Korean Kaption Kontest: Indoor Smoking Allowed

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What is going on here, for those understandably confused, is North Korea's gregarious and gorgeous leader, Kim Jong-un, sitting in the Korean equivalent of Houston, watching the recent Korean rocket launch... and smoking a cigarette. Take it away.

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 What a cheap bastard! He can't even heat "Mission Control"...

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It's called austerity. Why heat when you can wear more layers? They must be running mad surpluses over there.

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You too can earn your next degree online from UCRA.edu, the place for busy dictators.

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if you look close enough it looks like a whale flying over a rainbow

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Flight of daddy's 563 yard ho-win-won.

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Situation Loom.

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After a long day defeating yankee zionist imperialist pigs, Kim celebrates with some warm rice beer and re-runs of Dukes of Hazard...

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The storm track for Mr. Lahey's "Shitticane".

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300 fucking channels and nothing on!!!!!!

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I got 13 channels of sh!t on the tv to choose from...

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So my knew dis netwok NO WORK !?!?!?

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launching gangnam style

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sexiest man alive muddafukka

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"Okay, we've got a go on that burn, Flight.  (I've always wanted to say that...)"

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I'd quit smoking, but there's just not enough food in this country.

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Today's Prison Planet guest host, filling in for Alex Jones...

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What's this crap?

Where is Bay Watch?

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Fuk, fuk, fuk. Fuking bitch. No ticky, no laundry she say, mean crusty fukin gaunch again tomorrow, fuk, fuk, fukin fuk fuk.

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Pyongyang.......we have a problem........

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Dear Leader debuts the North Korean edition of 'Angry Birds' on the newly installed Atari 2600.


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"Blob-up THAT, you US 'american' citizenism citizens!"

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Obama smokes the same brand: "Narcissismos."


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Owkay, Kontrol, Switheroo over to the Unicorn Lair!

Then I wanna see daddy's video of score 18 on gowf cowse. 

Hit shot ho in won on evwey hole!!!

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Where the fruck is Licky Rake?

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  • Dis no Corinthian reather! 
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I said show me the Trajectory - not the Participation Rate!

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North Korea is frantically copying US space weapons technology to bring them up to speed:




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This week, in Adventures of Kim Jong Un:

Kim Jong Un Vs Psy


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Next time, aim for barbershop!

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Gar ry you name Gar ry right? Wrook at red rine on screen Gar ry, why they keep knockin golds down Gar ry?
I get ang ry Gar ry! You call rado shak up and you make them fix red rine! Red rine should go up,Gar ry you seen my papers wait?

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In your enthusiasm to crack all those predictable racist jokes you are missing the story here.

His father quit smoking, so everyone else in North Korea had to quit smoking.


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So does that mean now everyone in NK has to smoke?  Must be rough on the babies.

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Are you the same Bazza who posts on UK Telegraph?  Great posts over there by you.

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It looks like a jumbo Bloomberg terminal.  My guess is he smokes and high frequency trades all day.  Probably buys and sells Apple.

AUD's picture

Fruck you, Hans Brix!

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Indoor Smoking.  More freedom in North Korea...

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Seal Team 6..come in...Seal Team 6 come in...do you read...come in please...hey where did eveybody go?

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Correlation between space exploration and smoking is huge. Everyone working on the Apollo 11 mission chain smoked...including the Astronauts on the rocket. Russian cosmonauts even smoke pipes on the international space station. It's no biggie. 

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What's that under the desk?

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Corzine, applying for a new "job."

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Looks like he's watching a chart of the dollar.

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What's up with that haircut?

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The newest innovation in cheap Asian take-out. The fortune cookie reads "Don't stare at the eyes of the cat whose tail you yesterday grabbed"

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"WTF happened to gangnam style, PSY was just getting ready to dance??"

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Meanwhile on the other side of the world, the launch of the X 37 is celebrated by the Great Indonesian with a blunt

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No one will ever see it so here it goes:

I blew my load all the way on the other side of Japan.  And we got it on radar.