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Newtown, CT Elementary School Shooting Tally Rises To 27 Dead, Of Whom 20 Children - Live Video

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Update 4: the NYT has released a brief biopic on Lanza's, who it turns out had Asperger's Syndrome:

He carried a black briefcase to his 10th-grade honors English class, and sat near the door so he could readily slip in and out. When called upon, he was intelligent, but nervous and fidgety, spitting his words out, as if having to speak up were painful.


Pale, tall and scrawny, Adam Lanza walked through high school in Newtown, Conn., with his hands glued to his sides, the pens in the pocket of his short-sleeve, button-down shirts among the few things that his classmates recalled about him.


He did all he could to avoid attention, it seemed.


Until Friday.


The authorities said Mr. Lanza, 20, wearing combat gear, carried out one of the deadliest mass shootings in the nation’s history. He killed 20 children and six adults at the elementary school where his mother worked, they said. He then apparently turned his gun on himself. The police said he also earlier killed his mother.


In his brief adulthood, Mr. Lanza had left few footprints, electronic or otherwise. He apparently had no Facebook page, unlike his older brother, Ryan, a Hoboken, N.J., resident who for several hours on Friday was misidentified in news reports as the perpetrator of the massacre.


Adam Lanza did not even appear in his high school yearbook, that of the class of 2010. His spot on the page said, “Camera shy.” Others who graduated that year said they did not believe he had finished school.


Matt Baier, now a junior at the University of Connecticut, and other high school classmates recalled how deeply uncomfortable Mr. Lanza was in social situations.


Several said in separate interviews that it was their understanding that he had a developmental disorder. They said they had been told that the disorder was Asperger syndrome, which is considered to be a high functioning form of autism.


“It’s not like people picked on him for it,” Mr. Baier said. “From what I saw, people just let him be and that was that.”


One former classmate who said he was familiar with the disorder described Mr. Lanza as having “very flat affect,” adding, “If you looked at him, you couldn’t see any emotions going through his head.”


Others said Mr. Lanza’s evident discomfort prompted giggles from those who did not understand him.


Law enforcement officials said Friday that they were closely examining whether Mr. Lanza had such a disorder.

More here. Indeed, there is a statistical predisposition, at least anecdotally, for those with Asperger's toward both murder and violence.  In other words, watch as the debate rages over the traditional bogeyman of gun control, in a country with over three hundred million weapons, when we may well simply be talking about a mentally ill young adult.

As for the misidentified Ryan, who for a few brief hours was presented by law enforcement as the suspected shoorter, we learn from the WSJ:

Israel raids Palestinian NGO officesKatie Colaneri, a 24-year-old resident of Hoboken, N.J., described herself as a friend of Ryan, the suspect’s brother who for hours Friday was incorrectly identified as the alleged gunman. “He [is] a little shy, but very nice and sweet,” said Ms. Colaneri, who has known Ryan for over a year.


She said Ryan is a gentle guy who was  devoted to his job at the Ernst & Young accounting firm. A representative for Ernst & Young would not comment on his employment status.


A law-enforcement official briefed on the investigation told the Associated Press that Ryan has been “extremely co-operative” and is not under arrest, although he was still being question late Friday.


The official said Ryan’s computers and phone records were being searched but only “in an abundance of caution.” Ryan told authorities he had not been in touch with his brother Adam in recent years, and the official said he isn’t believed to have any connection to the school killings.


In Hoboken, Ryan lives in a newer building that was hard-hit by superstorm Sandy, Ms. Colaneri said. He lost power for a number of days following the storm.


The last time she saw him, about a month ago, Ms. Colaneri recalled that Ryan ran up to her and gave her a hug.  ”I’m really shocked,” she said. “As the details unfolded, I was totally devastated.”

Update 3: ABC has released a picture of the real shooter, Adam Lanza, taken in 2005 when he was ~13 years old.

Update 2 : NY Post now refuting CNN's initial report, and stating that the shooter's real name is Adam Lanza, not Ryan Lanza, who is instead brother of the latter. At this point there appears to be a ridiculous amount of confusion who did what, so it perhaps would be prudent on behalf of the authorities to double check this information before releasing it to the media. And just out from AP:

The AP confirms this further here:

The suspect in the Connecticut school shootings is Adam Lanza, 20, the son of a teacher at the school where the shootings occurred, a law enforcement official said Friday. A second law enforcement official says the boy's mother, Nancy Lanza, is presumed dead.


Adam Lanza's older brother, Ryan, 24, of Hoboken, N.J., is being questioned by police, said the first official. Earlier, a law enforcement official mistakenly transposed the brothers' first names.


Both officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record about the developing criminal investigation.


The first official said Adam Lanza is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


According to the second official, the suspect drove to the scene of the shootings in his mother's car. Three guns were found at the scene — a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols — and a .223-caliber rifle. The rifle was recovered from the back of a car at the school. The two pistols were recovered from inside the school.


The official also said Lanza's girlfriend and another friend are missing in New Jersey.


Meanwhile, former Jersey Journal staff writer Brett Wilshe said he has spoken with Ryan Lanza of Hoboken, who told Wilshe the shooter may have had Ryan Lanza's identification.


Ryan Lanza has a Facebook page that posted updates Friday afternoon that read that "it wasn't me" and "I was at work."

Update: According to CNN the shooter's name is Ryan Lanza, out of New Jersey. Based on a White Pages reverse lookup there is an 18-24 year old Ryan Lanza living in Hoboken, NJ whose FaceBook profile lists Newtown, CT as his home city. Whether it is the same person remains to be confirmed officially.


* * *

Sadly, increasingly it appears that not a day, and certainly not a week can pass, in the US without news of some mass killing somewhere. Several days ago its was a mall in Oregon, and today it is a shooting rampage at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Here is what is known: the shooter, who CBS reports is a 20 year old from New Jersey, is reported to be dead. A second shooting suspect, a 24 year old man with a bulletproof vest and 4 guns has been apprehended in custody (this has subsequently been not confirmed). According to CBS 27 people are dead, of whom 18, Connecticut Post 27 people are dead, of whom 20 tragically, children. Among the dead are the principal and the school psychologist. The AP has already dubbed it "the worst school tragedy in American history."

