Obama To Deliver Statement At 3:15 PM - Webcast

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The Newtown, CT elementary school killing has already eclipsed Columbine in terms of sheer tragedy and loss of life, and may end up being of the most brutal slayings of innocent life, in US history. As expected, Obama is about to make a statement, most likely on today's tragic events.

A replay of the speech, courtesy of Reuters:

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pods's picture

That was my though exactly.  As society falls, you will see more of this.

This is not surprising in the least bit.  

People tend to get angry when they are lied to over and over again on a daily basis.


A Lunatic's picture

What is surprising is that this type of shit doesn't happen every day...........

cougar_w's picture

It will though. Give it another couple years.

About the time that schools start to allow parents to stand in the parking lot with automatic rifles, like they do in Israel.

knukles's picture


May God help us all, for we are incapable by ourselves.

Northern Lights's picture

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't in the least bit surprised to hear about this shooting.

Heck, I was more surprised with myself for not being surprised!




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Not to mention the shooter was in his 20s, thus probably been taking lithium for about 10 years.  Gotta love them psychtropics.

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Maybe this is the speech where he admitts that his constant lies and immorality, televised 24x7, are a major contributor of society's decay. I can dream, can't I?

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I swear on my Nobel prize that all the children we kill in drone strikes are terrorists.  Besides, we have only killed 200 of them.

Praise the lord and summon the drones.

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This is a communty's terrible tragedy without a doubt but why does the President have to make statements in the immediate emotionally charged aftermath? 


SilverRhino's picture

Because Obama is a ratfuck, scumbag, cum-guzzling, dick catching, malicious narcissist camera whore who will use other peoples' tragedy for his personal gains?   

Edit: Dear deluded Democrat doing the downcheck to me ... FUCK YOU. 

Questionman's picture

No. You are a hateful racist piece of shit. a racist, bigoted, homopobic, extremist asshole!

But claiming that President Obama was " faking crying" is reprehensible and false. You disagree with his policies with lies But to say and believe that Obama shed a "fake tear" for some type of political agenda when 20 toddlers were murdered a few hours earlier makes me right. Shameful

SilverRhino's picture

Fuck you and the horse you rode in under you sack of shit. Racist? LOL. Is that the best you got?

Being called a racist these days means shit. But since u think u know me amd my racism.....

Bu cac dao va chau de
Yub tvaya mat zhopa.
Pok gai .. le hi mi mi ... ju hai.
Chinga le madre pendejo.

Those are the languages my friends speak with me. So fuck you amd your pathetic insults you miserable ideological fucktard.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

I do not care what an indoneasian third world butt boy has to say, waste of time..as honest as his school records oh wait.

Questionman's picture

No. You are a hateful racist piece of shit. a racist, bigoted, homopobic, extremist asshole!

But claiming that President Obama was " faking crying" is reprehensible and false. You disagree with his policies with lies But to say and believe that Obama shed a "fake tear" for some type of political agenda when 20 toddlers were murdered a few hours earlier makes me right. Shameful

caimen garou's picture

thats his objective, throw another spark on the rage of the people to support his agenda.

azzhatter's picture

Wonder if Odumbo sheds tears for all the people Hilary and him have killed in foreign lands

tsx500's picture

and how about the Americans who he let die in Benghazi ?    We haven't forgotten about Benghazi , right ?

chistletoe's picture

the most brutal slayings of innocent life in US history?


Oh please .... how about Hiroshima, just for openers ....

rubearish10's picture

BO will use this as "ammo" to keep spending!

muppet_master's picture

odummer SHEDS "TEARS"

the SAME tears he shed for Sandy's victims (staten island)

one staten island guy was saying that fema told him and others MULTIPLE TIMES:  DENIED !!!!!


on the other hand...what happened today is no joke...specially if you are a parent of a toddler (me)


QEorganizer ganga-rapist-style DENIED staten island bc NO MONEY...all was spent on QEs for the 1%...he also doesn't want to bring out trailers for them...bc it will look too much like katrina...so staten SUFFERS !!

muppet_master's picture

odummer = freaking idiot !!

he's stupid and can't act...if he knew, he would be wiping away the medial aspect of his eye (towards the nose), not the lateral side...soooo STUPID...specially when looking down, gravity pulls down!!! NOT UP...you freaking CON artist idiot !!

i know, i know they don't teach Physics to LIE-berals....bunch of physics envious idiots !! maybe he will get it right next time...his croonies read ZH and maybe he will get the memo...= i still won't buy jack, won't buy any of his marketing bs

azzhatter's picture

I noticed that immediately. How them tears gonna go up your face fuckstick?

Questionman's picture

You really ARE an uncaring racist piece of shit!

