Newtown, CT Elementary School Shooting Tally Rises To 27 Dead, Of Whom 20 Children - Live Video

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Update 4: the NYT has released a brief biopic on Lanza's, who it turns out had Asperger's Syndrome:

He carried a black briefcase to his 10th-grade honors English class, and sat near the door so he could readily slip in and out. When called upon, he was intelligent, but nervous and fidgety, spitting his words out, as if having to speak up were painful.


Pale, tall and scrawny, Adam Lanza walked through high school in Newtown, Conn., with his hands glued to his sides, the pens in the pocket of his short-sleeve, button-down shirts among the few things that his classmates recalled about him.


He did all he could to avoid attention, it seemed.


Until Friday.


The authorities said Mr. Lanza, 20, wearing combat gear, carried out one of the deadliest mass shootings in the nation’s history. He killed 20 children and six adults at the elementary school where his mother worked, they said. He then apparently turned his gun on himself. The police said he also earlier killed his mother.


In his brief adulthood, Mr. Lanza had left few footprints, electronic or otherwise. He apparently had no Facebook page, unlike his older brother, Ryan, a Hoboken, N.J., resident who for several hours on Friday was misidentified in news reports as the perpetrator of the massacre.


Adam Lanza did not even appear in his high school yearbook, that of the class of 2010. His spot on the page said, “Camera shy.” Others who graduated that year said they did not believe he had finished school.


Matt Baier, now a junior at the University of Connecticut, and other high school classmates recalled how deeply uncomfortable Mr. Lanza was in social situations.


Several said in separate interviews that it was their understanding that he had a developmental disorder. They said they had been told that the disorder was Asperger syndrome, which is considered to be a high functioning form of autism.


“It’s not like people picked on him for it,” Mr. Baier said. “From what I saw, people just let him be and that was that.”


One former classmate who said he was familiar with the disorder described Mr. Lanza as having “very flat affect,” adding, “If you looked at him, you couldn’t see any emotions going through his head.”


Others said Mr. Lanza’s evident discomfort prompted giggles from those who did not understand him.


Law enforcement officials said Friday that they were closely examining whether Mr. Lanza had such a disorder.

More here. Indeed, there is a statistical predisposition, at least anecdotally, for those with Asperger's toward both murder and violence.  In other words, watch as the debate rages over the traditional bogeyman of gun control, in a country with over three hundred million weapons, when we may well simply be talking about a mentally ill young adult.

As for the misidentified Ryan, who for a few brief hours was presented by law enforcement as the suspected shoorter, we learn from the WSJ:

Israel raids Palestinian NGO officesKatie Colaneri, a 24-year-old resident of Hoboken, N.J., described herself as a friend of Ryan, the suspect’s brother who for hours Friday was incorrectly identified as the alleged gunman. “He [is] a little shy, but very nice and sweet,” said Ms. Colaneri, who has known Ryan for over a year.


She said Ryan is a gentle guy who was  devoted to his job at the Ernst & Young accounting firm. A representative for Ernst & Young would not comment on his employment status.


A law-enforcement official briefed on the investigation told the Associated Press that Ryan has been “extremely co-operative” and is not under arrest, although he was still being question late Friday.


The official said Ryan’s computers and phone records were being searched but only “in an abundance of caution.” Ryan told authorities he had not been in touch with his brother Adam in recent years, and the official said he isn’t believed to have any connection to the school killings.


In Hoboken, Ryan lives in a newer building that was hard-hit by superstorm Sandy, Ms. Colaneri said. He lost power for a number of days following the storm.


The last time she saw him, about a month ago, Ms. Colaneri recalled that Ryan ran up to her and gave her a hug.  ”I’m really shocked,” she said. “As the details unfolded, I was totally devastated.”

Update 3: ABC has released a picture of the real shooter, Adam Lanza, taken in 2005 when he was ~13 years old.

Update 2 : NY Post now refuting CNN's initial report, and stating that the shooter's real name is Adam Lanza, not Ryan Lanza, who is instead brother of the latter. At this point there appears to be a ridiculous amount of confusion who did what, so it perhaps would be prudent on behalf of the authorities to double check this information before releasing it to the media. And just out from AP:

The AP confirms this further here:

The suspect in the Connecticut school shootings is Adam Lanza, 20, the son of a teacher at the school where the shootings occurred, a law enforcement official said Friday. A second law enforcement official says the boy's mother, Nancy Lanza, is presumed dead.


Adam Lanza's older brother, Ryan, 24, of Hoboken, N.J., is being questioned by police, said the first official. Earlier, a law enforcement official mistakenly transposed the brothers' first names.