Live webcast via NBC:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Pictures from the scene via Reuters

* * *

Live streaming updates on everything Newtown related can be found on the Reuters website here.

More from Reuters:

 At least 27 people, including 18 children, were killed on Friday when at least one shooter opened fire at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, CBS News reported, citing unnamed officials.


If confirmed, it would be one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history. The holiday season tragedy follows a series of shooting rampages in the United States this year that have killed multiple victims, and it was certain to revive a debate about U.S. gun laws.


The principal and school psychologist were among the dead, CNN said. Witnesses reported hearing dozens of shots with some saying as many as 100 were fired.


The suspected shooter, 24, was armed with four weapons and wearing a bullet-proof vest, WABC reported.


There were unconfirmed reports of a second shooter.


Another person was being held in police custody after he was detained in the woods near the school wearing camouflage pants, CBS reported.


Sandy Hook Elementary School teaches children from kindergarten through fourth grade - roughly ages 5 to 10.


"It was horrendous," said parent Brenda Lebinski, who rushed to the school where her daughter is in the third grade. "Everyone was in hysterics - parents, students. There were kids coming out of the school bloodied. I don't know if they were shot, but they were bloodied."


Television images showed police and ambulances at the scene, and parents rushing toward the school. Parents were seen reuniting with their children and taking them home.


"This is going to be bad," a state official told Reuters, requesting anonymity because the scope of the tragedy remained uncertain.


President Barack Obama was notified and would receive regular updates throughout the day, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.


"We're still waiting for more information about the incident in Connecticut," Carney said when asked about the president's reaction to it.


Carney called the event "tragic" and said there would be time later for a discussion of policy implications.


Obama remains committed to trying to renew a ban on assault weapons, Carney said.


All Newtown schools were placed in lockdown after the shooting, the Newtown Public School District said.


Lebinski said a mother who was at the school during the shooting told her a "masked man" entered the principal's office and may have shot the principal. Lebinski, who is friends with the mother who was at the school, said the principal was "severely injured."


Lebinski's daughter's teacher "immediately locked the door to the classroom and put all the kids in the corner of the room."


Danbury Hospital, about 11 miles (18 km) west of the school, had received three patients from the scene, a hospital spokeswoman told NBC Connecticut. The mayor of Danbury, Mark Boughton, told MSNBC: "They are very serious injuries."

An early report from CBS:

A shooting at a Connecticut elementary school Friday left several children and the gunman dead, law enforcement sources tell CBS News. At least one teacher was wounded in the shooting that sent frightened pupils into the parking lot.


It is unclear if there was more than one gunman at the school.


Law enforcement sources told CBS News senior correspondent John Miller that preliminary and unconfirmed information indicates that the shooter was the father of a student.


The shooter was killed and apparently had two guns, a person with knowledge of the shooting told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was still under way.


It wasn't clear how many people were injured at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. CBS Hartford affiliate WFSB-TV reports around 600 students attend the school.


Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance described the situation to CBS New York station WCBS-AM as a "very serious school shooting."


A dispatcher at the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps said a teacher had been shot in the foot and taken to Danbury Hospital.


Stephen Delgiadice said his 8-year-old daughter heard two big bangs and teachers told her to get in a corner. His daughter was fine.


"It's alarming, especially in Newtown, Connecticut, which we always thought was the safest place in America," he said.


Lisa Bailey, a Newtown resident with three children in Newtown schools, told, "Newtown is a quiet town. I'd never expect this to happen here. It's so scary. Your kids are not safe anywhere."


The superintendent's office said the district had locked down schools in Newtown, about 60 miles northeast of New York City. Schools in neighboring towns also were locked down as a precaution.


State police said Newtown police called them around 9:40 a.m.


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Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:33 | 3063796 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

Humans are pattern-seeking creatures.  You'll find a pattern in the sand-specks in the painted ceiling if you spend enough time and effort looking for it.

It doesn't mean there's any external source, though.  It's just an excuse to blame someone other than the responsible parties.

Take a look at the JimBowie dude.  He blames "libtards" for the fact that some whackjob just shot up an elementary school.

Doesn't that sound a little CRAZY to you?  If not, let's thank GAWD we live in 'Merka where we're free to disagree.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:44 | 3063845 forexskin
forexskin's picture


i've wondered if anyone would ever prove there really are no patterns.

you da man!

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:20 | 3064092 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

There are plenty of patterns.  That doesn't mean *you're* at all sane.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:31 | 3064186 forexskin
forexskin's picture

ah hominem without substance. we're done here.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:47 | 3064288 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

You never even STARTED that I can tell, but I'm fine with that.  I don't really get what you're on about, either.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:29 | 3064153 drexlraw
drexlraw's picture


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:04 | 3063209 Lin S
Lin S's picture

duplicate post, sorry...

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:06 | 3063241 salvadordaly
salvadordaly's picture

Glamorize on the news,  the way that it is, and it wil become the new normal. Shooter knows he will get all kinds of national exposure. Make teachers and staff carry firearms, as well as being able to pass regular shooting test and all this will go the other way. That sounds crazy? Right now in gun free zones they are huge targets. Know that they are armed, and now you got a fight. Cowards do not want to fight!

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:10 | 3063269 JimBowie1958
JimBowie1958's picture

Amen! +10000000

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:24 | 3063389 KidHorn
KidHorn's picture

The teachers would shoot the ADD students. Not such a bad idea after all.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:54 | 3063428 forexskin
forexskin's picture

what the fuck is the matter with you?

