Visualizing The Wealth Of Nations

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In the past we have explored the life-cycle of a sovereign nation, and, perhaps more importantly when allocating capital to specific idiosyncratic investment ideas, we strongly believe, as Goldman notes below, that the competitive strengths of companies often stem from the advantages of the countries they reside in. These include a combination of resource availability (food, energy, mining and others), demographics, trade positioning, infrastructure quality and above all, the presence of strong, inclusive institutions that encourage innovation. So, what follows is Goldman's attempt to map the various success drivers of the world’s countries. Of course, the components of each category aren't exhaustive (and in some cases they are they overlapping), but we hope it is a good starting point from which to understand the fundamental advantages that some countries enjoy over others. Still think the U.S. is the greatest nation in the world? Try telling the Scandinavians...

We divide the drivers into four categories:

Patents per capita, R&D as a percentage of GDP, venture capital as a percentage of GDP and the birth rate of companies.

Confidence in national institutions, days aken to enforce a contract, the cost of starting a business and the GINI co-efficient that measures income inequality.

Net crude oil exports/(imports) as a percentage of consumption, per capita food surplus/(deficit), copper + iron ore + aluminum surplus/(deficit) and retirees as a percentage of population.

Transport (airports per capita, railways per sq km), electricity production per capita and internet penetration.

All percent-rank scores are shown at the back.


The overall scorecard...


The World...(click image for huge version)


and a close up on Europe... (click image for huge version)


Source: Goldman Sachs

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kaiserhoff's picture

Well there you go, pardner.  Time to giddy-up and invade Canada.

Always thought they were hoarding beaver up there;)

kaiserhoff's picture

Rooks rike someone has a knot in her panties..., again.

Yen Cross's picture

lulz/ MarK Carney withdrawals.

AldousHuxley's picture

many countries look good on paper, but US leads on what really counts:


INNOVATION....military tech: colonized moon decades ago, next up mars while asians are trying to shoot their rockets straight up.


INSTITUTION of elite branding: harvard....even the top guy in China send their kids to Harvard.


RESOURCES all commodities are traded in USD and thus pays taxes to US banksters. Also US has the most gold. Even other countries' gold is in US banks.


INFRASTRUCTURE: aircraft carrier allows US to rule the world.



Yen Cross's picture

I love sarcasm/ Large Hadron Collider CERN. Keep up the good work A/H ;-)

Ahmeexnal's picture

This is the same Goldman Sachs who a few years back claimed Greece and Spain were miracle posterboys in the global economy.

In other worlds, Scandinavia is completely fuxored.  Seems like they're next in line to be thrown under the bus.

Yen Cross's picture

 Where in the heck have you been? let me guess/ Off shore oil rig? Deep sea diving? Ant Artic explorer? /sarc

trav777's picture

these charts and tables beez rayciss

kaiserhoff's picture

Huxley, in spite of what your friends say about you...

I actually know a good Harvard man.....

One, out of a fairly prodigious number.  Don't get me started on the fucking law school.

Yen Cross's picture

 Prodigious numbers, and Law Schools.  Canadians and resources.  (You two gentlemen) are impressive.

kaiserhoff's picture

Not really.  Life is always like that, in retrospect.  When I was a teenager, I played in a jazz band with a Yaley.  He considered himself my Uncle.  Tried to get me interested in his younger daughter who was kind of homely and two years older.  A fucking eternity when you're sixteen. 

If I knew then, what I know now....

Yen Cross's picture

Quit lying to your self. We learn until the day we DIE. It's all about ( information dissemination) ;-)

 I like you kaiserhoff/  You have ( BALLS)

kaiserhoff's picture

Perhaps we learn past that.  I hate religion, but I know the soul.  Anything less would be such a waste. 

The things we can't yet prove, are sometimes the only essentials.

thanks yen.  Against all evidence, there is yet hope.

kaiserhoff's picture

Don't want to leave false impressions.

I graduated, with honors, from Illinois, where there was competition.