OH please John-you don't think a Republican would have reacted the same. ANY FATHER WOULD HAVE. I take what Obama says to heart about those kids because that's at least one thing we know he is speaking true about. How could you not? Especially being a parent. But I'm not really surprised by the garbage mocking Obama! Your inconsiderate if you feel the need to bash the president during this time. Why don't you just feel sorry and keep your other stupid thoughts to yourself...
tsx500's picture

C'mon , get your head out of your ass man.   Barry wouldn't know the truth if it came up and smacked him in the head .  

notadouche's picture

The last person we need to hear from is Obama on this.  Newtown had a sort of Norman Rockwell feel to it with the flagpole downtown.  Not anymore.

otto skorzeny's picture

violence begets violence- we will reap what we have sown worldwide just as the sins of the father are revisited upon the son. that fucking hypocrite Obama makes me want to puke.

Questionman's picture

To commentators with ugly, angry, slur comments about Obama... Thank you!
You are among the reasons normal people stay away from GOP and Tea Party...You racists truly ARE hateful people!

I mean really 20 kids under 9 years old? get slaughtered and if anyone do not get emotional about it is well to me as sick as the ass-hole who shot them. that makes Obama a narcisisst that you black-hating racist falsely call him?

The comments on here about this are almost as sick as what this lunatic did. From these comments it's easy to see where he came from.

President Obama cares about people. You may disagree with him on certain issues, but he's not a bad person.

Rogue Trooper's picture


"President Obama cares about people. You may disagree with him on certain issues, but he's not a bad person."

You are a fucking retard, plain and simple.  I cannot even imagine why you are on this site.... did someone on facebook tell you?  If you could read it would be rather simple to come to the conclusion that on this site we DO NOT believe in the statist bullshit from either the Red or Blue Teams.

Got it? Now fuck off.

Questionman's picture

Go fuck yourself, you ignorant asshole!

You piece of shit. You can not wait to politicize this tragedy for your own use. You should be ashamed. I don't care what you think about the president. This is not what about what? you think. This is not a platform for you to advance your agenda. This is about the senseless death of 18 innocent children. Where is your soul? Your handguns will not protect you from drones.



tsx500's picture

let's see... in November, 93% of black voters voted for the black man.  And only around 70% of white voters voted for the white man.   So.... who is racist  ? ?

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mademesmile's picture

The President doesn't get to make decisions about our rights...

Dr. Engali's picture

"We are going to have to come together and take more action  prevent more tragedies this, regardless of the politics"  .............And there you have it.,you know where this shameless scum is headed with this. He could have at least waited until after the funerals before politicizing it.

Questionman's picture

You really ARE a ignorant racist piece of shit!

Where the hell do you get off using what happened today to try and push your beliefs on others. You complain and say that Obama is fake crying. I am sure he is not standing there thinking that what happened today was a great thing. You stupid hypocrite are you crying? no all you can think about is pushing your agenda. Stop using such a horrible tragedy to your advantage. This is? NOT about gun laws this is about 20 little children being killed.

tsx500's picture

ya know, you just might come across as a LITTLE bit credible if you first learned to spell and construct a complete sentence.   A lesson or two in 3rd-grade grammar would also help !

alangreedspank's picture

Sociopaths looking for a way to hide their sociopathy: wipe fake tears in front of cameras, quick!

Cult of Criminality's picture

911 first responders still have not received any payments for their health.  the government told them they, did not need respirators the air was a-ok.They tried to save lives.Our government takes lives with joy everyday.Drones,military,police state,spy,overthrow other governments,assasination of whistleblowers or anyone that does not lick their boots on and on.

11 years on many are dying and many more will.

Yes Obama cares about these kids ,teachers and the people of the once great nation of the United states of America.

Right.........(rolling eyes that are not wide shut)

My condolences to the victims in this tragedy.

I have never seen a gun pull the trigger by itself. I have seen politicians spewing lies on their own, day after day year after year.

notadouche's picture

It would be interesting to find out how many of these 20 somethings involved in these shootings were put on ritalin or an antidepressant as a kid.  

Bohm Squad's picture

I contacted Big Pharma with your concerns...they said there was nothing to worry about...they said correlation is not causation...they said there is no empirical evidence to support such a claim...they said they'd sue if you brought it up again...

mendolover's picture

Great.  After the initial shock and grief over this whole thing we get to be insulted by the grand standing whores climbing over each other spouting on about how evil America is.  I'm getting sick of this shit!

PS - Check this loser's meds!!  CHECK HIS MEDS!!  And then someone needs to sue the living shit out of some of these pharmas!

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

SOP, after every tragedy the dick-sucking major media all run to el Presidente - what the fuck do I care what he says or thinks - I will not be watching CNN as those anchors are so excited over this that they're probably wacking off or fingering themselves behind the podium...

djsmps's picture

I was at work. Did he mention "balanced" or "folks like me can afford to pay more" or "it's the right thing"?

Horrible tragedy.

monad's picture

Whatbig pharmaceutical chicken feed was this guy on? What idiot policies set the stage for this tragedy? What dumbfuck wasn't supervising this guy?