ADD is another one of the school establishment tricks.

been there with my stepson. and i watched the meds fuck up all 3 of my brother in law's children - watched a strong man cry asking himself "why is my family falling apart" - not for us.

asshole - go fuck yourself hard, preferably with something sharp

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:15 | 3063674 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

another ZH'r posted this link,

Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Used to Modify Human Behaviour

some people might want to take back the responsibility for raising their children from the gov - the old stories don't work any more, this isn't disneyAmrka, and the problems go way beyond "financial" now. . .

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:45 | 3063856 forexskin
forexskin's picture

some people might want to take back the responsibility for raising their children from the gov

agreed - in both word and practice.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:34 | 3063462 redpill
redpill's picture

Correct.  Immediate and accurate return fire squashes the plans of these sick fuckers quickly.

We should clone Ted Nugent and put one of him on the roof of every elementary school.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:43 | 3063511 Chaos_Theory
Chaos_Theory's picture

You haven't been paying attention.  TPTB solution will be first to put in TSA tools at the doors (metal detectors), and military tools inside the building (RTD2 drones with non-lethal means such as the Active Denial System to disarm violent threats).  Then will follow the midnight SWAT raids on domestic "terrorists" followed by a national public ban on public firearms once citizens with any ounce of courage are dissappeared.  What will follow will warm the hearts of those who dream of being the governing elites of Plato's Republic, and for peasants who yearn for the Lord of the Manor to provide their every need and security. 

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 18:53 | 3064843 NaN
NaN's picture

You are probably right about the next steps, but increased predictive surveillance is more likely than strict gun control.

I have to wonder when people will go from "this is not terrorism because there is no transmissible political intent" to "terrorism is non-government activity which induces fear via asymmetrical threat."

More security checkpoints means more targets waiting in line. (Perhaps that time could be more productive by watching advertisements :^)

A big increase in gun carrying would mean more darwin award accidents. 

Anyone who thinks the 2nd amendment means they have a chance against a tyrranical government needs to get real.  The best case scenario is a war lord situation like Somalia or polical gangs in Jamaica; a family unit is not big enough to secure itself 24x7; a walled compound is vulnerable to being burned down; look at the CT state police in the images about this story, they are heavily armed and amored infantry.


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:59 | 3063594 drivenZ
drivenZ's picture

yea, until some wack-job teacher locks their classroom door and starts firing at their kids. Giving everyone guns doesnt stop anything. 

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:03 | 3063623 redpill
redpill's picture

Well, it woulda stopped this guy.


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:16 | 3063678 Chaos_Theory
Chaos_Theory's picture

More than likely the teacher would not have had a firearm readily accessible.  She/he would have been the first victim.  Even though I believe in the 2nd Amendment, I see no reason why businesses, schools, churches, etc. can't enact rules prohibiting firearms on their property.  'Course, they need some realistic measure of security to prevent or at least obstruct the occasional sociopath. argument pro or against a piece of metal can take away from the horrible reality that a person could murder 5-year old kids without a thought (I have no doubt every person posting on this board would be pysically unable to even point a gun at a child, much less mentally being able to pull the trigger at 18+ victims). 


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:50 | 3063885 HoofHearted
HoofHearted's picture

I'd agree 100%. You own the property- you decide whether there are guns on it or not. I own my property. I know the way I fall. And when friends come over with their concealed carry permits, they should feel free to keep their weapons on them. This miserable excuse for a human life even points a gun in the direction of my kids, and the kind of men I hang out with would not think twice about the formerly human life now being another statistic.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 19:41 | 3064992 Encroaching Darkness
Encroaching Darkness's picture argument law, pro or against a piece of metal can take away from the horrible reality...

There .... FIFY


Edit: damn, strikethrough isn't working for me, meant to strike through "argument" and substitute "law" above.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:08 | 3063247 centerline
centerline's picture

I have been warning for years that the world is entering a very dark time.  Very dangerous.  And the first to "break" are usually the ones who are little less stable in the first place and do not know how or where to channel thier emotions.  This is going to get much, muhc worse and much more frequent as well.  Unfortunately.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:24 | 3063296 john39
john39's picture

par for the course... in the age of kali yuga.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:22 | 3063369 tiwimon
tiwimon's picture

I worked for a not for profit mental health organization that handled clients in multiple counties in a semi rural area. I am here to tell you - there are some bat shit crazy folks out there - and yes  - they are getting worse. We live in the most over medicated country on the planet - and many seemingly sane people  walk among us - yet they are but one or two trigger events away from snapping.

Thats why I concealed carry - and will continue to do so - I may never need it, I sure as hell hope I don't - but dayam - I am not leaving my life in the hands of trusting others around me


Gun free zones? Time to rethink that - my grandfather used to carry his hunting rifle to school to hunt before and after school, ever hear of school shootings back then?


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:48 | 3063532 Miffed Microbio...
Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Conceal carry is hard to get in Cali. One of the main reasons I want to leave. My neighbors both sheriffs know my concerns and reminded me it's only a misdemeanor ( wink wink). USA going to hell fast.... It's becoming prepare or die. God I feel so awful for those parents and children. This asshole was shooting fish in a barrel.. I could tear him apart with my bare hands!


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:49 | 3063879 formadesika3
formadesika3's picture

That's why I've never applied for one. 

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:53 | 3063898 HoofHearted
HoofHearted's picture

Open carrying is typically legal. At least it is here where I am.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:56 | 3063582 lakecity55
lakecity55's picture

Back in the day, we all used to carry our rifles or shotguns to school for hunting after school.

we Never had a "school shooting."


Nope, it is the Progressive Political intent over the years to remove the teaching of Values, Right and Wrong, or even Bible STudies in schools.

No, to the "Progressive," human life has no value. You are nothing more than an organism to be forced into a collective, then disposed of when desired.


Their plan to destroy our society is "progressing" quite well.


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:03 | 3063617 BeansBulletsBandaids
BeansBulletsBandaids's picture


I'll be carrying too. Friends and family make remarks about me being paranoid. Well, I say bull to that. We are headed for dark times and I want every possible resource to protect my family.

