Japanese Yen Celebrates The Arrival Of Abenomics 2.0, Opens At 20 Month Low

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FX markets just opened and the market's reaction to the in-the-bag election of Shinzo Abe is 'expectedly' negative for the JPY. Trading up towards 84.50, JPY is back at 20-month lows against the USD with 85.50 the next target. With JPY weakness and the long-end of the Japanese sovereign bond curve at its steepest on record, it seems Abenomics 2.0 may be about to prove out the Keynesian Endgame. As Kyle Bass noted in the past, from the mouth of a Japanese finance minister "It's only money printing when the market says it is" - well, we suspect the market is getting the joke, finally.

USDJPY (higher = weaker JPY)


as the skew in USDJPY FX options (3m R/R on the chart below) moves to record highs biased to expectations of further JPY weakness. Notice the correlation between the underlying and the risk-reversal has been high this year as options price in further weakening - very different regime from the 2009-2011 period...another relationship snapping back to reality...(the red oval shows a period where USDJPY was strengthening but options traders were increasingly betting against that strengthening trend)


JGB Yield Curve slope (30Y - 10Y) - higher = steeper


It seems the two are recoupling...

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Towhog's picture

They as we cannot stop until it blows

vast-dom's picture

Schizo Abe and his Merry Global Central Fraudsters!

JamesBond's picture

Inflation Japan Style bitchez


SheepleLOVEcheddarbaybiscuits's picture

Hmm fiats with recent large debt increases selling off? Who woulda thunk it! USD and JPY look like they might get hammered this week. But, but the real crazy part would be an equity AND usd sell-off at the same time....This would leave many scratching their heads.

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I remember what the LDP and Abe san promised before the election. An excellent article I read covered it well


Let me illustrate from a speech by the head of the Japanese LDP Shinzo Abe.


"We want to conduct monetary policy boldly, by taking into account the possibility of revising the Bank of Japan Act"


Some care is needed here as “bold action” from Japanese politicians and officials is in my financial lexicon but revising the central banks legal structure had my antennae on full alert.Then Abe san explained. From the Japan Daily Press.


"Shinzo Abe, the leader of the opposing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and most likely next Japanese Prime Minister, made a statement on Thursday that he wants the Bank of Japan to encourage lending by setting its interest rates to zero or sub-zero."




How quickly will he make the Bank of Japan change its policy?

vote_libertarian_party's picture

Bond vigilantes going Japanese???


Wayyyyyyy behind schedule.

timbo_em's picture

Dear bondholders, please do not worry!

Yours truly,

Japanese Ministry of Finance

malikai's picture

Does this means that the holder of over $1T in US paper is hurting? Hmm..

lolmao500's picture

Hmmm maybe they'll man up and start selling those to fund themselves instead of running insane deficits...

Piranhanoia's picture

Politics seems to have funny descriptions.   Liberal Democratic Party equals hawkish right of center.  Neocon?  Neolib?    The name seems to be an appeasment to the bombers of '45,  and their actions lean more to Hideki T.   Nothing Japan needs more than a war they can't win without using Truman's surprise.

They are stuck

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On a sort of unrelated note, as I was explaining this $USD/JPY relationship to my wife, she said, "hey, you know that new guy in North Korea?....he's sure turning out to be the crazy fucker his dad was.", (making me spit coffeee all over my computer screen), clearly confirms for me that indeed women are from Venus and men are from Mars.  However, I do love her enthusiasm.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

The Yen goes down?  That's cool.  It makes some of our bearings cheaper.

hairball48's picture

As an old, poor person, I'll be interested to see what all those old folks in Japan do when their bond market finally goes tits up.

JamesBond's picture

i fear that they will be battling cancer



lolmao500's picture

Since they are Japanese, probably suicide. Hell the suicide rate in Greece has doubled... and in Japan it'll be much worse.

Seasmoke's picture

That is one fucked island.

Magnum's picture

Yen was 115-120 for years. No matter what ZH says, at 85 it's still going to cost a lot of money to put on your cowboy boots fly to Osaka and nail a different girl each day you're there. The hotels and meals add up.

Yen Cross's picture

That was funny/ Good job ;-)

JamesBond's picture

stop reminding me.  I fly in to Narita on the 23rd.  I'm losing so much fucking purchasing power converting dollars to yen



Nage42's picture

Luckily, if you play your cards right (by making it worth her while), _she'll_ buy you dinner!


The number of chicas there who are so desperate to have their shit sorted out by someone who treats them nicely once a month is phenominal... talk about your target-rich-environment (you can read that as target rich-environment, or target-rich environment... either way is accurate).


Just before Christmas, there'll be a whole slew of chicas pining for someone to be their "santa clause."  For those that don't know, it's customary for couples to book an expensive hotel for Christmas night... so all the chicas if they don't have a boyfriend go into serious moist-thighs mode moping around that they don't have anyone that night to make them squeel.  It's just awesome... pure awesome.


I'd be there now if I could aford the hotel rates sustained, but it's rough at 80-85 Y/$ as it's been recently.  Very much looking forward to the overshoot to +200Y/$ in a year or so... hella hella skirt to be had then!


Pareto's picture

+100 for making me laugh.....again.

Jason T's picture

Armstrong has been predicting the bonds will blow, equiites will bottom in Japan 2013 .. opportunitiy to make major bottom.



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Expect another whale trader blow up who gets blown up by this trade


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The Yen is a USD satellite currency.  The USA propped it up with currency pegging for decades.  There are all kinds of theories about why the Yen was strong while its fiscal state of affairs were collapsing.  At the root of it was the US government willing to buy Yen for dollars at fixed rates.  None of the other things would have been possible without that distortion.

hairball48's picture

Historically, the yen has a ways to go yet. The last, and only time I was in Japan, the dollar got 300+ yen. I still have some 1000Y notes I found under my mattress the morning after we left Japan. The hookers didn't get it all :)

Yen Cross's picture

What really makes me laugh/ Japan is pushing JGBs to everyone, and there is demand? It get's better though...

 When you want to devalue your currency, selling bonds sort of defeats the purpose. If you have demand for your bonds, then you have demand for your currency, via 4x exchanges to purchase your bonds!  Go figure/

otto skorzeny's picture

I think JGBS is a better buy-if you listen to K Bass

Yen Cross's picture

I wouldn't touch those things with a Whaling Harpoon/

earleflorida's picture

twenty years ago south korea opened-up its markets to the free world!

japan has never had an open market... and, in the last twenty years, japan has lost its electronics industry/ auto industry to south korea

hyundai/samsung et.el

lolmao500's picture

Once Japan goes kaboom, the world goes kaboom. Hell the whole world was going nuts over Greece with a GDP of $300 billion... Japan's GDP : $5.9 trillion...

Bring it!

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Nikkei to run higher like a scalded dog.