Friday (Much Needed) Humor: John McAfee Interview

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On a less than joyous day such as this, we all need a little cheering up. So here is John McAfee. Why? Just watch it.

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Seems he did not update his virus protection...

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I don't know about that, what he seems to have downloaded is one of the oldest virus around, the familiar IHaz2MuchMuneez virus.

Easy to get rid of though. Once the courts are done with him I bet he's fixed up in no time.

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First time I've watched CNBS in about year.........

The real news:

Peace and good luck to all......

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This is really disgusting, ZeroBoyZ and ZeroGirlz…


What happened to the “innocent ‘till PROVEN guilty”?

Look, one American, held in Mexico on a gun charge, is presented to us as a “former Marine” and we all go, “awwwww, this is unfair, he should be freed”. And another American, just because he used to be one of’em “fat cats” is already sentenced by the MSM!


I don’t care about this McAfee dude, nor do I care about the Marine dude (btw, I am a former Marine too), but if McAfee has anything to do with the crime, let him enjoy (or not) the whole shtick, i.e. charges, grand jury, arraignment, trial, big Bubba’s dick, and the Old Sparky…


But, until then, fuck off, bitcheZ!





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This is great distraction!

But what's it distracting us from?

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Thanks ZH for a refreshing reminder on this somber day of why I steer clear of MSM (especially CNBC)

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McAfee should run for CONgress in the next election.  He has the money, the ego, the ability to LIE BIG, etc...  A perfect CONgressman.  Then he would be above the law, and he could come up with a reason to send a fleet of drones to Belize and start bombing the shit out of them.

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"If I decided to start doing drugs again, I have the resources to do GOOD drugs."

This is Pulitzer material

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Mr McAfee floated the company in New York in 1992 and had sold up completely by 1994 - making about $120m

sued for $5M

claims he only has $5M left

fled to Belize after aerotrekking death incident

founded quorex researching bacterial "talk"...probably bath salt lab

neighbor dead

ditched his 3rd world whores and came back to US....


his bodyguards:


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McAfee's venture adventure:

  • certified I don't have AIDS card during AIDS scare
  • spotted driving a golf cart with 17yo girlfriend in 3rd world after claiming that he was hiding from police
  • "observational yoga"
  • "anti-quorum sensing" lab turned feminine viagra and "bath salt" lab
  • took anti-virus software public and claimed that Michelangelo virus will infect 5 million computers when only few thousands were proven impacted. sold his company 2 years later for $120M
  • bought a thousand acres in Hawaii, promising that he wouldn’t develop it other than to build a home there. Two years later, McAfee sold part of the land to a developer, angering local residents
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"On a less than joyous day such as this"... the interview convinces me John McAfee is a school shooting waiting to happen

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He obviously has no point. Other than perhaps being jealous. 


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If he was jon corzine, he would be as free as a bird..or chris cox, or mazillo..I do not know this man but thinking the .gov of a third world shit hole is corrupt and is after him is far fetched ,well ,not to me . moral of story the devils you know are sometimes better than the one's you don't. running back to USA says alot to those who are running away from USA to such places ,, choice of living there in such a violent place is a big ???..he likes the thrills is obvious in the "breaking bad" script he is writing for his life.

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Like I said, his next adventure should be a run for CONgress.  Winning!!

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" running back to USA says alot to those who are running away from USA to such places"

tinfoil hat time:

1) John McAfee establishes pharma research lab in jungle

2) as a prank, posts about making bath salts

3) DEA, monitoring said website, finds out

4) government machine decides to make a public example to discourage rich people from expatriating. They send this info to the Belizean authorities to get John arrested or to scare him back stateside.

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You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

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All of TV and Hollywood are sh*t.  BRainwashing propaganda from The MATRIX.   F them.

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I think the guy would be fun to party with!

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They shot his dogs.

They poisoned his dogs, then HE shot his dogs (they were in pain). ????

He appeared completely credible, the finance buffoons looked ridiculous.

Setup or lying sack of shit ?

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Innocent until proven guilty, sure, but this guy has been:

a) a fugitive who refuses to be questioned

b) telling stories about hiding under a cardboard box, painting his face in blackface, etc to supposedly watch the police investigate him

c) fleeing to another country, TWICE

d) faking a heart attack

e) His every changing stories regarding whether he was trying to manufacture drugs, or whether it was a prank

f) his association with known gangsters and possession of guard dogs, bodyguards, and loads of guns. Very few other American or British expats in Belize live like that.

No one would be caring or following this story if it were not for his antics, his interviews, and his pranks.

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I'm with pods and others on this even though I joke about his mental stability.

Whatever (if anything) he has done criminally in Belize (or elsewhere) has not been proven...charges and accusations are just that...speculation without proof.

It may come to pass that we all here at the Hedge are accused (of something) and choose to flee rather than face the power of the different states combined.

It would be nice to have a place to go and the money to stay alive against their onslaught.

Think about it ;-)

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My point is that John McAfee is the one drawing attention and ridicule to himself. His actions are the reason anyone is following this story. His tall tales and "ha ha just joking" and "I painted myself with shoe polish and pretended to sell tacos so I could watch the police search my property". He is the one choosing to post these stories, do phone and TV interviews, etc. The media are not persecuting him; he is the one driving the story.

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never trust a old playboy with 3rd world whore as his "girlfriend".


but McAfee is what's wrong with capitalism.....confuses merit with pure luck.




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So in a socialist world, its OK to have big bucks if you are lucky like an actor or sports star, but if you actually work for it, skimp and save for it or possibly employ others to earn it, you are a bad person and deserve to be taxed and attacked as morally deviant.

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That was the best definition of the "blue pill" I have ever seen.  KUDOZ!

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Thanks for the input comrade. Dully noted and indexed for future reference. 