Taught in the Ivy League, but never had much use for them.

max2205's picture

1820  Per capita world Gross Domestic Product (according to today's economic historian Angus Maddison) is $667, measured in 1990 dollars. This (according to Maddison) is up from $435 in the year 1000. Western Europe, which was lower than the world in general in the year 1000, at $400, is at $1,232.

max2205's picture

1890   Economies in Europe have been in a down turn. British investors sell their U.S. stocks for needed money.

thisandthat's picture

PORN - don't you forget about that!

SUPER HEROES - who else has them?


Matt's picture

Resources: Oil, Food, Metals, Old People. Wait, what? Why are retirees a resource?

Jreb's picture

Woverine - also Canadian... one more reason to invade I guess.

fiftybagger's picture

Aldous MDB Huxley.  What a tool.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, kaiserhoff, there is no doubt that Canada is relatively one of the best off countries, by many measures, both now, and in a range of probable futures. However, the political paradox is that Canada is one of the worst countries, from a more abstract view, precisely due to those reasons. Canada still has an extremely colonial system, and its people are worse mainstream morons, because they did not have to think, and thus, they tend to not think, because things have been relatively good, and continue to be relatively better than almost everywhere else in the world. Generally speaking North Americans are misinformed, or victims of disinformation, more than is easy to comprehend, since it is like fish not noticing the water. I believe that the average Canadian is even more misguided than the average American. Although Canada is a relatively wealthy country, which shows up in many different kinds of comparative studies, that tends to drive the political paradox that Canadians are less aware, and think less about politics, and believe more in bullshit, while their actual systems are more unbalanced and more hypocritical, due to those facts. The paradox has been that the flip side of the wealth is complacency. Canada is better off in most material ways, however, the flip side of that is that more Canadians are more profoundly ignorant, and want to stay that way, in equal proportion.

exartizo's picture

I beg to differ.

Most Canadians know who the American President is. Some even know the American Pledge Of Allegiance.

How many Americans know anything about Canada?

Most American citizens don't know the Pledge Of Allegiance. As a nation we as Americans tend to be egocentric and myopic, not the Canadians.

It goes to the heart of what a nation thinks is important. When it comes to the issues of National Allegiance and patriotism... important things like that, Canada is WAAAAY ahead of the United States.

Most young Americans think the Pledge of Allegiance is an iPhone app.

As in "iPledge"


blunderdog's picture

Canada's pretty cool, but it's TINY.  Most Americans can't name the governor of any state other than a couple of the big ones, either.

That's what it's like.  Canada is competing for brain-space with Texas, Florida, California, etc.

The pledge of allegiance certainly isn't an important concern, but if you're into brainwashing, it's a pretty good tactic.  How's the Canadian pledge of allegiance go? 

"I pledge allegiance to that leaf on the flag, eh.  For the Queen."

Yen Cross's picture

Canada tiny, right behind Russia.

blunderdog's picture

What makes a country is the people, not the landmass.  When's the last time you heard people bitching about the government of Antarctica?

Yen Cross's picture

Blunderdog, If you get the jist of my post?  I am in absolute agreement with you ;-)

 I'l be more pre-fect in the future. I have a youtube clip for you/ if you don't mind? National Lampoon's Vacation - Christie Brinkley (High Quality) - YouTube

Ahmeexnal's picture

Most important, all canadians know who their real ruler (by the grace of G-D) is.  She's prominently displayed in all of Canada's coinage.


Yen Cross's picture

Ax Man) for short(   Canada has  3 primary regions that stretch from the (Northern Atlantic (artic) to the Northern Pacific(artic), southward into the lower contigious 48 states.

  That is a " profound landmass to manage"  Reminds me of Australia/

flapdoodle's picture

Let me guess: those three regions are called "cold", "colder" and "coldest"

Matt's picture

It is much easier when the Head of State changes once every ~70 years instead of every 8.

Jreb's picture

Atcually - we Canadians bitch about our government plenty. But we're here and you are there so you are not likely to hear it. Nor is it likely to be covered on CNN or even ZeroHedge for that matter.

I've travelled enough to to tell you that the better part of the world is basically split into three types of people. Victims, criminals and those of us who are not interested in being either.

This arguement about the best place to lvie is always assinine in my mind. We all live in our own sweet hell and our own little piece of heaven - depending on the day and your perspective.