To your other point, I was in high school in the early '90's and we all had our hunting rifles in our trucks. Granted it was a small school in rural MO - but still.....

My prayers go out to the families of all the victims of this tragedy. And I pray that this wasn't a staged event or part of some larger conspiracy. There's a special place in hell for anyone that would kill kids to further an agenda.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 17:39 | 3064539 DosZap
DosZap's picture

The answer to this is simple, and easy,just the LIBERAL tards do not STILL get it.

ALLOW the Teachers who want to be trained and conceal carry on premises,and lock down the doors when everyone is IN.

These insane people ALWAYS attack where their will be NO resisitance, and max casualties can be murdered.

Also, a mental health background check MUST be done.(IF WE ARE EVEN ALLOWED BB GUNS AFTER THIS).

Although as long as there are any weapons of any kind we will always have this crap.

It is the human nature to sin, murder, and slaughter ,especially the easy prey.The libtards make it so EASY for them.

I blame THEM as much, or more than the shooters.

Sorry bastards.

This is just what the Dr. ordered for this POTUS, how does Congress, or the NRA fight any of this?.

Get ready for MASSIVE seizures/turn in's,mandatory,, and the majority will indeed be turned into the slaves of the statist's.

 Pray for the families,and the community.,this is so sickening, since it could have be prevented or at least a tenth of what it was.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:12 | 3063270 easypoints
easypoints's picture

The "new normal" includes medicating young children who make the awful mistake of acting like children. A prescription has been the solution for poor parenting, "abnormal" behavior, or other trival social behavior issues for quite some time. What happens when these children grow up? A childhood spent under the influence of mood-altering medication does not make an adult who can live without meds. I have to agree with you that as RX prices rise, and as people lose their jobs (medical benefits), these events will be more frequent. 

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 13:57 | 3063174 Shizzmoney
Shizzmoney's picture

First thing I could think of after this was, "Man, I wonder how SWHC is doing?"

Up $0.16 so far (although down from $9.80 to $9.70)

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 13:59 | 3063190 cossas.robber
cossas.robber's picture

Fuck You

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:00 | 3063202 Hippocratic Oaf
Hippocratic Oaf's picture

He's obviously not a parent.

He's obviously a piece of shit!

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:17 | 3063318 Grifter
Grifter's picture

Shizz, seriously, shame on you.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:35 | 3063467 Ruffcut
Ruffcut's picture

Shizz, is really JizzInthemouth.

Only takes a few assholes to fuck up things. Can't wait for their death. Let me know how I can help.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 17:54 | 3064631 cougar_w
cougar_w's picture

The model these days seems to be to arm up, go to a mall, and kill everyone you can certain that you will kill enough random people to get the right one.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:06 | 3063239 Crispy
Crispy's picture


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:07 | 3063249 Inthemix96
Inthemix96's picture

Even if that was typed in jest shizz, fucking bad play son, fourteen dead kids you shit head is no fucking joking mate.


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:08 | 3063256 1100-TACTICAL-12
1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

If that is your idea of humor, you are a sick fuck.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:15 | 3063267 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

I normally make it a practice not to put people down. I usually ignore the ignorant, but I will make an exception this time to state what you already are a complete fucking idiot.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:15 | 3063303 Hippocratic Oaf
Hippocratic Oaf's picture

We'll remember shizz, doc. He'll be blackballed from here on out.

A few other motherfuckers on here too.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:32 | 3063446 formadesika3
formadesika3's picture

If that asshole AnAnonymous shows up here, I'm going to...

ignore his ass.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:11 | 3063282 JimBowie1958
JimBowie1958's picture

Ah, a money-grubbing POS telling it like he sees it.

ESADIAF, ass hat.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:16 | 3063325 Tim Knight from...
Tim Knight from Slope of Hope's picture


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:31 | 3063434 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

I forgot, which administration did you work for?

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:45 | 3063480 kill switch
kill switch's picture


You are a disgusting chap....How dare you joke this.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 13:56 | 3063175 ReeferMac
ReeferMac's picture

Lemme Guess how this one plays out.....


Must Banish all Guns.


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:02 | 3063204 LawsofPhysics
LawsofPhysics's picture

don't worry, the shooter's body, in accordance with tradition, has already been buried at sea.  This is a tragic event, and in a "gun free" zone no less.  Enforce laws on the books already, I am sure it will come out that this person never should have had a gun in the first place. Sad and stupid.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:01 | 3063206 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

No way.  If those elementary kids had all been packing heat, they would've prevented most of this crime.  In Switzerland even the pets have guns.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:23 | 3063376 JimBowie1958
JimBowie1958's picture

I would bet that some of the teachers and administrators at that school already have some handgun training and can shoot just fine. If you took volunteers to form a concealed carry security team at the schools the way the Isrealis do, we would not see but a few more of these attacks and theat would be the end of it.

Why? Because these loons dont want to risk being shot before they can cause their mayhem. That is why these nutballs dont shoot up NRA meetings or police stations (not often anyway) or gun ranges.

And of course in Switzerland the men in the reserve all have their mandatory assault rifles stored in their home.

Obviously you are being a sarcastic coward, using your own fucked up view of the world to try to prove something that only other morons like you would find funny, but I thought I would let you know that the truth that you are trying to lampoon is too apparent for your statement to mean much more than that you are a dickless fucktard. Go fuck yourself.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:32 | 3063449 forexskin
forexskin's picture

and just to complete your good thought, where are the largest efforts toward firearm confiscation and outlaw being made?

israhell? no

switz? no


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:40 | 3063494 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

I get a lot of grief from people who are too heavily indoctrinated with other folks' talking points.

The trouble is, both sides of the gun-control discussion are assholes, as you've just demonstrated so brilliantly.  Appreciated, thanks.

(I'm opposed to gun-control, and you're a kneejerk.  Free yer mind.)

