France Threatens To Kick Belgium Out Of The Socialist Club

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As more and more wealthy French bourgeousie flee (first Arnault, now Depardieu) the nation of their birth to the smaller and better-beer-making nation of Belgium, it seems that socialist president Hollande is not amused. His cunning plan to tax the crepe out of the uber-wealthy has back-fired - quelle surprise - and in the most passive aggressive statement in a while, Agence France-Presse notess that Hollande 'patriotically' demands "there's no other way" than to revise fiscal agreements with countries (cough Belgium cough) offering advantageous tax rates. AFP goes on to note his additional rantings, "We're reconciling our budget policies, we must reconcile our tax policies," Hollande said at a press conference in Brussels as France is "forced to renegotiate the tax convention to deal with those who have moved to some Belgian village." Shame really.


Via AFP (Google Translate): Depardieu: Holland wants to renegotiate tax treaties with Belgium

December 14 (AFP) - President François Hollande has Appeal in Brussels on Friday, a "ethical behavior" of each, and has called for a renegotiation of tax treaties with Belgium, about exile tax actor Gerard Depardieu.


"Everyone must be ethical, regardless the business that, "said the head of the French state, interviewed during a press conference after the summit Europe.


He felt that there was "no other way to do" that "review (the) tax treaties" with countries offer tax advantages. France would thus he said, "have to renegotiate the tax treaty (with Belgium) to treat the case of those who settled in a Belgian village. "


"They are suspicious, it's a socialist mayor," he quipped Mr. Holland, in an allusion to the village where Néchin Gérard Depardieu acquired a property, as before him other wealthy French.


"We align our fiscal policy, we harmonize our tax policies, "he said.


Castigating the "dumpings tax" charged by some European countries with respect to companies or individuals, it warned that it was "not in favor of procedures amnesty "tax.


The departure of Gérard Depardieu for Belgium is "quite pathetic, "said Wednesday the Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault.


Néchin village, distant only a mile the French border and the town of Roubaix (Nord), in 27% of French residents, often very wealthy, including members Mulliez family, which controls the distribution group Auchan.


Belgium offers special conditions advantageous for large fortunes French: there is not tax on capital, or capital gains tax and inheritance are cheaper than in France.

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"We align our fiscal policy, we harmonize our tax policies, we begin bombing Mulligan's Valley in five minutes."

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Unless you've had a fine Belgian Trappist & Abbey Ale, you haven't lived.

France is in a state of internal strife, as they see their manufacturing base ravaged, and the bulk of the population refuses to realize or accept that going along with the "printing will save the day" memo forwarded by every elected "leader," "wise" appointed/nominated regulator, and central reserve fiat banker will lead to an even larger and more rapid compression of what exists of their middle class.

You can't really print jobs, productivity, economic growth, prosperity or true aggregate demand.

C'est la vie.

C'est la guerre.

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People vote with their feet. Belgium should put their taxes to 0 in spite of these frog munchers.

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Or, as London Mayor Boris Johnson said: In the U.K. they are welcoming them all - rich Frenchmen, Lakshmi Mittal, entrepreneurs. Not that England is such a great place to live and work. But with neighbors like France, it is easy to attract the money.

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if you are seriously, seriously rich London (not England) is the best primary residence you can wish for

the tax deals you can get are simply unbelievable

and you can still go hunting foxes in France, or chill in the Toscana in summer or just take your yacht around the world

two generations of Greek shipowners can attest this, as various Russian oligarchs, Saudi princes etc. etc.

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"There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them"


           Inspector Jacques Clouseau

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Gentlemen prefer, Olde Frothingslosh - Pale Stale Ale - The Pint of No Return.

 as to what in the hell they do with it????

MisterMousePotato's picture

Samuel Smith's Old Tadcaster Taddy Porter. If I could, I would live on it.

As to Belgium being better beer ... are you kidding me?!? Sure. Easier to get drunk on beer with 12% alcohol content, but it tastes vile. Utterly vile.

I'd rather drink Pabst or Old Milwaukee.

The trend is your friend's picture

or they could do what NJ does to sheep that can't afford to live here and leave to cheaper states(about a 1k a day)

An exit tax for anyone who sells their home and leaves the state

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Wouldn't it be easier to start with Monaco?

gdgenius's picture

ha! the "crepe" out of them...clever...

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When one fails his tax policies, one might expand his failures around the world.
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

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funny 'cause Roubaix is like El djazair; u need a visa if u r white and want to enter...

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"We align our fiscal policy, we harmonize our tax policies, " and then we ask everybody to stand up and then touch their toes.

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France should just invade Belgium and repatriate the citizens.  All they need is some non-Frenchman to lead them.  Perhaps a Corsican again?

Desert Irish's picture

I'd put money on the Flemish kicking the crap out of them....long white flags and while we are at it here's Dexia and it's all yours France...

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Just Print the Fucking Franc - for christ sake !!!!!!!!!!

There is rail stuff lying around under used.



Dec 9
Passenger rail service between Mulhouse France & Freiburg Germany brought back after 30 years with the relaying of a old freight line.


Mobility of the French

Only a slight rise in rail when the British rail system is breaking all records..........


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Don't forget that Belgium also has Herman Von Rumpboy

ATM's picture

Mussells, eels and pomme frites.......

ThirdWorldDude's picture

...EU's tax coffers, corrupt unelected bureaucrats and a few thousand corporate lobbyists.


Oh, I almost forgot, they also have a free public transportation (at least in Brussels and Hasselt), the serfs from around the continent are picking up that bill. 

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One wonders why some opportunistic nation (perhaps Japan) doesn't take advantage of the developed world's growing high-tax socialism by becoming a tax paradise for wealthy individuals and global corporations to inject some life into their dying economies.  I suppose they would not want to run afoul of the US-led scheme to destroy personal and economic freedom wherever it raises its ugly head or, as it is know in foreign policy circles, "soft power."

