The Old Normal: Presenting 140 Years Of Market Cycles

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Edson Gould, deceased author of the once-famous Findings & Forecasts investment newsletter often said that "History always repeats, only the details change". This insight, a handful of carefully chosen technical indicators, and a deep understanding of crowd psychology enabled him to make some remarkable calls during his career. The graphic below, courtesy of Addogram, plots Gould's "Sentimeter" ("the market price of $1 of dividends") the inverse of the US 10-year Treasury yield, the gold price and an index of commodity prices. Needless to say he was quite right; "History always repeats, only the details change".


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other stuff worth including in graph (maybe):

avg tax on trade, income, wealth, and speculation 

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Martin Armstrong put out some pretty stuff about this....until he got too close to the light....and they threw his ass in prison.

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Here is a blog I just finished showing the relationship between spending, taxes, and deficits.  It ties into this nicely and the graphs are split up into 1947-71 and 71-2012 so you can see a before and after of the Bretton Woods system.

"The Hoover Institute looked at tax collection from 1947 to present with tax rates as high as 91% and the taxes collected as a percentage of the GDP is remarkably consistent 19.5% (actually 17.6%) of the GDP. Simply put the tax debate is a dog and pony show. There is the Hoover graph with a link.

Actual taxes collected as a percentage of the GDP according to the White House:

1947-56, 16.8%.

1957-66, 17.4%.

1967-76, 18.05%.

1977-86, 18.2%

1987-96, 18.10%.

1997-2006, 18.5%.

2007-11, 16.3%."




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Elliott Wave International is probably the foremost analyst of long-term cycles.   Here's a recent vlog I did on the big picture:

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except they believe in elliot waves which don't predict anything, and as an analytical past-only descriptor tool, they also aren't terribly useful.

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Screensaver version?

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im long oxen and salt!

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 Excellent work reporting this week Tylers! These markets have more chop in them, then a cheap B-rated horror flick.

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That graph depicts perhaps the worst decision ever made by a US President, when Richard Milhouse Nixon dropped the gold standard. THAT was the time for some belt-tightening.

This is a nice demonstration of "karma" on a big scale - unwise, misinformed or wrongly motivated decisions can cause a great deal of misfortune down the road. If only today's politicians, bankers and businessmen had some inkling of that notion.

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"That graph depicts perhaps the worst decision ever made by a US President, when Richard Milhouse Nixon dropped the gold standard."


Indochina 1

USA 0 

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communists thank nixon for using them for factory slavery.

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Rocketing imports of oil - aye

US Domestic production of oil peaking - aye

Ft. Knox was roughly ~3-5 years of oil imports at the time....

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The truth is simple (“real” is inflation-adjusted):
The main enabler of sizable asset price bubbles (very harmful) is keeping the real price histories out of sight.  JUST TAKE A LOOK!
“The People Are Severely Fooled”
“Home Prices & the Dow, each Inflation-Adjusted. A recent Dow day.”

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Sorry. I could not gain any inspiration from it. Is it better on drugs? Please specify which.

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it's actually the updated version to pong, except now you watch instead of play

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What does he think he just told us?

I already have complet disdain for charts.

....of the "predictive" variety.

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History does not repeat.

There are no cycles in economy, also economy doens't "recover". Private global economy isn't sustainable without debts. Therefor thanks kaynesians making debts plausible, whitout them you wouldn't be.

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Really no comment needed, your writing and logic skills speak loudly about you ha!

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Be fare , it deserves comment , anyone starting a sentence with "And" should enlighten us and share what college he went to.

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Hope you're just a troll trying to convince others of state propaganda. Otherwise, your mind is a terrible thing to have wasted. 

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Ohhhh, an MMT sighting!  Do you whack off to a picture of Krugman each night?  Get your jollies thinking double entry accounting is the secret to the universe?  Like other keynesian moonbats, do you claim to have had an epiphany at the moment you "understood" the divine nature of economics after much hard thought and thousands of sheets of ledger paper?

Minksy - bitch

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"This is more and more a junk blog, guys ! if you have nothing to say, avoid posting !"

Maybe this is a junk blog, where any idiot can post.  If only I could find some evidence of that. . .

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Lizt, Sounds like your world is crumbling around you.

Don't worry, everything will be OK. Nobody gets out alive, and life is a miracle. Enjoy!


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Well this at least exposes the lie and shows that cash isn't king. At least not over the long term. Cash may have ruled the markets at times a hundred years ago but not since.

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