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:50 | 3063540 forexskin
forexskin's picture

so what's your talking point hidden behind your clever metrosexual sarchasm? just above it all or something? say what you mean if you have the courage.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:27 | 3063751 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

Did you read my posts?

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:35 | 3063805 forexskin
forexskin's picture

if a rambling lack of clarity qualifies as a post, then yes. other than that, at best i see lots of clever sarc, but no real substance. your turn.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:21 | 3064097 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

Weak troll is weak.  Sorry, try harder.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:34 | 3064204 forexskin
forexskin's picture

right, so f**k off troll. enough time wasted here.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:18 | 3063685 RobD
RobD's picture

An example that happened a few years ago in a indoor shooting range near San Francisco. Man walks in, rents a range gun and buys some ammo and then takes a hostage. Range employee pulls his .45 and ventilates the pos. No other casualties.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:40 | 3063491 Element
Element's picture

You realise that if kids "packed heat" there would be an exponential rise in school shootings before lunch?

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:30 | 3063762 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

It wouldn't be a problem as long it was all in self-defense, anyway.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:43 | 3063836 forexskin
forexskin's picture

its all clear now.

you're a sarchastic troll looking to turn your expressed aversion to gun control into an absurdity with reductio ad absurdum rhetoric.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:10 | 3063219 1100-TACTICAL-12
1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

Terrorist/ Liberatiarn Ron Paul type coming for yhe guns in 3 2 1...


Whoa now boy's I meant that could be how they try to spin this..

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:33 | 3063458 forexskin
forexskin's picture

ok - right on the spin - again. forgiven.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:37 | 3063481 1100-TACTICAL-12
1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

Damn 12 junks before someone understood what I was saying. They will try and pin this on right wing wackos.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:47 | 3063526 forexskin
forexskin's picture

"right wing whackos"

def: convenient strawman for every event requiring a scapegoat in support of the statist globalist agenda.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:04 | 3063222 AgShaman
AgShaman's picture


It is the natural progression for govts seeking to bring about their true hidden agenda.

Gun Registry, National ID cards, gun bans, then.....

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:11 | 3063272 Shameful
Shameful's picture

I see a lot of guys with guns in uniform too.  Ban those guns first, clearly the gun is evil like the One Ring, and it will only corrupt the cops and military.  After all most person-to-person gun use is from them, the only way we can end the violence is make sure no one can have an evil mind altering gun.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 17:06 | 3064417 JP McManus
JP McManus's picture

Yeah, I'll give up my evil semi-automatic rifles and handguns right after the military, federal and state law enforcement give up theirs.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:40 | 3063493 Abiotic Oil
Abiotic Oil's picture

They are going to go after body armor now too.

I just went over to the left side of the controlled media at CNN.  They are all screaming "Ban guns!  The British aren't coming anymore!"

Yeah, but DHS is.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 13:57 | 3063177 Rustysilver
Rustysilver's picture

Very close to me. Very "nice" area: what ever that it means today.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 13:58 | 3063179 Jason T
Jason T's picture

That's awful.  

Prescriptions drugs or something?.. goodness.  

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:00 | 3063197 I Am Not a Copp...
I Am Not a Copper Top's picture

Tragic.  And yes, as sure as I am of a 3:30 stock ramp, there were probably psych meds involved.  JMHO.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:02 | 3063191 AL_SWEARENGEN

Why does it seem like every time a major victory is won for gun rights a major tragedy like this happens??  Wasn't the recent Colorado movie massacre preceded by a defeat of gun control lobbyists at the UN?  Now Illinois court strikes down concealed carry ban (FINALLY) and now this??  WTF??

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:05 | 3063227 1100-TACTICAL-12
1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

seems to be the case Al.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:10 | 3063263 LawsofPhysics
LawsofPhysics's picture

Coincidence I am sure.  The pendulum swings...

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:11 | 3063274 centerline
centerline's picture

Maybe this is why guns and ammo have been allowed to run rampant (and cheap).  Put em out there en masse - and when people begin to flip and use them, the basis for control is solidly established solidly.  Seems a little odd - but I have heard stranger things before that have turned out to be true.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:24 | 3063390 JimBowie1958
JimBowie1958's picture

guns and ammo dont run anywhere, dude

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:50 | 3063542 centerline
centerline's picture

Guess you missed the point. The point was that a crack down could have been done any time.  Or tax the shit out of it.  But, for the last few years instead of prices going up, they have gone down or at least stayed constant.  Concealed weapons permits are up.  Gun sales are through the roof.  Ammo barely stays on the shelves.  Ever wonder if there is a reason (beyond the surface level obvious nature of demand)?

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:22 | 3063712 JimBowie1958
JimBowie1958's picture

No, I have not wondered because the people pushing for the concealed carry must issue laws are in favor of more gun rights, not confiscation.

I think this is the product of several things coming together:

1. Over prescription of pschotic drugs that we have not been using for long enough time to see what the long term effects may be on a tiny insecure fringe, or maybe mega-egotistical sociopaths.

2. Our schools and malls are almost all gun free zone that sociopaths can go to and shoot things up to get their little bit of notoriety in long enough time to do truely attention getting slaughter.

3. The play and air time this kind of shit gets from the media. If the media would give this only the most basic coverage of the event and not delve into the shooters history or personality, or psychological stress, etc, maybe there would be fewer of these loons willing to do this stuff.

4. We tend to coddle psychos for some reason. Instead of that we should give them a truly mideival and heinous death that if they imagined it happening to them would make them shit their fucking pants,maybe then things like this might be more rare.

But the libtards running the show consider that to be barbaric, so we have to all be disarmed instead and that is about all they will consider.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 17:26 | 3064512 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

You honestly think that if we'd tortured the guy to death after the mall shooting earlier this week that *this* guy wouldn't have flipped out and shot up a school today?