Cookie's picture

Singapore took this position some years ago, and with incredible success


suteibu's picture

Indeed.  Surprisingly enough, there are people in Japan who are advocating economic and foreign policy neutrality for Japan, just like Singapore.  Unfortunately, the entrenched bureaucratic, corporate, political classes, heavily influenced by the US, will never consider it until such time as American interests determine Japan no longer holds value in Asia.  Of course, by then it will be too late for Japan.

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It seems like some sort of normalization of relations with Russia, China and North Korea would be requisite to any kind of real neutrality. That would mean renouncing a variety of disputed territorial claims, e.g. Sakhalin Islands. And really, neutrality with respect to NK? That's crazy talk.


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I cannot wait the day when China tells USSA and EUSS to suck a giant **** and vaccum all the talent, wealth and skilled labor from all these pathetic clowns while introducing a Gold backed Yuan...

orangegeek's picture

So we can all be communists?  Great idea.


It appears China has a little debt problem of their own.


Building empty cities is always great for the economy, right?

suteibu's picture

"So we can all be communists? "

As opposed to the creeping socialism/fascism the West is experiencing now?  My Chinese friends laugh at Americans who are losing their freedoms while the Chinese are gaining theirs.  Of course, even they realize that it is all relative, but the trend is in their favor.

alangreedspank's picture

Point I've made for a while. Developing nations have an uptrend in just about everything good while the 'West' still has it good, it's going down though.

Mr Joshua's picture

China is hardly a communist state.

nofluer's picture

China is a kleptocracy. Which also explains why the Chinese people are buying so much gold - the government has 6 - 8% inflation designed into their economy.

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Waiting for the news report a few years from now, "Belgium Buys Bankrupt France"

pcrs's picture

advantageous is defined here as :anything below 'your output totally belongs to me' comply or face jail.

orangegeek's picture

It will be a great day when Germany financially stomps France once and for all.


France is a great place though.  The only problem is the french.

alangreedspank's picture

Nah, not the french. Just the socialists.

RobotTrader's picture

CAC40 pinned at 6-mo. highs, not backing down

liszt's picture

Who cares ?

By-the-way, what is Ron Paul thinking about this ?

The problem is not your acquaintance with fascists like R. Paul or van Mises, the problem is your flawed thinking about economics, witch makes you believe capitalism is sustainable for ever. Moral opinions are not the worst things, the worst is logic failure. Think about J.B. Say's law of production : true or false ? Just for 1 time in your life, read an economist instead of thinking you've got the knowledge by birth. You are a trist market analyzer, an narrow-minded sub-enlighted red necked average American nerd. Face it. You never read ANY economist, even neo-cons. face your absolute mental vacuity instead of writing useless crap. 

You used to write very good papers, until it came to the conclusion, because there you had to disclose your nasty ideas.

It's all logic, i'm not more communist than you. The only difference is, that i know what logic means, while you don't. Only few people here have the courage to think, and face reality, not the fake reality they use to. And please, forget your rants against keynesian, they are only the nurses of capitalism !

Maybe i'm the only one who absolutely don't care about who's opinion ever. If i don't tell you're wrong, who will ? Not the followers. 



jimijon's picture

Who cares about what?

And why are you so defensive of economists?

LostAtSea's picture

Capitalism is sustainable until government gets involved. 

Ron Paul a facist?  Haha, that is the funniest thing I've heard today.  I think you forgot the </sarc>  at the end of your rant.

pcarpenter's picture

Spoken like a true Frenchmen (and written poorly).  Your views are not correct just because YOU think they are ... of course the French are smarter than we are ... just ask them

Your quasi-socialist City of Lights is in an economic FLAT SPIN ... .

Mr Joshua's picture

I junked you because YOUR MAMMA WAS A SNOWBLOWER!

nofluer's picture

"Scuse... but am I correct in thinking that based on your comment, you think Say's Law of production is VALID??? It's complete and utter Bullshyte!!! Put another way, "Build it and they will come." That might work as a plot for a BS baseball movie, but it doesn't work in the real world. If there is no demand, (artificially created or not), any production will be a waste of resources. It's entirely BACKWARD!!! Period. I bet you're one of the 5 people in the world who bought a Chevy Volt... YOu claim to be able to apply logic... apply Say's Law to the Chevy Volt.

ISEEIT's picture

Who cares?

It seems to me that ZH not only allows, but encourages all to share their opinions. I've encountered a few allusions to censorship, however I have not seen it myself. I've personally posted some of the most inane, rude, obnoxious, and flat out stupidest crap imaginable and yet am allowed to continue doing so to my drunken hearts content.

I sincerely hope that you continue to do the same. I further suggest that you remain in school, soak up all the propaganda on offer, go forth into the world and become a fully functioning sheeple. If at age 40 or so you feel true inner peace and happiness then by all means you will have been correct as a child, and will from that point continue FORWARD into the land of unicorns and fairy dust to live happily ever after.

Best of luck:)

alex_g's picture

So all new jobs for the french will be commuting over the border to Belgum and tending to wealthy former French it.

Walt D.'s picture

Make the following substitutions:

1) Replace France with California.

2) Replace Belgium with Texas (or Nevada),

3) Replace President Francois Hollande with Governor Jerry Bown.

4) A small viilage near the Belgian border with Incline Village, Nevada.

Same problem - whats the difference?

It seems that governments with out of control spending problems feel that they have the right to confiscate the wealth of anybody, with no other justification than that they need the money. - Not much different from the average alcoholic or drug adict, who will steal from friends, family, strangers to support their habit.

... My name is Francois and I'm a taxaholic.