Korean Kaption Kontest: Indoor Smoking Allowed

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What is going on here, for those understandably confused, is North Korea's gregarious and gorgeous leader, Kim Jong-un, sitting in the Korean equivalent of Houston, watching the recent Korean rocket launch... and smoking a cigarette. Take it away.

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ROFL LOL this made my day! 

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"was it good for you?"

actually, I've seen better control rooms in the basements of Somerset County McMansions. I guess the sanctions must be working... they have to get their furniture from Sears.

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Suddenly the background music from the killer satellite scenes in "Diamonds Are Forever" popped into my mind. As did Professor Doktor Metz. I'm trying to put something together... need moar alcohol...

beagle's picture

launch!? i said lunch!

Esso's picture

Smoking inside like we used to be able to do?

I hate them for their freedom.

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First prize right here!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Wow, look at that!  I agree with JonNadler...  First prize for Esso.

Even if I agree w/ JonNadler, can I still keep my gold?


JonNadler's picture

if you look at the right side of the big screen, you can see a kitco ticker and as long as that doesn't shoot up like a rocket am good. Othewise, i may need some real estate in Peru. Does the Shining Path accept fiat?

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Don't hate them for their freedom...

Hate our Liberal Nanny-State leaders for their oppression!

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am i the only one who is missing the white cat on his lap?

Esso's picture

Holy smokes! Triple digit upvotes for being a jaded, cynical, sardonic Esso Bee.

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille.

Yes_Questions's picture

Fuck, I thought it was a bowling alley at first..

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There's nothing like sucking on a fag after shooting off my rocket.

palmereldritch's picture

Gitanes, rocket exhaust and Krugman...tastes like victory....

buzzardsluck's picture

'Do you have any idea how fucking busy I am?' 


His fathers' favorite line, according to Team America

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yup, there's nothing like playing the missile commander on large screen projector while sucking on nicotine. Been there done that.

Acorn10012's picture

Like father, like son...same as it ever was.

Manipuflation's picture

Is that Corey or Trevor hiding underneath the desk?

Global Hunter's picture

+1 too good.  Corey Trevor smokes!

unrulian's picture

I love Trailer Park Boys references on ZH

Manipuflation's picture

And I appreciate folks who catch the reference and humor.

Global Hunter's picture

Wish I made The Green Bastard as my ZH handle, don't know what I was smokin the day I signed up! 

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You can change yer avatar any time you wish.

akak's picture

"I will blow up the world unless you give me .... one MILLION dollars!"

Svendblaaskaeg's picture

"I will blow up the world unless you give me .... one MILLION dollars!"


"or .... a shrubbery!!!"

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I buy rocket 2 for $5!

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North Korea is the only thing that makes me question whether humanity has a right to exist at all. A few twists of fate and the whole fucking world can run just like that. 

I wish we would hurry up and nuke them all so I don't have to think about it anymore.

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Beware the Sociopath...

And stop pretending you are not in the midst of them.

jballz's picture


We are not in the midst of them. NorK is four generations deep in the systematic weeding out of entire gene pools of dissent and independent thought. This entire board and everyone related to anyone here would have been gone a long time ago.

No, we keep all our derelicts and misanthropes and fuck you types. Yes, there are surely forces who wish to change that but there is no comparison to these wretched bastards. We could have full blown genocidal tyranny tomorrow and we'd still be fifty years ahead of them.

No comparison. But I suppose they make for a good warning sign. Still I would rather vaporize them all and call it a day. Even if they were toppled and "liberated" (by whom I don't know), it would still take a hundred years to unfuck the populace.

Freddie's picture

NorK is four generations deep in the systematic weeding out of entire gene pools of dissent and independent thought.

Sounds like The Upper West Side.

Cabreado's picture

"No comparison. But I suppose they make for a good warning sign."

So then... sleep on that part.


jballz's picture

No need, I have a pretty good grasp on where things stand.

sleep on this...




(McCain's illegal ammendment to the NDAA getting flak from that uppity Paul, America's Kim family coming to power)

The Fonz...before shark jump's picture

He is just connecting to the Playstation network....

Sockeye's picture

"Some huge meteor is like, woah f**k that!"


Water Is Wet's picture

Is this supposed to be funny?  I don't get it.

Global Hunter's picture

supposed least free country in the world and he's smoking inside, which we can't do or we'd be fined and arrested.  I thought that mission control looked like a typical Canadian hosers basement rec room was kinda funny too.  I'm not sure about the coat, looks like he trying to bring baggy back (secret Madchester fan?).

Tim Knight from Slope of Hope's picture

"I'm so ron-reee....."


alternate: "How you like that, Hans Brix?!?!?!? You cocksucker!"

DaveyJones's picture

OK, missle - check. Next year, real pillars

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"If I sit far enough back, it looks like a drone!"

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"After enjoying the "cream of sum yung guy" (pictured to the right), North Korea's leader watches in hope that the rocket he just launched will strike the home of the person who cut his hair just 2 days prior."