That's a heckuva theory.  I don't think we'll get to test it out, but the evidence that threat of death is a deterrent is pretty weak overall.  Look at how many of the insane shooters end up killing themselves ALREADY.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:25 | 3063734 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

armed, angry lateral in-fighting. . .

the helpless rage at each other, sounds like a plan.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:17 | 3064070 elementary
elementary's picture

Man in China slaughtered 22 children in school with knife today. Take your pick, guns or knives. Deranged people will always find a way.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 17:19 | 3064469 Stuck on Zero
Stuck on Zero's picture

The events are all falling into place. We are seeing signs of the end of the Maya Calendar. 


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:01 | 3063193 Banksters
Banksters's picture

I've long held the belief that our fucked up society is on the verge of a collective nervous breakdown.  


BTW, I'll always be pro 2nd amendment.   

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:02 | 3063213 Crispy
Crispy's picture

Gotta agree. You can feel it building....

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 17:57 | 3064639 cougar_w
cougar_w's picture

We're maybe 10% of the way there.

The internal meltdown of America is shaping up to be one for the history books, mark me.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:12 | 3063288 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

Right on.  You don't prevent stuff like this by restricting access to guns, you prevent it by interceding BEFORE people become so hateful and/or despairing that they decide to go ballistic.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:15 | 3063308 AldoHux_IV
AldoHux_IV's picture

It certainly is a tragedy and thoughts and prayers to those children and their families-- even the shooter and his/her family.

I agree as well-- this collective nervous breakdown I attribute as a result of the system and the people up top making a mockery of things in this country-- when you have such ridiculous immoral assholes (read politicians, bankers, etc.) that neglect the law in order to serve themselves first and leave the rest in a bullshit system people begin to break and fray at the sides.  It just feels like there is a general squeeze of all sorts and it starts from the top.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:22 | 3063377 TrulyStupid
TrulyStupid's picture

The gun lovers need to come up with a way keeping guns out of the hands of psychos and criminals...the great irony in all this is that those who want them so badlly  are the ones who shouldn't have them.

As to the knife vs. handgun argument... Knifes have a myriad of usefull purposes and are a bad choice for multiple homicides.. handguns have no other purpose than to kill people... those who own handguns must at some level intend to use them.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:11 | 3063656 Alea Iactaest
Alea Iactaest's picture

Gun "lovers" don't need to do shit. But if you're looking for something to do, please consider: fostering conditions that allow people to live a human existence, respecting others, and caring for crazies. In the meantime, we need to be able to defend ourselves. RKBA.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:13 | 3063661 Alea Iactaest
Alea Iactaest's picture

And yes, I intend to use my handgun. The second you come after me or my family. You mind your own shit and I'll mind mine. No problems.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:33 | 3063450 salvadordaly
salvadordaly's picture

A couple articles on just that,,,,

"James Holmes Is Not Alone - 20 More Examples Of The Sickos That Are Overrunning America"

"12 More Signs That Society Is Collapsing"


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:32 | 3063451 salvadordaly
salvadordaly's picture

Sorry double post

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:17 | 3063679 formadesika3
formadesika3's picture


<I've long held the belief that our fucked up society is on the verge of a collective nervous breakdown.>


What he did not know then is that it is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane. To listen to Gloria rationally ask to die was to inhale the contagion. It was a Chinese finger-trap, where the harder you pull to get out, the tighter the trap gets…


One of God's greatest mercies is that he keeps us perpetually occluded… Well, the body has powers unknown to the mind. However, Gloria's mind had total control over her body; she was rationally insane…


As a matter of fact, Fat had lost his own wife, the year before, to mental illness. It was like a plague. No one could discern how much was due to drugs. This time in America - 1960 to 1970… was totally fucked…The authorities became as psychotic as those they hunted. They wanted to put all persons who were not clones of the establishment away. The authorities were filled with hate… Fat returned home by cab, afraid of his own car and wondering if he was nuts. He was, but so was everyone else.



Philip K. Dick


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 13:59 | 3063196 Lin S
Lin S's picture

Problem + Reaction = Solution.

Problem and Solution are concocted in the same taxpayer-funded laboratory.

The desired "solution" is the end of private firearms and ammunition ownership.

It's coming.




Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:02 | 3063211 docj
docj's picture

Yep - couple more gun-related tragedies at designated "Gun Free Zones" (evidently the killers never get that memo) and we're on our way.

Sat, 12/15/2012 - 04:21 | 3065861 smart girl
smart girl's picture

If you don't want something to happen, why would you pretend it already happened? Why not believe in Victory for a change. At least personal Victory of having the courage to speak the truth, and lobby for desired outcomes. At least then you can say with a straight face you did everything you could to defend the Constitution of the United States. Whether we live one day or many, I'm going Boston...

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:00 | 3063198 mrktwtch2
mrktwtch2's picture

was he a muslim??

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:09 | 3063258 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

He was a psychopath. Once again the cruel and completely irrational act of one individual will be trotted out as evidence that an inanimate object (firearm) is the embodiment of evil and the direct cause of such atrocities.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:15 | 3063299 WTFx10
WTFx10's picture

Probably IDF they like killing kids.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:41 | 3064265 Calmyourself
Calmyourself's picture

Lots of Beslans committd by Israelis, idiot...

Israeli teachers kill terrorists, every Amercian school should have 2-5 armed trained teachers on staff or retired police officers on staff.

Only accurate fire deter armed psychopaths, nothing else.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:00 | 3063199 SgtSchultz
SgtSchultz's picture

Was there a "gun free zone" sign visible?

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:01 | 3063200 Chupacabra-322
Chupacabra-322's picture

Sniff, sniff.  I smell another Psycotropic Drug Government Patsy PsyOp Flase Flag. 

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:04 | 3063218 unrulian
unrulian's picture

I smell an asshole

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:12 | 3063286 Chupacabra-322
Chupacabra-322's picture

Must be yours or your mothers.  Stop opening your mouth. 

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:13 | 3063289 WTFx10
WTFx10's picture

Its probably yours cause computers don't share smells. Try washing it ?