BTW, what evidence do you have that his GF is a whore? Just curious if you have prescient vision or if you're just blowing it out of you ass. I vote for the second choice. 


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"My point is that John McAfee is the one drawing attention and ridicule to himself."

Ahhh, I think I see what you're saying now.

Well let's look at it from his perspective. He has been accused of murder there in Belize and has had previous run-ins with the law there. It could be he didn't want to end up as a death statistic, forgotten in some Belize jail...a footnote in history.

What better way to keep attention on his plight than to feed the media what they crave the most...sensational stories. He certainly accomplished that until he could get to a nation that is at odds with Belize over territory. Guatemala wouldn't turn him over to Belize out of national pride (maybe he surmised) and he was right...they sent him here, not back to Belize...maybe a few million lighter...but alive.

Could be he's crazy like a fox ;-)

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There is a certain element of logic to the:

"He wouldn't run if he wasn't guilty" argument.

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26 minute interview of McAfee while he was still in Belize.  In the interview, he explains the difference between an antibiotic and an antiseptic, which the GSU either didn't know or want to know.  He seems innocent to me, although I question his judgement in moving to a corrupt and gang infested country.

YouTube: Interview with John McAfee regarding GSU Raid

article regarding above interview in the San Pedro Sun

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Step 1) guy builds a pharmacutical lab in the jungle

Step 2) guy on a bet goes onto a well-known drug forum and brags about making drugs

Step 3) guy is surprised and angry when police raid his place on suspicion of making drugs.

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he tried to sell drugs to enhance women's libido using nature jungle ingredients.


all he did was repackage viagra and put "for women" label on it.





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I question his judgement in moving to a corrupt and gang infested country.

Are you referring to Belize or the United States?

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What's the reason for pegging him as crazy?  He seems more sane than any of his recent interviewers.  Mafia-controlled governments of Central/South America are capable of much worse (in my personal experience).  All this judgement of him is FASCIST.

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This guy is seriously pathological AND self-destructing. Don't give him the time of day.

He'll hire a bank of lawyers and his own polygraph operator. Belize will have some 2nd rate prosecutor. Any charges will fizzle.

He smells guilty as sin. He did SOMEthing. 

What a model expat one-percenter.

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Don't know about what you said except you don't have a clue about CA. They steal whole resorts if they want to. They just accuse the owners of running drugs and bang! The Generals own your investment and you are lucky to leave with your life.

You have no idea how corrupt things are down there. Belize is one of the worst right now.

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Wow, I watched that clip thinking he was going to have an epic meltdown, ala Charlie Sheen drinking Tiger Blood.

Guy seemed pretty coherent to me.  

And I know I would not want to be facing the criminal justice system, and sure as hell not in Belize.

Just a reminder to be careful how stories are crafted and that the truth might be very different than how something is portrayed.

Is he guilty?  idk, but he sure as hell ain't going to get a jury of his peers in Belize.


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pods: "Guy seemed pretty coherent to me."

I agree. Classic psycho. Nobody's ever going to get a word of truth out of him. He's a lie machine.

pods's picture

Well he may certainly be a liar, a psycho, sociaopath, etc. but that has little effect on my life.

Now did he kill his neighbor, and are we ever going to find out what happened?  I doubt it.

To me this story is another illustration of the evils of government.

If he was innocent, how the hell is he going to prove it?

And WHY the hell is he going to have to prove it?  My above statement is the perfect example of what is wrong today.

WE have to prove OUR innocence to the GOVERNMENT.

I do like the trap you set for him, the "since he seems composed, he must be a psycho."

A new twist on the old "Have you stopped beating your wife?"


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pods: "I do like the trap you set for him, the "since he seems composed, he must be a psycho."

Huh?  He looks to me like he's falling apart.

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Well, either he's pretty coherent, or he's falling apart.  Which is it?


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"Guy seemed pretty coherent to me."

Then again, we're forced to listen to Ben Bernanke a lot, so it IS a relative scale.

Lore's picture

I won't tell you how I know what I know. Let me just say that he sounds like compulsive liars I have known.

Matt's picture


"If he was innocent, how the hell is he going to prove it?

And WHY the hell is he going to have to prove it?  My above statement is the perfect example of what is wrong today.

WE have to prove OUR innocence to the GOVERNMENT."


How do you propose an ideal justice system should work? In theory at least, the prosecution should have to prove that he did it.

Now, if his fingerprints are on his registered handgun, and the bullets that he shot his dogs with match the bullet in the neighbor's head, he/his defense will certainly have their work cut out for them.

Has he even been charged with anything, or is he still only wanted as a person of interest for questioning? 

If he is innocent, why did he avoid contacting the US Embassy until the Guatemalans were going to deport him to Belize?


EDIT: are you suggesting that the police should have to prove guilt before being allowed to make an arrest? The presumption of innocence is normally part of the trial part.


pods's picture

What I am merely saying is that if you have to power of the state levered against you, you have little chance of coming out on top.

I am not familiar with the "legal" system of Belize or any other third world paradise.  

I do know that most of those places tend to be run much like the gangs that he is accused of associating.  A glaring example would be the guy who whacked that blond in Aruba.

I really don't care about him in the least bit.  I do not get starstruck or feel any empathy at all.  

What I try to do is to view these events in terms of liberty and freedom.

And I have no hesitation to say that if someone in power wanted him done away with or wanted to extort money from him, it would be rather easy to accomplish.

I would also state that the prism of american jurisprudence cannot be used to view the justice system in many other parts of the globe.


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Is he (John McAfee) not responsible for being subject to the legal system there, when he, of his own free will, decided to move there?

And, if the legal system is so bad there and the system so corrupt, is he not responsible for choosing to stay there, several months after his first run-in with the law?

pods's picture

Absolutely agree on both points.