Both officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record about the developing criminal investigation.


The first official said Adam Lanza is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


According to the second official, the suspect drove to the scene of the shootings in his mother's car. Three guns were found at the scene — a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols — and a .223-caliber rifle. The rifle was recovered from the back of a car at the school. The two pistols were recovered from inside the school.


The official also said Lanza's girlfriend and another friend are missing in New Jersey.


Meanwhile, former Jersey Journal staff writer Brett Wilshe said he has spoken with Ryan Lanza of Hoboken, who told Wilshe the shooter may have had Ryan Lanza's identification.


Ryan Lanza has a Facebook page that posted updates Friday afternoon that read that "it wasn't me" and "I was at work."

Update: According to CNN the shooter's name is Ryan Lanza, out of New Jersey. Based on a White Pages reverse lookup there is an 18-24 year old Ryan Lanza living in Hoboken, NJ whose FaceBook profile lists Newtown, CT as his home city. Whether it is the same person remains to be confirmed officially.


* * *

Sadly, increasingly it appears that not a day, and certainly not a week can pass, in the US without news of some mass killing somewhere. Several days ago its was a mall in Oregon, and today it is a shooting rampage at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Here is what is known: the shooter, who CBS reports is a 20 year old from New Jersey, is reported to be dead. A second shooting suspect, a 24 year old man with a bulletproof vest and 4 guns has been apprehended in custody (this has subsequently been not confirmed). According to CBS 27 people are dead, of whom 18, Connecticut Post 27 people are dead, of whom 20 tragically, children. Among the dead are the principal and the school psychologist. The AP has already dubbed it "the worst school tragedy in American history."

Live webcast via NBC:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Pictures from the scene via Reuters

* * *

Live streaming updates on everything Newtown related can be found on the Reuters website here.

More from Reuters:

 At least 27 people, including 18 children, were killed on Friday when at least one shooter opened fire at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, CBS News reported, citing unnamed officials.


If confirmed, it would be one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history. The holiday season tragedy follows a series of shooting rampages in the United States this year that have killed multiple victims, and it was certain to revive a debate about U.S. gun laws.


The principal and school psychologist were among the dead, CNN said. Witnesses reported hearing dozens of shots with some saying as many as 100 were fired.


The suspected shooter, 24, was armed with four weapons and wearing a bullet-proof vest, WABC reported.


There were unconfirmed reports of a second shooter.


Another person was being held in police custody after he was detained in the woods near the school wearing camouflage pants, CBS reported.


Sandy Hook Elementary School teaches children from kindergarten through fourth grade - roughly ages 5 to 10.


"It was horrendous," said parent Brenda Lebinski, who rushed to the school where her daughter is in the third grade. "Everyone was in hysterics - parents, students. There were kids coming out of the school bloodied. I don't know if they were shot, but they were bloodied."


Television images showed police and ambulances at the scene, and parents rushing toward the school. Parents were seen reuniting with their children and taking them home.


"This is going to be bad," a state official told Reuters, requesting anonymity because the scope of the tragedy remained uncertain.


President Barack Obama was notified and would receive regular updates throughout the day, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.


"We're still waiting for more information about the incident in Connecticut," Carney said when asked about the president's reaction to it.


Carney called the event "tragic" and said there would be time later for a discussion of policy implications.


Obama remains committed to trying to renew a ban on assault weapons, Carney said.


All Newtown schools were placed in lockdown after the shooting, the Newtown Public School District said.


Lebinski said a mother who was at the school during the shooting told her a "masked man" entered the principal's office and may have shot the principal. Lebinski, who is friends with the mother who was at the school, said the principal was "severely injured."


Lebinski's daughter's teacher "immediately locked the door to the classroom and put all the kids in the corner of the room."


Danbury Hospital, about 11 miles (18 km) west of the school, had received three patients from the scene, a hospital spokeswoman told NBC Connecticut. The mayor of Danbury, Mark Boughton, told MSNBC: "They are very serious injuries."

An early report from CBS:

A shooting at a Connecticut elementary school Friday left several children and the gunman dead, law enforcement sources tell CBS News. At least one teacher was wounded in the shooting that sent frightened pupils into the parking lot.


It is unclear if there was more than one gunman at the school.


Law enforcement sources told CBS News senior correspondent John Miller that preliminary and unconfirmed information indicates that the shooter was the father of a student.


The shooter was killed and apparently had two guns, a person with knowledge of the shooting told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was still under way.


It wasn't clear how many people were injured at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. CBS Hartford affiliate WFSB-TV reports around 600 students attend the school.


Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance described the situation to CBS New York station WCBS-AM as a "very serious school shooting."


A dispatcher at the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps said a teacher had been shot in the foot and taken to Danbury Hospital.


Stephen Delgiadice said his 8-year-old daughter heard two big bangs and teachers told her to get in a corner. His daughter was fine.


"It's alarming, especially in Newtown, Connecticut, which we always thought was the safest place in America," he said.


Lisa Bailey, a Newtown resident with three children in Newtown schools, told, "Newtown is a quiet town. I'd never expect this to happen here. It's so scary. Your kids are not safe anywhere."


The superintendent's office said the district had locked down schools in Newtown, about 60 miles northeast of New York City. Schools in neighboring towns also were locked down as a precaution.


State police said Newtown police called them around 9:40 a.m.

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WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

+1000 for the bankers comments. Those poor kids and their families. What a waste.

SAT 800's picture

I remember a photo of a cop hiding behind the wheel of a car in the parking lot and waiting patiently for the shooting to stop before he approached the school building. I was so disgusted and angry I would have bitch-slapped him myself I knew who he was. It's very interesting to look up how many crimes are stopped every year in the us by armed citizens; it's not a small number; it's a big number.

SAT 800's picture

Governments are immoral by definition; they exist to steal by force of arms from their citizens; and other countries citizens. "If you make guns illegal, only criminals will have them". Laws don't create social conditions corresponding to the law; they just fill up jails. Does making marijuana illegal cause no one to have marijuana? Of course, you're upset; but giving up your powers of rational analysis in favor of more government authority is not a useful reaction.

bulbous_walrus's picture

Australia suffered 13 mass murders between 1981 and 1996. In the 16 years since our gun law reforms: zero. No more excuses please America.

SAT 800's picture

Are you sure you're an Aussie? None of the Aussies I know personally wear pink panties.

dexter_morgan's picture

Please cite references, and not just mass murders but violent crimes in general.

rehypothecator's picture

How many crimes before and after were lawfully deterred by lawfully owned firearms.  In America, it's in the tens or hundreds of thousands every year.  I don't know about Australia, but in England, it's a big, fat ZERO.  And they like it that way, apparently. 

swinglinetot's picture

theMAXIL - I am perplexed as to how people like you can make such a huge stretch and call for a non-sensical ban on guns. The logic doesn't work because if we all followed that line of thinking, it would mean that we'd all have to ALSO look at everything else that kills - including alcohol.

Did you know that over 10,000 people die EVERY YEAR because of alcohol-related driving accidents - aka Drunk Drivers? Far MORE people dead every year because of 'one too many". So if we want to follow the shills ass-nine way of thinking it means we should consider banning all alcohol.

And that's just the beginning. Let's also look at anything that could be considered - or used as a about rape? Did you know that approx 90,000 women AND MEN are raped each year. I suppose this means that if a man uses his penis as a weapon, it ought to be treated like one and we should give'im the ole' ax??? 

No darling. It's not the gun, the drink or the penis that kills and injures, it's the PEOPLE holding it. It's humanity that needs fixing, NOT what they're weilding.

blunderdog's picture

     Did you know that approx 90,000 women AND MEN are raped each year.

Men who are raped are almost all victims of public policy.  We tend to like to treat each other other like beasts and slaves whenever we get the opportunity.

As a society, we make it a point not to do anything to prevent *most* male on male rape.  Obviously this is because we want to punish the victims, not because we lack the technology or ability.

Cathartes Aura's picture

all rape is power over, be it "men" or "women" on the receiving end.

how long has the concept "rape 'n' pillage" been in use?

and sure, as a society, rape is working as intended, keeps everyone pre-occupied, in line.

some live in fear, of those who live in anger.

overbet's picture

What if he killed a bunch of children with his car driving through a play ground. Should we loose our rights to drive because of one sicko? How about no tv no movies no video games. You suffer from wrong thinking. Its not the gun or car, knife, bat or anything else its the individual. 

Savvy's picture

@ theMAXILOPEZpsycho


Here's a little exercise for you. Why don't you go dig up the data on how many gun wielding mass murderers used rifles or guns they had registered in their own names? When you search that data, you might just also find out how many school school shooters DID use guns or rifles they bought and registered in their own names. Might be interesting....

WP45's picture

What about knifes? There were 22 school children killed today by a crazy with a knife today somewhere in China. Google it.

blunderdog's picture

Actually, howzabout YOU Google it 'cause you got the story wrong, dumbass.

dexter_morgan's picture

LOL...can't be serious I hope.

Is that you Mayor Bloomberg????