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:10 | 3063268 magpie
magpie's picture

likely to be utilized by the media as a cover to extremely negative political events in the run-up to Christmas

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:46 | 3063518 lakecity55
lakecity55's picture

"Do you see the Queen of Hearts, Raymond?"


"Go to the end of the pier outside your house and walk off, into the water."



Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:00 | 3063596 magpie
magpie's picture

Yes, those people always love to overdo hypnosis

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 17:59 | 3064643 cougar_w
cougar_w's picture

Oh please, stop.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:00 | 3063201 giorgioorwell
giorgioorwell's picture

and 5,4,3,2,1....cue the hoards of gun nuts on this ZH forum, saying that "it's not the gun that kills, it's the person"  

It's wild west and it's moronic and the founding fathers would be sick to their stomachs if they saw how their words were interpreted,

Probably too late to do anything about it, with the huge flood of firearms (that ZH loves to report and show charts on every other week) that have been purchased in the past few years and are out there.  This is the world you have created NRA (show me this happening every other week in any other country on this planet), not the world you are responding to.  

and 5,4,3,2.1....


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:05 | 3063233 unrulian
unrulian's picture

I'm too saddened to tell you how much of an idiot you are

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:15 | 3063305 JimBowie1958
JimBowie1958's picture

Guns have been found in maximum security prisons, and you can always make zip guns and now 3D printers willmake it even easier.

How the hell do these gun-grabbing loons think you could seal off an entire nation and institute practical controls on guns?

Answer: they have no idea and they dont care. They just want some emotional high from feeling like they have 'done something' to stop the problem whether it works or even makes things worse or not. They dont care as long as they do something, anything at all.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:16 | 3063327 Earl of Chiswick
Earl of Chiswick's picture

and it's not the spoon that causes obesity

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:05 | 3063236 Chaos_Theory
Chaos_Theory's picture

Well, how about this as a way to test the hypothesis...go to a gun store, stare at a pistol, and wait for it to kill someone.  Don't eat, shit, sleep or move until it does.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:12 | 3063276 koncaswatch
Fri, 12/14/2012 - 18:00 | 3064649 cougar_w
cougar_w's picture

Please note: nobody has been reported dead.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:11 | 3063277 giorgioorwell
giorgioorwell's picture

And here they go...

That argument is some very weak sauce, it's the scale of killing that guns permit, especially the kind of guns we are able to buy.  If you don't understand this logic, then you certainly don't deserve the right to own a gun.  

It's the scale of killing that high capacity magazines and assualt weapons in the hand of nuts that are a special American phenomemoon.  Sure a nut can kill someone with a knife, a bat, tire iron or even a hunting rifle..but he/she is not going to be able to walk into a school/mall/movie theatre and start mowing down at that scale....

This argument is exhausting, like talking to a Biblical literalist about the age of the Earth, waste of breath on both sides.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:17 | 3063323 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



You are nothing more than a pugnacious instigator looking for a platform to spew your pre-concocted Mark Anthony speech about your lonesome righteousness.  I will avoid the tiresome debate but for this: lack of compassion, of which your display dwarfs any in memorable past, takes more lives than any implement of metal.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:20 | 3063358 Overfed
Overfed's picture

What about doctors? They kill more people in the US every year than guns, cars and swimming pools combined.

Maybe the next lunatic will cook up a batch of sarin gas (like the guy in Japan who sickened 5000 people in a subway).

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:47 | 3063528 JimBowie1958
JimBowie1958's picture

You really havent given this topic much thought, have you? Would having 18 kids knifed be any better? Really?

Wouldnt you prefer the kids be safe from being attacked instead of only a bit safer from being outright killed?

ARM THE FACULTY LIKE THE ISREALIS DO. It has worked for them, so why cant it work for us also?

Oh, and the vast majority of Biblical literalists dont believe in a Young Earth Hypothesis anyway, just for your information. I grew up among fundamentalists and very few of them believed the Earth is something like less than 10k years old.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:00 | 3063961 Abiotic Oil
Abiotic Oil's picture

Obama has killed over 178 children so far with his drone strikes.  Not to mention their parents.

Where is the outrage? Where are the calls to outlaw drones from the "left"?

Why is it tragic when it is white children in an upper class neighborhood shot by a crazy person and perfectly ho-hum okeedokee when it is brown goat herders murdered by a drone sent by a Obama?

Murder is murder.

The knife attack at the school in China today killed 22.  That was a high-capacity knife I guess?

Sit down, shut the fuck up and keep drinking your koolaid.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 17:25 | 3064499 JP McManus
JP McManus's picture

"but he/she is not going to be able to walk into a school/mall/movie theatre and start mowing down at that scale"

You mean "gun-free, defenseless, target rich environment."

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 20:14 | 3065100 AGORACOM
AGORACOM's picture

How about a different test:

1.  Put two men in two separate rooms.  

2.  One with a gun and one without a gun.

3.  Put an adversary in each room and have him/her begin insulting and infuriating each subject to no end.  Talk about his mother, his politics, his dick size ... whatever it takes.

4.  Time how fast it takes the guy with the gun to carry out his fury by murdering the adversary.

Humans (a vast majority of them anyways) are emotional, spotaneous beings.  Giving them access to guns allows them to remedy their spontaneous fury via the most irrationational outcome possible.

George ... The Greek ... And Conservative ... From Canada

Sat, 12/15/2012 - 08:01 | 3065993 crusty curmudgeon
crusty curmudgeon's picture

Ironically, I would bet you the one with the gun would be the last person to harm the "adversary."

The one with the gun knows he has the power to destroy you and thus can walk away with this dignity in tact.

It is not cowardice to walk away from a fight knowing you could destroy the other.  It is not cowardice because you are preserving life.

You may be tempted to kill others at the drop of a hat and perhaps the best thing for you is to stay away from sharp objects (and certainly guns) but that's not how most people are.

Sat, 12/15/2012 - 08:36 | 3066025 Freedom Pilot
Freedom Pilot's picture


You are a frightening person.  I hope I never meet anyone like you.

