war is almost a certainty at this point unless the U.S. changes direction completely and immediately (which is about as likely as central bank money printing returning the world to prosperity).

Antifaschistische's picture

I agree with what you've said completely.   Still, if the goal (perhaps a big if) were to eventually convince the world that CNY should be the world reserve currency...then I think China is making some strategic mistakes.    That may not be their objective.  That's their choice.  

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

China is a tyranny or haven't you heard!?

trav777's picture

destabilizing Japan is a bit bigger deal than Iran.  Japan is a de facto nuclear state.  They could vaporize China.

They have both a superior air force and a superior navy to China's.

AurorusBorealus's picture

I disagree.  Do not believe the war propoganda that destroying Iran's military will be an easy task.  A blockade of the Straits will be very difficult to remove rapidly.  I would estimate 6 months to ensure that tankers could move through the Straits.  With a large portion of the global oil supply cut off, the global situation would, without doubt, deteriorate most rapidly.  It would be near impossible to navigate these shoals as the aggressive power (i.e. the US) without sparking World War.  The China-Japan issue is more a regional conflict involving (of course) the United States as the sole interloping power outside the region.


Matt's picture

You are looking at this as an isolated two-party dispute over a couple rocks sticking out of the ocean.

The bigger picture is disputes over territorial waters involving Tiawan, Vietnam, The Phillipines, India. On top of that, you have the Koreas. Not to mention that China insists Tiawan is a territory of China.

That whole region is probably much less stable than it appears.

resurger's picture

China has Human Meat Balls Rockets. beat that!

otto skorzeny's picture

a few billion screaming dudes w/ AKs go a pretty long way-ask McCarthur

Omen IV's picture

that is what McArthur believed going into Korea - he changed his mind after the chinese moved down the korean peninsula and he effectively defacto surrendered

the usa game increasingly looks like from afar that russia and china and their protectorates like iran are not going to tolerate usa hegemony militarily and then eventually reserve currency status will be challenged - china is effectively moving steadly and quietly to gather up world resources with friendly policies especially in Africa and SA in a mercantilist policy -  while the usa spends trillions with war games and machinery

they can drop ship 10 million people into every island in question and defacto control the supply lines to those people indefinitely just like Israel moves into Gaza with new settlement every year - colonization

the chinese are a modern completely coordinated state that wants the motherland and more importantly its people to WIN - the usa hates the vast majority of its citizens especially the republican party and wants them eliminated

Matt's picture

The problem McArthur had was that he was not allowed to "Nuke the Basterds!"

As for the "islands" in question, have you seen them? some of them cannot hold 1000 people let alone 10 million.

And the value is not the islands, but the fish and oil in the ocean.

CPL's picture

Not just Japan.  List of repo trades as follows.



- Vietnam

- South Korea

- Australia

- New Zealand


That's what Iran will cost.

AurorusBorealus's picture

This is the worrying part, China is signaling that it may be wiling to start a global war here.  Japan is perfect for this too, because with Japan as the catalyst, Russia is much more likely to side with the Chinese than over any issue in the Middle East.

The U.S. Secretary of State, if not the president, should be in China right now talking about these issues and clarifying how far China is willing to go here... instead... we will probably get a speach by Geithner accusing China of currency manipulation.

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

"I think a decision has been made in China-- tit for tat... if the U.S. topples Iran (a very important economic partner of China), China will destablize Japan."

"Or" bye bye Taiwan!


P. S.  Be nice to "thunder thighs".  She is just following orders from the demonati!  Her intentions are benign!

caconhma's picture

Spain had General Francisco Franco. Chile had General Augusto Pinochet.  Anything less will not save America from a civil war and an economic catastrophe.

BandGap's picture

Eight fighters is a lot of muscle for this type of incident.

Odd that the Chinese plane wasn't initially picked up on radar.....

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

as soon as i read this that was my thought......trying out new stealth technology against western radar?


bet the Chinese factories are frantically putting out all type of miltary hardware, planes, tanks, ships, Ac carriers.....they know what is going to happen in a few years.

kralizec's picture

Made easier by the likes of Slick Willie when he gave them access to the patent office, dividends are starting to pay off.  Too bad we don't punish treason anymore...

Bollixed's picture

And what was the deal with China buying/hoarding six years supply of cotton? Uniforms?

kralizec's picture

You said "cotton" that is a racist word, shame on you!

Oh, and, yeah, what's up with that?  Something expected to disrupt the normal course fo trade, eh?

Hmm, bullish for bearish outlook.

trav777's picture

it was probably a chinese cessna 172 clone

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

If that is the case Trav it surely could have flown into Moscow undetected as well:) 

Welcome back Trav!  We missed you as much as we could!


otto skorzeny's picture

I think the real Trav777 has been replaced by a Mossad/CIA operative- but I'm pretty f-ing paranoid.

Goner's picture

This raises a flag with me also. But I wondered why they would admit it and how they knew the plane was there. If a plane flew into your airspace and you radar could not see it, why would you come out and say so.

nmewn's picture

Let the strongly statements fly!

mvsjcl's picture

Strongly worded statements, nmewn?

krispkritter's picture

Yes, he meant "Let the strongry worded statements fry!"

kralizec's picture

Heh, yu roosers crack mi up!  Raugh mi siwwy!

mvsjcl's picture

The way these two keep going at it over these relatively insignificant specks of land, you'd think the islands' core were solid gold.

rwe2late's picture


There may be significant offshore petroleum resources.

Some fishing rights, and a strategic location.

All that in addition to Chinese annoyance that the US administered the islands from 1945 -1971, and then handed them over to Japan, when they should have been returned to China in 1945 (having been seized from China by Japan in war 50 years earlier)..