Go Tribe's picture

Ban computers so dumbfucks like you can't abuse them.

Things that go bump's picture

I understand that you are very upset.  Everybody is, but this sort of thing is not new.  It happened in my high school when I was a student 45 years ago.  A teacher was shot and the perpetrator walked the halls. When Lisa Bailey said, "Your kids are not safe anywhere," she was stating a simple truth.   They aren't and never have been. You never know when a loved one walks out the door if you will ever see them again.  That is just a fact of life.   You can't protect them and nobody else can either. Safety is an illusion.  If someone tells you he can keep you or yours safe he is telling you a fairy tale.  

I lived in the Philippines during the Marcos regime, and one of the first things he did when he came to power was to outlaw gun ownership among the general population.  Thus, the population was helpless against him and his thugs and thus were robbed blind and abused and raped and killed at will. Rather than turn in their guns, a lot of people went up into the mountains and joined the communists, where they entertained themselves by taking pot shots when military (ours and theirs) used the roads.  Others wrapped their weapons up and buried them.  A well-armed population is our first defense against the depredations of the ruling class and really, at this point, our only defense.  They are so brazen they don't even try to hide their lawlessness anymore.  Imagine what they would permit themselves if we were unarmed.  

grgy's picture

Ya Maxilopez, just like drugs. Make guns illegal, that will get rid of them.  What a moron!

percolator's picture

theMAXILOPEZpsycho and everyone who gave you a "thumps up" just proved to everyone you are NOT as smart as a fifth grader

Oh and the CT school where this shooting took place was a "Gun Free" area.

Outlaw guns and only the outlaws will have guns!


Nick Jihad's picture

Only then will the violence cease...

Yeah, but it's Hollywood that glorifies guns. Films like The Matrix and Dark Knight put these ideas into weak minds, but somehow Hollywood is never to blame.


aerojet's picture

Yup, enough *is* enough--I would be happy to volunteer as armed security at my kids' school in order to help provide some kind of teeth th dissaude sick fucks who target the innocent.  I'm sure plenty of other fathers and even mothers would join me in protecting our children.  It is the only way--laying down like lambs for the slaughter never succeeds.  Governments have an absolutely horrible track record of protecting their people--mass disarmament always leads to very bad consequences for the trusting souls.  Not for me, thanks.  

Edmund Dantes's picture

 You are a POS.. hopefully some govenment goon willl put you out of your misery soon

A Nanny Moose's picture

Only governments are in a moral position to own something as potentially dangerous as a gun.

This was exactly the thought in Nazi Germany, USSR, Mao's PRC, Cambodia, etc. How about the freedom FROM being democided by your own government?

Leraconteur's picture

In the past 100 years when a government eliminates and confiscates guns, often later in their history they then begin to kill the populace or large scale murder occurs by one group against another.

Where did this happen?

Ottoman Turkey, the FSU, Germany and Occupied Europe, PRC and Nationalist China, Guatemala, Uganda, Cambodia, Rwanda.

Pladizow's picture

UN gun laws wont pass themselves - right FBI, CIA and NSA!

Tsunami Wave's picture

Shooting kids in an elementary school should get more of the sheeple's attention to get angry, demonize any pro 2nd-amendment politiicians, and "make" politicians pass an amendment that cancels the 2nd amendment!

Syntaxkat's picture

Still waiting to see if there's confimation on a second shooter.  Every media outlet is investigating, can't wait to see what happens.

Bollixed's picture

I'm waiting to see if this shooter was brainwashed by the thugs at Homeland to perp this horrible deed. Probably found out he was susceptible to programing by his internet profile.

Find them, infiltrate their psyche, have them do your bidding...

smart girl's picture

I knew the lawyer (Larry Teeter, rest in peace) who represented Sir Han Sir Han, who shot JFK. Sir Han still has no recollection of the shooting, and in some of his trance-enduced writing there are clues to who his programmer was. You can still see a talk Larry gave on youtube of the facts of the case...which is more - will not go into here.

Nothing diminishes the loss and heartbreak many of us are sharing with the victims and the families. My heart goes out to them, and to the children in other countries... Word seem inadequate to express deep hurt, tears, remorse. Prayers, healing, love to all.

Freddie's picture

I saw some of the Sirhan Sirhan stuff on youtube.  It was a total setup.  The hispanic girl saw his controllers at the hotel - a woman and man.  She was told by a hispanic guy investigating it that she saw nothing.  The guy was CIA.  The whole hotel ballroom in LA was filled with CIA and intelligence people.

Sirhan was never close enough.  he was the distraction and they think a cop near RFK did it.