A person who has been insulted is not likely to kill the person insulting him.  He is far more likely to deck him with his fists.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:06 | 3063240 cossas.robber
cossas.robber's picture

I've owned guns my entire life, every member of my family has owned guns going back to 1776, that's over 200 years of my family owning guns.

We've never shot up an elementary school you ignorant fuck.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:23 | 3063370 marginview
marginview's picture


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:08 | 3063246 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



There are 17 (at least) children dead today at the hands of individuals.  You have no class whatsoever politicizing this.

Edit: I'm breaking a long-held rule of anonymity here...Newtown CT is my hometown.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:25 | 3063727 Alea Iactaest
Alea Iactaest's picture

I feel for you and your neighbors and, especially, for the families that lost loved ones today. Peace.


PS - There is no anonymity on the internets.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:21 | 3063363 Legolas
Legolas's picture

If you want to lead, move your raggedy ass to Chicago.  Go carry a sign and ask all the gang members to please lay down their guns. 


If it works, we'll all follow you.

Otherwise, STFU !

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:14 | 3063870 falak pema
falak pema's picture

montagues and capulets...


Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:20 | 3063364 Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ's picture

So, if I was a nut and was going to conduct a mass killing of small children, I would absolutely think twice if it was illegal to own the gun I was going to use. NOT.

Stop thinking with your emotions, Giorgioorwell. And although the Founding Fathers would be sick about this tragedy, they absolutely, positively would NOT draw the conclusion that firearms confiscation would have prevented it. Hitler, Mao, Stalin (for starters) ALL confiscated guns. Without fail, within a few years the result was MILLIONS of people dead as these corrupt leaders then perpetrated genocide on various segments of their now disarmed population.

Sat, 12/15/2012 - 08:45 | 3066031 Freedom Pilot
Freedom Pilot's picture

No matter how hard I try, I cannot wrap my mind around this.

How can anyone believe that outlawing guns would help?

A madman who is willing to kill other innocent people, in violation of many serious felonies, is going to stop at the door because there is a "no gun" sign or turn on the television instead of going on his murdering rampage because guns are illegal?  Not to mention that guns were illegal in this school.  Why didn't that stop this lunatic?

This is beyond stupidity--one has to simply refuse to think to believe banning guns would help.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:34 | 3063464 Spacemoose
Spacemoose's picture

just stop and think for a moment about what you are saying:  that tragedies like this, in your mind, are evidence that the right of sane, law abiding citizens to defend themselves from a nut with a gun, should be taken away.  what kind of crazy illogical thinking is that?    

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:09 | 3063646 A Man without Q...
A Man without Qualities's picture

I find the vote count on this comment predictable and depressing...

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:16 | 3063680 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



Please explain.  Or don't bother taking up the space.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:00 | 3063203 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

A fuckin elementary school. Holy fuck.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:17 | 3063332 kito
kito's picture

what adds to this horrific tragedy is that the holier than thou gun control advocates, who claim to be in favor of gun control to preserve humanity, are likely giddy at the opportunity presented after this incident.....i can see lord farquad bloomberg chomping at the bit with this tragedy, never let a crisis go to waste....its as if these gun control nazis need these incidents for their platform......................................

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:21 | 3063357 Spastica Rex
Spastica Rex's picture

I don't know. I think we're entering uncharted waters - beyond politics. We're sick, and I think maybe we're going to die.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:29 | 3063422 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

I hear you Rex..I have no idea what's wrong with people in this world.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:53 | 3063561 JimBowie1958
JimBowie1958's picture

"what's wrong with people in this world", doc?

No, it's not generic people, it's that 2% of loons who should either be in prison, dead or in a mental hospital chained to their walls.

Dont let this kind of insanity rob you of all trust in your fellow man. Most of us are as sick of this craziness as you are.

The rest can blow off for all I care; if this doesnt kick a person in the gut then they're are not 'people', they're something else.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 16:09 | 3064012 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

I wonder,

No, it's not generic people, it's that 2% of loons who should either be in prison, dead or in a mental hospital chained to their walls.

if you have a kind of solution to your statement, a way of addressing what you believe - or are these "loons" just to be acknowledged as a part of the society we must exist in?

is there any way to address this?

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 18:23 | 3064728 forexskin
forexskin's picture

you know, your self righteous facilitator tone is getting tiresome. you place yourself about the fray with superior innuendo, rhetorical questions, etc.

what are you offering, besides this self congratulatory alloofness?

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 18:34 | 3064765 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

your anger is palpable today.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 19:58 | 3065044 forexskin
forexskin's picture

beside the point, which you just don't seem to want to come to.

angry, yea, comes with being human today. no apologies.

hope you're well entertained, because i'm concluding that's more your point.

maybe i'll try again with you on another day, if you actually have something to offer. until then, later and peace.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 22:51 | 3065529 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

I've made my "point" endlessly, in my posts over time, and on this thread.

that I'm not rising to your obvious bait doesn't mean I don't "care" - it simply means my re-action to this event is a profound sadness, not overwhelming anger.

I just come *here* to take the cultural pulse. . .

see you around.

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:55 | 3063569 kito
kito's picture

im not sure there is anything "beyond politics", our society unfortunately flows through politics...............and the problem is that more and more aspects of our society continue to be dominated and micromanged by politics...........ironically, the root causes of these tragedies will never get addressed.......the overmedicated, overly indebted, materialistic, poorly fed, government/corportate manipulated citizenry.....

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 14:23 | 3063384 Tsar Pointless
Tsar Pointless's picture

I'm not giddy over the death of these kids, and others killed in this incident.

I'm giddy because I know nothing will be done about it. The NRA and its apologists will win the day. Just as they always do. If we want more senseless violence, then who am I to be against it? I'll grab my pom-poms and cheerlead for more, right along side the 2nd Amendment crowd.

We're a violent society. I've learn to deal with it.

Acceptance, my friend. Acceptance.

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