Peace and wisdom.

Johnny Reb

Jreb's picture

That's "For the Queen - Eh." Hoser.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Sure, Canadians know way more about the USA than Americans know about Canada.

However, my basic points are about the colonialism, which is taken for granted. A Canadian Prime Minister, with a majority in Parliament, has relatively far, far more power than an American President. At least Americans used to have the theory of checks and balances in their constitution (although in the real world that is breaking down now.) In Canada the executive and legislative branchs are the same thing. Furthermore, the Prime Minister appoings the judges, and the Prime Minister appoints the Queen's Governor General.  The concentrations of ownership, and foreign ownership, of big corporations are extreme and growing. Canada used to be a country with more income equality, but that is changing fast, and those changes are accelerating.  Sure, Canada has lots of resources for its population size, and a relatively educated population, compared to other countries. However, the political system is straight from colonialism. Native Canadians and Quebecers might have a different attitude towards that. However, most of English speaking Canada takes for granted their current system, because it provides relative material comfort, BUT, in abstract Canada is STILL A COLONY, with all that that means!

BurningFuld's picture

(although in the real world that is breaking down now.) Are you from 1892?

max2205's picture

1829  Scotch tape is invented.

Body of Lies's picture

I think that was the drink Scotch Whiskey ... the tape made of plastic which wasn't invented until 1930's

max2205's picture

I didn't pull this quote out of your ass

max2205's picture

This lasted about 50 old is soc sec?

1891  The German government initiates the first public old-age pension system.

10mm's picture

The pledge is a fuckin fraud.The Constitution is a dieing document.I will miss the latter.

masterinchancery's picture

Most Americans don't know much. I personally have been to Canada more than twenty times, and have followed its politics somewhat. You got Trudeau well before we got Obama.  However, to say that French Canadians are loyal is an overstatement, in my opinion.  And if Candians are so smart, why are they so overtaxed, why do they put up with terrible National Healthcare, why did they let a bunch of leftists take away their firearms, and why are they letting a bunch of radical moslems, "loyal" I bet, take away their freedom of speech?

BurningFuld's picture

Dude you really need to get out more.  Oh, and fuck you.

max2205's picture

1830  With China's great population growth, unemployment has risen and there has been a shortage of land, creating peasant unrest. China is still the leader in manufacturing output (real rather than per capita), but its share is slipping from 32.8 percent in 1750 to 29.8 percent. India's share since 1750 has fallen from 24.5 percent  to 17.6 percent. Britain, with a fraction of the population of either China or India, has increased its share in this period from 1.9 to 4.3 percent. The U.S. share is 2.4 percent.

kaiserhoff's picture

I only harrass those I find interesting or sexy.  Oddly enough, that includes the French.

Canada isn't much of a country.  It's kind of the Northern leftovers.   That leaves volk free to think for themselves, and wonderful or awful things flow from that.  If you simply listen and watch...  Try to be open to art, possibilities, things that can't possibly be true, around such people, the world opens up, and it will scare the shit out of you. What happens next is your choice, and theirs.  Happy trails.

Schmuck Raker's picture

You eat a lot of acid Miller, back in the hippie days?

JohnFrodo's picture

I disagree, Canadians do not believe the bullshit the same way Americans do, only half as much acceptance per captia.

ball-and-chain's picture

America's down.

But we're far from out.

We're a nation of 320 million very violent people.  Plus we're armed to the teeth.

On top of that, we still have the largest economy along with the best military.

There will be blood.

Lots of blood.

I'm sending my boys to live in Canada with the rest of the pussies.


Muppet Pimp's picture

Nice work from the fellas over at GS

AldousHuxley's picture

GS fellas mad that they got taken a ride from SAC, so they have to come up with some bullshit side show analysis.

max2205's picture

Off shoring : 1840  The population of the United States has increased 36 percent in the last ten years -- from 13 to almost 18 million. Railway track has grown from 100 to 3,500 miles. The U.S. now has 1,200 cotton factories, two-thirds of them in New England.

francoismathieu's picture

"No part of this material may be copied, photocopied or duplicated in any means"