The Kennedys made a lot of enemies.  JFK cuckholed Cord Meyer's (CIA) wife.  10 days after the Warren Commission report - she was shot twice in DC.  The murder was never solved.'s picture



She was told by a hispanic guy investigating it that she saw nothing. The guy was CIA.


I saw that. Quite compelling.


Have you seen this? A witness recently learned that the authorities changed her eyewitness testimony in 1968.


RFK assassination witness tells CNN: There was a second shooter



the FBI misrepresented Rhodes-Hughes' eyewitness account and that she actually had heard a total of 12 to 14 shots fired.


"She identified fifteen errors including the FBI alteration which quoted her as hearing only eight shots, which she explicitly denied was what she had told them," Sirhan's lawyers argued in February, citing a previously published statement from Rhodes-Hughes.

moregoldplease's picture


Life is risky, that's what makes it fun. Give up of your rights but don't trample on mine.

Tsunami Wave's picture

I don't want anyones rights or 2nd amendment rights to be infriged or trifled on... personally, I think everyone who qualifies to own firearms should be trained and own one, and be entitled to CCPs.  I don't know why people are junking my earlier comment.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

Read the comments @ Huff Post holy shit.. Never let a good crises go to waste. The gun grabers are coming out of the woodwork. May god rest these childrens souls.

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

"Never let a good crises go to waste."

Qui Bono?

Not difficult to determine who is really behind this shit, yes?

Alea Iactaest's picture

This is a tragedy. I feel like vomiting. I can't wait to get my kids home from school, to have them under my protection. All you gun grabbers go to hell. I have a right to self defense.

For everyone who thinks we have to "do something" I agree. We need to do something about the crazies. In the meantime, if you're thinking we need to "do something" to infringe the Second Amendment, please think about this quote from Daniel Webster, "A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures."

A Nanny Moose's picture

Not to question your methods, or circumstances in any way but...

Why anyone send their kids to schools at all? Why send them to a place where they are forced to associate with others who are, themselves only there by force?

jemlyn's picture

No one has mentioned what we might do to control mentally deranged people.  We used to have mental hospitals but then dismantled the system.  Some people knew this young man was dangerous, principally his mother and brother but others too.  What could they do?  First of all she should have made sure he couldn't get access to her guns.  Beyond that, if she tried to get help for him she would only get medication.  Maybe that works but only under tight supervision.  It seems that she was in an argument with him that morning and he killed her too.  It sort of looks like he targeted the children because she worked at the school.   Maybe he was jealous of her affection for them.  He should have been locked up.  I don't know if there is a way to do that until after a crime has been committed.

cougar_w's picture

I don't even know exactly where you are taking that, and it makes me sick.

It starts here. It ends in a schoolyard.

crusty curmudgeon's picture

This tragedy is tailor made for a new "assault weapons" ban.  We will be hearing how hunters (hunting is, of course, the only legitimate reason to own a gun according to the gun banners) don't need rapid fire semi-automatics nor large magazines. 

crusty curmudgeon's picture

Yes, semi-automatic handguns.  Perhaps they will seize this as an opportunity to ban handguns as well.

He also used a semi-automatic .223 rifle which can, egad, use a high capacity magazine.

HoofHearted's picture

Luckily for me the AK is getting delivered today. I might not be able to get my hands on one next week. Yes, I'm planning on taking it on a canoe trip with my silver this weekend, just in case anyone is interested.

Jam Akin's picture

That sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

vast-dom's picture


Children stabbed in attack at Chinese school   Police say nearly two dozen children injured in central China province of Henan by knife-wielding villager



Toxicosis's picture

Does that make gun ownership any more acceptable?  Your argument is a strawman.  You bring a knife, I'll bring a gun instead.  Holy fuck, use your head.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Right now your practice of your first amendment rights is disgusting.  In your world, that is the threshold to lose your rights.  If you give your first amendment rights, I'll give up mine.

blunderdog's picture

That sounds a lot like someone who doesn't quite understand what the 1st Amendment is all about.  It has something to do with recognizing what can and can't be controlled. 

The government which passes laws which can never be enforced damns itself to irrelevance.

BruceBanger's picture

Why do you consider this a gun control issue?  Wouldn't it be much more valid to ask why what seems like an ordinary 24 year old who didn't register a blip in the background checks of buying several guns and apparently body armor turned into a person decided he needed to commit the worst sort of homicide possible?  Stable individuals do not do this.  Would it have been better if he'd used a knife or bomb?  It's quite clear this was premediated, not an act of passion, which means he wanted to do this deed regardless by how he got it done.  It's incredibly narrow minded to think this could have only been carried out with a gun.